Cwmcrwth Farm & Holiday Cottages West Wales

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How to Run a Bed and Breakfast – Free Masterclass – register below

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Airbnb Guest : How To Use Airbnb As A Guest

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hello and this is Danny Papineau for Airbnb and I'd like to welcome you to an entire free episode called use Airbnb as a guest so now that you've created your free profile that's what we've done in the last free episode you are ready to use Airbnb either as a guest or as a host and since the membership part of Airbnb Secrets is all about becoming a great host in this free episode I'm going to focus on how to use Airbnb as a guest we're gonna go through all the steps of booking a property so we're gonna start by researching properties on the Airbnb website then we're gonna contact the host to see if he wants to book you as home and then we are going to bucket so for the purpose of this exercise we're gonna pretend that we're preparing a trip to go to Montreal and since I want to show you how a booking procedure works I'm gonna go with you through all the steps of booking my own property so as a guest if you're looking to rent a home the first thing to do is to go on Airbnb calm then you'll see the search bar and then type in the city where you would like to travel to we are preparing a trip where do you want to go enter the real dates of your trip because if you enter those real date's Airbnb is only going to show you the places available for these specific dates and same thing if you put the real number of guests that you're traveling with your research is only gonna bring properties that can fit the specific amount of guests meaning that every single one of the listings that you see here are properties that fit your dates and that can fit the number of guests that you're traveling with then if you look at the top of the research page you can see that there are different sections dates room type price range and so you can go and click on that if you want to change your dates you can do so right there you can also change the number of guests in the room type section you can choose what type of property you want to rent do you want to rent an inn tire place are you looking to rent a private room a shared room in the price range section what kind of price are you willing to pay for that property you can slide the little button here and you can bring the price down or up whatever you want to do with it and this will really narrow down the exact type of property that you're looking for then there's a little secret button that there's a lot of people that don't know or see it's called more filters if you click on that you'll see are you looking for a place that has a specific number of bedrooms a specific number of washrooms are you looking for a place that has a specific amount of beds you can click on the insta book option if you would like Airbnb to show you only places that you can book instantly when an instant book option is on for a listing that means that if you do have good reviews as a guest you don't even need to talk to the host at all you just enter your payment information and the booking goes through instantly and then there's the option neighborhoods is there a specific neighborhood in this city that you're looking for if you click on this little arrow at the right here you see opens up and so many neighborhoods in the city and then amenities are you looking for specific amenities you know I mean if you're I don't know traveling with someone who has a wheelchair then you could say I'm looking for places wheelchair accessible the property type are you looking for an apartment a house a bed-and-breakfast or a dorm a loft other I mean other would be even planes castles you know caves there's so many things on an Airbnb the host language are you specific with their language keywords you know Oceanside whatever the Airbnb will narrow all these research if you enter the some keywords there then you would click show listings and it would update the entire database with properties that are really narrowed down to these type of research then if you look at the top right here of any listing there's a little heart button and this is what is called air B&B love if you click on that you can basically build wish lists if if you go on my profile here you'll see in your profile there's a little wish list section you can kind of start to pre-plan h trip or even you can just dream if you want to you know go and never be in the research places and start to build like wish lists of oh I'd love to go to Paris one day and then you create a folder with Paris and you start to just add them up all the your favorite listings in Paris that you'd love to go to you know so to do that when you see a little heart at the top of a listing here you click on it and you can basically add it to any of your wish list so right now if if I click on that I can see all the wish lists that I have if I want to add my Montreal listening to my Montreal wish list then I click Montreal and this is thing I could put it in many wish list and could say I wanted as a chalet as well I kept back whatever but in this case I'm just going to put it in Montreal and then I put done and then save and it will be added to the wish list that you chose and then you see you know the little heart is pink isn't that sweet you can also research on the map you know if you take the map and you drag it Airbnb is going to start to show you you know listings all around the neighborhood that you're looking for so if you're looking you know for specific neighborhood in a specific city you can just you know go in the map and like oh no I'd love to stay on that specific street you know is there anything that is available in front of the Parc LaFontaine okay what are the listings are there you know then ok these listings are close to then that's a way you know to do research by the way at any time if you ever want to clear dates you know you just want to see what's available in the city in general you click clear dates and then it will basically you know