A Stag Party at My Highlands B&B!

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Meyer Bed & Breakfast

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we call it the Meijer bed-and-breakfast in Cypress Creek and it was established in 1857 and started out as a stage stop I'm always reminded of how quiet this place is because when people arrive they just can't get over it I mean they've been on the road coming in from you know Houston and Dallas and all over Texas but they're totally amazed how how quiet how peaceful and how laid-back everything else people love to get away and enjoy the hill country we think Mars is a wonderful representation of that we have a lot of wineries in the area a lot of antiques here in town comfort is a great place and as most people know it's known for its antiques and its central location here in the hill country the Meijer often is used as a destination place actually people end up having big plans to go to all the different places but ended up staying here because they enjoy the relaxation that is provided here and people either curl up and read some people lay out in the hammock and take a nap throughout the property we have a lot of nooks and areas that people can gather we have a lot of screened-in porches with fireplaces it's a great place for family and friends to get together and they really enjoy it we have a large property but on the other hand with so many areas that we provide with seating areas that you never feel like you're stepping on anybody else it's always very open people are always commenting about how wonderful our breakfast is we provide a full breakfast not a continental coming up us active for breakfast we have coffee and juice always provided lots of pastries most Sundays we do biscuits and gravy there's a lot of cakes and different fruits the stage stops a great place it's an upstairs room it has a great Inc that has an old tin bucket that's converted used for the sink the Ernestine Meyer cottage was a cottage used originally as a birthing house it's a great place it's got a porch from the front and also in the back has a queen-size bed with an iron frame the Julie Ellenberger was named for one of the daughters of the admirers and she ran the place until 1957 has a total of four units each of them has a king-size bed and a second room with either a two twin or full that has great great light makes a great place to sit and visit the Cypress Creek cottages is definitely one of the favorites it's way up in the air and when you look out you realize that you're up in there like a tree house almost room features a king-size bed a sitting area and a great porch that overlooks Mother Nature it's really a popular unit the Creekside cottage is a unit to itself it has a wonderful view of right porch to sit out and look at the deer each morning of the creek we have a king-sized iron bed in there with another sitting area we have a bathroom with a clawfoot tub the homestead is a great great place that was the original homestead of the Meyer family I believe it was built in the 1860s it features great thick limestone walls downstairs it has a private bedroom with a king-size bed it also has a kitchen in matter of fact it's the only unit that we have has a full kitchen has a large large bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and a unique upstairs we have two queen beds with another full bath it's got a cute little clawfoot tub upstairs the house can actually hold six people it's a great place for families the mercantile is one of our larger buildings we have a total of ten different units there five of which have a key size bed and the other five have two queen beds they offer a fireplace the lender is a about a 1910 building it's a rock building with ten ceilings it's another suite that offers a jacuzzi tub all of our rooms we have a lot of amenities including coffee makers hair dryers and ironing boards even though when you look out and you feel like you're out in the country when you walk down the street we're on the edge of historic districts we're only half a block away from the downtown antique shops and some of the restaurants when they walk over to the deck and see that Creek they can't believe it has such a WOW factor to it they know at that moment after they see that Creek that they picked the right place

Marketing Your Independent Hotel or Bed & Breakfast

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good they are welcome to Keystone HD C's five-part training series how to improve your independent hotel or Bed & Breakfasts success video number four my name is Jerry McPherson today I am going to talk about marketing now this is a topic that people spend their lives trying to understand and implement properly in today's training we're just going to scratch the surface but hopefully give you some tips you can take away and begin using immediately to increase your visibility and patronage for those of you who have been in the hospitality property industry for a while you are probably familiar with the traditional marketing tactics used to get your brand recognized in the marketplace this would have included things like attending trade shows buying advertising a newspaper and travel publications brochures and knocking on people's doors these were very time-consuming and often took a while for you to see in our o I return on investment today there are many more chances to get your brand in front of the right audience now and benefit from a much higher ROI from your marketing activities while improving your brand's awareness and recognition if you're new to the hospitality property industry the following are steps you should take to begin developing your business brand these are also great exercises if you're looking to renew your old rent or just check and see how your current brand stands up know your competition how does your competition differentiate themselves from other properties in other words why do customers stay there you have to learn to recognize their strengths and weaknesses knowing this will help your property distinguish itself from your competition when you have identified your competition's weaknesses you'll be able to focus on your own property strengths when you've determined your property strengths you can use them to your advantage when marketing you can do this by performing a target market analysis ask your clients it's important to confirm your target strengths and it's crucial to your target market know your customer learn more about your guests know they're booking behavior how frequently do they book do sales special offers or promotions influence their booking practices do they buy or request additional services to know who you are you have to understand your target customer and once you understand your target customer you have to be your brand make certain your company truly represents what your brand identifies you with for example if one of the traits of your property's brand is that everybody is friendly make sure that all your staff are friendly and this means every employee from the receptionist housekeeper accountant all the way up to you has to live your brand once you recognize your strengths you will have to ensure that these are the strengths your customers want now think about ways to successfully market these to the world and involve them in your branding campaign a couple of other things to consider when looking at your branding is your company's name your logo and color scheme your domain name it should be the company name but if that is not possible get as close to your brand as you can a professional-looking website