The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua – Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Hawaii

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the terrace guestroom at the ritz-carlton Kapalua features an outdoor lanai balcony and luxury accommodations for up to four the deluxe Ocean View guest room at the ritz-carlton Kapalua features a spacious lanai balcony marble baths and luxury accommodations for up to four the deluxe guest room in Maui at the ritz-carlton Kapalua features a spacious lanai balcony beautiful views and accommodations for up to four indulge in the luxury of the royal Pacific Suite with panoramic ocean views and poor may kitchen reserve a club level suite and enjoy exclusive access to the ritz-carlton Club Lounge with five complimentary food and beverage presentations daily retreat to the comfort of an oceanview suite with separate bedroom and spacious living area the Royal pacific suite at the ritz-carlton Kapalua features beautiful ocean views a fully equipped kitchen and luxury accommodations for four the ritz-carlton suite at the ritz-carlton Kapalua features outdoor lanai large living and dining rooms and luxury accommodations for up to four the oceanfront suite at the ritz-carlton Kapalua features sweeping Pacific ocean views two balconies and luxury accommodations for up to four 1-bedroom residential oceanview suite with partial kitchen separate living and dining areas one-bedroom residential garden view suite with partial kitchen separate living and dining areas two-bedroom residential ocean view suite with partial kitchen separate living and dining areas king bed in master bedroom two queen beds in second bedroom two-bedroom residential garden view suite with partial kitchen separate living and dining areas the ocean view suite at the ritz-carlton Kapalua features a spacious balcony with sweeping ocean views and luxury accommodations for up to four the garden view suite at the ritz-carlton Kapalua features garden mountain or golf course views and luxury accommodations for up to four

Palazzo Seneca Hotel Trailer in Umbria | Luxury Escapes in Italy with HIP Hotels TV

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WE MISSED OUR PLANE!!! DISNEY CRUISE WEEK Day 0 – Heading to Barcelona for Mediterranean Cruise!

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no I did it wrong that's it sorry guys [Applause] hey guys welcome to cruise week 3 so for the past three years we've been taking you guys along with us on our cruise adventures the first year we do at the Western Caribbean on the Disney Fantasy the second year we did the world Caribbean Allure of the Seas to the Eastern Caribbean and this year we're going back on Disney the Disney Magic and we are going we are going to the Mediterranean for the first time all of us on our previous cruise weeks we've left like early in the morning but today we're leaving really late at night so hopefully the kids sleep on the plane all right let's go close this place down Chloe is at the dog sitter did we check the oven alright mommy keeps checking the oven take the microwave whew so we're gonna have daily videos here on Evan to bra of our cruise adventure and we're also going to have some daily videos on Evan tube HD we're gonna be reacting to our top 10 favorite videos of all time so make sure to check it out alright guys we've made it to the airport these guys are tired yeah you can tell by the look on my face I want having just had a trip oh no you're always sleeping at the beginning of these cruise videos so Jill went swimming out and she got bit by a mosquito right on the eyebrow and also we made it on the plane I'm here with Jillian are you tired Gillian fell asleep now we need to get on another plane let's go and we're getting on our second plane fell asleep but this plane was delayed two and a half hours we're gonna miss our other plane this new flight gets in at 108 our flight is at 115 but they always close the doors like 10 minutes before the departure so it's very unlikely and we're gonna get on that plane the back of the plane the very last row we're not getting off this plane that anytime soon we'll probably beat the last people off the blue we're trying to get a new ticket we missed our flight okay so I think we got things sorted out but mom is going to Brussels and we are going to Canada so we're gonna meet mom in Barcelona hopefully tomorrow so after a lot of confusion we got it all sorted out we are going with mom to Brussels sprouts it wasn't our original plan but hey we're all together and we're going somewhere six hours later we're finally on the plane Jill's tired heavens like way back there with mom we made it to Brussels and what's the first stop Starbucks and got a Belgian donut I got a Belgian chocolate muffin they're sitting with all the bag that even legal lemons over here it's looking at his yearbook gather shopping that [Applause] deeper just a second I'll exhaust like complete part of what I was doing to españa because we we started on midnight on Wednesday and now it's Friday good morning we have to get our one bag we have to get a ride to the hotel brothers glasses I'm staying with Jill so this is my bed and this is yours and let's peek over here hey get out here like I'm caught in the net I can't plug in my laptop because I didn't bring an adapter we need to find an adapter that means mad because all his cartoons are in Spanish Saten we chase I want to take this in the class over there you need on the street do your laundry there's the church the one we're looking for but there's a church oh no don't eat there you might die like Mickey its total with Mario's body Jill whenever she sees a park or playground has to go and jump and swing on something a man Colonel Sanders is here giving the presentation on what going to the famous house why is it famous because it looks weird sorry guys we're gonna catch some Z's and then wake up in the morning back in the room I'm here with Gillian Evans with mom and yeah time for bed we'll see you guys in the morning we'll get on the ship

