B&B Hotel – Budget Friendly Disney Partner Hotel : Disneyland (Paris, France)

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How to Make $2370 a Month With One DIY Airbnb

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hey guys so this is a wonderful example of how you take a very small space and turn it into something beautiful that can actually bring income to you from your own property from your own home and so welcome I'm having a little bit of a trouble with the lighting it is meant to be a cozy nook and so it doesn't have a lot of big open windows it has a lot of curtains so bear with me that it's going to be a little dark most air B&B x' make somewhere between 85 and 165 dollars a night if it's a really big mansion they can make into the hundreds but I think what we're kind of focusing on now is something you can put into the back corner of your property something that maybe is already there it just needs to be changed a little bit and brought up to code for living standards so that you can make an income off of it the least expensive air Bailey we ever stayed in was a $50 a night Airbnb in texarkana and what it was was this cute little house that drew the backyard went to a little coffee house and the lady on both of them so she would work at the coffee house during the day and then when she had somebody come in from Airbnb that or had them leave she'd run over change the bedding spruce everything up and then go back to work so it took her maybe half an hour a day to keep the air B&B managed and she was making $50 a day from that rental but the nice thing is is that with an Airbnb you're not necessarily dealing with renters you're dealing with somebody who comes in and goes out and you have their credit card on file so that if they damaged something you have recourse we never found the anger or babies we were in had seen shown any sign of damage or they were all really well kept up it was obvious that they were a really great asset for the people who owned them be the more personal touches you had the more people are going to want to come there if it looks like a home but like the kind of home that you want to live in then people are going to be drawn to it the pictures make a really huge difference showing the Flair showing the personality of your home makes a huge difference a lot of times people just slap up a picture of a room where a bed is unmade or they have very drab sheets drab bedding or maybe the room isn't clean we have been in town house type apartments where we actually had a communal bathroom we had a bedroom but we had a communal bathroom that was just down the hall there was a laundry facility but it felt it felt like a home it didn't feel like an apartment it was beautiful every part of it was pretty the communal kitchen was beautiful communal fridge and it was one of our favorite places there the outside the beauty of the streets was part of what pulled us to it was because they had just a phenomenal space that the home that the townhouse itself is beautiful but though the streets were gorgeous and on the other side we've been to places where the outside was the worst part you came up and it looked like nobody in the neighborhood cared about their home except for where we were staying and they had done such a fantastic job on the inside that it just didn't matter you felt safe usually they have your parking like right in front of the residence so that they can keep an eye on your car we've never had a problem with the break-in with an Airbnb and the last thing I would say is that don't discount glamping we've been to places where they actually rented out a little RV especially in the summer they were much less expensive than other ways to camps maybe twenty-five thirty-five dollars a night and they'd have a little fire pit that was one way that they've done it some other places have done like wheat there in Florida in Miami Florida there was a tree house the little house wound around the tree and you had the tree house and there was a communal bathroom and a communal shower and there was no electricity in the tree house itself but you had access to a main space that did have electricity in Georgia we stayed in in a tiny house on wheels and it had running water but it didn't have a toilet they had a composting toilet inside the tiny house and it's very clean you couldn't smell anything we've been at some others where it was in the back someone's backyard in Boise Idaho they had a yurt and there was no water or anything like that in the yurt you had this little pathway that you followed to a garage bathroom in the owners home and they had these cute little stepping stones and it was wonderful but you didn't have a bathroom you had to walk to it but it was part of the experience it was a yurt for crying out loud it should be like glamping and so we walk back and take your shower go to the bathroom and they need to walk back and they had a little stove I think it was a propane stove inside the yurt and that was how you lived in that year and it was amazing and again he actually had a hard time getting into a lot of these places because people could find what it is they were looking for people some people really just want to glam they want to go camping but have a bathroom and a shower off to the side so the sky's the limit as long as you really take into account honesty and safety make sure that you're