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[Applause] [Applause] good morning everybody welcome to cruise week – this is day zero the day before we get on the ship actually we're still at home right now and we're packing up getting ready to go to the airport I got to wake up Jill right now so let's go wake her up hey you awake not even here hey kid wake up come on you're gonna miss the boat we're gonna miss the boat yeah she is not a morning person come on Evans in the shower surprise them [Applause] Hey Thank You kid new suitcase you don't like pink do you she retired her old Disney Princess suitcase for a bigger one because kids packs a lot of stuff yes yeah we got mommy tube in here doing some last minute packing too much sunscreen for like a year yeah daddy's toothbrush Hot Springs charger can't you just be a normal person and bring a regular flashlight no I need my super toothbrush got some new suits over here from the fun calm yeah I'll show you guys that on formal night they are Marvel and DC these actually come with the suit there's like special ties and stuff that come in here but we're gonna leave the boxes here because they take up too much room the boys are gonna look hot it's gonna be hot nice hat what are you three amigos got a breakfast before we go can't go to the airport on an empty stomach I've got Oh mio check it out that looks really dry we'll have a new video every day this week on this channel with our adventures here on the cruise the only fun that's right and we'll also post a new video every day on Evan TV HD and maybe even on your channel we'll put a video or two he's got me and mom do without you maybe we'll hop this also see how fast the Internet is on the ship yes because we're out nowhere in the oceans might be hard to get why fight yeah so remember daily videos I've never – brah and daily videos on MTV HD and you might see a little bit of sprinkled videos on Jillian tube HD and also in gaming so there's gonna be a lot of stuff to watch so make sure you tune in every day and see what's new and don't forget to subscribe subscribe Sun the sky oh you probably should watch this because we're so few modding yeah so if you guys are interested in taking the cruise and you want to see what cruising is all about you can check out our Disney cruise from last year yeah and then you can check out the videos from this year and then see which one you like better we thought we'd change it up a little bit and do Royal Caribbean this year I don't think water slides on the ship they do have an ice-skating rink a carousel or rock wall some flow riders and of course swimming pool so there'll be plenty of stuff to do on the ship plus we're gonna be doing some stuff at ports who made it to the airport look nice and wet and cold we're running in the rain get out of the ring this gets us somewhere nice and warm you know wet it is outside almost scary hoodie to okay guys were almost to Florida yeah what do you doing what are you working on I mean I'm watching for again but I if I were to say this helping my friend to this comic ordered of mine for our community members inside rolling MPEG okay if you're playing that last year when we were going on and his friend there's still a big man that understand I think it's been some channels of traffic TV you guys live in Fort Lauderdale maybe we see your house right now hey guys we're here in Florida and I just had a great idea for a new video oh yeah yeah what is it so we would love because milk gummies and then paint with them we stuff to get our bags and the shuttle stops at 11 o'clock and it's already at 10:45 so I don't think we're getting a shuttle hey look this is what we're doing No I'm hungry this says we thought all the restaurants are closed we need food is there gonna be a Waffle House [Applause] here we are at our luxurious accommodations open the door and reveal super8 is super duper they even give us some free donuts and we need some privacy here you guys can't complain man they have luxury linens come over here to our luxurious bath lipstick hold up some lipstick hey it's a bathroom and I stayed at a hotel that didn't even have a bathroom in the room you have to like walk down the hallway okay we gotta go find some food it's after 11 o'clock you okay we couldn't find a Waffle House but we did find this house right here now Houston pancakes waffles pancakes open 24 hours open 24 hours loud what are you talking about okay we're having breakfast for late dinner just like last time dinner in here you got to keep the finished tradition and have waffles Belgian I do the definition I got a okay guys they buy that I hop into the next day it's already the day we're getting on the ship just like last time okay guys we're gonna hit the sack we are tired we'll see you guys tomorrow when we get on the ship [Applause]

Crystal Cruises All-Inclusive Luxury Vacations

