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Halong Bay Luxury Cruise | Signature Cruise

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vlogging never goes to well before coffee so now we're about two hours into our four-hour drive to halong bay because we are going on an overnight cruise with signature cruises these people after watching some of our videos a lot of people might consider us budget travelers but I like to think of it as like money savvy travelers so we save money in some areas so we can splurge on other memorable experiences so we stayed at the Hilton for free using points and now we're splurging on this overnight cruise because halong bay is a unesco world heritage site and it's supposed to be amazing I didn't know that we're going to be doing this for the next two days and we can't wait time to get back on the bus it took us a little under four hours to get to a halong bay I have to say I was kind of dreading that ride because we've had a lot of bad long ban rides but that was definitely the nicest van that we've been transported in and the ride was flat and smooth unlike some of the crazy curvy mountain roads that we've been on in the past few months so we made it and I think the plan is to get on a small boat that is then going to take us to the cruise ship this is awesome whoa look at this view first things first have to open all the windows is crazy oh we have a balcony no wait – there's rose I think we need to book like oh five nine cruise this so nice this is the first balcony that we've had on our entire trip yay what a better place to have your first balcony and I just love being outside I might just sleep out here tonight hey you look pretty comfy whoa care of you what's in the bathroom yet we have like our own private hot tub toilet even has buttons like the one in Tokyo oh don't spray me Nate you have to leave the balcony for a minute we have to eat lunch oh come on I love to eat look at the rocks this is amazing first of the season m├ílaga I do not think we're gonna be disappointed with the food on this trip I'm a saved as to get much fresher than that I see food here that comes from there thank you very much I have no clue how to eat this I think I'll just love this very like twice a while and cilantro oh my people are so perfect I've heard some people suck the heads of these okay I really butchered that one that was not papaya salad we've been wanting to try Vietnamese spring rolls since we got here and we haven't made one friend up I assume I use both mmm Thai or Vietnamese spring rolls and you can do these are really enjoy that looks amazing I think we just got to the main course according to the minion seabass sprinkled and tamarins all served a fragrant rice and vegetable it's really been kinga wrong with tamarind sauce we need to take a food go on yeah we have 20 minutes for a nap before you get to the fishing village this is quickly turning into all those times I can't set the camera down the views just keep getting better we just finished about a 30-minute sail I set outside and enjoy the views and to enjoy those views on the way to the fishing village we just got to a floating fishing village we're going to get rode around on a rowboat to see the village and then after that we're going to a pearl farm I think they grow pearls is someone here to China this trio I speak out very fast the south is emotional McVerry very nice pole into color so white and yellow Oh oh very beautiful at the boat ride through the floating fishing village was the most calm and quiet thirty minutes of my life you could only hear the oars dipping in the water was like you felt guilty for talking ruining it for everybody else so cool it was nothing like this bracket that's going on behind us right now and then they brought us here and they showed us how pearls were made which was actually much more interesting than I thought it would be I'm gonna go pick out my present no she's not normally I keep my expectations pretty low for like group tour type stuff but that was fantastic it highly exceeded my expectations and now we're back and we get to enjoy our balcony for like an hour until our cooking class there's currently making the biggest spring roll about Rankine only roll yours once because it's so pain stopped I'm really done it make after dinner this is the most impressive fighting that I've seen yet today has been such a blast on his cruise dinner was amazing and now Nate is going fishing for squid on the back of the boat as much fun as that sounds this huge bathtub is calling my name oh my is this big one yeah I've been fishing for a total of one minute oh yes good man changed color yeah it's much darker coming flags Oh is he squirting ink right now this is carbon suspension Wow you're screaming I'm gonna send it to the kitchen I yeah I think in the boiling I think they just cooked one and brought it to care up in the room did you catch good girl do you have anything she bribed idumaean think you'd say here yes so I get up and it's one of the staff and she said Nate catch a lot I handed this to me how cool is that I'm apparently a professional squid fisherman I caught 10 of course you take I literally pulled this out of the ocean myself 20 minutes ago slinky in there still that's fresh one can't see it now because I've inked up the bucket but I loved a six quid everybody seems to think this is very yours he's smaller than milk Hey but now she thinks that the day is on a diver I really had to turn now so she's gonna sit there and it's gonna spray her for her until she figures out how to turn it off she's big

