Orion Holidays – Lakeside Holiday Cottages in the Cotswolds

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the Cotswolds waterpark is one of the most beautiful places to holiday in the UK a hundred and fifty Lakes spread over 40 square miles and Orion holidays is the largest independent holiday cottage operator in this lovely Lakeland region we have an amazing range of premium waterside cottages and lodges available on a number of stunning lakeside locations throughout the region Mill Village has traditional Cotswold stone cottages and great facilities such as swimming pool tennis court and kayak higher water's edge has luxury contemporary and stylish holiday homes with lakeside balconies spacious glass-fronted houses with open plan living areas and wonderful lake views clear water and Howl's mere Lakes are on the exclusive lower Mill estate and boasts superb facilities and activities on the doorstep including the new ballyhoo restaurant and free access to the luxury art spa Spring Lake is a great place to relax and unwind with new england-style cottages right on the edge of this popular watersports Lake watch the fun from your decking or try water skiing wakeboarding or Ringo's yourself and Isis and Windrush lakes offer it a light for gated development with tennis courts carp fishing lake and a good range of on-site games and play areas making it the ideal location for family holidays there's something for everyone from angling to archery water sports to walking bird-watching to biking the combination of stunning natural beauty abundant wildlife country parks and local village pubs help make this magical place the perfect holiday destination for all and one knows the waterpark better than us unwind by a lake in the heart of the Cotswolds with Orion holidays you

Unforgettable Luxury Holidays in Safari Africa

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I've been traveling to Africa now for over 25 years my first Safari was in the Chu Lu hills south of Nairobi and I remember we were driving along this wonderful plane in these veo mark one mark to land rovers I saw my first giraffe galloping along side the cars it was a wonderful sight as very nervous before I went to Africa thinking of God you dig into the bugs and mosquitoes and it's not going to be easy to travel around but once I've been on safari I got a different sort of bug I just fell in love with Africa and then a few years after that I decided to as she'd go into organizing safaris and all is with my business colleague Kate theobald hence the name z herbal barber and since we have been operating Safari business since 1992 I go to Africa three or four times a year to really check out each place Lodge camp and destination to see whether again to suit the sort of safaris that we want to organize and that is the fundamental thing about our holidays we know the places we're sending people to and we can ensure that we make the best use of the clients time there is something extraordinary about landing on a remote Bush trip and you get out of a light aircraft and you just have that tangible smell of Africa all around you and dust is there in clouds the animals are galloping away it's a very difficult thing to describe but it is what makes me love Africa so much the main countries we cover in Africa are Kenya Tanzania Uganda Rwanda Zambia Malawi Zimbabwe South Africa Namibia and may that be a fantastic thing about African holidays this is not just about seeing animals so for instance you could walk along a beach for at least an hour and not see anyone else we have such remote and wild beaches you could then go inland for an hour or two by road and walk and tracking spectacular scenery and then enough gorgeous small hotel and eating amazing food you could be pulled in a mokoro which is a dugout canoe in the water channels the Okavango Delta in Botswana or be driven in a Land Rover across the Great Plains and Serengeti you might want to go trekking up a mountain sort of Mount Kenya or Kilimanjaro or something in Uganda Rwanda or go and look at gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda or perhaps go and listen to electrifying Orion indeed tragic tales about 19th century battles in kwazulu-natal in South Africa and then of course you go on to safariland and see the big 5 lion leopard elephant buffalo and rhino so there is a huge variety of things that people can do on our holidays where you spend a lot of time thinking about the attend race for class and really planning them and I'd like to think that we have a very good idea about how a holiday should fit together the jigsaw and how it should work and logistics of getting you from place to place and I think the fact that we have researched all the different destinations and how they link really does help to make a better holiday for you we do have a few little hideaways up our sleeves that very few people hear about and we have got for instance some fantastic private houses are you on the beach or indeed in the bush that are generally not marketed to the wider public and so we like to keep these little gems for our clouds I love hearing about the feedback when clouds come back from the holiday and they sort of take the fact that gainst the animals as read but also the thing they really do rave about more often than not the people who've looked after them and I think that really does differentiate sort of holidays that we organize compared to many other so as you go on in the world people are just really pleased to see you and they want to give you a fantastic time and we have hosts and managers and guides who will be with you you know 24-7 most of time you become friends them and often clients want to get back the same lodge or indeed follow guided either they've met and and had a fantastic lot of time with the next time we go back to Africa Africa is any wonderfully romantic in evocative place what could be better than walking out into the bush in the morning and then coming around a corner and finding a wonderful table laid out with your Bush breakfast under an acacia tree and sip your cup of chai or coffee and look out across that amazing bush likewise in the evening there you go on an evening sun down a walk you then clamber up a rock and look out watching that Sun go down is that his one of my favorite moments sitting there with a lovely tuska beer just listening to Africa and watching the day end you you

