ANTONIA – Hotel Lounge | Official Video

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Hotel Hana Maui – Tranquil Luxury Vacations 800-256-4280

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B&B Hotel – Budget Friendly Disney Partner Hotel : Disneyland (Paris, France)

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Meyer Bed & Breakfast

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we call it the Meijer bed-and-breakfast in Cypress Creek and it was established in 1857 and started out as a stage stop I'm always reminded of how quiet this place is because when people arrive they just can't get over it I mean they've been on the road coming in from you know Houston and Dallas and all over Texas but they're totally amazed how how quiet how peaceful and how laid-back everything else people love to get away and enjoy the hill country we think Mars is a wonderful representation of that we have a lot of wineries in the area a lot of antiques here in town comfort is a great place and as most people know it's known for its antiques and its central location here in the hill country the Meijer often is used as a destination place actually people end up having big plans to go to all the different places but ended up staying here because they enjoy the relaxation that is provided here and people either curl up and read some people lay out in the hammock and take a nap throughout the property we have a lot of nooks and areas that people can gather we have a lot of screened-in porches with fireplaces it's a great place for family and friends to get together and they really enjoy it we have a large property but on the other hand with so many areas that we provide with seating areas that you never feel like you're stepping on anybody else it's always very open people are always commenting about how wonderful our breakfast is we provide a full breakfast not a continental coming up us active for breakfast we have coffee and juice always provided lots of pastries most Sundays we do biscuits and gravy there's a lot of cakes and different fruits the stage stops a great place it's an upstairs room it has a great Inc that has an old tin bucket that's converted used for the sink the Ernestine Meyer cottage was a cottage used originally as a birthing house it's a great place it's got a porch from the front and also in the back has a queen-size bed with an iron frame the Julie Ellenberger was named for one of the daughters of the admirers and she ran the place until 1957 has a total of four units each of them has a king-size bed and a second room with either a two twin or full that has great great light makes a great place to sit and visit the Cypress Creek cottages is definitely one of the favorites it's way up in the air and when you look out you realize that you're up in there like a tree house almost room features a king-size bed a sitting area and a great porch that overlooks Mother Nature it's really a popular unit the Creekside cottage is a unit to itself it has a wonderful view of right porch to sit out and look at the deer each morning of the creek we have a king-sized iron bed in there with another sitting area we have a bathroom with a clawfoot tub the homestead is a great great place that was the original homestead of the Meyer family I believe it was built in the 1860s it features great thick limestone walls downstairs it has a private bedroom with a king-size bed it also has a kitchen in matter of fact it's the only unit that we have has a full kitchen has a large large bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and a unique upstairs we have two queen beds with another full bath it's got a cute little clawfoot tub upstairs the house can actually hold six people it's a great place for families the mercantile is one of our larger buildings we have a total of ten different units there five of which have a key size bed and the other five have two queen beds they offer a fireplace the lender is a about a 1910 building it's a rock building with ten ceilings it's another suite that offers a jacuzzi tub all of our rooms we have a lot of amenities including coffee makers hair dryers and ironing boards even though when you look out and you feel like you're out in the country when you walk down the street we're on the edge of historic districts we're only half a block away from the downtown antique shops and some of the restaurants when they walk over to the deck and see that Creek they can't believe it has such a WOW factor to it they know at that moment after they see that Creek that they picked the right place

Jumeirah Beach Hotel – Dubai 4K

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Owner of tiny countryside B&B is a celebrity after anime comics and series based on her hotel

