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good afternoon everyone and welcome to another edition of Le life I'm joined here today by three colleagues certainly very well-traveled colleagues I've got Ashley to my right hi Ashley how are you good to see you again today and Dan how are you today very well thank you and hazel how are you going good good to hear and we are here to talk about some extraordinary offers and some of our most exciting destinations certainly just notions that we've been celebrating a lot of luxury escapes lately but one in particular we had a huge amount of feedback from our recent Sydney Roadshow and a number of inquiries about and that of course is Hawaii so what an awesome destination obviously about an eight-hour flight I hope I get that right I've been there a couple of times but most amenities I was living in the US when I want blast went there then how many times are you into why I've been there about four times right spot amazing place so many different experiences between the shopping the beaches fantastic and we're also going to be talking about Bali and we've got a fantastic property in Dubai that we'll speak about and of course one of our favorites down in Thailand however you were in Dubai not long ago tell us it's very quickly what do you love about Dubai Dubai oh is really surprising yeah it's a lot more than you expected people expect just this city metropolis but there's beaches and there's water and then there's the desert experience on top of it so yeah fantastic actually now for four deals today which is going to be a lot of fun and different price points what is your what is your favorite deal out of the one we're going to talk about other ones we've got available today and we'll start off with that I would say it's actually the one of the higher end it's kind of exclusive quiet resort fantastic all right so that's Fairmont Sonora in Bali what do you think hazel Belle is a pretty great place to go year-round but this property it's a villa stay isn't it this one's a bit different and it's quite unusual for us to do something that caters for such big groups we've got two different options that can cater for five or seven you can actually add extra gifts to that as well so if you are traveling with extended family or a group of friends even there's a couple of really good very well priced options fantastic and then you're actually off to Bali in a couple of ways on in two weeks time yes trying to get out of the Melbourne winter a little bit colder for me right now so time to go get some Sun Fairmont for me is I guess a great international brand that sounds lovely I want to be going to Bali myself so that's the Fairmont and it's actually the Fairmont villas experience in Sonora and it's three thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars but it's actually valued at are all sorry valid for five gifts which is fairly extraordinary you can take the kids or you can just go as a big group of friends and have a fairly extraordinary experience and it's a six night stay but we've got a fantastic question coming up here from Sierra cook clearly clearly dialed into Facebook and listening to us here at LA Live so we might as well jump straight into it and talk about Hawaii I love Hawaii I've been to only a couple of the islands that I've been to 'allahu and now is that I've been emailing a couple of times and drove the beautiful road to Hana there which was extraordinary now this this offer down is is fairly amazing it's at a beautiful property tell us all about it at the Marriott yeah it's got a couple of things going for first of all super cute Waikiki which is obviously I guess one of the most well known spots of Australians traveling to it away its beachfront so you were right there at the heart of the action and usually for Hawaiian property were including breakfast which people haven't traveled to North America before very high cost to our Gidget get your fallback breakfast in the morning all right and we have ocean view rooms which you know you go into a Wi-Fi ignites for me I think having an ocean view room is really important waking up each morning to either view of the diamond Diamond Head beautiful circle okay Pacific Ocean so it lots to do in that particular location oddly it's probably one of the best places if you're in the world if you wanted to learn to surf yeah probably 20 meters from your hotel you've got one of the world's best surf pictures of turtle learn to surf so shopping nightlife lots going on there how good is that page it's it's certainly busy we won't deny that but it's one of the the best features that sound is extraordinary and just a really really family friendly page you know as you say great place to serve yeah I guess growing up here in Australia we've got some it's pretty hectic surf beaches but even though it is a great to go fish at Waikiki it's just fantastic know where else in in Hawaii should someone who's a first-time traveler – why check out the beard in a Wahoo close to Waikiki or even those other islands what do you think for me I guess outside of the shopping so we've got some great outlet shopping centers there which people looking for bargains are going to be going hunting it down I think heading up to the North Shore is a really interesting experience so not sure why we're the championships that held up in Sunset Beach and the beach is up there and then completing a full loop back down to Waikiki you get to go to some of the locations where Jurassic Park and a whole bunch of movies were filmed and that really I guess epic cliff faces with I guess have you seen some of the actually what do you think people are looking for out of our great family vacation because I personally think Hawaii's one of the best places to go for for a family and what do you think what do you think people should be looking for and then I suppose dan you didn't tell us whether Mary and one cable boxes takes all those boxes so families you know this is always a tough one but trying to fit a large family into a hotel room for this particular hotel their dual out to adults and up to two kids at age 17 so it's a pretty big seventeen year old so good space in there for anyone who's got a larger family I'd probably suggest either looking at requesting and connecting very well yeah we do have another Waikiki property coming up in the short term interesting now as we said Hawaii's been very much requested we heard a lot about it at the recent Sydney Roadshow so it is exciting to talk about that the Marriott in Waikiki is launching tomorrow it's 1499 dollars per person valued at just over $6,000 and then some eight nights days so jump all over that as I said live tomorrow now I should preface some of the other things we're going to talk about today before we get into this awesome deal for the Ritz company in Dubai and then of course other Phuket but next week we're delighted to talk about and announce that series tour the luxurious capes television show is live on on channel 7 so that's on Saturday July the 29th and the team are including our host Shane jolly and our you host Sophie Faulkner will be at some of the world's most illustrious resorts and some of the most beautiful destinations including we do step over to the US and check out Beverly Hills in fact and then down to Mexico one of my favorite places and stay in one of their all-time great hotels so check it out that on Channel seven shortly but hazel I'd love to chat to you now about Dubai and there's beautiful ritz-carlton property tell us all about it Dubai generally is as I said before it's really really surprising my impression before I visited was it's just