How to Keep OUT Unwanted Airbnb Guests!!

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hello youtube this is richard founder of short-term rental secrets calm and Airbnb super host today I'm answering the question that one subscriber asked and it's a really good one I think it's on many people's minds which is new to hosting how do I keep people that I don't want in my home out of my home so let me first just go on the record with a little disclaimer like I can't control who you accept into your property no matter what tips I give you you know this is life like bad things may happen so just realize that I'm trying to share with you the things that I've learned but I'm still learning and I get fooled sometimes and in fact I filmed a video where I had a bad episode so you should watch that one and you know hopefully we all learn and if you have experience or comments leave them so that we all benefit so jumping right into it I've said this many times and it bears repeating now you want to be really really transparent with your listing and the photos both the good and the bad and what you want to try and dissuade is a really obvious things like if you don't allow parties or you don't allow smoking or you don't want loud music after 10 or whatever it is that's important to you just detail it many times it's okay you don't want those people staying there so discourage them from staying there but the other thing that's really important in your photos and in your description are things that may be less obvious to you like I get asked all the time for one of my properties that have stairs is this okay for my stroller and my two-year-old or are there stairs that might be dangerous for a toddler these are people that even though they pay just as well they're not going to throw a party the last thing you want is any liability with god forbid a human accident or incident so you want to be really clear about the stairs and how many stairs and the flights and the color and uneven grate or you're going up a little hill whatever it is because if that's a challenge for somebody then they should be aware of it before they get there before they trip and they fall and you have a real problem on your hands the other thing that I encourage you to do is spend a minute trying to learn a little bit more about your guests so take a look at their profile how long have they been on Airbnb how many reviews do they have what do other hosts say about them and to the extent that they don't have any reviews feel free to go back and forth with them a couple of times and ask that will help you gauge such as what brings you to XYZ region and who are you traveling with and what's the purpose oh and have you been here before just open-ended questions see how they respond there's no right answer but you'll get a feel for whether these are people that you want staying with you and in your home or whether they're you know maybe a little bit shady or you don't feel like they're telling you to quite the truth and then ultimately you're going to have to make a decision based on your gut your gut is always right oftentimes where I have had problems and I don't mean problems like parties are destroying my place I just mean like guests that are really challenging or they're not happy instead of just complaining I don't want to do that I just I can tell you right now that my friends on a Ledge smile and I'm I don't think we're any comfortable here and I want to figure out a solution that's going to be okay for you and okay for me they're very demanding when I go back and I look at sort of the questions that they were asking I could have guessed that they would have been challenging only there was nothing that told me don't book them or you have availability take the money but in retrospect when I go back and I analyze it it's like well who asked about that and why would they have asked about it and sort of a little bit of a antenna went off and said they might be better suited for a hotel and in the cases where I've had actual bad experiences and there's videos on it it's always been a same-day booking right and and you know if you have availability and somebody's willing to pay it's really compelling to take that money because it's going to go vacant otherwise but in my experience it's a little bit Shady why would somebody not have a reservation and be traveling to your city or your vacation home let's have a really compelling story about you know what happened to their other plans chances are they're up to something that's no good they don't want to do it in their own home so they'd rather pay you you know a couple hundred dollars and use your home so I really at this point shy away from that another tip that's not quite as important but it always strikes me as a little bit weird are the people that are trying to transact off of Airbnb or home away so if somebody says hey call me and here's my number here's a website or do whatever that's sort of counter to the whole community that I'm a part of and proud to be a part of and I take seriously and while I don't love paying fees I'm happy to pay fees Airbnb provides a great service for me and so people that are trying to skirt the system it's a little bit indicative of me that they might kind of skirt my rules or break my rules too and so I don't know that I would deny people but when I get that sense and it's too strong I do in fact listen to my gut and reject them I hope you found this helpful if you have additional tips or information that you want to share with the community please do so like that's one of the great things about this channel in the comment section we can all learn from one another so what do you do what has been helpful what tips do you have for others the more that we engage the more we're going to learn mutually and we're all going to grow so go ahead and like the video leave your comments and feedback if you haven't subscribed what are you waiting for subscribe now until then happy