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I bought this house in 1987 and at the time I didn't know how to advertise and to be a B&B because then you only had guidebooks so every Saturday I used to go to Portobello Road at that time and sell antiques and when I opened the B&B I took lots of photographs and I put them on the wall behind the stall in the market and just hoped that people would see it notice and maybe be interested and want a book so one day a couple of Japanese walk by and they brought lots of big kitchen antiques I was selling that rolling pins and storage jars and I said to them why are you buying them the antique dealers and they said no no no we're building an English B&B in Japan why don't you come and visit my B&B in England and they said really I said yes yes yes post farmhouse please come tomorrow let's have afternoon tea and so they did they arrived here absolutely dead on four o'clock tea time and they've just driven down this lovely tunnel of trees that leaves here and when they went to greet them in the carpark they were laughing the rabbit and arriving in your house thank you so that was the beginning of my connection with Alice in Wonderland and so they looked around everywhere they took lots of photographs and went back to Japan when they open their English B&B they put a display on the wall with all the photos were taken and gradually their customers all said we want to stay there and so they introduced me and we built up quite a good relationship and then a big glossy magazine in Japan went to film there at their place and when they saw my photographs he said we'd like to feature Karen as well so I got a six page article in 30,000 no 300 thousands a circulation magazine but a week after I got home I had a phone call from the private secretary of Prince and Princess Mikasa and I was rather surprised I've got two bedrooms about five years ago um a manga author in Japan contacted me and asked if she could base her story on frostfall house it was about a little girl called Alice who lived here and her best friend Shinobu who comes to visit and manga a comic books and they're sold everywhere in Japan and people collect them and read them added Lee well it became very popular it's called kaneo mosaic and then after it became popular one anime company decided to make it into a TV series and so they contacted me Jenko and that was four years ago and they asked if they could film here and I didn't know why they wanted to film because anime is is cartoon and I said we don't really need to film and they said no no we film because it's a real place and we want fans to believe it's real and therefore every detail of the house is and each frame is takes many hours to do and they then we put it all together and make home TV series so it's been there on the second series now and there's been a feature film as well which is called pretty days and I was invited to the premiere at that in Tokyo and flown out there and was on the red carpet with all the voice actresses which was really exciting

Argos in Cappadocia in Turkey | Luxury Escapes in Europe

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The most luxurious hotels in the world. Discover the best luxury hotel in the world

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نعم فعلا. وصلت للتو لحظة واحدة، كلير أهلا وسهلا بك سيدة، مرحبا، يا سيدي، هبطنا مرحبا بكم في برج العرب مرحبا بكم في برج العرب هل ستتزوجني؟