going to be super hot and uncomfortable and you know you hear about the shopping and that's not really my thing when I got there everything is there conditioning basically hoping it's a very comfortable anywhere you go in restaurants and I mean undercover as you're walking from one place to another they've managed to create this it is an oasis what could it be but it's crazy the architecture is really really impressive there's still a lot of construction going on but it's really not as obtrusive as I thought it was going to be my most surprising aspect was the water but everything faces out into this ocean and for me I've only ever seen the cityscape so yeah just the location of where it's right on the water is is something what's it like as a bitch when we just don't know why what is what is it like this ritz-carlton probably looks gorgeous and obviously tell us about the bacon and the swirling experience the beaches there they've done a really good job of actually creating man-made beaches in frontal properties so the beaches are stretched out and they go on and on and on and a lot of the properties that beachfront properties in particular are creating really clean and very usable section of beach so although it's not you know Australia's beaches where they're natural wonders they've created an absolute replica of a fantastic beach experience alongside the luxury of the hotels over spinning obviously with their lounges and the services and you know bringing water and drink to you spoke about services on the beach can I get a fairly crisp looking cocktail yeah well service is next-level I actually traveled many places that have exceeded it that it's a pleasure to be hosted and the quality is really really up there in terms of location you need compare different places that have been doing it years and years and years you forget how young Dubai use just as a city and they're really nailed it really having service provision actually now you're speaking to a lot of our customers on the phone and some of the destinations I want to go to as well and all of them what are you hearing about Jabbar I picked what started out as a destination yeah people have always been excited about Tobiah as a soccer ball on the way to Europe a lot of people who commit Europe now family or going as a couple with um with that ritz-carlton it's got trouble all the way through to September next year so for people who are for planning and looking at those European holidays now this is a great option to purchase the holiday now you don't have to necessarily treat your dates but you can at least buy the holiday know you've got an amazing deal or once you've worked out really good point I think that a little bit don't actually realize that with luxurious coats you can hear the PG dates now and just decide when you want to travel and obviously have that locked away but you can also just get excited by the by the offer that watching sketches as brought to you in buy it now and then sit sit some dates aside at a later date have a chapter of over you know Java chapter and then come to a conclusion or later date so it's pretty cool but if one of the other things with this property is its ritz-carlton hotel so for any where you stayed at a ritz-carlton hotel will probably understand up the level of service in addition to the this particular amazing check that one out everyone that's on the site right now Latrice Capcom of course call out our travel concierge team and one three hundred eight nine nine zero zero now we will just jump back to the Marion white cheeks we have a question from Sarah cork so thank you Sarah does the room occupancy at the Y key character Waikiki Marriott include babies I have three kids but one is under two and we would want a cost not a bed for him now Sarah I'll see if Dan knows the answer this question now he may not but if he doesn't we will absolutely respond to you by the comment section on Facebook so we'll get back to you very shortly but dan I know I'm putting you on the spot do we know the answer I might have to phone a friend all right fantastic Tara we'll get back to you so all right now we're going to talk about our final offer for the day and this is just an extraordinary price point for a really beautiful experience in a great part of the world we speak about Thailand a lot it's a favorite on luxury estate house we'll just give us a sneak peek into diamond cliff well I actually have a thing to diamond clip itself but Phuket is one of those places where you've got quiet pockets and then you've got busy so if you're it depends what you want on your vacation and this is something that we do talk to our customers quite a lot about when they're looking at an offer and this one is a great price point as you mentioned but it's really about the customer deciding what they actually want from their vacation in the first place if you're wanting something more relaxing and children slightly off the beaten track then we likely can recommend something amazing if you're wanting something right in the thick of things in the hustle-bustle we tend to have a lot of properties let's think that it's real our so we're about some kids yeah so drop mcclift is it's located pretty quite stupid kids so you're talking so it's it's on the cliff side leading into the beach what the kind of covers both those places you're talking about from I guess the heart of the action but still I think that would suit me actually I like to have the option to go out and eat and maybe have a beer or three or four Tong if anyone heard of the tonic having really hectic so yeah actually being able to retreat and come back and have that relaxation with a nice relaxing trip I'm watching some footage behind you guys as you're chatting and good looking swimming pool amazing views clearly close to the shopping and a pretty incredible cliffside location so over the forest could jump off there tomorrow let's go no no no I'm fatigued I'm pretty easy to get between those two places fantastic all right so that that extraordinary offer is valid for Diamond cliff which is obviously in Phuket it's just under $1,000 nine hundred nine dollars for two people valued at just under two and a half thousand dollars amazingly it's a seven-night stay with an enormous number of inclusions beautiful drinks amazing massages there is a dinner experience there too and as which as we've spoken about Thailand certainly a favorite of some of our some of our travelers here okay so let's finish off with a final question hazel out of those four deals which one are you most excited about if I told you you had to go on holidays tomorrow which would be a fairly aggressive request wouldn't it where would you pick out of these four and why honestly think I would go to marry at Waikiki yeah cause it's Hawaii and I adore Hawaii I've only been to Maui haven't been to the main island there's a lot of and it's the only place on earth experiences but Mary I'd like to give that a crack this job cool down way off to is for office they're probably gonna cheat it do around the world fly around the world at or right but watch team we can make magic happen so between the four of those will probably start at Bali go to Dubai yeah come back trip maybe then come back why Thailand somehow it ended up and I like it actually where you often fantastic alright well this has been a fantastic la live of course we've always got wonderful offers but today we can pick these four we're excited about and we're sure you will be too it's been a wonderful episode Thank You hazel thank you Dad thank you actually it's been wonderful thank you everyone

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