is imperative it should be easy to navigate and by this I mean easy to find the booking information include sound a video would be good informative material lots of clear high-resolution images of your property make sure your images are what your property actually looks like if you tried to fake it you'll have unhappy customers a smiling photo of yourself and your written signature this adds an individual touch and let your customers know you are a real person it's also not a bad idea to consider a page with all your employees images an opt-in box to collect emails for your mailing list and include a free giveaway for their email address for example short ebook about a region or a local recipe a value coupon for one of your services or authority of information directed to your target customer provide a potential customer something of value up front and they'll label you a legitimate source and much higher on any consideration list having a blog is an excellent way to keep in front of your old and new customers posting short blog posts or articles about attractions in your area historical tidbits or any offers you may have has proven to be a way to improve your return business become an expert in your region and post articles in your blog to show this if your property is in a wine region learn about wines if you're located near a historical site learn the history of the site if your area is famous for blueberries learn all you can about blueberries you can also demonstrate your expertise through internet forums and other blogs not only will you be viewed as an authority customers and potential new customers will feel connected to you as a real human being and more comfortable to ask questions the more places your properties name pops up the more individuals will be exposed to your website and product if you do have a blog which I highly recommend it should be updated on a regular basis set a schedule to send out newsletters to those on your mailing list these newsletters could include links to your blog articles coming special events or offers and package deals make sure to keep them personalized and let your personality shine like friends talking to friends have a comment and review option now it's important to take the time to respond to comments and by this I mean all comes the good and the bad this is important for any travel sites you may be listed on such as TripAdvisor or calm when responding to a bat review don't make excuses but instead convey your understanding of the problem and how it will be rectified a thoughtful honest response will sometimes motivate a reviewer to update their comment to a more positive light don't ever answer a negative comment when you're angry collaborate with other businesses and look for cross promotion opportunities you can offer a package that includes an entrance to a local zoo and you can ask for a discount on the ticket prices or recommend a restaurant is a good place to eat and the restaurant in return can recommend your property to customers looking for a place to stay if you put yourself out there you will command respect through that exposure spotlighting your accomplishments and successes while branding yourself as an authority is all about getting other individuals to realize something about you that you already recognized as I mentioned in the beginning of this training we are only scratching the surface there are so much more to consider in marketing in the last training video of this series I'm going to talk about social need some platforms that are available and their strengths and weaknesses in the last video video number three I said I was going to make a special announcement well here at Keystone HDC it has been our experience that many independent hotel or Bed & Breakfasts owners have taken on the responsibility of operating a hospitality property with experience levels ranging from I can manage a 5-star property to Wow what am I doing here when producing this five-part training series our hope was that it could be found beneficial by those of you who have taken advantage but we also knew we could only scratch the surface so with this in mind we are pleased to announce the complete guide to operating an independent hotel or Bed and Breakfast training course the complete guide to operating an independent hotel or Bed and Breakfast training course will include in-depth step-by-step video tutorial and checklists on setting up an organizational strategy management strategy outsourcing employee hiring and firing training communications techniques customer service handling complaints upselling marketing branding email strategies social media property improvements trends plus much much more the course is designed for owners of independent hotels or bed-and-breakfasts who wish to improve their business practices and patronage while enjoying a fun and fulfilled life as a hotelier for more information click the link below or copy the URL and paste it into your favorite web browser address bar if you would like to stay in touch join us on facebook at Keystone HDC and on Twitter at Keystone squad if you have any comments we would love to see them until next time have fun enjoy life and let successful you

Full Tour of Smith Meadows Farm and Bed and Breakfast

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thanks for coming on a virtual tour of Smith meadows and Smithfield Farm bed-and-breakfast whether you're watching from home we're walking around the farm these short videos are our way of welcoming you to the northern Shan doe of Ally my name is Forrest Pritchard I'm a seventh generation grass farmer and author of gaining ground a story of local food farmers markets and saving the family farm join me as we visit the animals discuss our farming philosophies as well as meet the rest of my family all of whom work on the farm so either get comfortable or put on your walking shoes and join me as we take a real-life tour of a working farm we're out here on pasture with 1300 chickens let her go a lot of people ask me what's it like having a thousand chickens out here how is that possible well like we tell our customers at farmers market just come out and visit the farm see for yourself the chickens like to be in big flocks it gives them protection but the biggest trick of having this many birds is we're constantly moving them fresh pasture rotation just like birds would in nature when you see them flying across the sky in flocks our chickens obviously aren't going to fly south through the winter but we're gonna move them south north east west all around the farm where I'm sitting right here is a polyphase style egg mobile about a hundred boxes down each side plenty of room for the hens to lay their eggs from 1300 chickens right now we're getting about 850 eggs a day works out to be about 75% people I ask how many eggs does a chicken lay every day well it's a trick question a chicken lays about five and a half eggs a week we keep our chickens about two to three years before they become spin hens they just naturally stop laying which point they become soup chickens going to chicken pot pies so these are all dual purpose chickens they're gonna spend their time out here laying walking around eating bugs enjoying the sunshine and laying some of the finest eggs you're ever gonna eat all our animals on the farm their health comes back to one very important thing everything starts with the soil we'll keep talking about the soil as we visit each place where the animals are with the chickens of course they're omnivores we can hear them singing and we think they're very gentle and very nice and and all these