Marketing Your Independent Hotel or Bed & Breakfast

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good they are welcome to Keystone HD C's five-part training series how to improve your independent hotel or Bed & Breakfasts success video number four my name is Jerry McPherson today I am going to talk about marketing now this is a topic that people spend their lives trying to understand and implement properly in today's training we're just going to scratch the surface but hopefully give you some tips you can take away and begin using immediately to increase your visibility and patronage for those of you who have been in the hospitality property industry for a while you are probably familiar with the traditional marketing tactics used to get your brand recognized in the marketplace this would have included things like attending trade shows buying advertising a newspaper and travel publications brochures and knocking on people's doors these were very time-consuming and often took a while for you to see in our o I return on investment today there are many more chances to get your brand in front of the right audience now and benefit from a much higher ROI from your marketing activities while improving your brand's awareness and recognition if you're new to the hospitality property industry the following are steps you should take to begin developing your business brand these are also great exercises if you're looking to renew your old rent or just check and see how your current brand stands up know your competition how does your competition differentiate themselves from other properties in other words why do customers stay there you have to learn to recognize their strengths and weaknesses knowing this will help your property distinguish itself from your competition when you have identified your competition's weaknesses you'll be able to focus on your own property strengths when you've determined your property strengths you can use them to your advantage when marketing you can do this by performing a target market analysis ask your clients it's important to confirm your target strengths and it's crucial to your target market know your customer learn more about your guests know they're booking behavior how frequently do they book do sales special offers or promotions influence their booking practices do they buy or request additional services to know who you are you have to understand your target customer and once you understand your target customer you have to be your brand make certain your company truly represents what your brand identifies you with for example if one of the traits of your property's brand is that everybody is friendly make sure that all your staff are friendly and this means every employee from the receptionist housekeeper accountant all the way up to you has to live your brand once you recognize your strengths you will have to ensure that these are the strengths your customers want now think about ways to successfully market these to the world and involve them in your branding campaign a couple of other things to consider when looking at your branding is your company's name your logo and color scheme your domain name it should be the company name but if that is not possible get as close to your brand as you can a professional-looking website is imperative it should be easy to navigate and by this I mean easy to find the booking information include sound a video would be good informative material lots of clear high-resolution images of your property make sure your images are what your property actually looks like if you tried to fake it you'll have unhappy customers a smiling photo of yourself and your written signature this adds an individual touch and let your customers know you are a real person it's also not a bad idea to consider a page with all your employees images an opt-in box to collect emails for your mailing list and include a free giveaway for their email address for example short ebook about a region or a local recipe a value coupon for one of your services or authority of information directed to your target customer provide a potential customer something of value up front and they'll label you a legitimate source and much higher on any consideration list having a blog is an excellent way to keep in front of your old and new customers posting short blog posts or articles about attractions in your area historical tidbits or any offers you may have has proven to be a way to improve your return business become an expert in your region and post articles in your blog to show this if your property is in a wine region learn about wines if you're located near a historical site learn the history of the site if your area is famous for blueberries learn all you can about blueberries you can also demonstrate your expertise through internet forums and other blogs not only will you be viewed as an authority customers and potential new customers will feel connected to you as a real human being and more comfortable to ask questions the more places your properties name pops up the more individuals will be exposed to your website and product if you do have a blog which I highly recommend it should be updated on a regular basis set a schedule to send out newsletters to those on your mailing list these newsletters could include links to your blog articles coming special events or offers and package deals make sure to keep them personalized and let your personality shine like friends talking to friends have a comment and review option now it's important to take the time to respond to comments and by this I mean all comes the good and the bad this is important for any travel sites you may be listed on such as TripAdvisor or calm when responding to a bat review don't make excuses but instead convey your understanding of the problem and how it will be rectified a thoughtful honest response will sometimes motivate a reviewer to update their comment to a more positive light don't ever answer a negative comment when you're angry collaborate with other businesses and look for cross promotion opportunities you can offer a package that includes an entrance to a local zoo and you can ask for a discount on the ticket prices or recommend a restaurant is a good place to eat and the restaurant in return can recommend your property to customers looking for a place to stay if you put yourself out there you will command respect through that exposure spotlighting your accomplishments and successes while branding yourself as an authority is all about getting other individuals to realize something about you that you already recognized as I mentioned in the beginning of this training we are only scratching the surface there are so much more to consider in marketing in the last training video of this series I'm going to talk about social need some platforms that are available and their strengths and weaknesses in the last video video number three I said I was going to make a special announcement well here at Keystone HDC it has been our experience that many independent hotel or Bed & Breakfasts owners have taken on the responsibility of operating a hospitality property with experience levels ranging from I can manage a 5-star property to Wow what am I doing here when producing this five-part training series our hope was that it could be found beneficial by those of you who have taken advantage but we also knew we could only scratch the surface so with this in mind we are pleased to announce the complete guide to operating an independent hotel or Bed and Breakfast training course the complete guide to operating an independent hotel or Bed and Breakfast training course will include in-depth step-by-step video tutorial and checklists on setting up an organizational strategy management strategy outsourcing employee hiring and firing training communications techniques customer service handling complaints upselling marketing branding email strategies social media property improvements trends plus much much more the course is designed for owners of independent hotels or bed-and-breakfasts who wish to improve their business practices and patronage while enjoying a fun and fulfilled life as a hotelier for more information click the link below or copy the URL and paste it into your favorite web browser address bar if you would like to stay in touch join us on facebook at Keystone HDC and on Twitter at Keystone squad if you have any comments we would love to see them until next time have fun enjoy life and let successful you

We Accept | Airbnb

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We believe no matter who you are where you're from who you love or who you worship we all belong. The world is more beautiful the more you accept