forget the calendars and all this stuff if you want to get rid of any of the filters that you've put in your research you just click the X here and these room types filters or prices filters will disappear and then you'll be back to seeing all the listings another little trick if you're from another country and you want to change the language or currency of the money that you're dealing with you could totally change the language here and choose any language right now the prices that you see on my Airbnb are on Canadian prices I could say oh no I want to change it to you know US dollars let's say clothes and all the prices that you'll see will adjust to US dollars you know so now let's assume that you've done your big research on the Airbnb website and you found that one listing that you're like you're ready to book the first thing I would suggest to do is to really check the calendar and to make sure that the dates are open for your stay then read the listing and read the reviews about the listing is this person a good host is the place clean is it easy to communicate with them you can see all this stuff in the review part of the listing then if you're ready to book if the host has the option insta book you can just go ahead and complete the booking that way but before doing that you can also contact the host I personally really like to talk to the host before I book a place just to make sure that you know that his calendar is up to date that everything is great so if you click on contact host there's a little message box that's going to show up then just make sure your check-in dates and check-out dates and number of guests are correct then some tips tell Danny a little about yourself what brings you to Montreal who's coming what do you love about this listing mention it when you contact a host put yourself in the perspective of the host someone is contacting you to rent your home if you're going to rent your home to a stranger I mean you want to know some stuff about him you know so you know how many people are you going to be why are you coming to this city what's the purpose of the rental all this type of stuff the more you give great information to the host the more you will build trust with them and the quicker you build trust the quicker the transaction will go through so let's pretend I'm someone renting a place on Airbnb hi Danny my wife and I are coming to Montreal to meet my grandfather who is getting remarried with his third wife we're all excited to visit him in your city and your home seems the most amazing thing I've ever seen on planet Earth I'd love to book it if you are okay with it let me know if you need more information all the best Danny Danny – Danny I'm just getting here but the more the more you give this type of little story what what's your trip about who are you traveling with all this of the more it will help to make the the booking go through so send a message so now what you will see what Airbnb does as soon as you sent a message to host it will encourage you to contact more hosts because you know with Airbnb being so new there's a lot of hosts that are just starting out and they they're not necessarily quick to reply I mean I've seen some hosts that can take like a day or more to reply and to my hosting standards I mean it's unacceptable so yeah if you're looking to rent a place on Airbnb as a guest contact many hosts contact like five ten hosts and you'll see what Airbnb will do is that if you recontact another host it will reopen the message that you just sent basically you won't have to type it again the same message will be ready to be sent to another host so it's really quick to send many messages to to another host you know usually if you contact five to ten hosts within I mean within half an hour you booked something so what's gonna happen next is that the host will contact you back you click on that and you'll get a message from the host something that will go like this hi Danny thank you for contacting me with such a detailed message just go ahead with the booking if you want to not touch base with you once you complete the booking Thank You Danny by the way if there's ever anyone asking you to book outside of Airbnb asking you to send them wired money transfer don't ever do that that is probably a scam you want to stay within the Airbnb so that your transaction is secure that you feel safe and that if there's ever a problem you can just call Airbnb and they will help you with that so now you're pretty much ready to book it so we're gonna click on book it so this is going to bring you to the payment page if you look at the right of this page you will see all the details of this booking so you just want to make sure that you've entered all your information correctly you can read the cancellation policy the house rules you know like you can have all the details of the pricing so the final price for this booking would be $94 so if we go ahead and book it so we're going to click on that and then book now and now you have a reservation that is confirmed you can add the other s that you're traveling with which means that they will receive all the details of the trip and then continue and now your reservation is officially accepted if you want to see your Etta Neri you can click on that you will get all the details of the you know of your booking so make sure that you print this ed nary before you get to to go to on your trip if you need to print a receipt you can print it here if you ever need it for business expenses and if you ever change your mind and want to outdoor cancel the reservation you would click here and then you could totally change your check-in dates if it is available checkout date same thing you could change the amount of guests and then you could submit the alteration and if you ever need to cancel your reservation you could cancel it here and it will be cancelled according to the cancellation policy that is set up in the listing so that's it for now that concludes the free class use Airbnb as a guest so thank you for watching because you could learn everything there is to know about the Airbnb lifestyle the day you become a member of Airbnb you