Elegant Elbe Itinerary from Viking River Cruises

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this 10-day itinerary displays the wonders of former East Germany and Prague do love the Czech Republic begin your trip with an overnight hotel stay in historic Berlin with free time to see the Reichstag parliament building brandenburg gate checkpoint charlie and berlin wall transfer to Magdeburg and set sail among the highlights of your cruise our Wittenberg birthplace of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation Mison the famed city of porcelain and Dresden with its beautiful baroque palaces but this cruise along the Alba River offers more than just man-made beauty you'll visit the sandstone mountains called Saxton Switzerland and then leave your ship for a final overnight in enchanting Prague where you can explore up close and in detail

Rhine Getaway Itinerary from Viking River Cruises

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r-ryan get away at inner a presents all the highlights of the legendary Ryan in just eight days begin in timeless Amsterdam soak in the rich colors amid the stained glass of colognes Gothic cathedral tour the 700 year old marksburg castle in Coblentz and enjoy an evening stroll in quaint Rue design with Dawn comes Heidelberg and its imposing city gates spend an afternoon exploring spires Romanesque Cathedral Strasbourg nificent old town before sailing on to the Black Forest and Basel Switzerland

Shocking Cruise Ship Incidents

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shocking cruise ship incidents here are 11 shocking cruise ship deaths what was meant to be a pleasurable ride to paradise veered off course for straight path to hell today's video was done in collaboration with Pablito way more on that later number 11 Bernardo Garcia Teixiera November 2015 Bernardo Garcia Takeda is aboard Royal Caribbean cruises Oasis of the Seas with his partner Erik al Boz it was supposed to be an enjoyable vacation for the married gay couple but instead it quickly turned sour as they got into a heated argument with each other in their cabin as the fighting got louder security was caught to handle the situation in the midst of the chaos Garcia Teixeira ran and jumped off the balcony of his room on the seventh level deck landing on a lifeboat below the men held on for a minute as his partner and staff members tried rescuing him unfortunately Garcia Teixiera lost his grip and fell to his death the whole scene was witnessed by other passengers with at least one passenger recording it the uploaded footage went viral on YouTube before being removed the couple's family attorney insisted that the incident was preceded by anti-gay slurs from the ship's crew towards the gay couple Royal Caribbean cruise CCO refuted the accusations saying that his crew members risked their lives trying to save the man's life number 10 Rosana Rosa toll November 2015 75 year old Italian woman Rosana Rosa toe casually boarded the ship MSC opera the woman had been ill for quite some time and for the whole trip remained on the sidelines not participating in any of the leisure activities available on board upon landing in the port of Genoa no trace of her was to be found the alarm went off but despite searches only her suitcase was to be found with no trace of the pensioner anywhere her family was then notified of her disappearance it was at this point that our and found three farewell letters she had left behind on the bedside table at home their daughter said she received the text message from her mother the night before which simply said forgiveness it was concluded that she ended her own life by jumping overboard on the last night of the 13 day cruise across the Mediterranean number nine John Boehner and Darla Mellinger April 2015 Salem couple John Boehner and Darla Melander are aboard Holland America Line's rendom for a 14-day Caribbean cruise the retired couple had just got married six months earlier with reports describing two romantic mayor's proposal during a sunset carriage ride at Passion Island in Cozumel Mexico during the cruise however the cleaning crew found the couple