things but just don't be a grasshopper or an earthworm and you'll be okay our chickens are going to eat a diverse spectrum of food of course we're going to give them a little bit of chicken feed which is mostly going to be some wheat and a little bit of crack corn we use a non GMO ration on our farm but on top of that they're gonna forage for whatever whatever they can get pasture being very important here we'll look in the background and be able to see them actually grazing just like our cows and sheep and later on our pigs will be doing all that feed that they eat what becomes of that what part of it turns into eggs the other part becomes chicken manure goes right onto the ground and completes a cycle of fertility we're going to grow more pasture without manure spreader without chemical fertilizers without any herbicides or pesticides and we're going to promote natural fertility for our true grazers our sheep and our cattle but what's really important and what everybody really likes is a fresh egg whether you've got one chicken or over a thousand like we do here at Smith meadows it's important that the birds are protected they are more or less defenseless says you'll notice in the background we use a electrified netting we get this product either from premiere or Kenko it's just step in posts that we put into the ground with a light current that runs through it's not intended so much to have the chickens stay in as it is to keep predators out we have coyotes foxes wild dogs raccoons possums skunks everything loves to eat chicken as for the aerial predators our hawks eagles owls things like that we try to stay far away from tree lines owls and hawks like to sit in trees and kind of observe the surroundings so moving the birds isn't just great for nutrition and pasture management and fertilization but it's also a great anti predatory tool that we've got in our agricultural toolbox welcome to our pastures the key to everything that we do is soil fertility and these animals give us the best chance to do that what you're looking at right here is what's called a mob graze we have the animals intentionally brought together to graze a small portion of pasture for about 12 to 24 hours by emphasizing rotation of the herd and then rest of the pasture we're gonna do many things we're gonna put additional carbon in the ground we're gonna have concentrated amounts of manure urine trampled weeds grasses and legumes clovers and alfalfa and then we're gonna rest it these animals won't be back on this particular piece of pasture for 45 days we're gonna keep soil conditions cool soil temperatures cool by putting a cover with all this vegetation over top of it we're gonna reduce parasite loads by giving them pasture plenty of opportunity for the parasites to to go away naturally and if we look in the background too we can see this time of year the cow birds are moving in they're gonna sit on top of the cows and eat the flies right off their backs so on a sustainable farm there's so many natural mechanisms we can use to accentuate what weather nature gives us without pesticides herbicides commercial fertilizers and sprays of course another important part of being a grass farm is having sheep on the farm cheaper herbivores good complementary grazers to our cattle we primarily raise a breed called curtains which are a hair sheep the curtains are a breed that were developed in the 1960s in the Katahdin mountain ranges of Maine as the textile industries and wool was going out of business clever breeder decided to start raising hair sheep sheep that would shed off their wool and be more of a meat variety so as we can see in the background back here we have about 200 head of catan x' and we cross them with another hair sheep at door per to make a nice meaty lamp cheaper excellent complimentary grazers to our cattle not only do they prefer to eat slightly different species thus encouraging lots of even grazing across the pasture their dead end parasite hosts for each other so as sheep and cattle ingest parasites which is a natural part of grazing the parasites that are harmful to each other species a dead end in the sheep and the cattle respectively so by complementary grazing each other we get less parasites on the pasture of course when people think about lamb they often associated with spring Liam what a lot of folks don't know is about 75% of our lamb is imported from the southern hemisphere Australia and New Zealand in particular those lambs of course are being born in the fall and then transported across the Pacific Ocean in the spring and that's been going on for the last 50 hundred years which is the main reason why we have spring lamb on our farm we follow the natural seasons and we actually have our lambing season in the spring and our lambs are ready in the fall and winter it takes us about 9 to 10 months to finish your lamb fully on pasture so if you really want to be eating seasonally in the northern hemisphere we want to be having our lamb probably in October in November and less around the Easter season as this traditional so we're out here in the middle of the pasture there's some sheep in the background the cows have just come through here and grazed and right in the middle of it all we've got about 60 hogs this is where our hog shelters will be our water and where the pigs can come to get shade year-round and protection from the elements where we get into the grazing is every two weeks we give a fresh slice of pasture just like pie slices it'll look like a big pizza by the time we're done across the course of the year we'll rotate all the way around like hands on a clock making sure that is the pigs route the pasture has time to recover that as they put manure on the field that has time to turn into fertilizer for our grass for our cows and our sheep once the year is over up comes the entire area we move it to a fresh 15 acre block and we start the process all over again hello and welcome to Smithfield farm my name is Ruth Pritchard and my daughter Betsy and I run the bed-and-breakfast part of the farm I'm sitting here on the front porch of the main house which I like to call the centerpiece of the farm it was built in 1824 the farm has been in our family since 1816 so we are coming approximately 200 years the architectural style of the house is called Tidewater federal which is basically a large center hall flanked on either side with one or two rooms steep both upstairs and down the brick was made on the place just below the brick barn a hand fashioned and the old count is still visible by the burned bricks and the old broken bricks that are still in the ground from where the keung used to be the two houses on either side are the summer kitchen cottage and the schoolhouse the summer kitchen Cottagers is one of our guest houses was finished in the winter of 1845 46 approximately 25 years after the main house the idea of course was to get the heat and mainly the fire out of the house as much as possible the danger of fire was was constantly on imminent because of you were on your own there was nobody going to come to help put it out you were too far from any volunteer fire people at the time the same with the schoolhouse when you were too far from town you were on your own for educating the children and the answer to that was to hire itinerant teachers so the neighborhood families would get together and hire folks who came to teach but you had to house and feed them and so that became the reason for that for the schoolhouse we were about to celebrate our 200 anniversary so take a break from everyday life and come see us at Smithfield Farm come stay