New Zealand’s luxury holiday destinations

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when it comes to catering to the high-end traveler New Zealand has come of age in the last 10 years there's been remarkable growth with the luxury traveler almost tripling their spend in the last say 10 years they have cut a path for themselves on the international market with the luxury lodges of New Zealand that now is envied by a lot of places around the world of the advent of these beautiful lodges that you find here dotted around the country world renowned hooker Lodge which is hosted heads of state and Hollywood a-listers for 20 years was the country's first luxury Lodge it set the benchmark that other lodges have sought and succeeded and emulating including several owned by high-profile overseas investors like the Robertson family from the United States I think the biggest reason that we chose New Zealand is just how beautiful it is luxury accommodation is everywhere but this beauty is just really there's a few places you can find it so I think that's why it still continues to be sought after as the luxury market has evolved so too has the infrastructure spa facilities concierge services and personal shifts can cater to every taste and desire while a network of transport operators are ready to deliver travellers from one location to the next while at the same time playing a major role in delivering the real Kiwi experience 20 years ago when I first started over the top and some of these excursions throughout New Zealand there was a limited number of lodges available specialty of that of the caliber of the of our luxury clients and expecting but now the infrastructure in New Zealand for the luxury traveler it's in place I mean there's fantastic lodgers there's private jets there's there's there's beautiful launchers available fantastic helicopters as New Zealand has matured so too has the cuisine from world-class chefs and plentiful fresh produce to New World wines gaining international acclaim the country really has it all for those short on time many activities can be enjoyed in just a few days but research shows visitors to New Zealand find their experience so rewarding they often stay longer especially soaking up New Zealand's indigenous culture one of the things our clients really enjoy is getting to know about the history of our indigenous Maori population and a day or two experiencing that whether it be in Auckland or Rose Aurora or Hawke's Bay or elsewhere through the country is often a highlight of their visit New Zealand is the youngest country on earth and it's a nation that has matured into a destination that offers luxury to the visitor in a unique way New Zealand could fit with the world in terms of the standard that it's offering the international traveler and obviously our environment is unique and we talk about it as a offering the almost life-changing experiences through the power of our landscapes the personalities of the people they meet when they're there but also the stories that link now two of those and that's a very important part of what people take away when they go home I think I can be as bold as to say that 99.9% of our clients leave New Zealand with a strong desire to return and that's evidenced by our repeat clients and the other thing that's always commented about is that they've seen I knew it would be great but I didn't know it'd be this great

The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua – Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Hawaii

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the terrace guestroom at the ritz-carlton Kapalua features an outdoor lanai balcony and luxury accommodations for up to four the deluxe Ocean View guest room at the ritz-carlton Kapalua features a spacious lanai balcony marble baths and luxury accommodations for up to four the deluxe guest room in Maui at the ritz-carlton Kapalua features a spacious lanai balcony beautiful views and accommodations for up to four indulge in the luxury of the royal Pacific Suite with panoramic ocean views and poor may kitchen reserve a club level suite and enjoy exclusive access to the ritz-carlton Club Lounge with five complimentary food and beverage presentations daily retreat to the comfort of an oceanview suite with separate bedroom and spacious living area the Royal pacific suite at the ritz-carlton Kapalua features beautiful ocean views a fully equipped kitchen and luxury accommodations for four the ritz-carlton suite at the ritz-carlton Kapalua features outdoor lanai large living and dining rooms and luxury accommodations for up to four the oceanfront suite at the ritz-carlton Kapalua features sweeping Pacific ocean views two balconies and luxury accommodations for up to four 1-bedroom residential oceanview suite with partial kitchen separate living and dining areas one-bedroom residential garden view suite with partial kitchen separate living and dining areas two-bedroom residential ocean view suite with partial kitchen separate living and dining areas king bed in master bedroom two queen beds in second bedroom two-bedroom residential garden view suite with partial kitchen separate living and dining areas the ocean view suite at the ritz-carlton Kapalua features a spacious balcony with sweeping ocean views and luxury accommodations for up to four the garden view suite at the ritz-carlton Kapalua features garden mountain or golf course views and luxury accommodations for up to four

Palazzo Seneca Hotel Trailer in Umbria | Luxury Escapes in Italy with HIP Hotels TV

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WE MISSED OUR PLANE!!! DISNEY CRUISE WEEK Day 0 – Heading to Barcelona for Mediterranean Cruise!