dead in their cabin right before the ship docked in San Juan Puerto Rico blood was found on the scene and what investigators presumed was an apparent murder-suicide case it was later discovered that the wife had been sent to the hospital several months earlier with the stab wound to the center of her chest just days before the couple's honeymoon at that time the husband claimed the incident has nothing but an accident in which he tripped over a throw rug while trying to show his wife an old military dagger from his collection of War relics number 8 Michael Moses ward back in 1985 news headlines were made when the black liberation group move was put down in a violent standoff against the Philadelphia Police Department 13-year old Michael Moses Ward aka birdie Africa was only one of the two survivors from a fire caused by police that killed off the rest of the members of the radical group that day his look would eventually come to an end however in September of 2013 birdy who had now been known as Michael Moses Ward was on a Caribbean cruise on the Carnival dream with his extended family while extremely drunk he slid beneath the water of a hot tub and drowned passengers who saw the body initially did not react saying they thought it was a painting to make matters worse the nurse who obtained a defibrillator to resuscitate him was hesitant to use it unsure of the safety due to his wet body the official cause of death was drowning due to extreme intoxication number seven Rebecca Korean March 2011 24 year old Rebecca khorium disappears with no trace from the Disney wonder cruise ship the British woman was working as a child minder on the ship during its cruise between California and Mexico British police said that since the ship was registered in the Bahamas they were unable to investigate the case as it was out of their jurisdiction investigations from the Royal Bahamas police was severely inadequate having interviewed only six witnesses before dropping the case stating that she has simply fallen overboard evidence however points that a crime may well have taken place not only was Koreans credit card missing among her personal possessions it was also found to have been used after her disappearance number six Walter E bone eight January 2012 26 year old corporal Walter Eldridge boat night meets his untimely demise aboard the carnival fat sea after falling from one deck to another according to witnesses the athletic member of the United States Marine Corps was attempting to jump between the decks of the ship that was docked in the Bahamas for pro-bowl Knight was declared dead at the scene a Salas Barre woman who was on board watching the show at the time said that the PA system paged someone to come to the deck for an emergency when she came out of the theatre she saw blood on the marble steps in the lobby the incident consequently caused its passengers to lose a day at the scheduled port number five Kristin Schroeder and Pau Rossington May 2013 Christian Roeder and Paul rossington opted for a make-or-break holiday to figure out their volatile relationship the Australian couple bored at the carnival spirit cruise ship off the coast of New South Wales the couple however was noticed to have disappeared when they failed to disembark with Christian Schroeder's family in Sydney what investigators found from CCTV footage on the previous night with alarming Christian who was known to be afraid of heights was seen climbing over the balcony of their cabin in what was assumed to be an attempt to test and alarm her partner unfortunately she slipped managed to hang for a few seconds then fell her body hit the lower deck before plummeting further into the dark ocean Rossington then dived overboard after his partner into the Tasman Sea the couple bodies were never found number four Karin waltz February 1988 26 year old Karen waltz is thrown overboard the Sundance cruises m/s star dancer she was on the last day of her seven-day honeymoon cruise to Mexico with her newlywed husband doctor Scott Robin Rustin her panicked husband told officials that a strong gust of wind carried his bride overboard and into the sea around midnight