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Turtle Island Video, Fiji Luxury Vacations

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this video is brought to you by travel is ur com the sophisticated travelers luxury vacation connection Oh oh boy waking up every morning to discover a translucent turquoise lagoon just outside your door spending your days exploring underwater world of brightly colored fish and rare coral reefs and riding horseback in the sand for miles along the water's edge in a place where time is not important and stress is a thing of the past swaying in the breeze between them two palm trees or taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon and being tampered far beyond the limits of one's imagination and your harpist cause it as close to heaven on earth as you're likely to get honeymooners and romantic couples call it paradise found and Richard evenson simply calls this pristine South Pacific island home this once barren uninhabited Fiji Island was purchased by the American entrepreneur in 1972 along with a lot of other guys I thought money meant happiness and so I worked pretty hard I in cable television and I made a pile of dough but I found I wasn't happy so I said well I better go out and try to find someplace I can find some salt fulfillment and that was thought I'd take a trip down to the South Seas I ended up in Fiji for a two days stay which turning interns now into 31 years and I found these people were so accepting caring and loving that's just what I needed in my life at that time so I ran into a guy had an island for sale I bought that island and the rest is history the filming location for the 1949 movie Blue Lagoon and it's remake starring book shields in the late 70s and in 1980 became the Turtle Island Resort a world-class truly all-inclusive resort turtle island reserved exclusively for its guests provides an exceptional opportunity for 14 couples to escape from Western life to become reacquainted with the simpler values of life to reconnect with one another and to return home with a renewed spirit completely relaxed and revitalized some of our guests may be a lot of them come for our 14 separate beaches fact we say some people say well Richard why you only take 14 Gumbel's as well we only got 14 beaches and but what happens when they get here you find that the true loving caring nature of the Fijian staff is something they didn't count on something that they fall in love with taught at a young age to honor their guests about themselves and to value family and friends above material possessions and to live a life of simple childlike joy Fijians fill each day with Beulah's songs and smiles and help make this tropical island experience so delightfully with the management's philosophy of once you pay you only play guests are free to play him partake in order be all things to their heart's content I wanted a small operation how one one that was all-inclusive because I didn't want to sit around with my guests wondering who's going to buy the next round of drinks I want to sit around with a guest like they were friends we could gather the common table if we so choose the 14 Fijian style boo raised situated long beach at the Blue Lagoon a handcrafted with Bolton thanks grooves and feature hardwood floors and blue third floor to ceiling windows and from comfortable for personal sized beds to soothing jetted spa tubs and romantic dog show the bore aids come equipped with a Bose CD stereo system and featuring private / end with a David fish pond giving you meaning to the word fresh the culinary style impairs its lively specialties with organic fruits and vegetables grown in the islands four-acre vegetable garden and a vast variety of seafood called by a local fisherman day in the surrounding waters we get a lot of romantic people come in here in fact we say if you love your partner come along we also say jet-setters trendies plastic people nitpick and anti-social crouchers give us a Miss huh on the other hand if you really love your partner and you got some adventure and excitement left in your bones come along we're going to have a great time from indulging and exquisite one-of-a-kind dishes to being pampered with a nurturing forehand learn me luminescent each new experience is there to be savored like venturing into an enchanting rainforest or letting the wind catch your sails on a sunny day and at the end of the day sitting beneath the shade of a great vaca tree and Cherie Caron sauna with newfound friends here's a page from our traveler's notebook if you're planning a trip to turtle island here's a few tips you can count on warm tropical weather any time of the year with an average temperature at 85 degrees the wettest month our January through March the flight time is 30 minutes and the plane flies at a low altitude of 1,000 feet so have your camera ready to enjoy the breathtaking views the seaplane is small so there is a luggage weight restriction of 33 pounds so pack light dress is cool casual and comfortable and the resort provides complimentary laundry service daily don't pack your beach towel robe hair dryers or shampoo it's all provided at the resort but do pack a good pair of hiking shoes or sneakers to explore the 500-acre island fiji is very close to the equator so don't forget your sunscreen turtle island is an amazing beautiful resort in the remote yasawa island group in fiji which is a necklace of islands just dotted down the northwestern top of viti levu the main island there are probably 30 to 40 islands in the you Sawa's group and turtle is right in the middle of the whole chain it's a privately owned five hundred acre island that nestles in a community of three and a half thousand people that are spread in seven villages on three separate islands around us there are no villages on the island that we very much a part of that community in what we call the navulla tokina that's sort of a tokina is like a shire or accounting you

