How to Keep OUT Unwanted Airbnb Guests!!

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hello youtube this is richard founder of short-term rental secrets calm and Airbnb super host today I'm answering the question that one subscriber asked and it's a really good one I think it's on many people's minds which is new to hosting how do I keep people that I don't want in my home out of my home so let me first just go on the record with a little disclaimer like I can't control who you accept into your property no matter what tips I give you you know this is life like bad things may happen so just realize that I'm trying to share with you the things that I've learned but I'm still learning and I get fooled sometimes and in fact I filmed a video where I had a bad episode so you should watch that one and you know hopefully we all learn and if you have experience or comments leave them so that we all benefit so jumping right into it I've said this many times and it bears repeating now you want to be really really transparent with your listing and the photos both the good and the bad and what you want to try and dissuade is a really obvious things like if you don't allow parties or you don't allow smoking or you don't want loud music after 10 or whatever it is that's important to you just detail it many times it's okay you don't want those people staying there so discourage them from staying there but the other thing that's really important in your photos and in your description are things that may be less obvious to you like I get asked all the time for one of my properties that have stairs is this okay for my stroller and my two-year-old or are there stairs that might be dangerous for a toddler these are people that even though they pay just as well they're not going to throw a party the last thing you want is any liability with god forbid a human accident or incident so you want to be really clear about the stairs and how many stairs and the flights and the color and uneven grate or you're going up a little hill whatever it is because if that's a challenge for somebody then they should be aware of it before they get there before they trip and they fall and you have a real problem on your hands the other thing that I encourage you to do is spend a minute trying to learn a little bit more about your guests so take a look at their profile how long have they been on Airbnb how many reviews do they have what do other hosts say about them and to the extent that they don't have any reviews feel free to go back and forth with them a couple of times and ask that will help you gauge such as what brings you to XYZ region and who are you traveling with and what's the purpose oh and have you been here before just open-ended questions see how they respond there's no right answer but you'll get a feel for whether these are people that you want staying with you and in your home or whether they're you know maybe a little bit shady or you don't feel like they're telling you to quite the truth and then ultimately you're going to have to make a decision based on your gut your gut is always right oftentimes where I have had problems and I don't mean problems like parties are destroying my place I just mean like guests that are really challenging or they're not happy instead of just complaining I don't want to do that I just I can tell you right now that my friends on a Ledge smile and I'm I don't think we're any comfortable here and I want to figure out a solution that's going to be okay for you and okay for me they're very demanding when I go back and I look at sort of the questions that they were asking I could have guessed that they would have been challenging only there was nothing that told me don't book them or you have availability take the money but in retrospect when I go back and I analyze it it's like well who asked about that and why would they have asked about it and sort of a little bit of a antenna went off and said they might be better suited for a hotel and in the cases where I've had actual bad experiences and there's videos on it it's always been a same-day booking right and and you know if you have availability and somebody's willing to pay it's really compelling to take that money because it's going to go vacant otherwise but in my experience it's a little bit Shady why would somebody not have a reservation and be traveling to your city or your vacation home let's have a really compelling story about you know what happened to their other plans chances are they're up to something that's no good they don't want to do it in their own home so they'd rather pay you you know a couple hundred dollars and use your home so I really at this point shy away from that another tip that's not quite as important but it always strikes me as a little bit weird are the people that are trying to transact off of Airbnb or home away so if somebody says hey call me and here's my number here's a website or do whatever that's sort of counter to the whole community that I'm a part of and proud to be a part of and I take seriously and while I don't love paying fees I'm happy to pay fees Airbnb provides a great service for me and so people that are trying to skirt the system it's a little bit indicative of me that they might kind of skirt my rules or break my rules too and so I don't know that I would deny people but when I get that sense and it's too strong I do in fact listen to my gut and reject them I hope you found this helpful if you have additional tips or information that you want to share with the community please do so like that's one of the great things about this channel in the comment section we can all learn from one another so what do you do what has been helpful what tips do you have for others the more that we engage the more we're going to learn mutually and we're all going to grow so go ahead and like the video leave your comments and feedback if you haven't subscribed what are you waiting for subscribe now until then happy

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  1. I really appreciate your tips for hosting on Airbnb. I am brand new to this and we're about to list our basement apartment. My question is – how do I be transparent and say that we are a family living upstairs and there is normal noise to be expected downstairs, and we live next to a busy street, so there is also road noise? Our place is super cute but those two things make me wonder if guests would be happy staying here or not. Are there homes that just shouldn't rent out spaces on Airbnb?

  2. If I get a request a “discount” I say no and I do not accept them. I get 5 stars for value so I know they will get value. The most difficult past guests were bargain hunters.

  3. Hi thank you for your tips. I have been a host since 2011 for my beach front villa. So far I have relatively good experiences with guest. I will decline people whos demanded and wants discount more than what I offered. Because this person will be too much hassle and stingy (to my staff who serve for cleaning and prepare meals).