Luxury self-catering holiday cottages at Greetham Retreat Holidays in Lincolnshire, UK

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Strange Cruise Ship Trip – LOL Surprise Dolls On Playmobil Vacation Part 4

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cookies world alright cookie fans get ready for part four of strange cruise ship vacation enjoy do you want anything bon bon my treat what can I get for you I let her a hot chocolate please oh that sounds good I want a hot chocolate too please and a cupcake anything else nope all right your order will be right up right right here next to the cinnamon rolls they smell so good thank you smell good but you're gonna really like the cupcake no food here is really tasty I was thinking that maybe you and I should go on vacation what do you think vacation vacation there's a cruise that we can go on that would be lots and lots of fun I heard some of the shop he's talking about it oh cool let's go on a cruise um excuse me excuse me excuse me huh huh down here huh I'm sorry you said you weren't going on a cruise I didn't mean to over here but I don't mean to rip into your conversation either but I must warn you please do not go on the dream cruises it will end up being a nightmare what do you mean some of my shopkins and choppy's friends went on this dream cruise but it turned out to be so bad because the captain was a shock how is it even possible how can i shark the drive a cruise ship no no you don't understand he was both human and shark just not at the same time just please promise me you will not take dream cruises while we wanted to go on an adventure I just wanted to warn you that's my gift for today okay that was weird totally it's not possible for someone to be part shark and part human and if it is true I want to see it to believe it dream cruises here we come here we go cupcake and all Coco enjoy right ready to get all checked in so we can start boarding the cruise ship thank you hello next in line please hi hello could you all checked in here have you ever sailed with us before now we're super excited yeah we're ready for an adventure yeah huh there's a shark on board yeah that's the captain we want to meet the captain huh what what did you say we added the captain is excuse me excuse me ma'am I'm gonna have to ask you to keep your voice down when I say I'm sorry it looks like this cruise ship is completely full I'm sorry you're gonna have to find a different cruise ship that you're gonna sail with no way we booked this weeks ago you definitely have our reservation again under a honey bun ma'am I'm sorry I think you need to find a different cruise we want to go on this one please please let us go on just no couple our reservation please Oh will you excuse me just one moment please so weird what's going on did he find our reservation he had to up I mean we're in the computer system hmm all right let's see here a bonbon and honey bun yep that's okay great before I can get you a key to your room I'm gonna have to have you sign this waiver right here what is this form oh it's a basic policy form that we need you to sign please lay the print so it's small it's so hard to read it yeah where is it saying who's basically saying that dream cruises is not responsible for simple things accidents such as falls on the dance floor overeating death or lost luggage right what was that last one lost luggage something weird is going on come on let's just sign it so we can get into our room okay thank you mmm let's get you all set up in your room here so it looks like you are set up in d4 you know what I'm I'm gonna give you ladies the upgrade yeah thank you we don't want to play will ready spent way too much money on this oh no it's a completely complimentary right here I upgraded your room from d4 to c9 enjoy your cruise captain mark think we may have a problem with two cruise guests this must be the party deck any sign of the captain yet no I don't you want to go check out our room sure yeah smell smell by the garbage are you sure this is our room yeah this is it remember he gave us the upgrade fee nine huh we got a double bed you know we man I can't you're right what is that smell I don't know it smells really thinking it smells like rotten fish somebody accidentally leave a dead fish in here