How to Keep OUT Unwanted Airbnb Guests!!

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hello youtube this is richard founder of short-term rental secrets calm and Airbnb super host today I'm answering the question that one subscriber asked and it's a really good one I think it's on many people's minds which is new to hosting how do I keep people that I don't want in my home out of my home so let me first just go on the record with a little disclaimer like I can't control who you accept into your property no matter what tips I give you you know this is life like bad things may happen so just realize that I'm trying to share with you the things that I've learned but I'm still learning and I get fooled sometimes and in fact I filmed a video where I had a bad episode so you should watch that one and you know hopefully we all learn and if you have experience or comments leave them so that we all benefit so jumping right into it I've said this many times and it bears repeating now you want to be really really transparent with your listing and the photos both the good and the bad and what you want to try and dissuade is a really obvious things like if you don't allow parties or you don't allow smoking or you don't want loud music after 10 or whatever it is that's important to you just detail it many times it's okay you don't want those people staying there so discourage them from staying there but the other thing that's really important in your photos and in your description are things that may be less obvious to you like I get asked all the time for one of my properties that have stairs is this okay for my stroller and my two-year-old or are there stairs that might be dangerous for a toddler these are people that even though they pay just as well they're not going to throw a party the last thing you want is any liability with god forbid a human accident or incident so you want to be really clear about the stairs and how many stairs and the flights and the color and uneven grate or you're going up a little hill whatever it is because if that's a challenge for somebody then they should be aware of it before they get there before they trip and they fall and you have a real problem on your hands the other thing that I encourage you to do is spend a minute trying to learn a little bit more about your guests so take a look at their profile how long have they been on Airbnb how many reviews do they have what do other hosts say about them and to the extent that they don't have any reviews feel free to go back and forth with them a couple of times and ask that will help you gauge such as what brings you to XYZ region and who are you traveling with and what's the purpose oh and have you been here before just open-ended questions see how they respond there's no right answer but you'll get a feel for whether these are people that you want staying with you and in your home or whether they're you know maybe a little bit shady or you don't feel like they're telling you to quite the truth and then ultimately you're going to have to make a decision based on your gut your gut is always right oftentimes where I have had problems and I don't mean problems like parties are destroying my place I just mean like guests that are really challenging or they're not happy instead of just complaining I don't want to do that I just I can tell you right now that my friends on a Ledge smile and I'm I don't think we're any comfortable here and I want to figure out a solution that's going to be okay for you and okay for me they're very demanding when I go back and I look at sort of the questions that they were asking I could have guessed that they would have been challenging only there was nothing that told me don't book them or you have availability take the money but in retrospect when I go back and I analyze it it's like well who asked about that and why would they have asked about it and sort of a little bit of a antenna went off and said they might be better suited for a hotel and in the cases where I've had actual bad experiences and there's videos on it it's always been a same-day booking right and and you know if you have availability and somebody's willing to pay it's really compelling to take that money because it's going to go vacant otherwise but in my experience it's a little bit Shady why would somebody not have a reservation and be traveling to your city or your vacation home let's have a really compelling story about you know what happened to their other plans chances are they're up to something that's no good they don't want to do it in their own home so they'd rather pay you you know a couple hundred dollars and use your home so I really at this point shy away from that another tip that's not quite as important but it always strikes me as a little bit weird are the people that are trying to transact off of Airbnb or home away so if somebody says hey call me and here's my number here's a website or do whatever that's sort of counter to the whole community that I'm a part of and proud to be a part of and I take seriously and while I don't love paying fees I'm happy to pay fees Airbnb provides a great service for me and so people that are trying to skirt the system it's a little bit indicative of me that they might kind of skirt my rules or break my rules too and so I don't know that I would deny people but when I get that sense and it's too strong I do in fact listen to my gut and reject them I hope you found this helpful if you have additional tips or information that you want to share with the community please do so like that's one of the great things about this channel in the comment section we can all learn from one another so what do you do what has been helpful what tips do you have for others the more that we engage the more we're going to learn mutually and we're all going to grow so go ahead and like the video leave your comments and feedback if you haven't subscribed what are you waiting for subscribe now until then happy