  4. I had struggled for some time with regard to leaving negative feedback on new Airbnb guest. I used to follow the belief that if you had nothing good to say don't say anything at all. Then it dawned on me that if I didn't enjoy cleaning up after some slob then other Airbnb host won't want to do it either. So for me it is very important to leave good honest feedback. In return I am the best host I can be and the best that I can provide is provided to make guest comfortable.

  5. I like that you ask potential guests open-ended questions. Usually once you start asking a few questions you really do get a good gauge of what type of person you're dealing with by their answers..

  6. I've had people that live in my city tell me they want to rent my place for a party so I say, what's wrong w your place? Have the party there. My listing says, no parties. Another thing, my listing says how long it takes to walk to the subway, and then people complain about how long it took. In the 1st paragrah, it says how many sq ft the place is and some will say, it doesn't look as big as the photos. I'm a "Super Host" but it's still annoying. In regards to your new video, I feel like they have been putting downward price pressure on hosts for along time. I liked it when I put my own prices w/o their suggestions. I was full all the time. With their price suggestions, I don't need them.

  7. Okay, I finally subscribed. (Well, I found out about the channel day before yesterday, so I guess two days isn't that long.)

    We have a bed and breakfast in Central Utah, and after being officially open for maybe four or five years, we are working towards VRBO and Air B&B listings. Our family been self-employed for almost two decades straight, and several years more before that, and we appreciate the fact that the VRBO processing fees are actually very reasonable for both advertising and processing. We were top-rated sellers on eBay about eight years ago and totally get the idea that one simply does not circumvent the platform on which he is promoting his product. Is it kosher to refer customers to review your website that is already established and formatted and everything simply to better acquaint themselves with your facility, amenities, policies, etc? We put a lot of time into the website and I thought I'd would be a valuable resource to refer potential clients to but after watching this video, I started wondering if there needs to be complete separation between the listing and our website. I want to get started on the right foot. I still know hardly anything about these platforms. What are the accepted rules about providing website, email, and phone numbers in the description of an ad?

  8. Hi Richard, again great stuff and so sorry you had that happen. So this is 4 months later – WHAT was the outcome? Did Airbnb come through? Did you get payment? I had one similar situation and I filed with Airbnb and they depreciated the $$ for comforter and duvet that I had to replace – the cleaning which I did and was much extra, sheets and other stuff I just figured was part of the deal and a great learning experience for me….comforter & Duvet were all I claimed and they ended up paying me the security deposit but I NEVER heard from the guest, she never responded, no comment, no review- I did write a review and was careful to be honest and say how disappointed I was that i liked them so much but had to replace several damaged items. That they are perhaps better suited in a hotel. Back to my start: What was the outcome of your unwanted guest? Thanks so much

  9. I recently had a Same Day Booking…it somehow worked out, even though I shuffled him around from one place to another (2 listings, same building.) I feel like this is the Unicorn situation…not likely to appear again.

  10. Hey, thanks for your tip. I’ve watched quite a few of your videos now and am now a Superhost myself. The biggest challenge I am facing right now is southeast Asian ( international ) travelers. They do not read all the need to knows or property details and get so dependent on me, OH MY GOOD GOD!!!
    I world long hours at a hospital and I feel like I have adopted a 45 yrs old child. They are highly educated professionals that need advice on commute, cell phone options, can I give them a free ride, can I do offer laundry service, can I book a car rental because they do not have a local number . I mean I can go on …… its painful so, for the moment I have turned instant booking off. Great community, endless entertainment I must say 🙂

  11. I've been hosting exclusively with airbnb for 5 years. I made an investment over a yr ago on a condo in AZ. It's been a challenge figuring out the market rates and the season. Unfortunately I had 2 bad experiences back to back. After these bookings and dealing with airbnb's resolution on one booking (painful) I did a major overhaul on guidelines. I spent the good part of a Sunday reading others guidelines from the community center and learned a lot.
    2 key things, and it's not always a deal breaker, nor a complete guarantee, but it helps. Guest must have 5 verifications, I don't accept anyone that doesn't have a photo of themselves. Also in my guidebook, on the property, I make it clear that they will be given star ratings and a review as well.

  12. Great Info! Thanks for posting.

    Do you have examples of "Denial messages" you send to people who are looking for a same day booking or those who give you a bad vibe? Do you have tips/templates on what to say in messages to potential guests?

  13. Wonderful video. I do have a question about after you book. I have seen a few people here or on your fb pg say that they have a lease agreement. I'm not sure I understand this fully. Is it a document that the host designs and then has the guest sign/agree to it? And if they don't agree to it, and they have already booked what is your resources as a host? From my understanding if you cancel the booking you get penalized. Thanks for your help.

  14. Richard, Your videos are great and clearly come from a voice of experience.  Do you consider pets as UNWANTED guests?  What is your policy concerning pets?  If you don't accept pets, how do you respond if you discover a guest has a pet(s) on your property?  If you do accept pets, do you charge more and an extra security deposit?  Thanks for all your advice.

  15. If they ask too many questions before booking then I know for sure they're not a right fit!

    Thanks for the video Richard

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