How to Get Started on Airbnb

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hello my name is Jesper and I am the author of the best-selling book get paid for your pad on Airbnb hosting in this video I want to tell you what the five most important things are that you should do when you start with your Airbnb listing first step is you want to request the Airbnb photographer to take beautiful pictures of your place it's completely free and you can easily request the service by going to Airbnb comm which lets infos less photography now the reason why you should do this right away is because sometimes it can take up to two to four weeks before the photographer has time and these pictures are really really important so I want to make sure that you quest the service as soon as possible now in the meantime don't go round and take pictures with your iPhone get a good camera maybe borrow from somebody because beautiful pictures is the most important thing to get bookings and bookings are very important when you just get started when you take pictures make sure the heist is tidy pick a sunny day so you have plenty of natural light open all windows and curtains and turn on all the lights the lighter the picture the better step free at all the verifications that you can you go to dashboard profile trust and verification you'll see a number of verifications that you can add and I recommend you add as many as possible because when you're just starting out you don't have a reputation on the Airbnb platform yet and so adding these verifications is another way to reinsure guests that you are a real person and that they feel comfortable staying with you the fourth step make sure to set your base price right so what is the right base price well when you're just starting out you really need to get some bookings in quickly because bookings and reviews will lead to more bookings and so what I recommend you do is to undercut similar listings in your area by about twenty to thirty percent so this will really encourage every B users to book your place now there's one caveat some people will think there's something wrong with your place because it's priced so cheaply and so what you can do is in your description in your Airbnb listing you can mention that you're giving a temporary discount because you're just starting out if you get some reviews then you can move the price a little bit higher because then your reputation will ensure that you will get more bookings the last step don't decline in local booking requests at first now I know when you're just starting out with Airbnb it can be a bit scary to host random people from the internet really but what I recommend you do is to give your guests the benefit of the doubt most experiences will be extremely positive and if you are going to start off by declining a lot of booking requests Airbnb will not show your listing to very many users and that will make it very difficult to get that initial momentum going so if you do get a booking request and you're not sure about your guests just ask them some questions ask them what what they are looking to do in your city what their plans are where they're coming from etc and that way you can get to know your guests a little bit better and you'll feel more comfortable hosting the person so those are the five most important things that you should do right now to get your Airbnb listing started off the right way and if you want to learn more go to get paid for your pad comm slash blog there's tons of articles that will talk about all the different aspects of Airbnb hosting what you can do as well is you can go to get paid for your pad or comms as podcast and there you'll find dozens of podcast episodes where Airbnb hosts from all around the world to share their experiences you can definitely learn a lot from those stories so I encourage you to subscribe to the podcast listen to a few episodes and lastly good luck with your Airbnb listing Airbnb hosting is awesome and I'm sure you'll have a great experience and you'll be able to make a lot of money too so if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment on any of the blog post I always check them every day so I'll respond as soon as possible and you can also send me an email at info at get paid for your pad comm and again I'll reply to every single email within 24 hours so thank you so much for watching this video and to your hosting success

(2016)27 Toughest Questions Asked At Airbnb Job Interviews

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We Accept | Airbnb

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We believe no matter who you are where you're from who you love or who you worship we all belong. The world is more beautiful the more you accept

What is Airbnb? | Travel Tips | Airbnb

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look out at the world isn't it wonderful and see all the places we call home hand-built hideaways castles in the clouds and bungalows for the beach outback on you can book and stay in any one you like all for a price that suits you it's simple just enter where you want to go the dates you want to be there and choose from thousands of places then decide between a room or having the whole air B&B home to yourself before you travel you can chat with your host so you're not meeting a stranger and you can leave reviews for each other after your stay make yourself at home wherever you go belong anywhere with Airbnb