Holiday Cottages Keswick

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welcome to Lannister holiday cottages set amongst some of England's most spectacular scenery our self catering cottages are the perfect place for which to discover the device whether you're planning to stretch your legs or just sit back and relax either way the stunning views are guaranteed to work wonders located in the heart of the Lake District Borradaile is home to don't water the queen of the lakes and to the picturesque hamlet of Grange both just minutes from Manistee for the more adventurous among you the valley also has an exciting range of sports whether you get your thrills at 30 meters up the rock face head down at 30 miles per hour or sawing at 300 meters Borradaile is the place for you the Lake District is famous for its walks and Manistee holiday cottages is ideally located in Boydell known as the walkers paradise there are relaxing rambles along the river and around the lake and there are demanding day walks with breathtaking panoramas into the high fells just out the door a quick climb leads to the renowned rocky outcrop of cattails and alternatively a short skip across the valley takes you to the secluded hanging valley of what endless so it's easy to leave the card kind for the alternative of boats boots and buses here at Manistee we are an integral part of the wildlife and the world flowers so whatever you do don't forget your binoculars in camera with so much to keep you busy during the day it's nice to be able to relax when you come home to our comfortable and welcoming accommodation there's plenty to keep everyone occupied even a hot tub and Wi-Fi to upload those special shots we the Leyland family have enjoyed living here for six generations and we look forward very much to welcoming you to Manistee and to sharing with you the beauties of Florida

What’s In Our Backpacks 2015 | B&B Back to School

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hello guys it's Brooklyn and Bailey and today's video is gonna be on was in our backpack home and as you guys know we always take out to backpack strap we like and then find extras and some extra set of supplies so that we can give away two backpacks that could be exactly matching with us and you could be 20 yeah twin so cool but they see you we're doing it a little bit different and a giveaway is going in a video tomorrow all the giveaway details and today we're just going to be showing you what's in the backpack but there is a bonus thing that is going in the backpack that you will see in the video tomorrow so be sure to go and check that out and now let's go on to showing what's in our eraser pot 1 so it's time to reveal the backpacks drum roll please oh the maze where it's from Rock it's run Roxy and it's not like this and print on like the pocket and then it buckles down and it's like a green floral print but if you guys know me at all Green is my favorite color so I died when I saw a side of like ah my backpack is from Chili's stove tea ily us we got it online and it's just got a floral print for some reason I'm really attracted to like much nice that was not intended but it is a the Vans brand alright let's dig into this baby each of us have kind of a different design for a backpack I totally went for a multi more I tried follicle games so the first thing I have is a folder and notebooks that match the folders like Chevron but its goal in mind is kind of like a snakeskin design ish looking thing but if it's got like gold and herbal and blue and white and very bright and I don't think there's a snake in the world that looks like so then we got y'all and us pencil bag and your pencil bags match the gold standard guys met each other and see their opposites but my magic my gold theme I don't know is your yeah the black black it takes a mirror with the gold wooden mold ring oh right move me I will you oh you want to get okay so I've noticed in the past years that is really helpful to have a planner always on you and so we have one you have some planners and then I also got a planner and it matches the whole thing chuckles hard on it drumstick erasers and go on that end of your pencils yeah like yeah our your textbook a we also got you awesome Fendi erasers that you can tie in knots and do whatever you want with them they save your life when you're bored in class all right let's do basic stuff I think we're building and everyone has a pencil so we got mechanical one Thank You pipetting tardes oh jeez okay these are the fans pants h me on a metallic eight flurry yep so there you go and that's why this team here has the drumstick erasers to the right I on rolls art let's do cool scissors hmm and I got pink polka-dotted ones yes that's totally me here to go to therapy playing stuff yeah and mine are blue chevron stripes love these fancy things I like these pencil erasers yeah they're red pens with erasers so you know all those hard times in life where a broken menu right in your hand hold it on someone's like oh that's spelled wrong or you made the grammar break and yeah I got no hope here here's your solution okay you