Jumeirah Beach Hotel – Dubai 4K

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Argos in Cappadocia in Turkey | Luxury Escapes in Europe

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Hotel Armentarola Trailer, Dolomites | Luxury Escapes in Italy with HIP Hotels

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New Zealand Luxury Vacations

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well ever heard of a tour coach that claims luxury status with business class well you can stretch with seating where you can stretch right out won't you have now green realm travel has just launched such a vehicle to fill a lucrative gap in the top end of the New Zealand tourism market the coach itself is state-of-the-art and they say they have an itinerary to match Lisa Davies accompanied them on a south island tour as they showed international travel agents and writers their take on luxury travel going on a road trip but not as we know it but incredible I've never seen anything like it and there's good reason for that the screen mail coach cost half a million dollars they're really quite excited quite surprised I just don't believe here much space and comfort there is space indeed just 18 leather seats instead of 40 a lot of people went into making sure that we had luxury without it being over the top there are two of these on the road one in the North Island thus one in the south the capital expenditures one thing the gumption ever go but it wasn't that quite that gung-ho we did a huge amount of research research that showed luxury small group travel as long overdue here we're a trailblazer for good or bad their clients expect impeccable service good evening welcome how was your flight accommodation that takes your breath away and food to match this travel expert came all the way from the UK to make sure green realm measures up and the luxury steaks I always feel like it's just not quite that bit of luxury that we otherwise would have offered them so this is going to be a fantastic product a scenic transalpine trip all part of the experience we cater to the real discerning traveler it was the concept is new here that's already prevalent in North America and Europe although the experiences themselves are obviously pure New Zealand wards are healing see that beautiful blue car trying through guys okay I know this outfit is about as far from designer as you can get but to get us here we had a luxury coach to fox glacier helicopter ride up here apparently there's a jet boat ride to come it definitely puts the designer bill it's almost beginning to feel a wee bit like a James Bond movie perhaps a little tamer than as Queenstown gmote cousin's house river safari matches the green round ethos with a focus on scenery and humor why fight normally something like this traveling is a job for this Australian writer who warns that using the luxury label brings with it certain expectations there aren't that many people that want luxury all the time but if that's what they're after like on one of these green room tours that's what they expect they expect everything to go right there's certainly no room for error here it'll set to respect about twenty two thousand dollars for an 18-day tour of the whole country or 10,000 for a single island tour the other side but that price tag isn't putting the upper echelon of tourists off like those represented by this US travel agent it's caters for a lot of clients in the American market I think New Zealand's been missing a trip like this for a while now stop Queenstown a Bordeaux wine tasting and a sitting that's five star all the way what we are looking to do is to present people who want a deeper experience of New Zealand culture and heritage and its environment and understanding of the places they visit that's sort of customer that green realm is attracting and green realms hoping to attract a whole lot more tourists of that caliber it plans to increase the slip green fleet already on the horizon

“Royal Caribbean” “Oasis of the Seas” “Tour” “Largest Cruise Ship on the Planet”

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Unforgettable Luxury Holidays in Safari Africa