for the weekend come stay for a week come shopping our farm store we're one of our farmers markets in the DC when local areas we look forward to having you welcome to Smithfield Farm it's so nice to have you today my name is Betsy Pritchard you met my mother Ruth Smith Pritchard on the porch earlier we're delighted to have you visit our bed-and-breakfast and our farm we're glad you're here to rest and rejuvenate as a guest when you arrive at Smithfield Farm we will go ahead and give you this brief tour we're standing here in our main hallway or our foyer beside me are elliptical columns that are very unusual to this area there on the front porch there here in the archway and then they repeat again in our gazebo out back where you can do some more relaxing we have four rooms here on the main floor our dining room where we serve breakfast a service hallway will they be snacks will it be located for you and drinks then the next room is going to be our library and that will have the television and some books on some local history and some things to do here in the area the dining room here at Smithfield is where our guests enjoy breakfast that's served daily here and you come down and you have your own coffee and your tea service and then we'll be serving you breakfast from products right here that have been grown on the farm whether it's our maple smoked sausage or ham or our fresh eggs around the room we're going to have some glass in this room that is original to the house the mantel behind me is a Winchester shelf mantel that was made here on the farm down at the barn our final room on this floor is going to be our parlour and that will contain area guides for our restaurants we have a nice variety of restaurants here in Clark County in the surrounding area and then also we're on the Virginia birding and wildlife trail so it will talk a little bit about our bird-watching here on the farm we do have working fireplaces that repeat throughout the guest rooms for our wintertime use the house is fully air-conditioned people do ask me that because it is an eighteen twenty-four house but we did put air conditioning in in 1998 so you are in complete comfort regardless of what season you come and visited us we love what we do and we sure hope you come and stay with us and enjoy our farm and relax and rejuvenate here with us the Pritchard family is always happy to see you this is our commercial kitchen and it's also where our farm stories Smith Meadows kitchen is housed in a brick tenement building that dates to the 19th century there is a central fireplace that's double sided so we believe that two families used to live here at the farm store you can buy a cuts of frozen meat sauces empanadas pot pies and all sorts of tasty treats we have some tabletop pasta machines they were made in Italy and we brought them here in 2003 when I started the commercial kitchen we make all of our pasta on this laminating machine it's made with eggs from our farm as well as locally produced of flowers we produce handmade pasta ravioli chicken pot pies we also make sauces and soups from local ingredients that are seasonal depending on what people are looking for and what's growing in Virginia during that time of the year if no one's here to greet you at the store you may leave your cash money or charge it we operate on an honesty policy and we look forward to seeing you on the farm after you're done making your purchases take a tour of the farm and see how the animals live out on the open pasture

Introducing Airbnb Plus | Airbnb

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North Georgia Farm B&B Features Many Rescued Animals

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just outside of Blue Ridge Georgia sits a 35-acre fully interactive farm bed-and-breakfast that consistently ranks amongst the best on TripAdvisor and other travel sites why such high marks you ask well could be location could be the features of the property but after spending a day with them my guess is it's the incredible couple who run the farm peace and tranquility that's the norm these days for Lester and Diane arathi a far cry from their previous life in the suburbs of Chicago in western Florida a 36 year veteran of law enforcement the last 10 as a police chief Lester says moving to the country was always the plan and it just so happens that Georgia was the perfect destination you know we've traveled extensively and when we finally decided to retire we didn't want to stay in Florida because it was too congested and always hot so we wanted to move back up north again so we moved halfway back found God's country here in the mountains and what better placement Blue Ridge Georgia the move however didn't happen overnight according to Lester the whole process took about three years and included countless hours of searching the internet and making phone calls before finally deciding on the property now known as Horse Creek stable it was a foreclosure everything was chest-high with weeds the barn behind me wasn't there the fencing for the horses wasn't there and slowly we just started piecing it all together and we had this one little carriage house room that we gutted and completely updated and we said this would be a perfect spot for our friends and family to come visit us well then one thing led to another and we said well why don't we rented out as a bed-and-breakfast room when our friends and family are here and it has just taken off in popularity traditionally people think of a Victorian home with very ornate furnishings and we market ourselves as a farm stay or agritourism bed-and-breakfast you travel in Italy or many European countries and they have Agri tourism hotel signs everywhere people will stay at a vineyard people will stay in a farm and that was the experience that we wanted to give people here so we get a lot of people that love animals love the outdoors and are just thrilled to have a farm stay experienced during their stay guests are also welcomed by the many animals that call horse Creek home animals who are extremely special and who each have their own story we partnered up with the Georgia Eklund Rescue and many of the horses have come to us through them we also partnered up with adapted gold in Atlanta we've gotten some golden retrievers from them two of them were hit by cars lost their legs and they are now permanent fixtures we've adapted them on the farm and our latest little girl she's five months old she was born with a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia and she can't walk very well at all but they took her the breeder took her to a vet to put her down but that said not without trying turned her over to adopt a golden atlanta and they have placed her with us as a forever foster she belongs to them but she will hopefully live out all of her years here on the farm with us and then we have the state of Georgia's only therapy miniature donkey that we've taken to assisted living facilities people with kids that have special needs will come here two weeks ago we had one of the schools show up with a big school bus and the kids got off and had a farm tour and we don't charge anything for a tour especially for kids that you know might have conditions similar to our animals we really enjoy offering that to them and then there is tricycle another one of Diana Lester's fur babies who was the inspiration behind this children's book tricycle and Friends its author lester arathi we ended up adopting tricycle and on our Facebook page we kept posting pictures of tricycle interacting with the other animals and all the volunteers and parents of adopted golden golden retrievers kept saying you have to ride the Children's but you have to put this in a book so we eventually did we're going to do this until we can physically no longer do it and it is it is difficult work hopefully if the business does a little bit better we can get some help but right now it's Diane and I and thankfully our adult daughter Jennifer is here for a short period of time and has been a workaholic on the farm so it's been it's been pure joy great people great place to visit and all the animals such a fun-loving environment now if you would like more information on horse creek stable and to check their availability you can find them on Facebook or at the address you see there horse creek stable in lodging dot-com also the book tricycle and Friends it is available at amazon.com as well as Barnes and noble.com

