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the Hawaiian Islands these lush lands are home to stirring natural beauty a fascinating history full of myth and legend and rich cultural traditions that will truly inspire you Princess Cruises invite you to explore and embrace the many wonders of Hawaii on a cruise that will change the way you see the world snorkel alongside giant sea turtles in kawaii samples sweet pineapples fresh from the fields of Maui walk barefoot on pristine beaches that range from sugary white to velvety black uncover the legend of King Kamehameha honor the fallen crewmen at Pearl Harbor and discover even more through Princess Cruises Aloha spirit program as we immerse you in the color culture and flavors of the region right onboard anyone can take you to the Hawaiian Islands but no one offers you its greatest attractions and best-kept secrets like Princess Cruises and that's the difference between a vacation and a life-changing experience sailing with princess to the Hawaiian Islands is a terrific value when compared to resort base 2ye vacations with princess you'll visit four popular islands instead of just one fun-loving Maui lush kawaii the fiery Big Island of Hawaii and vibrant Oahu where you'll spend a full day seeing the sights plus a late evening so you can also experience the nightlife and exciting Honolulu Plus during days at sea you'll find a world of diversions from world-class entertainment and enriching activities to mouth-watering cuisine and endless ocean views the perfect setting for a carefree romantic getaway and with round-trip cruises from Los Angeles San Francisco and Vancouver you can avoid the hassle of a long flight to the island's West Coast residents can even drive to the port and sail the same day whether you're a history enthusiast a nature buff or just want to soak in the beauty of Hawaii our award-winning shore excursions take you to places you've always dreamt about for truly authentic and unique experiences and only Princess Cruises has excursions that come recommended by two of the most trusted names in world exploration discovery and Animal Planet there are also exclusive Discovery and Animal Planet options that offer one-of-a-kind experiences you can't get anywhere else watch the craters steam at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park ranked by Forbes as one of America's 10 best national parks explore Haleakala National Park with its ethereal volcanic landscapes sub tropical rainforests and freshwater pools fed by idyllic waterfalls visit Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial which pays tribute to the crewmen who lost their lives on December 7th 1941 sweep along the spectacular cliffs of the famous Napali coast by helicopter that have been the setting for Hollywood blockbusters like Jurassic Park and King Kong step to the edge of Waimea Canyon a natural wonder that really lives up to its nickname the Grand Canyon of the Pacific drive the road to Hana famous for its unspoiled beauty as you navigate 600 Coastal curves and cross 54 bridges along this fabled drive snorkel at the islands best dive spots and can the rippling waves for humpback whales or relax on the world-famous beaches like a Wahoo's Waikiki framed by the iconic Diamond Head crater sailing to Hawaii with princess can be just as exciting as being there with our signature Aloha spirit experiences on board like lei making hula dancing and even ukulele lessons culminating with a grand Hawaiian farewell luau where guests get to show off their new skills there's even a colorful King Kamehameha festival that salutes the first King to unite all of the Hawaiian Islands plus there's Hawaiian musicians and guest entertainers including our perennial favorite the halau hula alana folkloric show featured on every call to honolulu you'll also get to hear from destination experts to expand your knowledge and appreciation of Hawaiian history its culture and Beauty and you'll savor a variety of regional cuisine on board that reflects the local culture like Kahlua duck luau pork with apricot drippings Big Island pineapple with strawberry coconut relish as well as a wide selection of fresh tropical cocktails of course you'll enjoy princes signature features that guests have come to love movies under the stars the sanctuary and Lotus Spa specialty dining and of course award-winning entertainment like high-tech production shows and top headliner comedians as well as street performers in our bustling Piazza a trip to the Hawaiian Islands can be so much more than you ever imagined rich landscapes and sparkling waters an indigenous culture with a vibrant and storied history and of course music art and cuisine to spark your imagination travel with princess and you'll come back with vivid new memories great new friends and a new perspective on the world we live in Princess Cruises come back new you


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I'm on vacation good morning guys and welcome to Hawaii vlog day 2 with Garnier on the Big Island hello I just got back from the gym if you guys missed the last vlog go check out day 1 or kind of like day 1 and day 1 and a half I guess even why hello it is day 2 we have so much fun stuff planned today and I can't wait to bring you guys along I woke up extra early this morning and just got back from the gym I did a pretty good workout nothing too crazy I did a little bit of cardio and then mostly like weight training then I came back to my room and my door was like a little cracked open and I was like either a I'm gonna be murdered or be I forgot to close my door and I'm an idiot I walk in and the most beautiful Hawaiian man is setting up my breakfast for me on my Gotham he's he's like I hope you don't mind miss Cruz but it's such a beautiful day I wanted to set it up on the balcony for you I was like