Dioni Holiday Cottages Review

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either this is an independent review of what have died any holiday cottage uses I want stay bags particular public now I've had with this company and I booked this months and months ago and let them know and I bring in my three dogs with me on the DoD website it says that it's pet friendly in the video on the website about this property it says that it's dog friendly and on the booking form you were able to write how many dogs you're going to bring with you therefore you would assume that this place after all he's done friendly unfortunately when we got here after do me that had harmony harmony and they're the owners of the property came one day because we had a problem with the heated actually on the first day and they were really clearly was that they did not know we were going to be having dogs here that do he hadn't inform them and in fact they were not happy with us having three dogs this caused a major problem and the problem really was because and they thought that we were trying to pull off the first one perhaps by bringing the dogs with us eventually we were able to show them that we had booked the three dogs because we had all the information and that their website allowed you to do so so that they didn't we noise initially so the fourth diet which is where I am mad because it's beginning of September 2015 on the fourth day hold guy who owns a DoD a chap called Griffin Lloyd forgive my poor pronunciation and wealth of Welsh he was really really rude to me this morning he wouldn't let me speak he told me that he was going to evict us but he did not heed and that the website says that you could have dogs at this property please check for yourself and he denied that again essentially he's not familiar with his own website and he is a truthful and aggressive I want to establish my credibility my name is Webb keen I am a medical practitioner and I work with the NHS prior to go to medical school I was a law graduate so I am happy and confident everything I am saying here my opinion is correct and truthful and lawful you can contact me for more information about this food the details on the site thank you

Crumplehorn Holiday Cottages Polperro

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crumpled horn holiday cottages offer a choice of accommodation in seven cottages six in pulborough and one in lieu as you enter volvera situated opposite the comp horn in our three of our cottages cottage number one is our cozy cottage for 2 with a sountrack patio area to the front and parking for your car inside you'll find a romantic hideaway full of character there's a cozy living room complete with well-equipped kitchen dining table and chairs and too comfortable armchairs to relax Ian upstairs there's a delightful spacious double bedroom with double bed and ensuite bathroom complete with electric shower next door cottage number two offers delightful accommodation for up to four guests as you enter the cottage there's a spacious fully equipped farmhouse kitchen anodor through to a cozy lounge the sofa and too comfortable armchairs acquaint staircase leads to a spacious landing been on to two double bedrooms and the bathroom including electric shower there's a patio area to the front of the cottage plus parking for your car cottage number three also has accommodation for up to four guests as you enter you'll find a delightful farmhouse kitchen fully equipped complete with dining table and chairs you there's a comfortable lounge with a feature fireplace and plenty of space for you to relax in upstairs are two lovely bedrooms one twin with wash hand basin and one double the bathroom complete with shower at the front of the cottage there's a small patio and garden right for serving up the summer so as parking space for your car all that mal pero cottages are within easy walking distance of the busy colorful Harbor Beach shops restaurants ins cafes and glorious coastal paths to check availability and book your cottage please visit our website or contact us today crumpled horn pallavi cottages you can be sure of a great holiday whichever one you choose you

National Trust Holiday Cottages Perfect Romantic Retreat for a Couple

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National Trust Holiday Cottages Perfect Romantic Retreat for a Couple