LIVE: Big News from Airbnb

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[Applause] ladies and gentlemen please welcome Brian Chesky hey how are you doing today thank you thank you this is this is an exciting day this is a special day you know ten years ago we started Airbnb in San Francisco Joe and I my Reuben and I couldn't afford to pay rent a design conference was coming to San Francisco and the hotels were sold out now we told the story a bunch of times before but we haven't told you is that the design conference was actually here in this theater right here at the Masonic and I remember when we came up with a concept we told people about it and they said you're crazy people will never stay with other strangers and then something started happening a few guests started using it and so then people said Airbnb yeah it's not for me and so Airbnb became this alternative that wasn't for them but something happened ten years later and that's something is that 300 million people have actually used Airbnb now but 10 years later Airbnb is still an alternative it's still not for everyone you see our mission is that everyone can belong anywhere and I think we've done the anywhere part we're in 81 thousand cities we're in nearly every country in the world but we still haven't done the everyone part Airbnb is still not for everyone until today today today today we will show you our road map so that everyone Airbnb is for everyone and it starts with investing in our host you see we have a partnership with our hosts and it's really about building a strong community and recognizing our best numbers and so the first thing that I want to share with you today is an update to super host now super hosts recognize our best host these are hosts that are highly rated but more importantly they're our most iconic hosts and we have four hundred thousand super hosts globally right including a number one number of them here super hosts like Pamela in Nairobi Kenya now Pamela has a wedding business she had a wedding business for 10 years and she noticed a problem because her Brides would come to her and they said they were really frustrated and so Pamela said why are you so frustrated and she said they said because we're families can't find a place to stay and that's when Pamela had an idea she said what if I save my money buy a house and put it on Airbnb this is just a few years ago in just a few years later one thousand guests have stayed with Pamela that's pretty cool you can imagine all the countless friendships this is Mackenzie Mackenzie the super host in Burlingame California and when Kenzie was a kid her parents Doug and Linda built her a tree house she plays in the tree house but then like all kids Mackenzie grows up and she moves out of the house and the parents are left with the empty tree house in their backyard now what do you do when you have an empty tree house in your backyard you put it on Airbnb of course and in 2011 Mackenzie did that in just seven years later three thousand five hundred guests have stayed in this tree house from 34 country's that's crazy and I and my girlfriend were two of those guests that's me in those awesome pajamas I almost wore them today and the team talked me off it but it's super important that our super hosts we invest in them and so we give them a few benefits these are the benefits we give them today become a badge we give them $100 travel credit but we want to invest so much more into our very best host and so today we're offering 14 more benefits that we're gonna be rolling out over the course of 2018 to bring us to 19 total benefits now we've talked to thousands of super hosts and these are many of the things that they've asked for now I'm not going to go through all 19 of these right now but I'm gonna go through three I don't start with one of the most popular request a super oasiz ask for custom URLs for your listing now let's say you're I don't know you're at a dinner party and you say I'm a urban bee host and they say well how do I find your listing well today you'd say very simply just go to nba.com slash room slash – oh nine three seven five five it just sings and so we want to make this a little easier with custom URLs that you can put you know it really anywhere and social media very simple now now it's this is really part of a bigger idea which is this more visibility and exposure this is the number one thing our super hosts have asked for just last year 330 million people came to Airbnb and they searched with dates so if we highlight super host that's a really big deal and so what we want to do is this the first thing is we want to make sure that our hundreds of millions of guests know what the super host program is so we're gonna be doing more promotion and if you're a super host we're gonna make sure that every guest knows that you are a super host now the final thing I want to talk about our exclusive pricing on smart home devices now this is actually part of a bigger idea and here's the idea basically over the last few years some of the biggest companies and biggest brands have come to us and they said we want to offer discounts to your best hosts we want to offer discounts to our products we want to offer unique services and we thought well we already have a group of our best hosts they're called super hosts so what if we create a host store with our very best products and discounts from copies that want to offer them and we are starting today with our first partnership with nest a nest has generously offered 30% off nest detect and nest thermostats to all Super host globally so that's all I'm gonna say about super host this is stuff rolling out over the course of 2018 and there's so much more to come if you want to learn more about it go to Aaron Viacom slash super hosts this is just the beginning this is a world of benefits for our most iconic host now before I move on are there any super hosts in the audience I want to take a moment I want to take a moment let's hear a round a plus for all the super hosts here and around the world thank you so much thank you now I get I get asked this question all the time you always talk about your best host but what about our best guest what are we gonna do for them well I want to tell you a quick story about two of our best guests and there are these two Debbie and Michael now four and a half years ago Debbie and Michael quit their job actually they were tired so I guess you could say there was a permanent quitting and they had an idea they said we're gonna quit our jobs we're gonna sell our house and we're gonna use the money and we're gonna live on Airbnb for four and a half years they've been living on Airbnb every single week 160 Airbnb Slater 68 countries they're still living on Airbnb they are so passionate that last summer