guys probably know these are sharpies oh they confuse me for a minute they're highlighters with the Sharpie brand Isaac oh there's your baby you thought like Kleenex these are pretty basic thing for school like if you need sneeze yogurt eight hours like that be out of Phoenix like we have the little boxes in there although my guess is that the Niners can you if you can have any spare boxes of tissues to be breathable so you have your own so we went to a little Asian dollar store in LA and we found these cute little things so this is it's possible and you can pull off the lid and become the calculator so cute just a little mini calculator that's a different you know cause like yeah why not got born calculator yeah and then you have a stapler but it has got extra staples and it's florally thank you erasers setup we race you guys know what's so well and we always have something mighty fresh for you guys so we have our gum here I love gum I love I think Brad Pitt's are nice breasts contest and don't forget we will be giving away these backpacks and tomorrow's video so be sure to go check that out for more details and people also be showing the special bonus item that will also be in the backpack that we are giving away so make sure you definitely go watch the giveaway video the one who watches what it is don't forget to subscribe and be sure to comment below on which backpack you like better and I guess we'll see you guys tomorrow bye you

Brian Chesky Launches Trips | Airbnb Open 2016 | Airbnb

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good morning everyone and welcome thank you guys so much for joining us today we are super excited to share some very special news and I'd love it if you could help me welcome to the stage the cofounders of Airbnb Brian Joe and Nate Wow oh wow well thank you so much for coming here today everyone really really excited what you're about to see today really started with conversations that the three of us started having in 2012 when we realized that Airbnb could become so much more than it is today and I think one of the things that we're incredibly grateful for is that as co-founders we still get to create together we still get to dream together and with every secret prototype that we made along the way I think each of us knew we had a glimpse of the future to come and we're so excited to share that with you today Brian's done an amazing job bringing it to the next level so that we're going to clear the stage and we're gonna let Brian lead us into the future thank you guys good way all right all right thank you all right all right so oh whoa all right okay all right well thank you so we've been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting lately about and it comes to point in Indy company's history where you start to think and reflect we've been thinking a lot about what it means to travel the purpose of travel I want you to think back to your earliest memories maybe the first trip you ever took I remember the first big trip I ever took is he up from miss Kuhn in New York have you ever heard of it I have an either don't worry when this schema is a small town outside of Albany New York and so the first trip we ever took was to st. Louis now to get from this queue to st. Louis you've got a fly and so it's the first time that was an airplane and it was totally magical this is my meals my sister I'm on the right obviously and you know the first time I traveled it opened my eyes because it made me realize the world was so much bigger and suddenly I dreamed of other places I could go and I am asked my mom I asked my dad I said mom dad I want to go to the most magical place on earth the North Pole and they said it's too cold it's too far we're taking you to the anheuser-busch factory tour in Merrimack New Hampshire but I kept asking I kept asking in a few months later they finally caved and they took me to North Pole New York in the summer I had short time but I was as looking through these photos I discovered another photo and by the way I was looking for photos of like one of my first trip to Europe in like moments where I've had these transformational experiences and then I found this photo and it wasn't in front of a landmark this is me with my mom it's at Lake George but it was one of those incredibly magical meaningful moments and I think we've all had these meaningful magical moments when we travel when I was a little older I used to go to the shopping mall near my town and they had a travel agency in the shopping mall and they had these old posters in these posters promised travel that was an easy escape to magical worlds the problem is this that's the promise but this is the reality you're lying you're lonely you're an outsider you're often doing things locals never do you see for many people travel is easy but it's not magical and if you want to have an amazing trip you end up basically on a research project you might go you might search online you'll get guide books you'll download an app or maybe use like 20 apps you'll do research maybe your friends in Europe that you'll ask and pretty soon you can literally spend as much time planning your trip as on your trip and so we want to fix this we don't think there should be a trade-off we think travel can be magical and easy but the question is how do you create this how do you create magic well we were doing some research and two years ago we discovered something and this is what we discovered it's called the hero's journey the hero's journey was coined by a mythologist named Joseph Campbell he actually called it hero with a thousand faces