very straightforward about what's available some Airbnb advise you not to bring children there like this is the somewhat dangerous Airbnb it's not a good place for children some Airbnb say yes bring pets some say no please don't bring pets some say we have pets on the facility if you're allergic to cats this is not the right Airbnb for you we have had so much fun in our Airbnb and they've given us ideas for what we want to do in our own house and so hopefully this helped you out for those of you who are looking for passive income and you have amazing skills plumbing carpentry whatever that may be it's very simple to set up an Airbnb and the the costs are pretty negligible some Airbnb slow to charge you 50 dollars as a cleaning fee this is no exception this one had I think a $35 cleaning fee and I'm sure that a lot of people leave a huge mess when they leave but at $35 for the 15 minutes it takes to clean up it's worth it to the owners as long as they do add that fee and this here they also added in attacks so previous years there was no tax on Airbnb but now there is a tax and I don't know I think I think it's a wonderful thing we used to stay in hotels when we had problems with the RV if we had to have kind of a layover because it was being worked on in the garage Reid go get a hotel but we had some really bad experiences in hotels and it didn't generally feel like a safe neighborhood where we could actually afford to stay no place for the kids to run and jump from playing screen Airbnb is they generally have some amazing outdoor spaces three of the Airbnb s we've stayed in have actually had fishing streams in them and others have had docks and others have had paddle boats and others have had big backyards and others have had chickens that you can go and pet and so so much fun such a way to enrich your community such a way to make money for your family with what you you know if you got the building on-site yard paint for it why not have it make you some money so hopefully that was encouraging and helpful and we'll talk to you later so the best thing about a place like this is that it feels better than a hotel it feels safer than a hotel and in a lot of instances it's not more expensive than a hotel because people who have one of these in their backyard don't have to deal with all the overhead of a big hotel and they're right johnny-on-the-spot to do their own housekeeping then they can keep costume so that is one thing to consider when you're digging to do an Airbnb is that somebody has to come in and change the sheets a lot of times you can find a teenager who will do it for $7 every time but a lot of times you can't and so are you willing to come out and change the bedding are you willing to come out and check that everything is right which is why it's so convenient if it is in your backyard because then you just have to walk there you don't have to get in Drive and and so I feel like it is the ultimate cottage industry as long as you feel safe doing it I you know there there's also that factor you do have strangers coming in but I've only ever read one bad review and that was a review where a super host had marked that they didn't want dogs on the facility and then a man brought a dog in the neighbors saw it called their baby owner who lived in another state and it turned out that he had to leave the Airbnb because he had a dog that wasn't part of the deal so that was the only bad review I ever saw or an issue where there was a safety problem I took a whole bunch of little short vignettes to show the different ways that they fix this little place up for pennies for instance the floors are made out of pallet wood and they purposefully left little divots they sanded it but they left the nail holes they left divots what they did was stained the pallet wood different colors before they put it down and then they put a very thick coat of lacquer polyurethane over the top that is slightly tacky to the touch that you're not slipping on it but it's a very thick and very easy to walk on you don't snag your feet on it but it gives a little texture under your feet and it's a beautiful floor I think they have more time invested in this and they do money the same thing could be said of all the wall fixtures they have the little it looks like tin but you can buy these in sheets from True Value for $16 a sheet and I or I guess it looks like maybe copper tin and they took a couple of tiny strips of that to add a little bit of depth to cover the seam and that one they antiqued a little bit over here they actually have what looks like beadboard almost but it's old beadboard pulled it out with all the nail holes and everything and then put it up in here and then finished it with a kind of coppery ten glossy gold colored paint other things they did was they took some very standard tables things you could get at a secondhand store and they painted it they antiqued it in the range of colors that they'd already used but nothing is matchy-matchy as far as they didn't go down to Bed Bath & Beyond defy everything that matched it is all very eclectic and it makes it feel like a home rather than like something that you can't touch the the linens were pretty they were not overly expensive but they were pretty more importantly the sheets were really nice we have found the Airbnb ease the sheets make a huge difference in how well you sleep at night [Applause]