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I've been traveling to Africa now for over 25 years my first Safari was in the Chu Lu hills south of Nairobi and I remember we were driving along this wonderful plane in these veo mark one mark to land rovers I saw my first giraffe galloping along side the cars it was a wonderful sight as very nervous before I went to Africa thinking of God you dig into the bugs and mosquitoes and it's not going to be easy to travel around but once I've been on safari I got a different sort of bug I just fell in love with Africa and then a few years after that I decided to as she'd go into organizing safaris and all is with my business colleague Kate theobald hence the name z herbal barber and since we have been operating Safari business since 1992 I go to Africa three or four times a year to really check out each place Lodge camp and destination to see whether again to suit the sort of safaris that we want to organize and that is the fundamental thing about our holidays we know the places we're sending people to and we can ensure that we make the best use of the clients time there is something extraordinary about landing on a remote Bush trip and you get out of a light aircraft and you just have that tangible smell of Africa all around you and dust is there in clouds the animals are galloping away it's a very difficult thing to describe but it is what makes me love Africa so much the main countries we cover in Africa are Kenya Tanzania Uganda Rwanda Zambia Malawi Zimbabwe South Africa Namibia and may that be a fantastic thing about African holidays this is not just about seeing animals so for instance you could walk along a beach for at least an hour and not see anyone else we have such remote and wild beaches you could then go inland for an hour or two by road and walk and tracking spectacular scenery and then enough gorgeous small hotel and eating amazing food you could be pulled in a mokoro which is a dugout canoe in the water channels the Okavango Delta in Botswana or be driven in a Land Rover across the Great Plains and Serengeti you might want to go trekking up a mountain sort of Mount Kenya or Kilimanjaro or something in Uganda Rwanda or go and look at gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda or perhaps go and listen to electrifying Orion indeed tragic tales about 19th century battles in kwazulu-natal in South Africa and then of course you go on to safariland and see the big 5 lion leopard elephant buffalo and rhino so there is a huge variety of things that people can do on our holidays where you spend a lot of time thinking about the attend race for class and really planning them and I'd like to think that we have a very good idea about how a holiday should fit together the jigsaw and how it should work and logistics of getting you from place to place and I think the fact that we have researched all the different destinations and how they link really does help to make a better holiday for you we do have a few little hideaways up our sleeves that very few people hear about and we have got for instance some fantastic private houses are you on the beach or indeed in the bush that are generally not marketed to the wider public and so we like to keep these little gems for our clouds I love hearing about the feedback when clouds come back from the holiday and they sort of take the fact that gainst the animals as read but also the thing they really do rave about more often than not the people who've looked after them and I think that really does differentiate sort of holidays that we organize compared to many other so as you go on in the world people are just really pleased to see you and they want to give you a fantastic time and we have hosts and managers and guides who will be with you you know 24-7 most of time you become friends them and often clients want to get back the same lodge or indeed follow guided either they've met and and had a fantastic lot of time with the next time we go back to Africa Africa is any wonderfully romantic in evocative place what could be better than walking out into the bush in the morning and then coming around a corner and finding a wonderful table laid out with your Bush breakfast under an acacia tree and sip your cup of chai or coffee and look out across that amazing bush likewise in the evening there you go on an evening sun down a walk you then clamber up a rock and look out watching that Sun go down is that his one of my favorite moments sitting there with a lovely tuska beer just listening to Africa and watching the day end you you

Withy Cottages – Two Withy Cottage – Holiday Cottages In Somerset

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Dioni Holiday Cottages Review

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either this is an independent review of what have died any holiday cottage uses I want stay bags particular public now I've had with this company and I booked this months and months ago and let them know and I bring in my three dogs with me on the DoD website it says that it's pet friendly in the video on the website about this property it says that it's dog friendly and on the booking form you were able to write how many dogs you're going to bring with you therefore you would assume that this place after all he's done friendly unfortunately when we got here after do me that had harmony harmony and they're the owners of the property came one day because we had a problem with the heated actually on the first day and they were really clearly was that they did not know we were going to be having dogs here that do he hadn't inform them and in fact they were not happy with us having three dogs this caused a major problem and the problem really was because and they thought that we were trying to pull off the first one perhaps by bringing the dogs with us eventually we were able to show them that we had booked the three dogs because we had all the information and that their website allowed you to do so so that they didn't we noise initially so the fourth diet which is where I am mad because it's beginning of September 2015 on the fourth day hold guy who owns a DoD a chap called Griffin Lloyd forgive my poor pronunciation and wealth of Welsh he was really really rude to me this morning he wouldn't let me speak he told me that he was going to evict us but he did not heed and that the website says that you could have dogs at this property please check for yourself and he denied that again essentially he's not familiar with his own website and he is a truthful and aggressive I want to establish my credibility my name is Webb keen I am a medical practitioner and I work with the NHS prior to go to medical school I was a law graduate so I am happy and confident everything I am saying here my opinion is correct and truthful and lawful you can contact me for more information about this food the details on the site thank you

Donna Coraly Resort in Sicily | Luxury Escapes in Italy with Hip Hotels

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