as a joke Oh smell like walls let's go tell that guy so he can give us a new room yeah there's no way this is an upgrade come on hello oh it's you what can I do for you we would like a new room yeah ours is kinda stinky it smells like rotten fish it's nothing died in there I'm sorry are you saying there was a problem with the room that I upgraded for you yes it doesn't seem like much of an upgrade I'm sorry there's nothing else I can do all the rooms are booked well can somebody come clean our room please yeah if you think you to sleep in I'll see what I can do why don't you enjoy yourself on the party deck while I look into it so weird hopefully we get a new room there's no way I'm staying there me neither you did no way I could sleep in there either maybe we can find the cat in oh look that's the captain's wheelhouse huh maybe we should go in see if he's in there yeah maybe he's a shark driving the boat my phone ready in case he is a shark okay I'm ready I'm gonna put this on youtube if it really is a shark um excuse me captain captain are you in there hey what are you doing captain captain mark is not to be disturbed why not he's the captain you are never ever ever allowed to go into his wheelhouse that what is that my cellphone that is not allowed on deck put it away but we're on vacation you should be recording every moment put it away now fine she came over to here to tell you that I'm getting somebody to clean your room so it should be as good as new great thank you really we heard hey now captain mark I need to speak with you I'm happy he didn't take your cellphone yeah me too I never heard of that not allowed to have your cellphone on a cruise ship then it make any sense nothing really makes sense around here there's no whale shark would be able to resist that we'll have to try to catch him on video yeah we'll catch him tonight no luck you've been watching the sushi buffet all day and there's been no sign of the captain maybe we should just go back to our room nobody's on the party deck anymore everybody went to bed yeah it's super late I guess we're not gonna be able to catch the captain cut into a shock oh wait so it's coming I'd but they feast off for me I have an appetite he's gone did he go did you get that on camera yeah I did come on let's go check it out looks like he ate everything there's nothing on the ground no fish bones nothing where did he go oh wait a minute why is the water moving no Hey look there there's water on the ground where is it going where did it go cell phone yeah I double bolted it you got everything on video why yep I've been recording this whole time good news proof that my captain is a shark Eva no I'm not going out there with the shark out there looks like we're stuck in our room bon bon bon bon bon bon wake up what's wrong honey bun I haven't felt the cruise ship moving I think I think we're back on land Oh the cruise is over I've been stuck in this fish room yeah too long I don't even remember what fresh air smells like oh well what about the shark out there I think he's gone okay let's go out there wait my cell phone can't look out about this nobody's here huh we're here on dry land why didn't they come and get us and tell us that we were here hell no oh hey there you two are Hey the captain and I were getting worried we we didn't know where you went been in our room now this dinky fish room that nobody ever cleaned you know what I'm are you so so so sorry about that I would like to offer you a free coupon for a free cruise for three days how about that nearly have free cruise yeah absolutely let me have your cell phone I'll program in the code for the free cruise trip yeah sure the free cruise okay here here's my cellphone great thanks all right you go here's your phone back thank you so next time you come sailing with us your room and your drinks will be completely covered by us we're so sorry that you didn't have the best time on this day we'll see you on your next cruise wow that was nice kinda the cruise wasn't all that good it doesn't matter we've got proof that captain March is a shark come on let's go tell everybody yeah what is it better luck next time girls okay guys I hope you enjoyed part four I have a question for you do you remember which room smelled like fish again was it d4 or c9