Airbnb Listing Tips: How to Optimize Thumbnails to Increase Bookings

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this is Richard Furtick founder of short-term rental today we're going to talk about the importance of the thumbnail that which is that first image that you select and how it's critical to you getting more bookings I'm actually going to Los Angeles tomorrow I'd like to stay in an Airbnb and for purposes of this educational video we're gonna go through what I'm looking at and what I'm thinking about as I booked my Airbnb for tomorrow so I've put in my search criteria and here the thumbnails the first two are perfect example of what it is that I'm talking about on the left here you'll see a bright airy wide shot that's filled with Sun you can see nice comfortable seating area that's really inviting on the right hand side here it's really hard to tell it's a very tight shot of a couch and throw pillows in particular it doesn't seem very hospitable or big or bright although it very well might be if they zoomed out I can see in the back here that there's a nice-looking European kitchen and so maybe that would catch my eye and so this room here might be as nice or nicer than the one here but you couldn't tell it from the thumbnail so as a result of that I think this one will likely book far less than this one now in this particular case there is a price difference but that's not really the primary driver I think that the photos and what the owners have selected is actually helping in this case and has room for improvement in this case if we scroll down a little bit the next series here the one on the left here you can tell that they've gone through some effort to color-coordinate you can see yellow flowers with yellow stools and yellow chairs and yellow pillows and the the hanging television but what's interesting it to me looking at this it doesn't look very inviting it looks a little bit dark maybe they should turn on all the lights when they photograph it maybe they should change the F stops that they're getting more light in there this room may well be very bright and either they took it at the wrong time of day or they didn't use the right camera settings but this looks a little bit dark and therefore has room for improvement and making it more appealing on the right-hand side here this is kind of interesting and and you know it sort of depends on what you're trying to do when you showcase that you have a pool and you don't show anything about the property basically what you're doing is saying if you don't have any time to spend or interest or it's weather that doesn't allow for swimming then don't click on this if you do have interest in swimming or it's nice sunny weather or whatever then go ahead and click and learn more but you're automatically reducing the number of interested parties by some pretty significant portion maybe even as many as half and another tip is even in Los Angeles there are weather cycles that would be more seasonal for swimming appropriate versus less seasonal where swimming pools become less important so if this homeowner is really on top of their game and they're changing the thumbnail and putting the photo when it's appropriate then that's great but if they just put it there set it forget it and they're leaving it in the winter months where it's colder they may not be renting nearly as much as they ought to the final two that I want to talk about today is the one here on the left you can see it's a beautiful photo of you know all of downtown Los Angeles floor-to-ceiling windows again it looks like they're photographing maybe the kitchen counter or dining room table it's really hard to tell but it's all about the view and for people that are interested in the view that'll be wonderful but it's really hard to tell what the living space is whereas the one on the right here while the view isn't nearly as exciting I can sort of get drawn into the room and I can see what it is that I'll be doing I'll be sitting on this couch I'll be having breakfast over there there's a television it looks pretty big it looks like it has a sound bar so surround sound so if I'm watching a football game or something so the point is we all know the adage that a photo says replaces a thousand words in this particular case the difference between the right thumbnail and the wrong thumbnail could be the difference between your business generating you know 25 percent of its capability or 200% of what you think it could do please go ahead and subscribe to this channel we'll be coming out with more content all the time and for that we thank you very much have a great day