while they were jogging on the upper decks jogging track the story however seemed bogus to both the crew and authorities Coast Guard wrecker said no such strong winds were blowing at the time of the incident also raising doubts were the fact that the bride's body had pressed scratch marks gouges and a six inch gash Roston then tried changing his story saying that Israeli assassins were behind the murder as revenge for an expose he had published condemning Israeli government for war crimes Rosten was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison meant the sentence was later reduced to 33 years number three clay farm and clay trial back in the 1970s Vietnamese couple who a farm and waitron spent two weeks adrift on a container ship in the South China Sea with no food and little water the couple managed to survive their perilous escape from their war-torn country into the United States after 30 years of building a new life they decided to take the Caribbean cruise on a ship called the Destiny along with their daughter and granddaughter but this time around they would not be so lucky at sea as the Destiny took its course across the Caribbean in May of 2005 the elderly couple suddenly went missing both pair of sandals and the wife's wallet were found on the deck by crew members but the two of them were nowhere to be seen despite hours of searching joined by the US Coast Guard the ship retraced its path but no trace of their bodies was ever found their son Michael fom maintains that his parents did not commit suicide and were in fact looking forward to a trip back to Vietnam to visit their relatives disappointed by how the situation was handled Farm has since established the International cruise victims an organization focused on helping victims and family members of victims who were injured or lost in mercial cruise ship wages number two Shirley McGill Robert and Shirley McGill were former highschool lovers who broke up and met each other again three decades later only to fall in love again and get married but what seemed like something out of a romance film ended up as something straight out of a horror film in July of 2009 the couple set out aboard the Carnival cruise ship elation on a five-day cruise to Mexico to celebrate Roberts 55th birthday Robert drank heavily while in Cabo barely able to walk when he reboarded the ship for the trip home the couple then got into a heated argument in the cabin and Robert and his drunken state pummeled his wife and strangled her to death remorseful about what he had just done he reported his actions while still on board and was arrested when the ship docked in San Diego Robert pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison number one Maryann Carver in 2004 40 year-old Marian Carver got on a 7-day Royal Caribbean cruise to Alaska Harbor was recently divorced but decided not to tell anyone about our trip not even her own family her 13 year old daughter repeatedly tried calling her but received no response frustrated she asked her grandfather Marian's father for help he filed a missing persons report and after weeks of investigation they found out about her secret trip by that time the Royal Caribbean ship had already docked in Vancouver for over three weeks officials were not sure whether or not she had disembarked the cruise line casually explained that she had stopped using her room after the second night and that all her belongings had remained on board after everyone had already gotten off to her family's disbelief not only had the crew not reported anything but Marian's clothes had been given away to charity and her purse locked up the family has now spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees in an attempt to go after the irresponsible cruise line that refused to give up any more information on Marian's disappearance here are 25 photos that's gonna make you look twice sure so it looks like this guy's Wang is just hanging out actually it's just the pastor's finger in the background oh my god that is one hairy badge okay okay just plain I wouldn't do that to you guys or would i okay it's just a guy getting a tattoo badges on