Airbnb Listing Tips: How to Optimize Thumbnails to Increase Bookings

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this is Richard Furtick founder of short-term rental today we're going to talk about the importance of the thumbnail that which is that first image that you select and how it's critical to you getting more bookings I'm actually going to Los Angeles tomorrow I'd like to stay in an Airbnb and for purposes of this educational video we're gonna go through what I'm looking at and what I'm thinking about as I booked my Airbnb for tomorrow so I've put in my search criteria and here the thumbnails the first two are perfect example of what it is that I'm talking about on the left here you'll see a bright airy wide shot that's filled with Sun you can see nice comfortable seating area that's really inviting on the right hand side here it's really hard to tell it's a very tight shot of a couch and throw pillows in particular it doesn't seem very hospitable or big or bright although it very well might be if they zoomed out I can see in the back here that there's a nice-looking European kitchen and so maybe that would catch my eye and so this room here might be as nice or nicer than the one here but you couldn't tell it from the thumbnail so as a result of that I think this one will likely book far less than this one now in this particular case there is a price difference but that's not really the primary driver I think that the photos and what the owners have selected is actually helping in this case and has room for improvement in this case if we scroll down a little bit the next series here the one on the left here you can tell that they've gone through some effort to color-coordinate you can see yellow flowers with yellow stools and yellow chairs and yellow pillows and the the hanging television but what's interesting it to me looking at this it doesn't look very inviting it looks a little bit dark maybe they should turn on all the lights when they photograph it maybe they should change the F stops that they're getting more light in there this room may well be very bright and either they took it at the wrong time of day or they didn't use the right camera settings but this looks a little bit dark and therefore has room for improvement and making it more appealing on the right-hand side here this is kind of interesting and and you know it sort of depends on what you're trying to do when you showcase that you have a pool and you don't show anything about the property basically what you're doing is saying if you don't have any time to spend or interest or it's weather that doesn't allow for swimming then don't click on this if you do have interest in swimming or it's nice sunny weather or whatever then go ahead and click and learn more but you're automatically reducing the number of interested parties by some pretty significant portion maybe even as many as half and another tip is even in Los Angeles there are weather cycles that would be more seasonal for swimming appropriate versus less seasonal where swimming pools become less important so if this homeowner is really on top of their game and they're changing the thumbnail and putting the photo when it's appropriate then that's great but if they just put it there set it forget it and they're leaving it in the winter months where it's colder they may not be renting nearly as much as they ought to the final two that I want to talk about today is the one here on the left you can see it's a beautiful photo of you know all of downtown Los Angeles floor-to-ceiling windows again it looks like they're photographing maybe the kitchen counter or dining room table it's really hard to tell but it's all about the view and for people that are interested in the view that'll be wonderful but it's really hard to tell what the living space is whereas the one on the right here while the view isn't nearly as exciting I can sort of get drawn into the room and I can see what it is that I'll be doing I'll be sitting on this couch I'll be having breakfast over there there's a television it looks pretty big it looks like it has a sound bar so surround sound so if I'm watching a football game or something so the point is we all know the adage that a photo says replaces a thousand words in this particular case the difference between the right thumbnail and the wrong thumbnail could be the difference between your business generating you know 25 percent of its capability or 200% of what you think it could do please go ahead and subscribe to this channel we'll be coming out with more content all the time and for that we thank you very much have a great day