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no I did it wrong that's it sorry guys [Applause] hey guys welcome to cruise week 3 so for the past three years we've been taking you guys along with us on our cruise adventures the first year we do at the Western Caribbean on the Disney Fantasy the second year we did the world Caribbean Allure of the Seas to the Eastern Caribbean and this year we're going back on Disney the Disney Magic and we are going we are going to the Mediterranean for the first time all of us on our previous cruise weeks we've left like early in the morning but today we're leaving really late at night so hopefully the kids sleep on the plane all right let's go close this place down Chloe is at the dog sitter did we check the oven alright mommy keeps checking the oven take the microwave whew so we're gonna have daily videos here on Evan to bra of our cruise adventure and we're also going to have some daily videos on Evan tube HD we're gonna be reacting to our top 10 favorite videos of all time so make sure to check it out alright guys we've made it to the airport these guys are tired yeah you can tell by the look on my face I want having just had a trip oh no you're always sleeping at the beginning of these cruise videos so Jill went swimming out and she got bit by a mosquito right on the eyebrow and also we made it on the plane I'm here with Jillian are you tired Gillian fell asleep now we need to get on another plane let's go and we're getting on our second plane fell asleep but this plane was delayed two and a half hours we're gonna miss our other plane this new flight gets in at 108 our flight is at 115 but they always close the doors like 10 minutes before the departure so it's very unlikely and we're gonna get on that plane the back of the plane the very last row we're not getting off this plane that anytime soon we'll probably beat the last people off the blue we're trying to get a new ticket we missed our flight okay so I think we got things sorted out but mom is going to Brussels and we are going to Canada so we're gonna meet mom in Barcelona hopefully tomorrow so after a lot of confusion we got it all sorted out we are going with mom to Brussels sprouts it wasn't our original plan but hey we're all together and we're going somewhere six hours later we're finally on the plane Jill's tired heavens like way back there with mom we made it to Brussels and what's the first stop Starbucks and got a Belgian donut I got a Belgian chocolate muffin they're sitting with all the bag that even legal lemons over here it's looking at his yearbook gather shopping that [Applause] deeper just a second I'll exhaust like complete part of what I was doing to espaƱa because we we started on midnight on Wednesday and now it's Friday good morning we have to get our one bag we have to get a ride to the hotel brothers glasses I'm staying with Jill so this is my bed and this is yours and let's peek over here hey get out here like I'm caught in the net I can't plug in my laptop because I didn't bring an adapter we need to find an adapter that means mad because all his cartoons are in Spanish Saten we chase I want to take this in the class over there you need on the street do your laundry there's the church the one we're looking for but there's a church oh no don't eat there you might die like Mickey its total with Mario's body Jill whenever she sees a park or playground has to go and jump and swing on something a man Colonel Sanders is here giving the presentation on what going to the famous house why is it famous because it looks weird sorry guys we're gonna catch some Z's and then wake up in the morning back in the room I'm here with Gillian Evans with mom and yeah time for bed we'll see you guys in the morning we'll get on the ship

Holiday Cottages Keswick

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welcome to Lannister holiday cottages set amongst some of England's most spectacular scenery our self catering cottages are the perfect place for which to discover the device whether you're planning to stretch your legs or just sit back and relax either way the stunning views are guaranteed to work wonders located in the heart of the Lake District Borradaile is home to don't water the queen of the lakes and to the picturesque hamlet of Grange both just minutes from Manistee for the more adventurous among you the valley also has an exciting range of sports whether you get your thrills at 30 meters up the rock face head down at 30 miles per hour or sawing at 300 meters Borradaile is the place for you the Lake District is famous for its walks and Manistee holiday cottages is ideally located in Boydell known as the walkers paradise there are relaxing rambles along the river and around the lake and there are demanding day walks with breathtaking panoramas into the high fells just out the door a quick climb leads to the renowned rocky outcrop of cattails and alternatively a short skip across the valley takes you to the secluded hanging valley of what endless so it's easy to leave the card kind for the alternative of boats boots and buses here at Manistee we are an integral part of the wildlife and the world flowers so whatever you do don't forget your binoculars in camera with so much to keep you busy during the day it's nice to be able to relax when you come home to our comfortable and welcoming accommodation there's plenty to keep everyone occupied even a hot tub and Wi-Fi to upload those special shots we the Leyland family have enjoyed living here for six generations and we look forward very much to welcoming you to Manistee and to sharing with you the beauties of Florida