How To Invoice An Airbnb Host | Cohost Payout Update 2018

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cohosts Airbnb just threw you for a loop as August first you're not collecting any more money on the Airbnb platform you're gonna have to bill your clients directly good for you I've owned businesses for ten years and taking people's money is what I do so let me teach you how to build your clients for the Airbnb services you offer and I even made you something for you help you out so let's get into it all right welcome back here bébé family yes unqualified to talk about this I have owned the media consultancy for 10 years I feel you know of course I've had sales teams other marketing companies I'm mold and water certified so I have a storm recovery business and of course I have over 40 or vini properties on the platform and we managed 40 other their unique properties to so this is what we do and we have our own way that we track someone's Airbnb and non Airbnb bookings that we invoice them directly so this is something that we've already been doing I made something for you on Google Drive it's a template for you to follow and actually you will calculate how much somebody owes you automatically so I'm gonna leave a link here and there's gonna be tech and a link in the description you can go to my web site type in your email and some information and you're gonna have that for free but let me walk you through how this thing works so let's pull up a screencast of the same so what I've made for you here you're gonna punch in what your management percentage is what your management fee is and then you are going to just start going from there you also want to mark yes or no Y or n for whether or not you're gonna be billing your host for a percentage of his non cleaning fee revenue okay so there's multiple areas that you're going to be making money off this reservation those can be the total booking revenue but in that is your cleaning fee and in that is non thin fee other fees like resort fees other stuff like that so mark whether or not you want to take a performance fee from that as well so now below every single line is going to be a reservation it's gonna be have the the start date the listing name or address some sort of identifier the number of days the purse is staying just to put that in there the reservation cost you're gonna put your cleaning fee how much you are charging them to clean it does not have to be the same cleaning fee that's listed on the site and then also mark any non cleaning feed extra piece in that column as well it's going to self calculate everything that you need to know and so over a date range right keep this uniform over a date range I would do like Monday through Sunday or something of the like and just do all of the reservations and do this in sweetly just put all those reservations one line at a time and you're gonna notice at the top it's gonna calculate everything for you and so what it's doing is it's taking the total reservation cost and calculating a management fee out of that but it's deducting the cleaning fee you've already charged before it does the management fee deduction and so what also does is it calculates the total accrued fees that are non cleaning fees and taking a management fee cost out of that but if you choose not to charge your client for that it'll deduct your management fee from this costs make sense so things you need to know here that actually matter to why this works a lot of times we charge for cleaning the data customer checks out and we clean that's almost cleaning companies charge is when they do the work but Airbnb is different Airbnb Awards the hosts the reservation costs and the cleaning fee 24 hours up to checkout right so the way I want you to use this document is the day your client gets paid is the day that it goes into the invoice right cleaning fees and all don't separate the two because otherwise it's going to make double the work for you and it will confuse your hosts so use this document feel free to ask me some questions on my Facebook page about this thing once you've used it but of course you have to go to the website I'll punch in your email and stuff I want to know where you're co-hosting from so I'm gonna ask you that too and that way you can use this document until you find a better way to track your services so have fun with this and by the way I've got a book recommendation for you guys you have to be business owners now so go to and there's this book called critical business skills for success it's a 34 hour audio book that talks about everything business it's pretty high level so if you want something before that you can go to Barnes & Noble or and buy a book called how business works that's also really cool too so these are the little things that makes what makes us great so thank you for watching everything be automated have fun color things I'll see you on the other side

Navigating Your Cities & HOA Laws for Airbnb

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If you’re an investor wanting to buy properties, the first step to take is learning your city
laws and HOA rules. A lot of major cities already have laws surrounding
Airbnb. But outside the major metro areas, most cities lack specific regulations. Still, it's reasonable to assume these laws
are coming. Since you’re paying attention to this video, you must have an idea of how popular short-term
rentals are. Soon, the neighborhood associations and your
local government will be just as familiar with the
phenomenon. Because of this, it's worth calling your city
planner and asking if they have specific short-term
rental laws. This can be easier said than done, so let’s talk about a few ways to go about
it. When you call the city to ask if there are
rules or regulations, include the words “short-term rentals,” “Airbnb,” and “VRBO” in your initial
question so that you cover all your bases. Just something like, “does the city have
rules on short-term rentals such as Airbnb or VRBO?) If there are rules in place, ask to be emailed
the documentation. If they say there aren't any rules, don’t stop asking questions. You'll want to know the future regulatory
environment as well as anything that may not sound like
a short-term rental rule but actually is. In this scenario, ask these questions: Is the city council discussing potential laws
for short-term rentals? Or has the planning department started any kind of review? What’s the current attitude toward short-term
rentals? Does it seem like it might shift one way or
the other? Are there nearby cities in which existing
laws are being reviewed? Are there rules or laws pertaining to rentals
that last 30 days or less (this is a short-term rental rule
that many cities already have on the books, but doesn't specifically mention Airbnb or VRBO, and thus often gets
missed). If you have an HOA, they can also prevent
you from using short-term rental sites. A lot of HOAs have restrictions on rentals
of less than 30 days. Many more are adopting laws that prohibit
renting for 90 (or even 180) days or less. (This happened to us.) Depending on your point of view, there is also some effective software out
there that will help the HOA detect if you are running an Airbnb
in your place. (We also experienced this.) These tools work, so the HOA can find you and shut you down in no time. Here’s some good news: If your city or HOA doesn't have these laws
yet, you can help affect change. Go to council meetings. Get on your HOA board. Educate people on why short-term rentals are
good for the city, good for business, and less problematic than they probably appear. (A short-term renter who's a problem is gone
in four days, whereas a long-term renter who's a problem
is a year-long headache). Trust me when I tell you it's worth your time to look into your city
laws and HOA rules. You definitely do not want to buy a short-term-rental investment property and then get shut out
of short-term rentals. So do your due diligence and good luck. With my name is James & I’m Erin, thank you for watching and if you enjoyed this video, please give us a thumbs up and leave a comment! For more information on short-term rentals or to connect with us, click the links in the description of this