Introducing Airbnb Plus | Airbnb

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hey guys this is Richard founder of short-term rental today the top five things I wish I knew before I got started on the Airbnb I hope you enjoy have a lower minimum night stay requirement when I got started I thought it would be really difficult to have one or two night minimums and I thought it would be a pain and I didn't think that people would book like the Monday Tuesday nights so I thought gee I'm going to make this a little bit more convenient and a little bit longer term and that's going to help me fill up the entire month if I have a five night minimum I only need four or five guests to fill up the entire month but in reality what I found is having a shorter period of time I know you typically use two night minimums means that I have more gas more turnover I have less concern about those Tuesday Wednesday periods because believe it or not people want to travel so don't worry about the number of night minimum unless you're in a resort place and it's only weekends but if you're anywhere that has any sort of business associated with it or conferences or events and entertainment worry not about the middle of the week as much as you think you might and what I found is that's actually increased my revenue tremendously I know I've talked about it a lot is to try dynamic pricing I happen to use beyond pricing I think it's fabulous and if you click up here you can actually watch an interview that I did with Ian the founder but changing your prices on a daily basis is really important because there's things that happen that effects supply and demand like if there was a big event happening in your neck of the woods you wouldn't necessarily know about it you might get picked off and leave money on the table but conversely if there's a big event in your neighborhood and you can double or triple your income for two or three nights that might make your month so using something like beyond pricing is fantastic you can go ahead and in the comment section will put the affiliate link where you can sign up for a free trial we get a little bit of help it'll help you I highly recommend it try dynamic pricing it'll really make a big difference for you the third thing I wish I knew is just how important reviews are and how to get them so what I've learned over time is to ask for them it's really easy just ask for them when I send a guests check-in instructions at the very end I say we really care we want to earn your five-star review please let me know what we can do to make stay better and earn that review likewise when they check out we send a follow-up that says you know we hope you had a great time please take a moment to leave us a five star review and just being real subtle about like five star review it sort of sets their expectations it lets them know what you're hoping for lets them know what you're striving for so just ask for it what we've found is it really makes a huge difference people are more than happy to do it they just need that little bit of reminder and once you set their expectations that you're looking for a five star review they actually give it unless there's something that's wrong now five star reviews mean a lot more money in your pocket because for an SEO perspective Airbnb is going to put you up higher you're going to earn super host status so you really want that and the best way to do it like anything else in life is ask for it Airbnb is more than just a booking platform in fact it's an entire ecosystem it's a universe of companies that have built their entire businesses around servicing Airbnb hosts and guests go to the Airbnb site check out the partner links there's all sorts of companies and services that connect via API to your calendar they know who's coming and who's going and when so whatever your headache is whether it's check-in and key drop or cleaning after they depart you name it it's there the fifth and final tip I wish I'd known when I started my business is the importance of instant book make sure that you accept instant bookings it will drive more revenue and if you're concerned use a setting that I use which limits people the ability to book on instant book they have to be Airbnb current guests and they also have to have favorable reviews so if they've used Airbnb in the past and other hosts have rated them favorably that's good enough for me I oughta mate it I scale and it saves me so much back-and-forth and waiting and the user experience is better and I get better placement all that translates into more revenue for me so I hope you found this video helpful if you did smash the like button down here and go ahead and subscribe up here we're going to be filming more content like this that is going to put more revenue in your pocket tips advice suggestions stay tuned there's a lot more coming thanks so very much have a great day

How I Make A Fortune On Airbnb Owning No Property | DONT BUY A HOME FOR AIRBNB IN 2018