Visit Ireland and experience a Bed and Breakfast – B&B Ireland

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in your travels around Ireland there can be no better way to experience the true taste of Irish family hospitality than by staying in any of the hundreds of Bed & Breakfasts spread across the country in both urban and rural locations they open the door to all that is special about a Holiday Inn Army renowned for the warmth of their welcome hey vanilla vodka your read constitutes a charger uma from the moment you arrive you can enjoy the personal care and attention that is unique to this type of accommodation with high quality comfortable and individually designed rooms clean and fresh for your arrival you will be welcomed into the homes of people who have an intrinsic knowledge of the local area there's a bus stop there so you get up there and you can walk up through the town now County for a new time we need you to talk to them they'd like to be told what to do where to go and what to see and I always can to make it a point from the commune recision for a few minutes and you'd have no cup of tea with them they're getting the person touch and the operation of the B&B would know what's on and in the city what's on around the city well I think there's very special things about B&B is that it's a place where people feel they can interact with the an Irish family and they can learn all about the culture they what's going on in the country and I think that's very special when it comes to starting the day it's hard to beat a fool I respect and B&Bs rightly deserve their reputation for the best of breakfast spreads this morning and we have full Irish breakfast if you'd like this at a B&B you can take your time to savor a meal that is freshly prepared using local ingredients very often a speciality of the region with access to wonderful fresh fish our local butchers advise local meats wonderful cheese's when it comes to the home-baked Irish bread it's hard to resist a slice or two I do all my own breads and scones and sort of reds and all that I make my own marmalade in McMillan jams and you can easily find B and B's that also offer meals at the end of the day we prepare fresh through course evening meal with the seasonal using local produce and some of the projects that we would have in our own garden many B&BS offer a range of themed and activity-based breaks either in the city or the great outdoors for the keen angler browse we will help find a B&B that meets all your fishing requirements we're on the river here in dr. Arden la carb is a very famous brown trout fishery we have our boats in the river so it's a very convenient way for them to get onto the lake and they just have to literally step into the boat and go down the river and there then they're out fishing we added a rod room and drying facilities we also developed into rod hire and we have a guide service all that's left for the fishermen to do is to take time in pursuit of a catch Oh Hill walking is hugely popular simply choose a B&B with services that help make the most of your day in the country there's local information available before you leave owners can provide packed lunches vital sustenance for the miles ahead and for inclement weather you'll find just the services you need many a presence commend the courts are driven those shows are West I'm a big dryer and I put stuff in the dryer for them and drive never to flex and they have delight with that really you know that they've dried calls again the bed-and-breakfast is a holiday service that has modernized with the times but without losing any of its traditional appeal we are here for honeymoon and we got married two months ago in B&B we have some sort of homely atmosphere than in the hotel the hotel it's a business here we are they are like a family well I come from a town I have a little girl and I just thought that that would be great to be able to experience that part of country life and B&Bs actually offer that opportunity and particularly BMPs that are associated with a working farm you think it's a bitter because we have a baby and so you can see the landscape the honey melissa and the the room is bigger and the the hospitality is good walking what we love is so much of it to do and see the fresh air and we love the freedom and particularly the people that we meet the food is always so wonderful I really appreciate the food when you come to a farmhouse homemade bread and lovely fresh eggs it's really lovely I wouldn't want anything else whatever your pleasure wherever you explore you can be sure you'll find all you need for the best of holiday breaks with Ireland's Town and Country Homes and Irish farmhouse holidays search our online booking engine at WWE serve a B&B comm for information and to make a live booking