Airbnb SEO Crashcourse 1 | How to Get Your Airbnb Listing More Views | Airbnb MBA 2018

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today starts video number one of a much anticipated series which is Airbnb SEO rankings and how you as an Airbnb host can influence your rankings online and get more bookings so Airbnb is official statement in a blog they released is that there's over a hundred different parameters on their algorithm on what affects your SEO ranking now this is a lot at some of these we have no control over really and some they're just not really worth their squeeze so of course is a practical Airbnb host we're gonna get right into the gritty about which ones you can influence first and fast in order to increase your air being the ranking quickly so the ones that make the most sense to attack immediately first is filters I know a lot of you don't even think of this as an SEO thing but it really is true so when somebody searching for a property and they punch in filters if you don't meet the filters you're gone right and this is the first blinded offense against being visible on Airbnb so for example the number of people you can host this is big if you have a 2-bedroom apartment that hosts six people if somebody is in a group of eight and they search for you you won't pop up right so if you can host more people you'll catch more filters other things people care about is we're not you have coffee or an iron and ironing board which is over a like business ready if you have a pool or a gym washer and dryer things like this just look at your Airbnb profile and see all those little check boxes for amenities try your best to get every single one checked another one that's common is a pack and play or a crib for families of course who are traveling with an infant if you have it you're good also being wheelchair accessible is another one that could increase your visibility every single check box is another chance to be visible or somebody else cannot be right so it's a battle for amenities there Maxim out which you're gonna max out your visibility in boolean searches you either have it or you don't it doesn't matter if your pools and better than somebody else's pool just the fact that you have a pool means you're gonna show up make sense and know don't get like a little three foot wide kiddie pool and try to justify that because that would be funny but I don't think your guests would be happy so moving on once your listing has been seen once your tile pops up and they have a choice to click on it whether or not they click on it then becomes the next main factor for your SEO ranking the number of clicks and views you get per month actually weighs into your SEO ranking by a pretty big margin so I know it seems circular which is you have to be seen to be clicked but now you have to be clicked to be seen but it's true so how do we get clicked more frequently that is the question just imagine the two main things that a potential guest sees when they click on your listing number one is the photo that main you know thumbnail photo and second is your title so think about what people care about for me I actually iterate in my titles that I have a king bed right my main photo is gonna be the highest quality photo I can get which if your property just isn't photogenic enough on the inside for any reason you just can't make a really beautiful well balanced you know picture of the inside of your property try to find a professional photo online of something wonderful about your neighborhood so for example in Houston there's Midtown right there's plenty of stock photos of Midtown the Galleria there's plenty of photos of the Galleria Mall Medical Center there's of course plenty of professional photos there in Fort Worth there's Sundance Square and there's 7th Street these are areas that people want to see so if I just happen to have a property that I couldn't put a good internal photo on you you bet my ass I'm going to Google and I'm gonna find a Google image of my neighborhood and that'll be my first photo because what you're doing is you're creating curiosity because that photo looks inviting enough to click on then of course that title you know upscale or designer spacious King bed in the heart of midtown Houston something like that you could try to allude to something that's extremely unique about your property to that's another thing another side pro tip here do not go to nits with your property because if you go to niche and your your listing I remember seeing one that was called the cherry blossom room it was a shared space you know you had a private room in a house it had this really elegant Japanese serene theme the problem was is since it's a private room you you kind of asked yourself what kind of host would theme their room this way right my main concern when booking a private room is who am I going to have to deal with during my trip and I've had to kind of disastrous hosting situations where I booked a private room so now I'm a little leery about the private room that I booked so if you're listing a private room one main thing to really state in your description in your title is that you're a professional host who gives their travelers space if they desire space this is a big one so try to come off as not weird as possible but to speak more about that cherry blossom room this person got very few bookings in December and I mean December is a slow season a lot of cities but this could have been avoided if their listing was a little bit more neutral a little bit more all-encompassing so it was it was a domino effect right her listing was too niche so she didn't get enough clicks which means her views were too low so she started to get buried now she had a more generally welcoming description and photo she'd had more views and her you know beautiful niche listing probably would have been booked more but I think the niche lowered her ranking you see what I mean there so make sure you have a well balanced beautiful well-lit photo one that's inviting and make sure that your description loots to what makes your listing better than other listings and unique but don't go too niche all right so third if you have availability you will pop up right so avoiding single night bookings far in advance at the a big one and I actually did a video on an advanced pricing strategy on how to avoid one night bookings so you're gonna tax them you're gonna charge them a huge premium