and the reason he called it here with Thousand Faces is he essentially said almost every movie you've ever seen you know Snow White The Wizard of Oz Star Wars they start like this a character starts in their ordinary world they cross the threshold think of Wizard of Oz to this new magical world where they meet people they have a challenge they're literally challenged they participate they're out of their element and they have a moment of transformation where then they return back to their ordinary world and as we learn about this there was a pretty big light ball that went off and the light bulb was Holmes it's just one small part of a great journey and that great travel is a lot like the characters experiences in great movies and so this was the moment we realized we needed to create a holistic travel experience the entire trip and so we decided to start now with making it easy but start with the magic so we found one traveller this is Francisco Francisco is from Chile he's gay that shouldn't matter but in the community he comes from that did and we had a team of people start and this was the first prototype and we wanted to create a very special trip for him and we ended up filming it and I'm going to show you a short film of Francisco's trip to San Francisco oh no yo yo Francisco URI de Santiago de Chile pour me bro vision khao SOI aqui deco intone Sileo DRA ho construyendo cosas DISA Nando you know case a homosexual interior si si si si pero un poco unsaved an osa Gandhara de Aurea not an say por eso Co no Segundo Varkey le tme acept cuando a San Francisco está un poco nervioso see one of your mayor la primera noche messin tea vianora no hito no de minuto Roberto our la mañana el tercer via yours your essential begins here at 11:45 a way no one people are o'gara al restaurante y esta Ferrando Nautica allies muy bonito mu he be see yo yo Marrero Coco la ciudad Hey hi how are you good good nice to meet you come on in so your room is right here on the right opening back many years ago you know being gay it wasn't that cool and but California is very different it's more about who you are what you do we produce that who you love I wanted to welcome Francisco to San Francisco so having to share with lucha sigue en el alguien te te ara la puesta de la casa y la muerte de ESO Circulo AMI Daytona Shogunate aadmi endo say real oh oh you mementos antique atomic aa see home on casa si bueno log a moto estaba con bien sí se la ciudad en San Francisco K in general l AA socia en San Francisco de la cultura sigue sigue bro como que se ass un poco or en el respeto win that chewier de an Amiga Mario ripoff n – yeah – vamos this giant mob tip oh my god yo ultra day nozzle mantra Victoria kaneki Yahia oh yes señor de graal experienced Hamas ubervita mokuba kidney employee my yoga teacher over cereal blow romantic izquierdo gala young cuando Ella Paulo da my my nugget from Bay yo ibis a un peso ncver porque no dia naga condor so we learned something from this trip from Francisco and that is that the magic it's in the people it's all about immersing in local communities so this is two years ago and back then we in an uphill battle how are going to create millions of these trips well over the last couple years we've been working on what I'd love to show you right now No welcome to the world of trips where we put homes experiences and places together all in one place we've designed this to be both magical and easy and I'd love to show this too right now so let's start with experiences so let's say you want to travel somewhere how you going to know what to do well you have a few options a lot of people like shopping when they travel you can go to a museum you can go on a tour the problem is it's actually really hard to meet anyone that actually lives there how do you immerse in a local community so what experiences are our handcrafted experiences that allow you to merce in the local community these are offered by local host and we have two types we have emergent which are multi-day experiences we have single experiences which are just a few hours and you can even do these of course in your own City so here's how it works the first thing you're going to notice is we organized these not just by city but by passion so food and drink let's say you don't know where you want to travel to but you know you want to have a food or drink experience you can go under have a Tuscan lunch or if you really like whiskey here you go we have experiences in La a food one I've always wanted to be a disco Queen now we really took a lot of inspiration from cinema and you'll notice we have these movie posters we also have movie trailers for all of these trips for hundreds of trips and let's take a look at this one so this is Martin shooting stars so let's go in and we really celebrate these hostess heroes because you get to walk in their shoes now this is Martin he's from Amsterdam originally lives in LA he got his first telescope when he's 13 years old he is a professional Astro photographer and I'd love to show you his little trailer Rison so so let's take a look at this trip so you can learn about Martin and he offers three experiences day one he has a studio tour on Ocean Avenue where you learn and this is his studio and you learn the basic principles of astrophotography the next day at 5:30 p.m. you had the malibu into the mountains where he has dinner in his home and you go under the stars with telescope and binoculars and you actually shoot the stars to midnight the next day you go back to a studio 14 croissants and you have a lesson in image processing and you take back photos