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Luxury Escapes – JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa

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take a journey with us to the gorgeous JW Marriot Khao Lak in the south of Thailand cow Lac in Thailand's Parnell province is a paradise of sun sea and sand as well as the lush tropical greenery at seven national parks I was here to visit the lovely JW Marriott Resort its beachfront stretches on and on right next to the exquisite turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea the hotel itself is gorgeous it's not hard to see why it won the 2010 conde nast world's top new hotels award among the nicest features here the JW married are these pool access rooms where you can step direct off your balcony into a lagoon that stretches more than three kilometres around the resort and if you do stay in all day the cool drinks just come to you the resort is family-friendly with a well-set-up kids club and plenty of activities for young and old try a game of tennis get fit in the squash courts or battle it out at table tennis there's also a fantastic deli the rooms here are stunning big beds and you'll also find an oversized bath tub and shower there is Wi-Fi access throughout the resort free internet in all rooms DVD players and big balconies where you can enjoy the sultry weather and cool ocean breezes if you can't resist the pool then a pool access room is the ideal choice for a holiday with a splash so ty we've had a wonderful stay here for two days we've had a bit of a chance to appreciate how beautiful the hotel is I mean in your eyes what makes it special first of all I just have to say I love this hotel and I'm very happy that you're here with us I appreciate you taking the time with us we're really lucky to be based here in kalloch it's a great natural destination for people who haven't been here or who've been in southern Thailand the beaches here are really natural and really beautiful for our property specifically we're really lucky we've got the biggest the longest pool in Southeast Asia which is great fun there's a couple bars inside of that which also makes it even better when you're making your rounds I think our jvw service our JW marriott brand service we talk about the hospitality of our staff the services that we offer between our Quan Spa with the 15 treatment rooms the different culinary options that we have between Japanese Thai Mediterranean fantastic coffees and sweets and all it's nice to be out here in such a natural environment if you're in this area some people go out and look around and they go out and they enjoy all the activities the mountains the sea there's a lot of outdoor adventures a lot of outdoor things to do a lot of people just come and show up and they just relax and they end up staying the resort for the entire time they end up relaxing in the pool down on the beach the dining choices here are endless firstly you can start your day with a big buffet breakfast restaurant cuisine includes authentic traditional Thai specialties there's also delicious Japanese you'll also find mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine and if you want to enjoy the warm weather you can eat outside and watch the sunset the hotel's Kwan's bar is absolute heaven for those who need to unwind and offers a great range of treatments look I don't know it's just the way the Thai people are they're just so friendly the services you just can't just can't say anything bad about it Thai people obviously tourism is a big thing for them and and they're trained so well just natural people and that's what I certainly love at that time that's why I've been back here three times how Max stunning vistas dramatic limestone cliffs and natural beauty made back in the Explorer in you direct from the JW Marriott you can head off on Island tours dive there spectacular reefs or meet one of the local elephants or jump on a bike and head off to explore the local waterfalls this whole area is dotted with lovely waterfalls this is one of many so let's go exploring I certainly need some cooling down after that ride these days it's hard to imagine much of this area was devastated during the 2004 Asian tsunami part of your visit should include a stop at the local memorial well this scene should give you a pretty good idea of the strength of the tsunami this police boat was washed three kilometres inland and it's been left here as a memorial this is a resort destination that offers a wonderful escape but still ensures you have all the modern comforts of home make your next holiday to Cal lakh and the stunning JW Marriott Resort you