for a single night booking and then dramatically lower your rate from all day night stays so if you want to avoid one night and two nights days you can do this by incentivizing a big discounts starting at 3 nights or longer um I do mine where I just chopped the one night and do a discount for two nights days or longer by doing this let's imagine right now it is just before Christmas here in Houston and if I have somebody booked February 5th right for one night if somebody's gonna search for two weeks the beginning of February I won't show up and that'll lower my total views because I had one single one-night stay and it ruins my ability to accommodate multi-day stays so really what you want to do is your bookings that are far in advance you want to make sure that you get the booking you want right which is like a five-day or longer stay right I think over 50% of bookings in Houston are at least seven days long so if over 50% of bookings are at least seven days long and somebody books you a one-night stay I guarantee you that will cost you a long-term one but not only that to be on topic with this video it's going to cost you views and again views are everything with your SEO so discourage single nights days don't deactivate it but raise your single night rate up to keep your 1x days away so that way you can still choose to have a one night stay if you need to you know fill up your unit last minute like let's say tomorrow I have a night open I still have the option to take a single night stain and I'll drop that price back down right and take that single night at that point but for views sake single nights are actually bad for your views so from the availability then air B&B also tracks how popular your listing is like what your percentage of occupancy is so you'll notice that if you look in your area and click on other listings you're gonna see this listing is being viewed 20 other by 20 other people right now or give you a gem rare find this listing is barely ever available that's great if you get that little icon that this listing is barely ever available which means your overnight and occupied most like pretty much on average for like the last couple of months that'll increase your ranking so you want to be fully booked so again long-term stays that fill up your calendar are great for your SEO so prioritize those next another fun one is wishlist so a single person adding you to their wish list won't increase your SEO ranking but having a good amount of people do it will so you'll notice on Facebook there's actually groups where you can put your listing up and everybody will share wish lists you host who came up with that idea you are awesome you keep that up because after all we are family and our competitors are not Airbnb hosts next to us our competitors are hotels they are the ones that we're trying to beat out there's enough for all of us hosts don't worry you know what I'm saying and then a last little one that you can utilize that also isn't necessarily thought of SEO but sharing the link to your property to get people to refer it so by posting your link where people will see it they'll click the link and that's another way that you get a view but also if you can incentivize your previous guests to share your property and you can get referral bookings that's that's another way great way to do business so find a system where you followup with guests ask them to add your property to their wish list and invite them to share and even tell them to you know let them know that that guest was the reason why somebody else booked and you'll give that guest like a discount on a future stay so train likely your own like a referral code program with previous guests and this is something that if you don't have too many listings it's pretty easy to manage so in review you are going to make sure that all of your filters look good you're gonna have a king bed you're gonna have as many amenities as possible so that way you pop up as many times as possible when somebody does a search you are going to prioritize long term bookings so that way a single nights stay doesn't ruin your availability you're gonna make sure that your first photos is balanced beautiful well-lit its inviting and it's neutral enough that it doesn't fit into deep of a niche where people will overlook it because it's obviously not what they're looking for you don't need to be exactly what somebody's looking for but you need to be good enough that they'll click on it make sure that your your title is well written no chromatic errors that it does it allude to something wonderful inside the photo or inside the listing so that way people will click on it again so you can have that kind of clickbait catchiness I put that I have king beds in almost every single listing that I have a king bed and I'll advertise it in the title I'll even advertise like free Wi-Fi or a heated pool in the title these are other reasons why people will click and then of course your description you want your description to have everything that you pretty much want it to have now there is a theory here that Airbnb is working on keyword searches so what I would do is just like with this YouTube video I will design my descriptions to kick certain keywords so your title and the description if there's keywords in there and so you're like looking for a property and you say cradle right in your search if you list that you have a cradle in your description then it should pop up or I get a boost in SEO because of a keyword search so let's start playing around with those I'm going to be testing this and I'll come back with another video about keyword SEO – once we have a little bit more data so this concludes our a little overview of SEO ranking thus far if any of this was incomplete and you want me to go into more detail feel free to leave a comment down below or if you want me to check on another aspect and you want to know how crucial you think that'll be towards your listings visibility feel free to ask more pointed questions in the comments below of course like the video help it get circulated share it with your other host friends so that way they can become better hosts and you know get their profile out there more of course if there's any other topics that you want me to cover I'm here for you just of course request them and I'll do my best to get to them so thank you so much for watching this video and I will see you on the other side