with you of the shots that you took now this trip is $199 half the trips we offer are below $200 and you can instant that so this is one of our one of our immersions so from here let me show you a few others so let's go from LA all the way to Detroit Detroit's a cool city and Nelson is a cool guy born and bred Detroit Nelson dresses local celebrities in athletes so that's Nelson's trip from there let's head all the way to Tuscany Giulio a truffle hunter he's a lifelong certified truffle hunter and so this is a really cool trip if you want to Garrard run illan going for a little bit more you could take the time travel with Robbie now Robbie is a California native a muscle car enthusiast and he actually teaches the 1950s and 1960s history through the cars that were of that era so this in this photo is 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia it's imported from Milan and this is a car you use on the trip we also have outdoors trips this is Johnny's y desert road and it's a secret off-road he takes his secret off-road trails in LA it's really heart pounding and speaking of heart pounding Korean embroidery yeah oh I wasn't joking that was kind of hard time this is really costing is this skill that gets passed down generation by generation and it's becoming a bit of a forgotten craft because a lot of factories are automating embroidery but this is something that people are very passionate about I think people really enjoy this and last I'd like to show you educational and historic trips I'm really proud of this one this is Jack Jack was Nelson Mandela's prison guard and cook for 27 years and on this trip he recounts how Nelson Mandela transformed his life did you ever think about what it would be like to be in one of these cells so those are multi-day immersions we also have single experiences just for a few hours from magic to acrobatics to food to lifestyle and culture to music you know concerts are really cool conscious delivering rooms they're even cooler made in many ways until here is one of these in LA and you can book this as well so these are experiences now this has been private beta for a few months and we had a few travelers use this and we documented one of these travelers I wanted to bring to life what this actually feels like to be on a trip and so here we go I'd love to show you a real trip in action so let's meet i'm ratha she's born in Bombay she lives in Delhi and here is what her trip looked like she's she booked three things the first was a Javiera Xavier is an internationally known artist and she starts with painting murals so first she first she looks at the murals and she learns how to channel or in her creativity and then she gets her hands dirty and she actually paints with other travelers and they collaborate on a female astronaut piece the next experience is with Paula the food anthropologist a food anthropologist sensually gets you to try food you never imagined are actually food and so one of the things that she did she brought her to el mercado which is historic mexican market in East LA and she got pretty adventurous she tried a chapel enos she loved it and finally with Lily a local designer she had a fashion experience sculpting Couture where you essentially learn how to make a dress and she go to a fabric stores and this is a vintage fabric store and they pick out different swatches this is in Westwood where she actually makes her own dress and she'd never made a dress before and so these are some of the experiences that you can do and a key thing is these aren't tours you actually participate you immerse and you join the local communities so these are experiences again we have multi-day immersions which are typically you know over a few days and we have single experiences for just a few hours so those are experiences alright next let's talk about places so you can have experiences but maybe you also want to go to places and check out some of local spots well if you want to do that today how would you do that you could get a guidebook and a guidebook will probably tell you things that other child wars tell you to do but here's the problem if you go read a guide book they'll often recommend things that locals would never do here's a good test where if city you live in what a travelers do on those weekends and ask yourself do I do those things and maybe use apps to figure out what to do or where to eat but then the problem is you open the app you have a thousand like restaurants and recommendations everyone has like a thousand reviews most some average three and a half or four stars and we decided let's turn this on its head what if we led with people so trips brings places to life through the people I'm gonna start by showing you inside our guidebooks so here's how inside our guidebooks work inside our guidebooks are local insiders who recommend the places you discover places through people so we have a wide range of them from all things all things drag Courtney act or my Malibu by Kelly Slater this is offered through the world surf league and Kelly Slater's at 11:00 time WSL surf champion and he takes you into the inside world of the Malibu surfing culture these are both in LA but we also have insert our guides in Nairobi if you want to go to Nairobi right now how would you know where to go and there's some really cool places like we have a unique art and design guide written by a lifestyle blogger we have a worldwide eats by a cookbook author and it's really cool music one and this is from the founder of blankets and wine which is essentially a festival for music Havana Havana is known for