I'm okay with that it's okay I guess I'll show you guys the situation we've got going on we've got some toasts over here in the toaster they like toasting it outside and we've got a huge breakfast because we have a very exciting day today here I have egg whites chicken sausage and then potatoes I got hot green tea I got pineapple and then I got pea underneath which I could not wait to eat that we got some toast over there and then last but not least last night from dinner I took an avocado home I can make my own avocados toast because I'm insane I'm going to eat all of this I am so excited and so hungry I'm going to dive in I haven't got an hour before I need to head out so I'm gonna eat this change for a little bit of makeup on I'm gonna leave my hair in a ponytail today because that's just what we're gonna do and then today we are going on a private boat tour and then a helicopter ride to overlook the volcanoes and just all this amazing stuff here on this island so I'm so excited I'm gonna eat and I'll see you guys after I'm ready oh my god you guys I literally end to the clip knocked at my door and they gave me this Garnier girl Sun Hat and this little beach show that says you had me at aloha with stuff inside are you kidding me they thought of literally everything on this trip we got a little card saying that we're ready to sit back and relax wait I'm wrong today we do the boat tour and a spa pointman I got it all wrong oh my god I'm crying I love Garnier's so much thank you guys so much we've got the soothing facial mist this is the rose water one the day and night mask and then we've got the cleansing milk oh my god this is just like aesthetically cute – oh my god guys update so I put my hair down actually and I'm wearing the hat because Brian Ellis am I gonna get to wear this cute hat in LA well actually I can just not for another couple months until like springtime so I broke it out today I'm wearing it I love a good floppy hat I'm now walking over to tips room and then from there we're going to all head out I just like awkwardly smile at everybody here also I could not figure out how to put my romper on so I'm halfway wearing you're gonna have to help me put it on because I can't figure it out for the life of me okay let's go find Tippi I swear every single time I walked here like 15 times out every time I miss her room every single time we have arrived no girl you eat she's eating my favorite food in the world which is lox and bagels mmm i Jewish the light now we're walking over to the lobby we're meeting up with everybody for the private I have a feeling it's gonna be a catamaran cruise and it's whale watching season and we know how I feel about whales and I told someone last night I would genuinely cry and I really think I might cry if I see a real whale I've seen a couple now over the past like year or so but never any like really close and I genuinely think I will cheer up if we see one very close you guys I think they're so beautiful and there's such intelligent creatures and I'm just so excited I have so much energy on this trip okay bye I know a little too much today we gotta rub that off it looks like we're about to get onto the catamaran which was right at the catamaran we know how I feel about you it's a beautiful day here in Hawaii the Sun is beating on my back in the best way possible it's so nice I need to get more tan I can't wait yeah baby big boat over there we made it onto the catamaran look at this they have do it again do a flip oh my oh yeah there's the blowhole I'm gonna turn my camera off and then she's gonna do it I know all right I think she's done she's tired she's taken a nap you just jumped in oh you guys I missed the baby oil I'm so sorry oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god so close did you see that guys I was the first one to spy it I can go oh my god you guys see this right now oh my god I'm such a fun time I stole some fruits and veggies for the car ride home pretty smart of me okay bye hi guys Wow my face is super either oily or sweaty or something I don't know we're going to put some powder on right now because I look crazy so we just finished the boat or it wasn't so much fun I had an amazing time alright now we're heading over to the spa I'm not exactly sure what's happening we were just playing this by ear but I thought I have an update you guys they left these beautiful robes in our room for us to wear to the spa I believe I think I'm supposed to wear this I'm not exactly sure but I put the robe on I'm gonna wear it over there and then we're gonna go get some really nice spa treatments let's go hey hi guys I am back in my room from the spa I had an amazing facial and then a massage I've actually never had a facial before and I guess I was really tired or something she started like washing my makeup off and then I fell asleep you guys like I don't remember anything else other than that but I'm sure it was amazing I just got back to the room I'm gonna do some editing now and I'm really hungry so ordered some food I got a little salad back there I'll show you guys what I got all right here's what I'm having it's a chopped salad without bacon without feta so it's just lettuce tomatoes avocado and some I think I ordered a side of shrimp with some balsamic vinaigrette and some water and that's what I'm gonna eat right now because I'm so hungry alright I'm gonna eat this and I think I might head back to the gym after just because I want to go do a little bit more like weight training stuff but there's gonna be a dinner tonight that we're gonna go to I'm excited to get like a little bit dressed up I'm gonna shower get ready do some editing just like normal stuff like that hi guys okay so I came to the gym and they have these like cycling bikes out here they're just like the same bikes this SoulCycle oh so I decided you