Luxury Escapes – Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali

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now bali is home to some lovely hotels but if your idea of the perfect holiday is lots of space huge Gardens massive rooms and a beachfront location you should take a look at the gorgeous Fairmont resort on sanur now if you've heard of the raffles in Singapore the plaza in New York or the Savoy in London nostalgia and opulence immediately come to mind which is exactly how you feel when you enter one of Bali's most quietly glamorous new beachfront resorts the Fairmont Samara is a sister property with the famous raffles Group if you'd like to discover the charm of sanur bali then this is the place to head to the beachfront resort area of sonora once played host to a movie star legend looking for a Balinese hideaway Greta Garbo Charlie Chaplin and Elizabeth Taylor were regular visitors the parties then moved to kuta and Seminyak while soon all quietly stood its ground as the true heart of beachside Bali and now thanks to the Fairmont this wonderful seaside escape is capturing the limelight it deserves you'll arrive to a blessing and a smile as you step into a Lobby adorned with dramatic art pieces gently swaying colonial ceiling fans and lettuce sliding windows age-old Balinese charm meets fresh colonial inspired decor this resort resonates with romance so it's no surprise it's a favorite destination for weddings and honeymoons you'll gaze out to lush gardens dancing fountains a sparkling sea and an endless expanse of sand what's truly special about this resort is its beachfront a five kilometer walkway where a whole new journey begins now one of the best things about sonora is this five kilometer walkway along the beach from where there are loads of cafes restaurants and barns hi good menu today today and this would have to be one of the most incredible array of watersports I have ever seen then step back into the garden landscape and drift into holiday dreams in the cool expanse of the resort's lovely pool step inside in a world of contemporary tropical living awaits 120 luxurious and cavernous Suites and villas each room is a massive 90 square metres and includes a bed you won't want to leave stylish and incredibly lavish bathrooms with high-class amenities from New York and natural Sea loofahs a separate terrace with a complimentary minibar selection and remote control blinds so that you can capture the afternoon breeze or shelter in the cool every room has a private butler who will show you all the special features offered in your delightful escape this yellow light if you open it so it will be brighter so you can use it for makeup so you can get a perfect makeup no wonder couples and families absolutely love it here dining here is another great pleasure wake up early and join the sunrise for a breathtaking breakfast on the beach or greet the day with a buffet that overflows with fruits fresh pastries Asian delicacies and Western morning favorites nibble on sumptuous snacks beside the pool reserved a private seafood barbecue on the beachfront or completely indulge and experience one of the most famous treats here on his Sunday the lobster brunch my mouth is already watering journey to another culinary world and explore traditional balinese cooking made from locally sourced ingredients and spices in fact if you want to go to the markets yourself then the executive chef will escort you on a bicycle ride what we do is we know we get up nice and early jump on the bikes we go to the market local market saw some progress up some local produce show you around and just but the market trip is more more to see how the Barneys it's not where we shop that's where that Taliban is living and that's what we wanted to show you know more of a local local culture you can shop and choose the ingredients then join in a cooking class to put it all together candlelight and strumming guitars will greet you with the resort's private beach cabanas where you can enjoy a quiet meal or a drink what we've tried to focus on is bringing the essence of barley back into this resort I think there are many hotels they've they've gone so far past the location and the people that they've lost that sense and I think we've tried to capture the sense of Bali and the beautiful people of Bali from the moment you come into the resort from to the time that you leave everything that we do and everything that our team does during their engagement with you as a guest it's all focused around ensuring that you know you really absorb every element of what Bali is I think that's that's important you know if you're going to travel all this distance that's what you want to see be pampered venture below the Fountains at the heart of the resort for a sensory journey to another dimension in the resource spa the youngsters will be in a world of their own at the activity filled kids Club then it's time to explore as evening descends on this quaint former fishing village the streets ensure come to life with an endless array of chic restaurants bars cafes and shops scoop up a treat at the famous Meza mo gelato bar or make a few new friends at the popular fire station Pub & Grill my friends foods right then another sunrise and another spectacular day in Bali awaits

Luxury Escapes – Hanging Gardens Ubud Bali

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this remarkable resort tucked away in the heart of boots misty jungle-clad mountains is surrounded by incredible 360-degree views the Hanging Gardens Ubud is a retreat for those seeking peace and clarity simply arriving here is an adventure you'll descend from the lobby in a quaint funicular down to the magic of the resort grounds and facilities the emotional heart of the property is its unique two-tiered pool where the infinity edge hangs over the valley below it's not surprising it was awarded the most unique pool in the world number one ranking by the architecture and Design Awards 2015 you'll feel like you are swimming in the treetops this is also a wonderful spot for a high tea hanging garden of course is a beautiful resort as you see yourself very unique in its style and of course is with the surroundings peaceful as it is the resorts 44 private suites and villas are stunning private pools and Sun lounge terraces dreamy four-poster beds huge bathrooms and jacuzzis and breathtaking views in the gardens outside playful monkeys to keep you entertained you can find places with monkeys walking around that was quite exciting we saw one monkey which stole ice from some child and was eating the ice himself the monkey first of all we saw some pictures in the Internet and we thought oh that's real that's real life that exists and then we decided to we thought about having our honeymoon here but we didn't have so much time and we thought we want to travel all over the island much of the culture but it wasn't enough time so three years later and now actually we are here and it was a really good decision it's much to be and people are so friendly you can start your day here with a gourmet breakfast that includes blended juices freshly baked course ons pancakes and an egg station the resort's nomination in the world luxury restaurant Awards ensures you'll be dished up sumptuous starters innovative meat poultry and seafood mains and mouth-watering desserts at both lunch and dinner traditional balinese cuisine is accompanied by the drama of dance the performers all school students from the local village for a special occasion a romantic private dinner by the pool is a must and here to the piano bar to relax and enjoy the cool evening ambiance venture further down into the valley by funicular and the idyllic spar awaits along with rejuvenating massage facial and body treatments this destination is divine and one of my favorite experiences was right here thank you well the Hanging Gardens actually hangs over a branch of the AUM river and if you really like to get back to nature then you can head down here to the Riverside for your own private picnic make sure you also take a bicycle ride through the surrounding rice fields and explore the local village line all right opposite the resort is this fascinating mountaintop temple and not only is it a great view point of the Hanging Gardens it's also a wonderful place to gain some spiritual understanding of life here in Bali the priests here can give you a special blessing on your holiday as you can see this is also a great spot to photograph the cheeky monkeys a short journey from the Hanging Gardens will take you into the heart of urban town with its cool cafes bars art galleries and chic fashion outlets the beaches and surf are also not too far away but that's a journey for another day