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Tamara's head is a bouncy castle everyone jump on it's me Yami and I'm here today at the Hilton Hotel to do some more trolling I have my Gucci briefcase and I'm ready to troll let's go the Hilton Hotel there's a wonderful place to relax and stay in roblox swinter currently so it's snowing first of all we have to go and check into our room so you better get into the line I'm just a normal person so I have to get in this standard line wow this is taking forever Wow the service here is slow you'd expect better from the Hilton spelled wrong it's this person really just got out of this line Wow No darn it I could have been second in life but I wasn't here we go hola I don't really know another language so I'm gonna make it up G JA non-pom BOM one this channel on Tom bond one place let's see how he copes with me speaking a weird language okay I just made a language of tea sue me tea sue me bula-bula enjoy I just made up a language and he gave me a room is this what happens in customer service normally they actually have no idea what you saying but they just let you into a room anyway well that's great go in the elevator oh there's some girls in here hi wait I've not even pressed the elevator I'm in room 403 can I get out what's going on this is taking a really long time smells like in here it's cuz you stank how do we get out I'm so confused let me out of this seriously hey we are stuck in here I don't know how we get out this might be the end seriously how do we get out oh my gosh I'm out wow that was a horrible ride I did not like that let's go check out my room here we are oh nice some pajamas we got the tea and coffee we put these on I really want to put these on yes I look so good you can play movies and everything this is well cool anyway I'm not here to relax I'm here to droll okay I've got my pajamas on maybe I should put the robe on oh I can't oh yeah yes now I'm gonna find myself someone to troll how do I get out there we go well this was a disaster because now I have to go back down oh my gosh I am never getting out of here alive okay I'm here oh my gosh let's go troll this guy over here at the food area hotdogs and apples what a strange meal these guys are already having an argument which is great please don't make this hot just give me your order sir yo tengo mucho diner oh one Jeffrey you have much and what I think this person is trolling just like me I'm good Samuel I'm gonna troll too we need security at the bar I will give my Samuel to flamingo hello can i order food I welcome to hell at hotel how may I help you I wish to food one choc claps do they even have chocolate coffee we don't do coffee Oh one chocolate door till a tip but I can offer you a refreshing milkshake I want chocolate on my daughter legit those are the real chocolate chips where is he going I think he's quiz job I don't think he wants to work there anymore he's loved hello my waiter left rude people don't like it if you don't speak proper English them oh my gosh yes I want to wear these I want to wear these oh yes let's find a member of staff excuse me oh she just died why are the stuff is so rude oh there we go yes I am can you help no let me say it the staff just don't unsee you in this game they're too busy hello my clothes were stolen why does everybody leave everybody's left it seems like this loads of people on here trolling as well excuse me sir my clothes fell off come with me please what is he doing wait is he security am I gonna get done why are we going oh I feel like this guy is trolling me he's telling me to go to floor free it's not working everybody's report in him and chat what is good oh this guy's wide Emile I'm leaving I need to find somebody else who can help me with my clothes nasty tomorrow sounds nice can you help me sure my clothes were stolen I had my baktun for two minutes and they were snatched warning weren't rolling oh I have had a very serious and disappointing day my clothes was snatched and this girl is gave me done trolling warning to continuing you can borrow mine I have of us oh she's warning me this girls trying to help me out oh this girl's going to show me where the clothes are how sweet oh she's led me to room two cute oh yeah I'll put some pyjamas wow thanks the Temari girl who gave me warnings she's mean she's rude and she's angry so I'm gonna go unwind her up some more where's she at although she's coughing someone tomorrow I found cloves without your help let me go okay what is she doing you're assaulting a customer you are rude how help someone let him go you monster yeah she's doing her job and what's that to be a mean person to stopped rollers or exploiters she has injured this innocent man can you shut up oh my god this person's name is Kayla shut up idiot chess has a smarter than you oh my god this person is one big and one small I'm what is going on just come on give me a room I'm going to have to ask hey try to come this is a democracy manifest please may I have a room this person just wants help me what is she doing Tamara get off him he is my husband you took his leg off no he was spamming and got free warnings arrest him help me Tamara I'm calling the police on you this girl's ringing 999 oh this is a girl who helped me get close Tommy is pleased no she's not she's just someone who works at the Hilton Hotel Tamara's head is a bouncy castle everyone jump on he's a good man let him go Lal I gotta stop doing this stuff oh no I'm gonna leave them alone because she's handcuffed him for the last 15 minutes has gone on too long I need to try and get handcuffed myself that's the next thing I need to do where's all the staff go on there's no one here oh my gosh look at this member of staff so cute this person is called BTS army I bet they like BTS Hey BTS sucks they don't they're pretty good I'm gonna wind this person up silly music oh my gosh they disconnected that was easy I really want to get handcuffed how hard do you think that is oh that's woman here I hate this hotel it sucks someone's gotta handcuff me here come on is there anything wrong yes this place sucks I lost my Gucci flip-flop in the pool that is a complaint center I don't care I'm sad jellyfish it out no it was designer oh my gosh what is going on over here this guy's being handcuffed what is happening let him go big meanie head what the heck is happening here I really don't know someone's being arrested and then this guy's is like way I want to be arrested these people out here you suck let the sloth go oh I'm gay done one cap abuse leave Sammi alone oh my gosh what happens when it gets too free I'm really confused that's it oh he's gonna cook me oh no boys he's gonna get me a swings cops around oh this is like a little game where he has to catch me come on then oh no he's gonna get me oh my god she's like a little mini game I'm having to run away from him he's a very slow security guard isn't he very good at this you're slow he actually got me long no look at me struggling to get out of his house oh no oh my gosh is he taking me ma put me in this weird little prison under the mob where I'm just falling to my death is that what happens when you troll on Hilton hotels they kill you the seeker has been exposed well there we go guys I got kicked out of the Hilton Hotel if you didn't enjoy today's video make sure to leave a like hope you're all having a wonderful day and remember don't troll people it makes them very mad