well it's really known for many things but one of the things that's really known for is this music so let's take a look at one of these guys looks like this is rot Roberto Roberto is a Cuban jazz pianist and composer he's played with some of the most famous jazz musicians in the world and this is his handcrafted guide to the best of the music scene in Havana so let's take a look so he recommends places like sorry oh let's go into this one alright and sorry oh is this really amazing place it's got great great music we have lots Opik all they have tons of musical styles salsa rumba trova and techno now Roberto Roberto recommends you check the calendar before you go and in every Sunday they have dancing competitions for elderly couples and then finally if you want a more he says if you want a more relaxed atmosphere I like you says relaxed atmosphere you go to El Diablo thun thun I guess a Cuba this qualifies for relaxed and this attracts students intellectuals and musicians so these are inside our guides and they're in cities around the world now if we want to take this to the next level what if we brought us more cinematic experience to it sound we have audio walks we've partnered with detour and detour is this amazing company that makes audio walks so here we're in downtown LA thousands of people walk these streets very few of them know the history of these streets in with audio walks we bring the history to life through some of LA's most vibrant characters hey what's up welcome to the alley Arts District this was called the containing I asked her to see the Volvo p1800 all the way in the back it looks dope on your right you'll see the original bank vault go inside and check out the art the dials play on our Jules burns ping-pong vibe look around doesn't the market just beg you to come in and have something to eat I completely understand if you want to pick out one of the other stalls so those are audio walks all right so let's go back to places and we have a couple more things to show you here we have meetups every day we have thousands of people in cities around the world and the question is what if those people can meet each other what if we could bring together like-minded people in venues in local spots that want more business could bring those people together these are totally free and they're in cities like LA San Francisco and cities around the world and the last thing I want to point out is nearby now so let's go in to nearby now so this is a map of what's near us right now in this theater outside the Orpheum here is Lhasa and you'll notice a couple things here first we bring together what the community says you can get tips in advice but there's one thing I want to show you that I'm really excited about I'm excited announce that soon you will be able to book restaurant reservations directly through the Airbnb app we partnered with an amazing company resi and resi and us are going to work together so you will be able to soon build a book a restaurant reservation and cities all over the world and you can see we even give you context we recommend Windigo how it fits into your schedule and if you want a book this table you just simply click reserve and now you're going to lhasa so those are places now the question is probably like what wins all this going to happen once it's all going to get built and the good news is it's actually live so I'm going to give you a live demo all right so let's fire up the app see hopefully this works oh look everybody in the home screen good alright alright here we are so here's the app you can see this is real and to be show you anywhere anytime so you can just search now we start with a for you tab and these are recommended just to me we have homes experiences let's stop here so these are social impact experiences social impact experiences are experiences that are hosted by nonprofits and 100% of money goes to the nonprofit ten percent of our experiences are hosted experiences so let's Wow and so I don't have I don't I don't have I don't have sound hooked up but I wanted to give you a sense of how these work so these are movie trailers if you want to skip through you can just skip through and the sound is synchronous so we can see this trip if I want to share this trip I can share it I can read about it and so 100% of this money goes to facing change documenting Detroit so those are social impact experiences we also have a partnership with make-a-wish as well and we're going to be granting a wish a day to children and so I'm really excited about this as well so you notice we still have homes and the app that you see today is now in this tab for homes and let's go to experiences so here are some experiences and so we organized by a lot of different passions we have history we have cities nature wellness fashion sports and let's go to places so here are places and you can see we have a lot of these different experiences so let's go let me go to meetups so if you want to see meetups here our meetups so this is beach town fair there are 30 people going just this uh this Sunday so these are places sorry I just feel have to call this out this is so cool Detroit so the last thing I want to show you is this I'm really excited about this and this is trips so this is essentially the timeline of all of your travel this is your itinerary and you can see these are the trips I've taken I've taken a bunch of them and this really shows the timeline of your life through travel and I think this is really powerful because now when you're traveling the phone can be in your pocket and you can help you get to all the places