How to Make $3090 a Month With a Shipping Container House (Airbnb)

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so this little Airbnb is really delightful I love it I was a little a little hesitant about it when we first got here because they make the outside look like it's still just a storage container and it took a minute for me to notice the landscaping it took me a minute to notice the paint it took me a minute to notice that we have a privacy gate and so I think they were really brilliant with the way that they did this in that there's a lot of razor wire in New Mexico and even though we've never felt unsafe or like there was going to be crime or any problem any violence it is very normal to see razor wire and high fences and stuff like that so what they've done is they taken this little compound and they already have two units here it's obviously is doing well for them because they're putting in a third one and they kind of camouflage the outside if it's going to have pretty paint on it they're gonna put it into a space where the doors are going to close over that so you can't really see it if there's nobody here and it's concrete it's gravel privacy fence and it's simple it's really simple and then once you go inside you're really charmed when it comes to an Airbnb the colors make a huge difference bright pretty happy cheerful colors whichever one you choose choose it and go with it and stay with it in this one they kept it very modern modern and easy to clean with a few bright colors wonderful furniture on the inside the furniture inside is wonderful they have good windows with screen so you can open them they have a dehumidifier inside and two air conditioners and everything is just set up I kind of like the size of it because it has more normal functional size kitchen a larger fridge has a king-sized bed with an actual bedroom they have the pretty curtains in the window the opening screen door so that you feel like you have options there's a back door there's a front door and then there's this sliding glass door they have blackout blinds everything looks new and well made and in atleast here on this one the owners are over frequently because they're working on the new place but on top of that I think they just kind of like to come in and check on people it's nice because all they have to do to contact you is just text you they don't have to really babysit you so we talked to the owners yesterday just because they were working on the house but we didn't feel like we were being hovered over at all they have good outside spaces with enough chair for people to come sit pretty views no trash really nice landscaping so if you're interested in finding some kind of passive income for your home and you have a little shed a little cabin on the back we've had a wonderful time at all of our Airbnb s we have felt so much more comfortable there especially with children than we do in hotels there's more room for them to play there's more privacy the linens are nicer it doesn't smell like chlorine and we have paid less than hotels and a little bit more than hood one thing is they did use a dehumidifier when we first got in there was a an interesting smell in the air and at first I thought it was mold but I don't think was mold I think it was the smell of the metal getting warm and they didn't have anything turned on on the inside when we got there they had him on an automatic setting for four when people arrived so they do have a dehumidifier in there and once they started using the dehumidifier the air cleared up really quick we left the windows and the doors open and but do remember that these are boxes metal boxes and even though they have put in lumber and they've put in insulation they put in a paint tell intents and purposes it is a metal box so it's going to smell a little bit different than a conventional home and it's going to act a little different from a conventional home I think one of the reasons that they let the storage containers the way that they did was for security from a distance they just look like storage units because they painted some of the walls but not all the walls they painted anything that was going to be under the doors when it closed or something that was recessed so you really couldn't see it very well and they have a really nice pad that they poured it's very nice under your feet they keep it really well swept there's a lot of gravel in here there's not weeds they do have little little plantings like they have this little tree here this little tree here that will someday be a fruit tree and then along their fence they've used tin as a retaining wall and then a taller fence above that not that it would really keep anybody out but I think it's something of a visual deterrent it makes it obvious that there are people here often and then they have cactus along the bottom that they've kept plus the railroad ties that kind of show this is parking space and this over here is fence and then they have another fence back here you can see here along the top and it looks like maybe it's just reclaimed fencing from somewhere else maybe they got it maybe there's some demolition maybe they got it a good price but it's stained it looks a little old and then they used they just did some really neat things with their landscaping here again it's New Mexico everywhere that we go there's razor wire and when I first came in I was a little nervous but then I saw the attention to detail the fact that they do have gates they do have fences nothing here looks like come and take advantage of this and it's obvious that it's doing well because they are putting in the new one I wanted to show you the landscaping just a little bit so I don't know how Justin Rhodes does it holding on to it the whole time cause it just just stays right there in your face but I'm gonna try not to get I'm gonna try not showing you my face so there's the meters there's the air conditioning units they have this little swale in here for runoff and then they have some really pretty bamboo so the landscaping is actually quite nice a lot of thought went into this okay so here's their third site with their putting in you can see it's just a regular storage container here is more really pretty drainage they're probably going to turn this into some kind of planting zone because when they do get rain this is where it's gonna go but you can think that you think they're using old tin maybe you can't see it cuz my head is in the way they're using old tin and it looks like a lot of it could have been scavenged and then they're just using an old tractor for a lot of the the heavier lifting it's not any tractor it's an old tractor and they're using native landscaping plans so that they're not going to have to come out and water it every day and then they are very careful to make sure that the area is well lit at night and they do have windows and they've made a lot of use of rubber toys old pretty logs old tractor but I really wanted to show you the fence that they need it have some again native plantings and here's their fence and it looks like what they used was old tin from the actual storage container itself see that so they use old they used what they cut off of the house build this and they have some really neat details look how pretty that is and so they welded this see how nice that is when they have the cactus they saved one of the bigger trees and then here's their footings for the new one it looks like they're planning started or finished looks like that they're coming finished and that's what it looks like from a distance it just literally looks like shipping containers I would recommend if you're going to do an air B&B go stay at some air B&B see what you think of them see what their pictures look like compared to what the inside looks like see what having the outside well-landscaped means for the inside and I mean you couldn't have to separate those two a sunlight just because if you see somebody else's amazing outside landscaping and you're like well I can't do that I live in a concrete jungle don't worry about it if you have good enough landscaping and amazing enough surrounding people want to stay there for those surroundings if you have an amazing enough inside of your house then people want to stay there for the inside of the house and not for the landscaping if you can combine both of those if you if you can combine both of those then it's a win-win but don't think just because you don't have wonderful landscaping you can't do an urban view or just because you don't have wonderful insight doesn't mean you can't do it find a way that works for you and it takes a little bit of ingenuity but you've got that so hopefully you're liking the series I'm trying to show different ways and different skills that you could use towards creating a passive income where you only have to check in maybe half an hour a day and that you only really have to be available on your phone so if you have DIY skills of carpentry and plumbing and that kind of thing or if you have a cousin who's into plumbing and you're into carpentry maybe something like this would really work for you and hopefully you enjoy it make sure to go check out our Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram we're trying to make sure we keep up on that and we're about to go back home to work on our off-grid tiny cabin and our original purpose when we got the cabin was to turned it into an Airbnb and for me it's exciting because I would want to go the glamping direction I like glamping which is that you're camping you're more outdoors but you have some luxuries you have some comfort you have some protection from the elements and so that's what we'll be working on this summer of Darwin from the honey dew carpenter so make sure to go check out their channel and we'll talk to you later