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when you're playing hide-and-seek sank I mean hello guys in the new yacht impede 99-year on today I am joined with that's always the new calendar you wait and you sit in there just enjoy in life at the moment 20% off sale by using the promo code Portugal community team a checkered so the sale ends Thursday make sure you can pick yourself up some hats t-shirts oh there we go so yeah guys in this video I a lot of you have commented saying that you want to see how you think I don't know if like people were still untested in hide and seek but obviously a lot of requests for hide and seek so we decided just to do hide and seek that is so so warm here in Portugal I'll just give you an idea of the Weller like can you see that like look at that that's just blue if you ever see sometimes this guy like in foreign countries like Portugal like the sky looks that blue that it almost looks gray like like just look at that there's no such thing as employees in portugal you're right young so before we start I'll do this but if you guys do you guys know what to do so make sure to smash that like button cowboy mani like should they put on this video one boys and like let each one poison likes and also if you're seeing my face and also his face on your screen for the first time then makes her press the big red button point which is subscribe and you can join the newbie army and the newbie army is the best army to who haha he's right he's right and also make sure to turn on those little boost notifications I'm follow me on snapchat Instagram Twitter and as I said guys make sure to head over to WWE calm and you can pick yourself up some hats sunglasses or t-shirts and if you use the promo code Portugal 2018 you can actually claim 20% off in the summer sand which ends this Thursday so make sure you head over there and claim your 20% pick cause as I said it only lasts until Thursday yes I'm saying again yeah it's it to my face as you can see in the title we are playing hide and seek in this monstrosity yoga Villa Callum is going to be using the little GoPro as a challenge you want here please here can you take us thanks there we go Oh mr. year and I recording so you only like vlog yourself do you want to say something while you're vlogging yourself what did you say what did you say What did he say so yeah is that just least one last thing Callum rock-paper-scissors to see who's on it's rock-paper-scissors you're coming first okay let's let that let's set the number that you have to count to first so what number do you reckon we should come to 2020 okay well can't you one day and see how that one yes no peeking so no cheating Carol okay are you ready three four five six the sugar it's a nice bathroom 18 19 20 ready or not here I come where could it be could it be where could he be [Applause] you find me oh my god guys I forgot that this is closed I just walk down the glass oh he's stupid I am stupid I just walked in the glass so is it my turn to find out the door okay I'm looking forward to this so Kalyn one two three 19 and 20 okay so not here as I would suspect I just had like a little beep what's up Oh bleep he's not in the bathroom this is just cool notice there's there right there that was absolutely awful oh yeah the long did that take me all of what like 10 seconds you have to clean so go ahead over there to that on the door and points until your heart is content okay right one sex Sam 12 13 14 oh my god the girls think I actually should have stayed in the last hiding spot I'm not letting me know that's remedial for you to find right this time spot better be that last one I'm just warning you okay 1 2 3 19 and 20 oh my god guys extra warm right I don't think usually that's difficult on you let me see this okay good it's not that stupid being here and that sure dying is doing behind these doors this room is quite messy guys because this is like the luggage room so don't mind it me else could he be oh this is actually quite hard um I'm so lost guys like I don't know where he went like the only place left is like n here delude hello hello me wherever you are but it definitely percent has to be in here God are you serious you were like in the nooks and crannies of this room seriously but yeah actually Syria oh my god well you know I can't like to give you a high-five to that one that was a pretty good hiding spot wow that was far better than your last one holy moly you're huge point I like this game go ahead and acquaint six seven [Applause] okay just watch geez do you want to chat me is that your job going to drench at me you ready I'm gonna come it up to 20 1 2 3 4 18 19 20 okay so I think he might have went up like the stairs because of the fact that I said we would up the stairs so I'm going to take a quick guess and say yes he's probably went up the stairs let's see where a voice he is where could he be where could it be in here at all okay he's not on here why else could it be gonna be right here no hold on a month hold on I'm on it what you read in the water yeah you're in the water behind sink yeah you are a hardcore hater oh my balls oh my god guys so I think that wraps up Haiti that was an amazing lighting spot I have to say so make sure to smash that like one guys if you enjoyed this hide and seek game and also make sure to subscribe if you're watching my face on your screen for the first time and you can join the newbie army and the newbie army the best army please and finally guys make sure to follow me on my social like Twitter Instagram snapchat internal news little push notifications and go over to WWE clues and calm and pick yourself up some clothing so yeah that has been me the new Adam b99 on over guys make sure to go follow me on my social zone the Instagram snapchat and Twitter and also don't forget to visit my own clothing line at wwlp.com and I'll see you in the next video

