B&B Hotel – Budget Friendly Disney Partner Hotel : Disneyland (Paris, France)

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norm bed and breakfast

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the falconer water thing well I would guess that one of the the good things about this you had some time off have you taken some vacation of you've gone and work for yeah I went said I wanted to get away from all the showbiz crazy showbiz yeah so I decided I'd go on a vacation like to go to hotels cuz all my years of doing my nightclub act I don't like hotels so I decide I'll go you know my buddy tells me goes hey he should go in a bed-and-breakfast ever hear tell they're not sure then the idea is you go there it's a guy's house and you live in his room and then eating make some breakfast right so I looked one up on the internet there and I found one I went to Vancouver Island Victoria which is beautiful whoa yes God's country and so I go there and I look at my place where I'm supposed to go I have a little piece of paper and a knock on the door right there's no answer so I knock again there's still no answer it's fine I look like in the window there and there's no old man sleeping on a couch yeah so I bang on the door to rein in the doorbell you know it's a fine light here like I could get bad time and he comes to the door old guy you know but I say 80 85 years old Oh Harold Delaney barrel deleted yeah nice to have gentlemen you know and so I get in there and it says well I gotta go to sleep there's no one else there I thought I'd be like a whole bunch of people different rooms you know yeah doesn't mean so I go out tonight I go to sleep and I'm ready to go sleep and not comes on the door right not going to my bedroom door right so I figure oh oh they're all Delaney wants to have sex with me that's the first thought that went through your mind traveling alone and of course as now I didn't come to Victoria to have sex with a little hill the land I can even do some sightseeing of course then I hear you had to play some Scrabble oh yeah so I say okay that's good I'll play some Scrabble so I go down and he pulls out this scrolled Scrabble game there and we start to play you know I like Scrabble you know so I get the first turn you know if sceptic Laura letter and so I get first turn so I make rabbit yeah I'm pretty good it's a good word and then and then I do it yeah be a pretty quick I take like a couple of minutes and then old Harold Zeleny he tastes like a half-hour like beginners woman and the whole time he's not talking I tell me whole stories do I like hearing old stories yeah and instead it was like for a half hours just Harold Elena go so then after a half an hour that you know I'm just sitting there he comes up with his word it's a half so it puts in any attention of the word a half and then he puts it like way in the corner on that triple letter score all right the simple word the red one right you want to get to yeah sure but instead he just puts it right there my turn you know I do something and quickly and then again the same thing like yeah time going by and then every worried and I was kind of a good words you know I had a sleigh ride avocado you have 50 extra points I'm still way behind I'm like I gotta say something sure so here and all his words were like Cup and it was just like things you'd see around me I'm playing excellently I should be in the leaves behind and finally like I gotta say something you know so he puts a boot you know up on this triple and it really annoyed me because I was building towards or a triple letter I mean he just put some boot and I said if I gotta say something here and I go hey old Harold Delaney there I don't know how you can't put boo boo just took him forever I think and also I know is that weird they had no there were no blanks no yeah the blanks in the game is always good to you any left sure I realize there's no blanks in this game and I figured old Harold Delaney must have when he got the game fitted how was how was the hours the breakfast this is did you have the bread there's no breakfast I got up the next day I so hungry for playing Scrabble so I says hey how you doing there how about some breakfast and he goes I never been much for breakfast yes I got Hannah McDonald to pick up some breakfast or something there he goes can you get me an egg muffin norm you got a movie coming out here dirty work opening May 15 so things are looking good for you yeah yeah that's gonna be a good movie good for you you're landed on your feet buddy that's what I like to see yeah

Reviews Bed and Breakfast Inn Key West Florida

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How to Run a Bed and Breakfast and Make Money – The Smart Way!