they actually reached out to us and said they wanted to intern and I said you're retired and they said well we'll be a post retirement internship and so they called it the senior internship and so this is them in her office they had so many ideas but the most important idea that they left with us was this idea Airbnb should get better the more you use it and I was thinking deeply about this idea and I decided to go where we all go and the pursue of infinite wisdom I went to Twitter and I asked if Airbnb had a membership program what benefits would you want now I was expecting a lot of really obvious answers like Hotel points programs but what surprised me is that people wanted a lot of benefits things like fridge stocking Airport pick up access to a fitness center concierge service and so that's what it became clear to us if we're gonna have a world of benefits for our best hosts we should also have benefits for our guests and so if we have a super host program we should have a super guest program super gas is your passport to a new travel lifestyle and it's going to be benefits across the entire travel journey let me just give you a couple examples let's start with homes we surveyed hosts and one of the things host said is they care deeply about the quality of guests on Airbnb and so we asked them would you offer any benefits to somebody they were super guests the majority of our hosts that we surveyed said they would offer discounts exclusive inventory and last-minute booking just for super guests we've had numerous companies offer to provide Airport pick up flight upgrades access to airport lounges to our best guests we can offer free or exclusive experiences and so coming later this summer will be super guests your passport to new digital lifestyle and we are going to start with 10,000 guests as a pilot this spring so that is super guest now super host super guest these are two sides of our existing community and it's really really important that we take care of our existing community but I want to get back to this idea that Airbnb should be for everyone and if it's if people feel like it's not for them well this is something we've been thinking a lot about and as we were thinking about it we uncovered something something became that wasn't obvious to us you see over the last ten years we noticed that Airbnb was designed for when we were much smaller and we think this is a key problem now let me give you an example this is our website that day we launched August 11th 2008 and if you were to search San Francisco this is what you would have seen a grand total of 16 listings with such memorable classics as Tiki tastic get fit in my favorite simple I mean who doesn't want to stay in simple you see here's the thing we designed Airbnb to have like a hundred homes in a city and so basically the idea was a list of listings and 10 years later Airbnb our core design has not changed it is still a list of listings but 10 years later some things have changed you see we went from hundreds of listings to thousands of listings to tens of thousands of listings to hundreds of thousands of listings to four and a half million places to stay on Airbnb oh that's cool yeah now we probably have just about as much choice as anyone and I do believe the perfect place to stay is available for every guest it's just really really hard to find now I want you to imagine for a second that you needed to buy a new shirt so you go to a clothing store and there's a clothing rack and on that clothing rack are four and a half million shirts that is the problem we have we probably do have something for everyone but it's hard to find anything and so we want to fix that and so we are introducing Airbnb categories Airbnb categories connect every guest to their perfect home and let me set this up for you here is how we bucket our listings today into three categories shared room private room an entire home so we basically take four and a half million listings and we basically say you have to go in one of these three buckets but the problem is and we have a lot more than just shared rooms private rooms and entire homes so we're gonna be adding four new category types and these are just to recognize the wide variety of places that we already have on Airbnb vacation homes bed-and-breakfast boutiques and unique now what I'm going to do for you right now is I'm gonna take you through an example for each of these listings and starting with shared rooms shared rooms are typically couches or pullout beds in living rooms they're super affordable and a social way to travel when Joe and I started Airbnb in our living room that was a shared listing the average price per night for a shared room thirty-eight dollars this is a shared room hosted by Lily and her cat it's in Shanghai and two hundred guests have stayed with Lily and her cat since she's hosted in 2015 and it's only $18 a night that is cheaper than the Wi-Fi upgrade at many hotels private rooms are part of our heritage there's some of the highest rated best value and they offer some of the most belonging and we have nearly 1 million private rooms on Airbnb this listing is hosted by Julia and Sylvio in Havana Cuba and a $60 tonight they serve breakfast by the pool and fun fact about Cuba we opened Airbnb Cuba in April of 2015 we now have 32,000 homes in Cuba in 1 million guests have stayed in Cuba on Airbnb since we launched pretty cool entire homes our homes that people live in but they rent them out when they're not there now this is a majority of our business Magdalena hosts this home in Madrid Spain it's 96 dollars a night she welcomes every guests with a welcome basket coffee bread and a guidebook with the best tapas in Madrid now we also have vacation homes these are dedicated rentals the hosts do not live in most of the time they're often located in ski or beach destinations this is Remy's Chalet in austria one hundred and sixty five dollars a night we have 34,000 chalets on Airbnb for hundreds of years before Airbnb there were bed and breakfast like this 16th century manor house offered by Francis and Rupert in Cambridge England it's a hundred dollars a night it's pretty cool that is a dog right there I just had to point that out boutiques are professional hospitality businesses that usually have unique style or theme and there is a new generation of boutiques that have community built into them like this the drift in San Cabo now the last one I want to talk about our unique unique include treehouses boats domes yurts air streams and we have a hundred and twenty-one thousand unique homes on Airbnb this is Katie and Peter's treehouse juts outside Atlanta this is the most wish listed home globally on Airbnb and Peter the host built this with his bare hands now if you want to go a little higher up you can go to this 40-foot lookout tower it's pretty cool it's offered by Danny and Alan and people love staying here it's an amazing experience except for at night when you have to go the bathroom we have domes igloos and we even have dogs this 30-foot Beagle hast a bit beagle shaped house is named sweet Willy when you get to sweet Willy you enter well I won't say where you sleep in the head now my favorite thing is I was reading the reviews for sweet Willy and one of the guests said quote the dog is very comfortable amenities are great I never heard of dog described that way before the other weird thing about sweet Willy it's actually dog friendly so you can bring your dog to sleep and another dog it's very meta now whether or not you have a thirty-foot beagle a dome a dedicated rental hosts will now be able to categorize these homes