“Royal Caribbean” “Oasis of the Seas” “Tour” “Largest Cruise Ship on the Planet”

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Fred Olsen Cruise Lines: 5 Things You Need To Know Before Cruising With Them

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in this video I'm going to tell you five things that you need to know if you're considering going on a cruise with Fred awesome cruisers choosing the right cruise line is absolutely critical to having an amazing cruising experience so in this video I want to share with you five things that I believe that you really need to know if you think you've going on Fred Olson the first thing you need to know is that Fred Allison is pretty much a value for money line certainly when you compare them to other cruise line options you'll find the prices both for fares and also once you get onboard very reasonable it's probably like a three star maybe three star plus if you try to think of an equivalent on land so the accommodation the food the facilities kind of are picked at that kind of level so if you're looking for a great value cruise vacation then certainly keep red also on the list of things to consider so let me tell you what's included and excluded enough riddles and fare so as you budget to know what you need to take into account so what's included obviously accommodation is included and that the price of that obviously varies based on a grade of cabin you've got which the cheapest being an inside cabin and the most expensive being a suite secondly all your food is included so three meals a day plus this various bits and pieces outside that you know different tee times and things like that in the buffet restaurant that's included and there's also a very limited room service as well also included is the entertainment so is the shows in the evening quizzes that kind of stuff so what's not included in the fare well first of all gratuities are not included they will be Auto added on to your bill secondly drinks are not included you can buy various drinks packages to help you manage the overall cost of those and they're pretty competitively priced as well excursions are not included and again I think the excursion prices are pretty reasonable and of course the fourth thing that's not included are all those add-on things that you might do whether you go to the spa go to other speciality restaurants or if you want to go to the traditional afternoon tea which is held often on sea days but overall very good value for money the second thing that you need to know is although Fred Olson is Norwegian owned it's a very British experience they sell out of many British ports they really serve the UK market very well the Holland body variance is very British so you'll find the onboard currency is pound sterling everything is very UK centric interns the entertainment quizzes even the menu in the evening we'll have a very traditional British dish every single day on it so a very British experience the third thing you need to know about Fred Olson is that they send you the time recording have four ships but their ships are relatively old so they don't from the 70s the 80s and the 90s so they are pretty traditional in design and layout however the ships are immaculately clean and very well maintained Fred Olson tends spend their money redoing and refurbishing the ships they have then spending on new ships being older ships they don't have lots of glitzy resort type features that many of the modern cruise ships of today will have so you won't find rock climbing wars ice skating rinks is a pretty traditional layout and pretty traditional facilities Fred Olson is a very traditional cruise experience so they follow a very traditional way of doing cruising so you'll find all the entertainment and structure during the day is very traditional so there'll be quizzes enrichment lectures two seatings for dinner and early seating at 6:15 and later one at 8:30 not lots of speciality restaurants there are formal nights during a week there's normally two formal nights which is for men dark suits or tuxedos ladies of the sea very glamorous ball gowns so who are your fellow gets speed and your fellow guests will almost exclusively British tend to be a little bit on the older side and I think that's partly because of Fidel's has been around for a long time it's been very well established and people are very loyal to Fred Olson during vacation time you will find families on board and particularly multi-generational groups so grandparents parents and kids so there you have it that's five things that I think you need to know about Fred Olson if you're considering doing a cruise with them so traditional line very British great value for money and sell out of lots of UK ports choosing the right Cruise Line is absolutely essential so hopefully those five things about Fred Olsen have helped you decide if it's a right Cruise Line for you couple things I really like to do please give the video a thumbs up a like and also subscribe to the channel and get many more tips advice and inspiration about travel also if you are interested in Fred Olson I have another a couple of videos including ship tours and some videos of the cabins

Classic Canada & New England Cruise

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13 WORST Cruise Ship Incidents!