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how to run this bed-and-breakfast and make money to run successfully but invectid need to first of all create a concept for your customers in in to create concept for or yourself I'd vote for you because better breakfast is a little like a boutique hotel and a home-like feel home and that's the that's why people just love to come they just love the personal touch and you need to design and run bed and breakfast around that personal experience people love that you need to be ready to to be very social to to be there to make a breakfast for for your customers and I would find a way to just stand out from the competition to do the additional things I'm actually saying at this bed-and-breakfast in my way this is my ninth day and you know what I used to be they actually brought me my favorite coffee from favorite herb Rojo store that is called by the venom breakfast now talking about a service and that would actually make the customers to want to come back I'm certainly going to give them excellent review that I want to show you a little bit around because it's just so beautiful here there's lots of color so if there's a kitchen there's a two bedrooms and it's very often expose very nicely and if the measure is just beautiful I wish that I can check it outside to here's the one bedroom and all packed ready to go this is another bedroom and you see that it's a lots of lighting now we are deciding to do and run bed-and-breakfast get ready to be a service to people and I think it's a great thing because I believe that we are living forgiving and realize one thing that you are going to need to make a sacrifices now I do a lot of sacrifices in life and anything worthwhile it always takes time and five it just depends what you are willing to sacrifice there are certain type of people that actually takes to run this kind of business and if that's you and you feel that that's what you want to do I think you should go for it but we are if you're looking to to make additional money we are looking for to step up and have a different lifestyle and add more life to yourself in your family that we much easier way and without any limitations and be tied up to the location as running the bed-and-breakfast and it does really anything and if that's what you want I would encourage you to visit my website Vaughn : but come and find out more what I do and how I do it and I hope I can introduce them faint ability


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started in 1997 we just always actually this is part of a family compound this this property used to be a coconut plantation that we created our family residences and then and when my husband's cousins and he were still young if their grandmother built recreational things for them like us but when they all grew up a lot of them went abroad well on and guma government also they decided so from there we started our DNA where do we have so what happened with our initial for looms ever seen and another one more savings to that other room so when you go around and you see our rooms it's a little bit quirky it's not like your cookie cutter a night peanut oil in one go as we earn money so it's quirky peace and quiet I think that's what we need the more smoke so yes we offer place to just relax that's one but also why is I do anything to an even cooking port where we teach one module this we teach people how to flip them because San Pablo is open up country I'm thirty pages in component valuation if you want to know about so the local so I created a native cooking tour where learn how to cook a main dish salad and dessert data but in the process you learn about the history of governor and the different ways it's used so that's that's one activity we have here our most of our dishes are recipes of my grandmother she's an interesting story because she was the daughter she herself did not poop in Sderot she would go to the market and she listened and asked that was for the vinyasa by Teddy Tadashi she served the most delicious lunches like in combination yet combination of she knew a combination of sailor in the other info with full hour which is a it's a grilled eggplant salad it was in the combination of dishes and importance and publicist also that's right in our dining hall we have a self-service station Casey Kuehn on Ilum hello a marina available so sour wine or a child that's that's what we serve also notice on when I read it that we're serving simple truss and fresh yes we are not we're not the gurney don't ever share en de da Minamata happy we are in the villa below yeah so you need them cooking Torgo that's what maybe it's hard to make beer below so mr. Naumann may experience I want you to feel when you get here to my daughter's house a sense of being with them essentially being connected to your own heritage here expansions well we've been doing over the past two years we've been having weddings so I think that's really our area there should be an onion support because it were don't know many brides and implement Farrakhan keema salsa backyard yeah but we do the worrying for you so some people so that's what we hear but we keep it attached but so our nose I have no clean storytellers because one of the things either they're they're showing a person telling a story or the pieces themselves there the story so made of money we have to remember the very very first place yes when my son has nightmares our new model in space and we would think animal so these are making for people and we he was already tired of the sawarna who ganado past and then so i i i had friends who are father's very supportive but I don't want to make animals in people since again I don't know how to do that 70 a better I'm willing to play with you so we played and then it was while I was learning and playing with me starting salary so you call them story there is a Mexican in Berkeley that's really cold storage so don't cut a boy you inspiration but I'm making a Philippine analogy