starting today and so if you're a host you should go to the app you tap on update your listing and then you describe what kind of home you have if I have a dome I would tap unique space and then you can see the options here we have barns boats campers and here's a dome and so that's it and if hosts do this it means that this summer guests will be able to search through seven different categories and I think this will make it a little bit easier to find a place to stay but there's four and a half million homes so seven categories it's not very specific what if we got even more specific now you might be wondering well why would you want to get more specific well I'd love to give you an example let's say you want to travel to Paris so I go and I type in Paris we have sixty five thousand homes in Paris okay so you're not gonna search through 65 thousand homes okay so let's add some categories I'm gonna stay in a private room in an apartment great now you're down to 10,000 homes so can we refine this more yes so we're gonna be adding more categories to help guests refine their home so they can find the perfect place to stay one of the categories we're adding is architectural style now anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of rustic so if you were to type in rustic here is will you drew fine down now if I get to my rustic home I also want one with a balcony because I want to be able to open the windows on my Paris balcony and sing at the top of my lungs and so I'm going to refine down the balcony but I'm not a very good singer so I want to stay with a musician and so you can literally refine down to the perfect place to stay if you're a family and you're traveling to Seattle you can stay in a family-friendly home with a chef's kitchen with a crib near a zoo you see we're gonna be adding thousands of new categories and this will make it easier for guests to find the perfect place to stay we are building one of the world's largest home databases and in this homes database we already have 170 million photos a hundred and sixty-six million reviews and ten million toilets I know what you're thinking what is the nicest toilet in the world it's this one so those are new categories connecting every guest to the perfect home but how would you find not just the perfect home for you but the right home for the right type of trip well we're also adding airing be collections and these are great homes for every kind of trip now we did a survey and we asked 10,000 guests why are you traveling I was pretty surprised by the answers now what the answers were but how many there were people are using Airbnb for all kinds of reasons and we took many of the most popular reasons people are traveling the most popular occasions and we put them into nine popular collections each one of these collections has a four point eight rating or above and they've got tailored amenities and special services one of the most popular occasions to travel is with family and in our family collection every home has five-star reviews specifically from families entire homes and full kitchens in Wi-Fi and TV there are a hundred in 45,000 homes in the family collection now that's a pretty cool stat but I make sure you more excited with this next stat because there are in this collection 26,000 children's books toys and game consoles in these homes I am personally very excited about that now you have a family now one of the most common use cases is also traveling for work and something I do a lot I know many of us are doing it very frequently and when you're traveling for work like me you want to go to have a flexible cancellation policy self check-in you want to be able to work you want the Wi-Fi to work and so we have 65,000 homes in the work collection and the family collection the work collection are available today pretty cool we're adding three more collections this summer honeymoon group getaway and social stays I want to talk for one moment about social stays social stays are in our roots they're perfect for you traveling far away from home or you're alone social stays are essentially when the host says they'll hang out with the guests they'll have a meal they'll show them around the city and we're really really excited about this collection so these are nine of our collections that are rolling out this year and there are many many more to come as part of Araby collections which are great homes for every kind of trip now if we were to take new categories in Airbnb collections and we were to bring them together into the single app what would the ERP be app look like what I'd love to do is give you a short little preview of what our app will look like when you're booking travel this summer look for the bare necessities the simple bare necessities and forget about your worries and your strife I mean the bare necessities are mother nature's recipes that bring the bare necessities of life wherever I wander wherever I roam I couldn't apply big holder the bees are buzzin in the tree to make some money just for me with just the bare necessities of life oh man this is really livin so so we want to make sure that we take care of everyone the Arabic community and part of that is acknowledging that over the last 10 years a lot has changed in our community guests expectations have evolved meaning their expectations are going up they're seeking a higher level of comfort and quality but something bigger is happening many of our hosts are going above and beyond even the super host standard there are hosts who are immaculate assigning their homes they make sure that when you get there they have the perfect details in the kitchen everything is stocked to get the right coffee for you but if you were to look in search on Airbnb it would be difficult for them to stand out and so what we want to do is recognize and reward their commitment to quality so today I'm excited to announce that we are introducing Airbnb Plus yes err b-plus are all the comforts of home plus more these are beautiful homes from exceptional hosts and every single one of them are verified for quality beautiful homes each of these homes feature the hosts distinct personality with thoughtful design these are the homes of Airbnb plus the average price per night is less than $250 a night but they're insanely nice I mean look at these look at that flowerpot nice guitar and for the fireplace like this home in the center here this is a private room in Toronto for $65 a night from host Rush now air me Plus homes are also very unique Todd and Kimberly hosts this Airstream that is now part of Araby plus we have Eve's private bedroom in San Francisco for $189 a houseboat in London from manoir WA an entire home for you and your family in Los Angeles from Joanne and Belinda's bedroom in Cape Town these aren't just beautiful homes these really are exceptional hosts what makes a host exceptional well every single one them has a 4.8 rating 75% of these yummy Plus hosts are super hosts like Katrina now Katrina has a bohemian Tao house in Austin Katrina is an interior designer and she started hosting on Airbnb to fund her interior design business but then actually starting to host she said I'm gonna pour my interior design skills into my listing and so every detail of this house is immaculate assigned it curated and she even specializes it for the guests she literally even scents the home for each guest super hosts Matt lives in Venice he's a creative director for a surf culture brand he specializes in design and illustration now matt has a house in Venice and he rents out his guest house this guest house is California modern and my favorite