Very Cheap Luxury Vacations

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hi my name is Joel paskin and the title of this video is a cheap luxury vacation we we have recently become a part of the global resorts network vacation club and it allows they're actually there are four ways to stay at a timeshare resort a luxury times their share resort one way is to buy into the luck to the timeshare directly going to the going directly to the timeshare that would be one way second way to would be to buy it on retail for about half of that price the third wave will be go online and pay anywhere typically from 1500 to 2500 dollars for a week at a luxury timeshare the fourth way and the way that my wife and I decided to do that is with global resorts network and we stay at luxury resorts really cheap crazy cheap now give you an example our first little vacation is going to be the end of April the beginning of May to go to a walt disney world to see the flower and garden show and we're staying at a resort about looks like about two miles from the parks and we're paying 350 five dollars for one full week at this time share resort that is a crazy cheap you can hardly stay in a hotel for two or three days for that price so that so that that's one of the reasons that we join global resorts network we feel it's a wonderful wonderful way for people to take vacations you have the option to go on vacations 52 weeks a year as opposed to any other vacation club which is much less than that and the prices will always be between $300 on the low end and seven to eight hundred dollars on the high end they'll always fall in between there depending on the location most will be falling in between the three hundred and seven hundred dollars one similar to what we have in Florida in Central Florida well what I ask is that you click on the link below watch the video put your name and address and when you click in and watch the video that will come up after that and see what global resorts network is all about and join us as a very very happy vacationers in style see you all in the next video bye for now

Cornish Holiday Cottages | Falmouth & Helford River

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there's nowhere quite like Cornwall from luscious Gardens to sandy beaches perfect for children to play and explore for parents to cherish the moments perfect for couples to reconnect to being out on the water with the wind in your hair turn moments into memories with Cornish holiday cottages we know what matters

B&B (1992 British TV film)

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