and this allows you to be spontaneous with travel so I wanted to show you how this works so here's Nairobi I'm going there in a couple weeks and so here's how it works we every time you book something that reservation goes into your itinerary so I have a home I have places I've added to my tin ireri I have an insider's dinner in Nairobi oh what's this want to hang out with other travelers there's a meet-up happening at Tin Roof cafe around 6:00 p.m. are you interested hell yeah actually better not we have an all chemists bar and so you get a sense of how this works and this is going to be a big place of innovation going forward and eventually we can see where gaps are and we can recommend things to you and I'll show you one more trip I have coming up in Oahu and this is hosted again by the world surf league so I start with the WSL commissioner barbecue then I do big waves by jet ski I can fly over Oahu I can surf with a legend of the legend surfer I get VIP access to a pipeline surf event and Aloha barbecue so this is the app that we have today all right that's kind of cool right yeah yeah hi nice this is available today right after this it's available as an update to your Airbnb app so that's what we have for you today and where is this going to be rolling out what we're starting in 12 cities and here are the 12 cities first Detroit and we have London Paris Nairobi Havana San Francisco Cape Town Florence Miami let me let me say one thing all these posters were designed by local artists in these communities seoul-tokyo and last but certainly not least miss Yuna New York just kidding LA right here in LA and we will be in over 50 cities next year and this is just the beginning eventually we aim to be in every city around the world now it would not be an inter B&B presentation if I didn't talk about homes we still have homes we have three million homes and and we've learned a lot over the last couple years by building experiences in places and we want to bring some of that magic into our homes you so this is just a small preview of things to come with homes but even this homes experiences and places this is actually not the entire trip there's more whites and services and we think we can bring more to both of these as well this is literally just the beginning and I mean literally I mean we even have more spaces in this icon and all this comes together to the trip platform that's in a single app but most importantly is this everything that we do and everything we will do will be powered by people you know a lot of technology companies we tend to talk about the magic being in the technology making things really easy but the magic is always was and always will be into people and if you have a passion if you have an interest or if you have a hobby you can share your community with others in the world because you see travel has never really been about where you go but it's about who you can become and this is something that we would love to be able to build together so we invite you to join us in this adventure together now now before I go I want to tell one last story one last story you know about four or five months ago I got in touch with the very first aired Mindy guests who stay with Joe and I and his name is Amal Cerf and a maul stay with Joe and I in October 2007 and I had a call of him and I asked him I said I'm oh when you think of the first air BnB what are a few words that come to mind and he said Brian I really only have one word that comes to mind I said well what's that word and he said that words friendship and I said tell me more and he said well instead of telling you why don't I show you and I go what does that mean and he said why actually took a lot of videos and photos that first weekend and I said you mean to tell me I've told the story like three thousand times you have a video and he shared a bunch of video footage with us on that first weekend and we just kind of recently discovered this and I'd love to show you a short video the first weekend on Airbnb when people tell the story of the first Airbnb experience we always tend to focus on you know the hotels being sold out and this being a very economical arrangement however there was this whole aspect of having a deeper connection with Joe and Brian I learned so much I met so many interesting people went on adventures then you know becoming lifelong friends I wasn't very familiar with the whole local food scene and they they took me to a taco place it was almost like a hole in the wall at that point and so I was wondering like where have they brought me however when I look back now that was a really very authentic and local experience we went to the Ferry Building I had never heard of a farmers market before that and so it was my first introduction to locally grown organic food I was really excited to see Gandhi statue you get therefore by the for something like the real San Francisco is not about this going to Lombard Street it is about you know this creative white where people are trying to change the world I was able to experience the other side of San Francisco once you see that so up close you know that is that changes your life it changes your perspective and that was really transformative experience for me you'll notice there weren't a lot of videos of homes there you know even from when we started we've really always been about a trip and when we're at where our best this is who we are thank you so much for joining us today thank you you

Investigation Discovers Some Hotel Rooms Have Hidden Cameras Installed

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