rustic it's clean its minimal with custom cedar work in these homes are verified for quality because we send our team to do a 100-point in-person inspection and when we show up we are looking for three things that the home is clean that it's comfortable and that's thoughtfully designed a hundred points and I will go through all of them right now just kidding just three fully featured bathrooms make sure the bedding is clean and comfortable in fully equipped kitchens I love that teakettle I think the light is radiating from it beautiful homes exceptional host verified for quality but we're adding one more thing for a guest when you book in Arabi plus home we are adding premium support these is a dedicated team dedicated to fast resolutions now if you're a host and you're thinking of being a plus host well the first question might have is why should they become a plus house and I would say three reasons the first top placement you'll have better search ranking a custom badge an editorial support you see 73% of our guests said they would pay more to stay in a home that was verified in home services these include design consultations personalized verification and expert photography and premium support as well for hosts from a highly trained team now when is Plus available it's available today so I will give you a quick demo right now let's take a look so this is a live demo so of course it will work so here's a new app now I'm going to tap into homes the first thing you're going to notice is that we feature the air meet plus homes at the top now every one of these has a badge it says plus and actually says plus verified now I'm going to look at all their me Plus homes and it's really nice merchandising now we show the cities that we're in and I'm gonna go down Wow look at this one forest in heaven themed apartment now one thing you're gonna notice is every one of these homes is specially merchandize and design to really make the homes features stand out and this is all centered around great photography look at these photos so we send a team of our best photographers to every one of these homes it's really beautiful you'll notice the details and the other thing you're gonna notice is this we layout the photos by floorplan so you can actually get a sense of your way around the house and this is allowed because when we do the in-person expection we are getting tons of structured data and that allows us to do other things like this we have standardized amenities so if I go to the home I see these are the amenities and these are special to the airmen be home so it's got a washer a dishwasher room darkening shades we literally test the Wi-Fi in every single Air b-plus home make sure it's fast they have bath essentials bedroom comforts so this is what a listing looks like on air me plus now I'm gonna keep going you can get a sense of some of these homes they're really really nice and again this is only eighty seven dollars a night and I'm gonna show you one last thing right here we also have curated lists poolside homes knock out kitchens big backyards peaceful patios I'm going to go to kitchens and then watch this we curate and the default photo is now of the kitchen we can do this because we know which photos which we really organize our information and so this is the new Airbnb plus pretty cool it's pretty cool right all right yeah at school this is available in 13 cities 2,000 homes today and we will have 75 thousand homes in 50 cities around the world before the end of the year now if you're a host in one of our 13 launch cities you'll be getting a dashboard alert to invite you to apply and if you're interested you can also as a host request an invite when a host applies there's just a $149 one-time application fee this really covers our home walkthrough our personalized report are designed to verification service our premium support and just a portion of the merchandising cost and to bring air me plus to life I love to show you a quick video my mind please on my face so so that is Arabi plus all the comforts of home plus more but before I go I want to show you one more thing and we asked ourselves a question what if we even went beyond one year ago we acquired a company called luxury retreats luxury treats has two decades of history delivering incredible hospitality and they have some of the world's nicest homes and we asked what if we brought together high-end hospitality with one the largest travel communities in the world how could we deliver the trip of a lifetime if we are going to deliver the trip of a lifetime it would start with some of the finest homes in the world and we have thousands of these homes let's dive in this is the villa Saraswathi in Bali it's got a 65 foot pool an entire children's playground if you have that many children or the ski-in ski-out ll Creek and Aspen or not far from here in LA they Hancock Park estates or if you want to be more remote in the remote part of Costa Rica the villa Avalon now a place I love to visit Tuscany this is the incredible villa san luigi this was commissioned by the chichi family in the 16th century it was recently restored it's got an olive grove in a vegetable kitchen a garden in it but if we are going to go beyond homes are just the beginning because to go beyond we must have magical experiences like truffle hunt cooking lessons with local chefs and so much more so world-class hospitality extraordinary homes unique experiences all to create the trip of a lifetime in its custom-designed [Applause] yawn by Airbnb the trip of a lifetime custom design coming this spring so today we showed you five things super host which is a world of benefits for a most iconic host super guests your passport to a new travel lifestyle new collections so you can find the perfect home for you air B plus available today and beyond by Airbnb coming this spring and when you put these five things together we think we finally do have a home for everyone now when I say we I don't mean we Airbnb the company but in a larger sense I mean we Airbnb the community and our community is led by our host and we imagine a world that is led by hosts and what would this world look like well I want you to imagine arriving to a city and someone says welcome to my home we're home isn't just a house but anywhere you belong a world where every door is unlocked and every host treats you like family where every city is a village every block of community in every kitchen table a conversation friendships are created in memories are imprinted worlds are discovered in cultures are exchanged hosts create this magical world our potential lies in them together we aim to enable 1 billion guests to belong and in the process redefine what it means to be home welcome to a host LED world yurts you thought of that serving breakfast up here and hosting a Viking wedding taking people on a tour of wine country in your vintage van that was you who made the first guidebooks the first Wi-Fi instructions you made your home business ready and family friendly and whenever the world needed a place to stay you open your doors in your hearts in about a million bottles of wine over a decade of hosting you've created a new kind of community you've inspired us so thank you here's to the next 10 years we when we say we're hosts led it means they've been leading the way though no they will continue to lead us down this path and I'm really excited for what the next 10 years looks like I want to thank everyone for joining us today and sharing in a special moment thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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