know what I'm just gonna do it and basically like to a SoulCycle class there's like choreography or basically like every class is different but there's like a certain sort of like routine almost that's like very similar I'm catching my breath I'm sweating so much I just just to kind of like try and do it on my own so I'm trying to do it right now so I decided to try it on my own and kind of like pretend like I was in a class just without the instructor this is the most beautiful view of ever had for a workout they'll look at this oh my goodness it is beautiful I'm sweaty I'm really happy that I came into this one baby proud of myself and uh yeah I am really tired right now after this I'm gonna go do the weights then we're gonna go shower my salad was amazing by the way it was delicious and yes just thought I'd catch you guys up I'm sweating a lot I'm really working out hard right now but I think I might be yelling okay so you see oh it is dark we got a light it up over here don't worry guys I'm getting a flashlight out it's gonna be bright well that's a really bright okay so I finished to work out I went back to the room took a shower did my hair did my makeup got changed no you look creepy holding a flashlight and walking with a camera and there's a golf cart coming and I'm gonna get hit by walking a test house right now or tips a little bungalow thing we're gonna pick her up go to dinner and yes okay you guys I made it to tips room and I'm doing a livestream right now I found the restaurant you guys we got lost because there's actually no electricity here like everything is a tiki torch so we're gonna walk across this bridge and it's over there harassed in there I got some sort of fish thing hi guys it is the next morning last night after dinner I actually went over to Tiff's room and we had a sleepover and then this morning we woke up had breakfast I just got back to the room I changed I kind of attempted to do my hair I don't really know what's happening to it today do a little bit of makeup and now we're heading out the door as I said earlier today we're going on a helicopter tour which is as you guys know I'm really afraid of heights but I really like helicopter tours think there's so much fun but yes I came back to my room to find the new a little gift for today I will share with you guys here it is it came on this super cute tray we've got a pair of the key Australia desi Perkins I think they're called the high keys they're so so cute I'm definitely bringing those and we've got the cute cards for today and today's little launch is about the charcoal mask which is super exciting oh my god this bag is really cute too I will do an outfit of the day for you guys the advice is to wear darker clothes today because of the reflection of the glass and everything so here's my outfit of the day it's super super casual I've got on my white tennis shoes my shorts which are from Free People which I love black belts black top from brandy melville that's it the hair again I have no idea what it's doing but we're just gonna deal with it today alright so we're gonna head out and I will see you guys very very soon they are about to go onto the highway to have a safety brief and then we're gonna go ahead and get you guys loaded up into the helicopter so if you have any questions or turning up there is kind of this picture on the side over here beautiful waterfalls because and all that guys I got my life vest on what a weird angle come in like best on we're ready to get on to the copter I'm so tired today you guys stop and I had a sleepover and we talked all night we did I think that's I'm tired but we've got our life vests on ready to go ready to go they're walking towards our not the jab the copter as I said I've done copper's before you guys but I'm a little nervous right now so wish me luck please okay you guys we are in the copter got the headphones on with all the Gagne where's Kanye so cute hi guys on the helicopter it was absolutely beautiful I think that was the most beautiful helicopter type everybody's landing everybody's hanging out did you have fun I did but I got to say I was so worried oh we got a true for this she doesn't know grade so it was really worth it right and a luau tonight mark hair you guys my mom just sent me new pics of sloth baby I have never missed anything more than to her life oh my god all right we've come to lunch and this is by far the most beautiful restaurant like the most beautiful lunch I think I've ever been at in my entire life we're sitting here top and I are here and we're at the food called the residence each time please just like look at this view right now I actually want to cry it's so gorgeous this trip has been unreal how do you feel tough feel amazing I feel relaxed same-same honeymoon we are place your drink orders and now we are going to get our food it's beautiful here we're having an amazing time and I'm so we're here at you know full copies when I show you a little bit about the salon over here will take over a gecko okay we've been doing a dolly shot for you all right we finished lunch we are now at the ladies I'm getting a blow I believe I'm not a second sure we're doing but in the blowup low after our one minute now yes we did our one minute mask it was amazing we did for the damaged hair because we all know how I have it damaged fair guys know I don't do my hair straight very often but I think they'll like it somebody now you're good besides I have straight hair right now all right change of plans I didn't leave it straight I can put girls in my hair outside tip is doing a photo shoot you want to say hi to the vlog hi tips doing her photo shoot looking like a queen per usual hey guys it is a little bit later now I just got dressed this whole vlog is just me walking the tips and then me walking the tips and then me watching the tips