Black Filmmakers Swarmed By Police After Checking Out Of Airbnb Say They Were Racially Profiled

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attention appeared up and you guys are gonna feel so sorry a tense scene at a local neighborhood police swarm but it turns out it's Bob Marley's granddaughter you didn't do anything wrong the cbs2 news team is here and the Airbnb rental mix-up is our top story the ordeal is going viral and calling into question wasn't racial profiling CBS 2's Tina Patel is live in the reality own neighborhood where it happened Tina well Pat this was the very first time that this rialto a woman had rented her home out as an Airbnb so her neighbors didn't know and that's why they thought something was off when they saw strangers coming out of the home with luggage she says it was all just a misunderstanding but the renters aren't so sure oh yeah we're standing here we have one two three danisha Pendergrass posted this video on Instagram last Monday after police stopped Berner friends in Rialto one of the officers explained why they've been called Pendergrass one of Bob Marley's granddaughter's had been staying at an Airbnb while attending a reggae music festival in San Bernardino Airbnb host Marie Rodriguez says her neighbor called police because she didn't know the home had been rented out how she explained it to me as she saw a group of young adults rushing in and out of the house in a very hurried manner Rodriguez says there had been some property crimes in the neighborhood so she understands why her neighbor was cautious she tried to apologize to Pendergrass and was disappointed to see her social media post claiming the incident had to do with race they're latching on to this whole racism thing and because they're black this is a diverse neighborhood friend arrest attorney's contacted Rialto police about pending legal action but the department tells us their officers acted professionally it was a very low-key contact nobody had their hands up in the air there's no guns pointed nobody was put on the curb they say they have to respond to calls of suspicious activity but misunderstandings like this one can be prevented if you're going to be renting out your residence for an Airbnb to notify your city so you'll get the proper licensing and let your neighbors know for sure now Pendergrass manager says that they will be releasing a longer video of the incident tomorrow and they want to do any interviews until then as for Rialto police they say the whole thing was caught on their officers body camera but because of the possible lawsuit they don't want to release that just yet we'll send it back to you