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good morning oh we're focused is a camera work you know was just me doughnut for breakfast I'm eating oatmeal that's nut cream that's oatmeal is it's really mr. monkey good morning morning how you doing I used to look any sleep today your hat had to be hat hat to the ads mama B hey someone's not having a good morning that was me about ten minutes ago before my coffee you doing all right you're doing good now I'm gone dude we're going on another plane jet plane we love meeting family as awesome whoo if you guys ever see us around the world even when you're at the airport hello and give us high fives I love Penn Fox it's very nice we're off to Dominican Republic to the beach resorts oh your head looks full fine see you at the beach like the playa communicate Oh Dominican I know we're gonna lose his sponge bob are you ready kpop after sorry I think there's a spongebob at the resort yes basically I'm gonna say are you ready kids every 10 minutes mommy's got her coffee she's good she's good to go and your head is not big enjoy your oatmeal Oh 100% meal you have to put on airplane mode you can't you can't watch anything do you know what airplane mode means what is your plane mode mean how's your nap google map cover can I sleep which guys playing at our house when we wake up in the morning it may mean I started already started welcome to are you ready Platonism Patrick with a ninja turtle we got about it we might be four yes yes high five high five yes nice oh that is a nice looking water park down here gonna get that tomorrow that's for sure very nice oh that's cute very nice whoa we got cookies we got a little bit of Veneto with some fruit oh right and then there's meringue guess at the bottom is it a balloon with my name is Juan did I not realize meeting kids they're probably not as good as a Bullas but they're pretty good Merengues we lives in a pineapple under the sea SquarePants Renan Amorim emmerman to me I don't know the words of that song either what's the bathroom look like the bathroom is hooked oh okay hold on we need some we need some like like like hooked up music need to hook that they hooked up music boom boom alright clap your hands we're gonna get some music going and there we go there we go alright whoa I was never home you fans huh Oh sniffing is Nappanee bling-bling y'all you take Han Solo is frozen in carbonite by Babar Han Solo pizzaiolo okay my order is for the toilet one door is for the toilet very private is very nice very nice Oh usually nice and everything's got the orange theme to it this is what I got can I just tell you what I love I love when there's a ton of like boxes and and gifts and products coming on it yes tighter this is what I love look shaving set um dental set that's awesome very nice toothbrush what's a shower don't like you get all that's Papa's favorite very nice Hey Wow look at that really nice where's the drain until there the drain is right here I love that that's my favorite right there's whatever we got whatever guy who never got that's very nice oh very nice you had your slippers you got your rolls oh snap box jumps on the couch boom box jump on the couch we got the Nickelodeon blimp to Nickelodeon blimps mr. monkeys found his favorite balloon when we got outside funny wasps get our backyard is pool backyard swimming pool yo oh my goodness miss monkey you're not wearing your bathing suit oh yeah let me show you guys a little trick and me no no show me some self I like your glasses lumpy no time and getting into one yeah they wasted no time but literally just we just got here and they jumped right the pool yeah that's the way to do it monkeys just the way to do it mommy you look fabulous as always are you gonna go into the pool – no I on the beach ah yes yes you're a beach bum well I think that monkeys are gonna live here now you got your onion rings here your meats it's like an endless array of food all the windows this is Papa B's after dinner before dessert before dessert food we got some cheese we got some wine yum yum yum my childhood right here she's going to Funkytown time to go to sleep on be dead – dead – or let's dance keep dancing don't flex their cookie it's for the kiss yeah y'all ha ha yeah y'all

10 Luxurious Vacations on Earth

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these are ten of the most luxurious vacations on earth ten Bongo Raya Island Resort is located in Malaysia there are a total of 47 private villas stretching the beautiful beach the villas are all timbered and are handcrafted by local tradesmen while visiting this rustic natural setting you'll have access to some amazing snorkelling unbelievable kayaking rides and jet skiing one of the most sought-after activities is the scuba diving the water visibility is amazing and you can catch a glimpse of schools of fish sea turtles stingray coral bamboo sharks and barracudas to name a few another activity for the adventurous is jungle trekking this involves a local guide leading you on a jungle hike through the green paths that ends with a breathtaking view of the island nine Kiowa spawn tow is an island located 3 miles off the coast of Belize guests of the island can rent any of the seven super luxurious beach houses in the private Enclave each house is all-inclusive and your booking covers airport transfer all food and drinks and of course butler service each house comes with panoramic views of the ocean its own white sandy beach and heated plunge pool activities include kayaking boating fishing scuba diving snorkeling golf spa treatments and many island excursions like the Blue Hole underwater limestone cave for divers the hotel restaurant chef will send you a questionnaire ahead of your stay to figure out your culinary tastes and prepare your food accordingly and there is no last call at the hotel bar it closes when the last guest leaves bookings will cost you fifteen hundred dollars per night eight the village coconut island is located off the east coast of Phuket in Thailand the tropical garden retreat boasts over 1500 feet of private beachfront on the Feng nabe guests can enjoy their stay in the peaceful natural island setting or take a short trip to Phuket to experience the city via a 24-hour water taxi service which is complimentary for all guests the hotel restaurant serves a combination of Thai West turn and asian-style cuisines the village spa combines traditional Thai healing rituals with state-of-the-art modern spa facilities activities include tennis mountain biking sailing kayaking water