but yes I did my makeup I redid it I called Steph and had a nice long phone call with her and caught her up on everything and she caught me up on her life I actually walked by earlier and I think they're sending it up over here so let's look and see if we can see anything else thank you guys I'm genuinely having the best trip of my life and I just wanna say thank you guys so much for watching my videos and supporting me because without you guys I would not get these amazing opportunities and I just feel like the luckiest girl in the world and I love you guys hey my angel over there you can see them setting up some of the stuff over there it'll look so cute we got the bar the food situation the seats the stage I'm gonna jump up and dance tonight I'm gonna see if I can do it alright walking over to tips I'll be there in like two seconds and I'll see you guys in one second change of plans guys I came back to my room TIFF came with me too and I changed I'm wearing this little romper from Topshop that I really like along with these little brown wedges Toph is buying her dress from Topshop the short to my bday party which it's almost been a year wore this dress and definitely my beautiful angel Steve Madden shoes we're going to the luau bang and finally got laid oh look at this goddess is Hawaiian goddess oh look at how beautiful is you guys oh my gosh we've got the stage there's like a bunch of food bar over there oh my god it's gorgeous I'm behalf of Garnier and her fabulous burgers that Alison Brod Mahalo we had the best time getting to know each and every one of you better we're hitting up the food bar we've got I don't know the salad bar over here south bar and then more food over there you guys I'm turning my flashlight on for this food look at this they have lobster tails I got the chicken a giant salad I am so excited to eat it all I will have to play balls [Applause] [Applause] I'm so scared right now [Applause] [Applause] hi guys no not naked it is my last day in paradise I'm gonna cry hi guys okay so last night was so much fun at the luau I had like the best night ever now it's the next day I woke up this morning went to the gym did a really fun workout they have these really cool like cycling machines here that have like these TVs hooked up to them with like live classes I took a live cycling class it was cool I did that came back here took a body shower fixed my hair did my makeup got my fit on for the day and now I'm gonna head out I do not leave until later tonight everybody's kind of leaving throughout the day so my flag is leave until later tonight we don't get picked up till 7:00 and it's only like noon right now but on my flight there's also a noir Beauty bitten and then the video Agra fur and the photographer from the trip which their names are Nelson and Edgar and they're super super cool so I'm just gonna hang out with all of them today because why not we're gonna make the most of the day I don't know what we're going to do but I will take you guys along with us I can't look super super naked but I'll show you guys the outfit it's a little dark but here is what I'm wearing this is a little blue tube top that I got from Laura's booty and then the skirt is this skirt that I got on sale the other day at Topshop it's a white skirt with a little bow tie up thing and then hair I just threw in a ponytail with like a little braid at the top because I am sweaty or I was sweaty after the workout but I did take a body shower don't worry because that's gross as I didn't yes I have no idea what we're gonna do all I know is that we're meeting up for lunch right now so I'm gonna head out I just got my bags picked up and take it to the front desk I'm gonna check out and I will see you guys when we get to lunch okay hi guys we came to a look at what does this look on : Lou this is Nelson the photographer we are here it's beautiful check out this beautiful view of this valley we're gonna do like a 20-minute leg down it's a little windy hopefully you can hear me we're gonna hike down there to a black sand beach there's like this really cool stream thing happening here and then the beach is over there somehow we have to get over there I don't know how to but it's so cool there's like a little tire swing thing over there it's so beautiful Wow look at that mood down to the water and there's a bunch of things like rock stacks going on but people make like that so I decided to make my own baby ones I mean I did thank you thank you you guys we made it to the actual beach it is so right here check out the sand I just hung Nelson it kinda looks like kinetic sand it's so crazy this is like volcanic ash and the whole beach is like black man hi guys we're back at the hotel now the Sun is setting we're gonna eat dinner at this restaurant how did everybody enjoy the long hike it was long amazing it was great we'll do it again we'll do it again sure sure what's nice right hey guys look at this views about this class not pish-posh look at this beautiful sunset it's so pretty I don't want to go home we're gonna get food we're gonna find an I don't know where Anne went and then we're gonna go to the airport but I got some chickens in it that looks good we're going home I'm with an but we're sad I'm gonna cry thank you my voice also sounds kind of crazy again I hope I'm not getting sick front row baby hi guys as you could tell by the background I am back home in my apartment we landed this morning at like 4:45 a.m. I got back to my place around 5:30 and then slept for a few hours I am now up and ready to start my day I have a ton of stuff that I need to get done today but I just wanted to end the vlog thank you again to Garnier for the best trip ever I had the most amazing time and yes I hope you guys enjoyed the vlog thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys in the next one [Applause]