What’s In Our Backpacks 2015 | B&B Back to School

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hello guys it's Brooklyn and Bailey and today's video is gonna be on was in our backpack home and as you guys know we always take out to backpack strap we like and then find extras and some extra set of supplies so that we can give away two backpacks that could be exactly matching with us and you could be 20 yeah twin so cool but they see you we're doing it a little bit different and a giveaway is going in a video tomorrow all the giveaway details and today we're just going to be showing you what's in the backpack but there is a bonus thing that is going in the backpack that you will see in the video tomorrow so be sure to go and check that out and now let's go on to showing what's in our eraser pot 1 so it's time to reveal the backpacks drum roll please oh the maze where it's from Rock it's run Roxy and it's not like this and print on like the pocket and then it buckles down and it's like a green floral print but if you guys know me at all Green is my favorite color so I died when I saw a side of like ah my backpack is from Chili's stove tea ily us we got it online and it's just got a floral print for some reason I'm really attracted to like much nice that was not intended but it is a the Vans brand alright let's dig into this baby each of us have kind of a different design for a backpack I totally went for a multi more I tried follicle games so the first thing I have is a folder and notebooks that match the folders like Chevron but its goal in mind is kind of like a snakeskin design ish looking thing but if it's got like gold and herbal and blue and white and very bright and I don't think there's a snake in the world that looks like so then we got y'all and us pencil bag and your pencil bags match the gold standard guys met each other and see their opposites but my magic my gold theme I don't know is your yeah the black black it takes a mirror with the gold wooden mold ring oh right move me I will you oh you want to get okay so I've noticed in the past years that is really helpful to have a planner always on you and so we have one you have some planners and then I also got a planner and it matches the whole thing chuckles hard on it drumstick erasers and go on that end of your pencils yeah like yeah our your textbook a we also got you awesome Fendi erasers that you can tie in knots and do whatever you want with them they save your life when you're bored in class all right let's do basic stuff I think we're building and everyone has a pencil so we got mechanical one Thank You pipetting tardes oh jeez okay these are the fans pants h me on a metallic eight flurry yep so there you go and that's why this team here has the drumstick erasers to the right I on rolls art let's do cool scissors hmm and I got pink polka-dotted ones yes that's totally me here to go to therapy playing stuff yeah and mine are blue chevron stripes love these fancy things I like these pencil erasers yeah they're red pens with erasers so you know all those hard times in life where a broken menu right in your hand hold it on someone's like oh that's spelled wrong or you made the grammar break and yeah I got no hope here here's your solution okay you guys probably know these are sharpies oh they confuse me for a minute they're highlighters with the Sharpie brand Isaac oh there's your baby you thought like Kleenex these are pretty basic thing for school like if you need sneeze yogurt eight hours like that be out of Phoenix like we have the little boxes in there although my guess is that the Niners can you if you can have any spare boxes of tissues to be breathable so you have your own so we went to a little Asian dollar store in LA and we found these cute little things so this is it's possible and you can pull off the lid and become the calculator so cute just a little mini calculator that's a different you know cause like yeah why not got born calculator yeah and then you have a stapler but it has got extra staples and it's florally thank you erasers setup we race you guys know what's so well and we always have something mighty fresh for you guys so we have our gum here I love gum I love I think Brad Pitt's are nice breasts contest and don't forget we will be giving away these backpacks and tomorrow's video so be sure to go check that out for more details and people also be showing the special bonus item that will also be in the backpack that we are giving away so make sure you definitely go watch the giveaway video the one who watches what it is don't forget to subscribe and be sure to comment below on which backpack you like better and I guess we'll see you guys tomorrow bye you