A Stag Party at My Highlands B&B!

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18 thoughts on “A Stag Party at My Highlands B&B!”

  1. There's something in your way to speak that's soo delightful to hear. A perfect combination of vocabulary and voice tone!

    Greetings from Brazil

  2. hey! huge fan of your program, you've taught me so much! I would love to see you do a special on Rotheram, England. Maybe make it a family episode? thanks!

  3. Hi Rick, greetings from LA~ I love your vlogs and TV shows just so much~watch them nightly~ Please do some updated Europe ones, not interested in anything but Europe, after all Rick Steves Europe! I grew up at the Uni of St. Andrews, and love a good Scottish/English breakfast, the marmelade, the eggs, baked beans, etc. Just splendid! I hope to meet you one day and go on one of your trips Rick. God Bless~xo Ingrid from CA Please take us inside the church there and perhaps an organ concert? Music is my 2nd favorite love after travel~ xo

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