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welcome back Airbnb family today we're gonna talk about a discussion that has been passed around in my social circle a league which is whether it's better to go for equity or cash flow when buying your first Airbnb home now I have a very strong opinion on this and I'm sure plenty of you do on either side of the fence but mine is gonna mess with you here my opinion don't buy a home don't buy a single property if you want to be an Airbnb host and there's a very good reason for this we're gonna jump right into it it's a very simple math problem if you want to have multiple Airbnb properties and be successful as a business don't buy your home so here we go let's say you are buying your first investment property you need 20% down because it's a non FHA you're not gonna live there you're gonna run out the entire place on Airbnb which means since you're not living there it's an investment property 20% down so let's say you buy a $250,000 home with two bedrooms and your 50,000 down you also need to upgrade it possibly and furnish it so you're looking at potentially $70,000 a month before you're live on air BnB now that two-bedroom property will profit you maybe $5,000 and that is including your equity because you'll have to pay property taxes utilities pay for your cleaner etc and in this example the other person's gonna pay for their cleaners too so let's keep it even so you're gonna make maybe sixty two to sixty five hundred dollars a month on your two-bedroom and your profit after all the costs will be five thousand dollars including your equity and so seventy thousand and five thousand dollars a month out okay that's the homeowner side now I rent my property i furnish them and then I short-term rent them now let me tell you what I do with my seventy thousand dollars in this situation I get ten properties right it cost me about seven thousand dollars per that includes my cost of getting my first lease the furniture everything okay so at ten properties my rents are probably about fifteen hundred dollars in average with my utility costs sixteen fifty I don't have to pay property taxes everything's worked into the of course into the rent and I don't have to worry about insuring my my appliances the landlord has to fix the plan if they break things like that so 1650 and costs plus my cleaner costs I make about three thousand dollars a month of my property so let's say just you know conservatively I make nine hundred dollars per unit so ten units that's nine thousand dollars a month where homeowner with their seventy thousand dollars is now making five thousand per month so you can see I'm already ahead by four grand a month but it doesn't even end there so the cool thing about doing rentals is you can grow in smaller increments the moment I have another seven grand I can put another property and have eleven right so first month I make nine grand I can put seven thousand towards another property I make another grand my second month I can put another property down my third month I make another nine grand I can get almost two more properties my third month so by month and a month three I'm looking at about fourteen properties which is outstanding the person who owns a home they need to actually make profit for fourteen months before they have seventy thousand dollars again before they can get their second property now some of you homeowners are gonna say well I gain valuation of my property because it's going to appreciate in value by like three percent on average a year well let's factor that in so let's say that your $250,000 home makes 3% a year you're looking at about seven thousand dollars a year in appreciation so let's break that up to like six hundred and fifty dollars a month and appreciation so you're making five thousand now let's add the 650 so you're making fifty six fifty per month including your appreciation I'm still making nine I'm still weaponeer there but let's talk about housing bubbles right you could lose money on your property this could actually happen also you could buy a home in a terrible part of town that's not good for air B&B which means you own it you're gonna have to sell it or turn it into a regular rental property which is not why we're here we're here to make more money than that if I get a property where I lose money which I've done before I just cut the lease right I'll even buy it out early if I really want to get out of it fast so at worst case scenario I'm stuck with a property for a year but it makes me more agile I'm in I'm out I find the right neighborhoods and I make all my money that way and I do this completely legally we're gonna actually cover this in a very recent like very near future video I'm gonna actually show you the legal process that I take to pick up all of my leases and homeowners or property management companies they can't do anything about it they are stuck with me at least to the end of the lease so we're gonna talk about that later and this is going to be the secret to making your fortune on Airbnb but to keep on topic here don't buy your property it's sluggish it's slow you need way too much money to get in initially now you're money stuck in your property if you have to turn it into a regular rental which is no fun it's just not nearly as profitable and it's a little harder to manage too because you're stuck replacing your own appliances so I don't if it's no breaks I'm like hey maintenance come in fix my stove thank you goodbye and it's a lot easier for me to track my expenses too because everything's kind of rolled into my lease agreements so if you have any other questions kind of on this topic or maybe even like just some fast facts on like how to host certain ways if you have certain problems that you've had with guests or you know with your listings feel free to leave me a comment below I'll be happy to help you out you just let me know what you need leave the comment now like this video share it with your friends and of course if you want more content like this you subscribe more is coming and I promise you very soon I'm gonna teach you the legal way that I picked up my 20 properties without owning a single one so thank you for watching air B&B automated I will see you on the other side car