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from real-life pirates two massive shipwrecks today we look at the 13 worst cruise ship disasters number thirteen compared to many cruise ships the MS Estonia was a fairly small vessel at just a little over fifteen thousand five hundred tonnes with a maximum capacity of 2,000 passengers the MS Estonia was also a ferry capable of holding some 460 cars on September 28 1994 the Estonia was crossing the Baltic Sea on its way from Estonia to Sweden it was carrying a total of 989 people 803 of whom were passengers due to poor cargo distribution the ship was listing slightly to starboard this would prove a decisive factor in the ensuing disaster rough weather led to a large wave striking the bow doors this continued to happen and loud noises were heard by everyone aboard the vessel it's not clear exactly what happened next but the list worsened and the ship began to flood of those nine hundred and eighty-nine Souls aboard only 138 were rescued bringing the lives lost to 853 number twelve Carnival Triumph not all cruise ships result in a loss of life or the sinking of the ship some just result in massive discomfort and inconvenience for everyone on board for instance on February 10th of 2013 a fire broke out in the engine room of the Carnival Triumph the fire was automatically extinguished by the ship's fire control systems but the resulting damage caused total loss of power and propulsion this caused raw sewage to back up into the passenger areas and gave the whole affair at the laughable title of poop cruise the reality however was no laughing matter the ship was stranded adrift more than 150 miles off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and the ship was not docked till February 14th about 9:00 p.m. number 11 Seabourn spirit in addition to sinking and being stranded another sad reality of life at sea is pirates especially in regions of the world around Somalia this is somewhat a frequent occurrence a prime example of this is the Seabourn spirit which was attacked by pirates who fired rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns at the ship in early November of 2005 the Pirates attempted to board the vessel presumably to steal and plunder the ship's contents but were unable to catch up to the ship further attempts to hinder the pirates were made by some of those aboard the ship for example Michael groves who was the security officer aboard the Seabourn spirit at the time of the incident used a device called the long range acoustic device to discourage the pirates this device known as L rat can do permanent damage from one's hearing from a distance of up to about 980 feet away it's often used to discourage crowds of violent protesters as well as scare off wildlife Grove said that usage of the device left him with permanent hearing damage but ultimately any edge he was able to gain over the pirates was worthwhile in the end the Seabourn spirit escaped the Pirates with minimal damage while no passengers were injured one crew member was shot thankfully he survived number 10 celebrity mercury cruise ships are a closed environment when they're out at sea there's no way on or off the ship without drastic measures being taken and all food and water is kept aboard the ship for the duration of the cruise this sometimes causes small outbreaks of flu to spread throughout the ship as is often the case in enclosed spaces filled with people aboard the celebrity mercury in 2010 several hundred members of the passengers and crew were stricken ill by a strange virus which had members of the Center for Disease Control baffled it was eventually identified as norovirus which is known for spreading quickly and confined spaces the symptoms were similar to stomach flu and although this was the largest outbreak it was one of 15 such events which struck cruise ships that year number nine Costa Concordia much like flight plans for airplanes it is actually surprisingly important that ships stay to their scheduled routes when they go for a sail this is especially true when it comes to cruise ships which often caused hundreds of millions of dollars and hold thousands of people On January 13th of 2012 the Costa Concordia deviated from its route resulting in a collision with a submerged rock and the subsequent capsizing of the ship Costa Concordia was the first of carnivals Concordia class ships and held a total of 4252 people at the time of the disaster the resulting incident cost the lives of 32 people and cost the carnival corporation more than two billion more than three times the initial six hundred and twelve million dollar investment in the ship's construction incredibly the captain of the Costa Concordia claimed that at the time of the incident he was trying a so-called sale by salute a maneuver in which a ship is brought extremely close to shore so that those aboard the ship can salute those on land and vice versa while this practice is very old and still somewhat common it's rare for the captain of a cruise ship to attempt it captain Shanna doe was brought up on manslaughter charges in the wake of the incident and was found guilty of 32 counts he was sentenced to 16 years in prison though prosecutors had originally asked for a 26 year sentence number eight SS Eastland shortly after the sinking of the Titanic you think that extra precautions would be taken for similar vessels while this is true not all vessels will retrofitted in the wake of the disaster and even those who were upgraded were not immune to disaster ironically some of the ships which were upgraded in the wake of the Titanic suffered problems as a result the SS Eastland was one such ship which tipped over while at Port in Chicago in 1915 the ship rolled completely over while 2,500 passengers and crew members were aboard in the incident more than 800 people died among these were 22 entire families who were completely wiped out it's thought that retrofitting additional lifeboats to the vessel after the passing of the seaman's Act of 1915 a law created as the result of the Titanic sinking caused the SS Eastland to tip over while