slides and to infinity edge pools bookings will set you back nine hundred dollars per night seven couple island is a romantic retreat located in the maldives island chain the five-star hotel includes 33 donee style suites and overwater villas which resemble traditional caroline boat houses guests can take advantage of many amenities including the hotel's private beach infinity pool spa steam room hydrotherapy pool gym yoga pavilion watersports center dive center and library the como Shambhala retreat focuses on holistic therapy and offers treatments in its luxurious spa or in the privacy of your own room each villa includes their own wooden piers private balconies Sun decks and outdoor showers the hotel restaurant is an open-air wooden pavilion and serves fresh from the sea dishes Malabar Coast and Thai style dishes and vacation staples like pizzas and paninis bookings range from 675 dollars per night for the donee Suite to $2,000 per night for the Como villa six spice Island Beach Resort is a boutique hotel property located on the island of Grenada the sprawling 8 acre property is open year-round and was recently awarded the triple-a Five Diamond rating the 21 mile long island is only 12 degrees north of the Equator but the warm weather is tempered by the cool trade winds it's name is a nod to the fact that Grenada is one of the largest exporters of the spice nutmeg the all-inclusive resort is located in a tropical setting complete with rain forests and coral reefs all food and drinks are included and guests can also take advantage of ocean kayaking paddleboarding boating snorkeling tennis golf biking fitness center and children's activities including daycare bookings cost around $1,200 per night five man tangi private island resort is a two hundred and forty acre private island located in the northern part of the Fiji Islands the family owned and operated resort boasts white sand beaches in a tropical paradise setting it was voted one of the top ten private islands in islands magazine the resort offers ten traditionally designed cottages and three unique tree houses each unit comes with all the high-end amenities you'd find at a luxury resort including outdoor lava rock stone showers activities at the resort includes snorkeling scuba diving sailing kayaking fishing hiking and spa services the resort also offers weekly cultural activities including a village tour kava tasting coconut show Medicine Show cooking demonstration Sulu tying demonstration and a traditional dance demonstration for Phillip or Alina is located on a small island of Tahiti the vibrant green island stands out in the crystal-clear turquoise waters that surround it Villa coralina is unique in that it only offers a single villa for rent it offers maximum seclusion there are no roads on the island only coconut groves white coral sand beaches and nature the 3,000 square foot villa can accommodate up to five guests at a time it's built out of local exotic wood in a traditional Tahitian style the main house includes a bedroom office fully equipped kitchen entertainment and dining areas and spectacular views overlooking the lagoon the separate master suite includes ocean views and an outdoor / Ocean Terrace bookings range from 430 to 650 dollars per night which is a small price to pay for your own Island 3 Bwana Island is located between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean on an 850 acre private island in the British Virgin Islands chain the 20-room all-inclusive resort is one of the few man-made on the island the owners encouraged their guests to unplug and relax although they do offer Wi-Fi mealtimes are on a set schedule and include four-course dinners by candlelight served on one of two terraces overlooking the Atlantic Ocean the restaurant menu fuses Mediterranean and Asian flavors with a Caribbean influence the island also includes seven beaches sailing kayaking snorkeling hiking and croquet bookings run 720 dollars per night for a sea view room to $6,500 per night for the three-bedroom Joe's house Villa – if you want a luxurious vacation spot that combines tranquility with conversation for gate Island Resort in the Seychelles island might be just what you are looking for the resort boasts 16 beautifully crafted residences each with their own private pool 7 beaches a separate estate on a secluded Peninsula a private Harbor and yacht club diving center a historic chapel for wedding celebrations and a natural outdoor kids Club castaway playground the island is also home to over 2,200 free roaming giant tortoises hundreds of hawksbill turtles the endangered Seychelles magpie Robin over 100 species of birds and a rehabilitated indigenous forest and for the ultimate in privacy security and seclusion guests are able to rent the whole island at a time bookings range from five thousand seven hundred dollars per night for a private pool residence to over 20,000 dollars per night for the Banyan Hill estate one Musha Cay is located in the islands of Copperfield Bay in the Bahamas the island includes over 700 acres of lush natural beauty the resort can accommodate up to 24 guests and only book one party at a time so you control the guest list accommodations consist of 5 tropical style guests each with private beach and wraparound mahogany decks the grandest of these is high view a 10,000 square foot mansion that sits on the highest point of the island offering 360 degree views of the island the resort also boasts 40 pristine beaches and even a drive-in theater dinners are served by torchlight or moonlight only and take place Oceanside in the 2,200 square foot Balinese beach pavilion island bookings start at 39 thousand dollars per day for up to 12 people with a four night minimum