I Win Free Vacations – Best I Win Free Luxurious Vacations Affirmations

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myself I just won a free trip I just want a free trip my choosing all the time myself appreciate I am so happy I am so happy great just one of three I myself appreciate I just won a free trip I just to my I just want a free trip to Australia luxury cruises sonic destinations all over the world my choosing I just the world I am joyful I am you

Hotel Employees Reveal Secrets About Hotels

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hmm I don't want to get in trouble with this one how can you get things for free upgraded room or a comped room I definitely recommend that you just ask or complain about the view size or if the rooms dirty your neighbors are loud whatever the case may be be cool don't make stuff up nobody cares about your anniversary the only anniversary I care about is the one where you're handing me a 20 it depends on the occupancy depends on the person depends on the guests don't book off the discount sites cuz we know how little you paid for it so when it comes to upgrades back at a-line I have had people who have not wanted to pay for the room and actually have come up with nefarious ways to get things for free they said that there was a rat in the room the security team went to investigate and there was a little rat in the room but in the trashcan there was a receipt from Petsmart well the person and their new pet rat got kicked out of the hotel with no refund well there's always the used condom excuse that's a classic we found used condom under the pillow dude no you did unless that was yours what's the dirtiest thing in the room all things fabric couches chairs the weird blanket that they put on top for the color accent discard it probably the TV remote it's electronics so you can't really just like to spray it down with chemicals I think it's just kind of gets put back on the desk and that's about it people use the bathroom don't wash their hands and they touch the remote after relieving themselves in or out of the bathroom have I had any weird celebrity encounters and the answer to that is too many to remember I've seen many celebrities and their underwear nobody that you actually want to see though I had someone called me from the bathroom and asked me to come system in the tub and then she would do things to me if I would do that for her sometimes celebrities will check in under a different name I had somebody stay at a hotel one time and somebody asked me what was that this person I was like no we don't have anybody seeing in the hotel if I haven't named one of the most awkward moments and I'm not gonna name drop any celebrities for example if say Kim Kardashian was in front of me and I didn't know who she was okay what's the last name for the reservation instant insult they just get really offended like have you witnessed any porn shoes yeah I actually helped the guys bring up their filming equipment and they tipped me with a sweatshirt that had the porn company logo on it I mean it's a good view it's a nice room the beds are beautiful I don't blame them they kind of have the attitude of like yeah we paid for this room we're gonna do whatever the hell we want in it do employees know when you booked a room to have a one-night stand yes we do usually it's a bunch of giggling snuggling making out on saved couch in front of employees and we're just standing there like right so could you kindly insert your credit card for incidentals not only do we know that you're there for a one-night stand but we also knew who your wife is because you checked in with her like an hour ago on a different floor and when you call down and ask us to deliver condoms we also know that you're not really a Magnum dude can you replace items from the minibar without getting in trouble you can try but it's really hard because you got to find like a pony sized bottle of diet cherry coke and a can of M&Ms you don't want it is to find a can of M&Ms everything in that minibar is inventoried and everything we'll probably be able to tell if it's not something that we've already bought if you don't want to pay for the seven dollar bottles of water from the minibar you can just go refill your same bottle down at the fitness center by law they have to have water for you there why are people not allowed to smoke in hotel rooms do you know how long it takes to actually clean a room that's have a smoke owner in it it's a health hazard number one number two it knocks out a room for a week I'm not gonna have somebody smoke in a room and then when a teenage kid goes to lay down on the pillow like mommy it smells like camel do I know and when people are smoking weed in the room yes I've had to go and inquire like no we're not smoking do we say anything about all the pens men you Sharon weed nobody cares about because we know they're not gonna be causing any trouble after third it's gonna be sitting around and watching movies and raiding the minibar that's the clientele we want so just be a nice person treat everybody well enjoy yourself make our lives easier and will make your stay incredible