still dock number 7 royal Pacific you think that on the open ocean it would be pretty difficult for two ships to run into each other but like a couple of trucks on an open country road which managed to smack each other on the head this kind of thing does happen on the ocean the difference is that the wreckage is usually a lot worse and a lot more expensive in August of 1992 the Royal have been collided with a fishing trawler while carrying a load of 530 passengers 70 of these people were injured and another 30 died some whose bodies were never recovered the other passengers were able to evacuate themselves but the lives lost are thought to be a direct result of the crews choice to save themselves rather than assist the passengers number six Lois majesty there have been many films throughout the years which focus on the idea of so-called rogue waves striking a seafaring vessel these waves seem to come out of nowhere and can be several stories tall all while traveling at absurd speeds this isn't just fiction though it's happened before the Lewy Majesty was hit by several rogue waves in March of 2010 resulting in the death of two people and the injury of several others the vessel which was out on a 12 day pleasure cruise on the Mediterranean was struck by waves as high as 26 feet and traveling up to 60 miles per hour driven by hurricane-force winds of similar speeds the ship wasn't damaged and was able to finish its voyage after a short stay in Barcelona but the harrowing incident speaks of the dangers of such waves number five Pacific Sun when the ocean decides to toss around a massive cruise ship like it's a toy in a bathtub you can only hold on for dear life and hope that you come out all right on the other side this is what happened to those aboard the Pacific Sun in April of 2008 when violent ocean conditions and a large storm caused the ship to lurch and shake wildly the swells of the ocean made the ship rise and fall more than 25 feet at a time and winds over 50 knots about 60 miles per hour harrowed the ship passengers were thrown around resulting in more than 40 injuries these included badly broken bones and many bruises and the interior of the vessel was badly damaged number 4 star princess in another incidence of fire aboard a cruise ship the star princess managed to change building regulations for cruise ships on March 23rd of 2006 a fire broke out in the passenger compartments amidships on the portside the fire was caused by a passenger leaving a cigarette burning on the balcony the balcony divide began to melt and because of the fact that it was made from a petroleum-based plastic it caught fire the fire spread to about 105 cabins causing damage to passengers belongings and also extensive damage to the ship itself as a result the material used for the balconies which had previously been approved by the International crews safety regulations was banned from further use number three MTS Oceanos it's crazy to think that people could simply not care about a cruise ship which cost many millions of dollars the investment alone seems like it would be enough to warrant the ship being kept in tip-top shape however these vessels do age and sometimes companies which are themselves trying to stay afloat neglect their fleet in favor of making a larger profit this is what happened to the MTS Oceanos who's owning company let the ship deteriorate to such a state that there were loose hull plates valves which had been stripped for spare parts after a recent voyage and a hole in the bulkhead the result of all this was that in August of 1991 the NTS Oceano set sail on its final voyage during this cruise the ship began to flood after an explosion in the engine room with the power lost in massive leaks flooding the ship the crews simply prepared to evacuate themselves not bothering to warn the passengers no alarm was raised and the passengers were left to fend for themselves luckily an entertainer aboard the ship was able to radio for help and 16 helicopters were able to rescue the passengers and crew number two RMS Titanic perhaps the most famous cruise ship disaster of all time was the sinking of the RMS Titanic which took place in April of 1912 this disaster set the precedent for many ship safety rules and regulations since the size of the casualty count was directly related to the almost complete lack of safety precautions taken by the crew of the ship there weren't enough lifeboats for one thing and the crew didn't go over evacuation procedures with the passengers before setting sail when the ship struck an iceberg in the middle of the night the ensuing chaos cost the lives of approximately 1,500 people number one wilhelm gustloff a sad reality of wars that civilian and noncombatant lives are often lost in the pursuit of military victories this was the case for the MV William Goose law which was sunk on January 30th 1945 by Soviet forces the resulting loss of life is still the largest ever in the sinking of a boat more than 9,600 people die of these thousands approximately 5,000 were children three Soviet torpedo strike the Wilhelm Gustloff one hitting the engine room directly the ship then began to list heavily to port causing lifeboats on the starboard side to slam into the boat breaking and spilling passengers who were trying to escape onto that side of the ship the majority of lives lost in the incident were caused by the freezing baltic waters the air temperature that night was a low zero degrees Fahrenheit or minus 18 degrees Celsius [Applause]

Crystal Cruises Crystal Serenity Cruise Ship Tour

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Grand European Tour Itinerary from Viking River Cruises

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this ultimate 15 day cruise highlights Europe from Amsterdam in the Netherlands all the way to Budapest in Hungary start in charming Amsterdam visit colognes Gothic cathedral sample wine in the Rhine valleys heartland and learn about glassblowing traditions in ver time plus you'll wander the cobblestone streets of Passau stroll the boulevards of Vienna and finish your cruise in Budapest you