B&B Bed and Breakfast Accomodation Huddersfiield, Kirklees, West Yorkshire, UK

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the dog Lee chapel bed-and-breakfast accommodation is actually part of an old church dating back to 1816 and fall to the rafters with Old English character the conversion into three beautiful doubles and one single bedroom by the proprietor Iver Johnson whose past career was a master carpenter has to be seen to be believed doubly Chapel is situated in open countryside fifteen minutes drive from the M one and M 62 motorways less than an hour from Leeds Bradford Airport a minutes walk to a main bus stop three and a half miles from Huddersfield for those bringing a car we have private off-road parking and for a small charge we can even hire you a bicycle dog Lee Chapel is situated centrally for the Yorkshire Dales Derbyshire the Peak District and the National coal mining museum within walking distance there are several English pubs serving excellent food and drinks and there's even two english fish and chip shops close by the four bedrooms have stunning views from the windows and are tastefully decorated and kept to the highest hygiene and cleanliness standards all bedrooms have tea coffee and biscuits at no extra charge the bathroom includes towels flannels soap shampoo and even dressing gowns are provided in each bedroom dr. chapel has two separate dining areas both with very different characters serving continental style breakfasts with no set breakfast times the lounge has comfortable seating with television and DVD player and this free wireless internet connection on-site for those bringing their laptop prices start as low as twenty four pound fifty per person per night simply call us on the number on your screen from anywhere in the world to check prices and make a reservation check also our website address for more information we really do look forward to looking after you on your visit to Yorkshire

Polygamy mansion turned into Colo. City bed and breakfast

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well it could certainly be taken as a sign of how much things have changed in Colorado City a mansion built for Warren Jeffs the imprisoned polygamist leader of the FLDS Church is now a bed-and-breakfast at 14 bedroom mansion intended for Jeffs and his wives opened as a bed-and-breakfast over the summer and our andrew has been recently got a tour sealed off by tall concrete walls Warren Jeffs mansion sits protected just like the imprisoned leader of the Church wanted during construction only chosen followers could work on the home or set foot inside now anyone can stay at America's Most Wanted bed-and-breakfast we had someone Argentina Texas Phoenix Matty Jessup manages the bed-and-breakfast the 10,000 square-foot home has three kitchens plenty of entertaining space and 14 bedrooms likely for Jeff's wives he would have decided who got which bedroom and change anything in this place all we did was furnish it for a bed-and-breakfast and it actually worked out really good the new TVs were not part of the original design no TV no movies no videos that was so wasn't even built with cable and stuff the hell no we had to get it built yeah this large downstairs room would have been the polygamist homes main gathering area this is where they prayed this is where they sing this is where they had family class is what they call it twice a day and Jessup would know she used to be part of the FLDS Church until she started seeing a man against the church's wishes Church says you leave or quit talking to him I ended up just leaving he was here a whole week after I left and I lived in the car I borrowed his car and lived in it because we hadn't even made plans to leave with each other anything after a few years away and missing their families the two decided to move back but now they are Church outsiders you drive down the road and people flip you the bird they'll stick their tongue yeah they'll scream wicked person at you you go to the post office and you get that Jessup isn't alone the owner of the bed-and-breakfast is actually Warren Jeffs former bodyguard who left the church sued and with a multi-million dollar judgment bought and converted the mansion but the layout remains the same even the private upstairs wing believed to be Geoff's personal area so this is like a whole separate part of the house it has its own kitchen its own washroom a family bathroom it also has a reception room it's probably waiting room for his women to wait to come into the bedroom I think this may have been ones room because the shower is taller it's got a big jacuzzi it is a lot a little nicer I should say than the rest of the rooms Geoff's quarters certainly have more amenities but he never got to live here he was in prison during construction and his followers built the home hoping he'd be released which will likely never happen now reservations are available some of them are here because they're following the whole cult of the FLDS the whole thing of that others just heard about it and want to come check it out but if you want the experience don't expect a warm welcome from the FLDS Church in Colorado City andrew has been fox10 news are you interested rooms at the bed-and-breakfast started about $85 a night it got the name Most Wanted B&B because Warren Jeffs time on the FBI's 10 most wanted list before his capture in 2006 for an extended look into Jeff's private section of the home check out our YouTube channel pretty easy to find youtube.com slash Fox 10 Phoenix

music city bed and breakfast wibrin (the most “special” B&B)

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Saint – Bed & Breakfast feat. Achille Lauro (Prod. by Boss Doms) VIDEOCLIP UFFICIALE

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