Halong Bay Luxury Cruise | Signature Cruise

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vlogging never goes to well before coffee so now we're about two hours into our four-hour drive to halong bay because we are going on an overnight cruise with signature cruises these people after watching some of our videos a lot of people might consider us budget travelers but I like to think of it as like money savvy travelers so we save money in some areas so we can splurge on other memorable experiences so we stayed at the Hilton for free using points and now we're splurging on this overnight cruise because halong bay is a unesco world heritage site and it's supposed to be amazing I didn't know that we're going to be doing this for the next two days and we can't wait time to get back on the bus it took us a little under four hours to get to a halong bay I have to say I was kind of dreading that ride because we've had a lot of bad long ban rides but that was definitely the nicest van that we've been transported in and the ride was flat and smooth unlike some of the crazy curvy mountain roads that we've been on in the past few months so we made it and I think the plan is to get on a small boat that is then going to take us to the cruise ship this is awesome whoa look at this view first things first have to open all the windows is crazy oh we have a balcony no wait – there's rose I think we need to book like oh five nine cruise this so nice this is the first balcony that we've had on our entire trip yay what a better place to have your first balcony and I just love being outside I might just sleep out here tonight hey you look pretty comfy whoa care of you what's in the bathroom yet we have like our own private hot tub toilet even has buttons like the one in Tokyo oh don't spray me Nate you have to leave the balcony for a minute we have to eat lunch oh come on I love to eat look at the rocks this is amazing first of the season málaga I do not think we're gonna be disappointed with the food on this trip I'm a saved as to get much fresher than that I see food here that comes from there thank you very much I have no clue how to eat this I think I'll just love this very like twice a while and cilantro oh my people are so perfect I've heard some people suck the heads of these okay I really butchered that one that was not papaya salad we've been wanting to try Vietnamese spring rolls since we got here and we haven't made one friend up I assume I use both mmm Thai or Vietnamese spring rolls and you can do these are really enjoy that looks amazing I think we just got to the main course according to the minion seabass sprinkled and tamarins all served a fragrant rice and vegetable it's really been kinga wrong with tamarind sauce we need to take a food go on yeah we have 20 minutes for a nap before you get to the fishing village this is quickly turning into all those times I can't set the camera down the views just keep getting better we just finished about a 30-minute sail I set outside and enjoy the views and to enjoy those views on the way to the fishing village we just got to a floating fishing village we're going to get rode around on a rowboat to see the village and then after that we're going to a pearl farm I think they grow pearls is someone here to China this trio I speak out very fast the south is emotional McVerry very nice pole into color so white and yellow Oh oh very beautiful at the boat ride through the floating fishing village was the most calm and quiet thirty minutes of my life you could only hear the oars dipping in the water was like you felt guilty for talking ruining it for everybody else so cool it was nothing like this bracket that's going on behind us right now and then they brought us here and they showed us how pearls were made which was actually much more interesting than I thought it would be I'm gonna go pick out my present no she's not normally I keep my expectations pretty low for like group tour type stuff but that was fantastic it highly exceeded my expectations and now we're back and we get to enjoy our balcony for like an hour until our cooking class there's currently making the biggest spring roll about Rankine only roll yours once because it's so pain stopped I'm really done it make after dinner this is the most impressive fighting that I've seen yet today has been such a blast on his cruise dinner was amazing and now Nate is going fishing for squid on the back of the boat as much fun as that sounds this huge bathtub is calling my name oh my is this big one yeah I've been fishing for a total of one minute oh yes good man changed color yeah it's much darker coming flags Oh is he squirting ink right now this is carbon suspension Wow you're screaming I'm gonna send it to the kitchen I yeah I think in the boiling I think they just cooked one and brought it to care up in the room did you catch good girl do you have anything she bribed idumaean think you'd say here yes so I get up and it's one of the staff and she said Nate catch a lot I handed this to me how cool is that I'm apparently a professional squid fisherman I caught 10 of course you take I literally pulled this out of the ocean myself 20 minutes ago slinky in there still that's fresh one can't see it now because I've inked up the bucket but I loved a six quid everybody seems to think this is very yours he's smaller than milk Hey but now she thinks that the day is on a diver I really had to turn now so she's gonna sit there and it's gonna spray her for her until she figures out how to turn it off she's big

Rhine Getaway Itinerary from Viking River Cruises

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r-ryan get away at inner a presents all the highlights of the legendary Ryan in just eight days begin in timeless Amsterdam soak in the rich colors amid the stained glass of colognes Gothic cathedral tour the 700 year old marksburg castle in Coblentz and enjoy an evening stroll in quaint Rue design with Dawn comes Heidelberg and its imposing city gates spend an afternoon exploring spires Romanesque Cathedral Strasbourg nificent old town before sailing on to the Black Forest and Basel Switzerland

Princess Cruises Lotus Spa & Gym: Cruise Ship Spa | Princess Cruises

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♪New Age Music Plays♪ Visit the Lotus Spa and you'll
discover just how many ways there are to come back new. Choose from a diverse menu of Spa options. Or schedule a personal training session at our state-of-the-art fitness center. Where you can also take advantage of classes like yoga, Pilates, and spinning. At the Lotus Spa, we're dedicated to the quality of your life. Indulge, with one of our exclusive facial treatments. Relax with a detoxifying body wrap. Or unwind with our hot aroma stone therapy, that helps relieve stress and muscle
tension. Choose from more than 50 different health &
beauty treatments, including a menu of grooming and Spa services designed just for men. There's also a full-service salon on board, so you can get a trim, add some color, or enjoy a relaxing manicure and pedicure. Energizing and relaxing ways to transform your life. At the Lotus Spa, exclusively on Princess Cruises.

The Luxurious $1600 Per Night Cruise Ship Suite

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cruise ship cabins are notoriously small as our cruise ship balconies cruise ship jacuzzis and swimming pools are usually crowded and you always have to wonder how clean the other people were or in it before you now imagine a huge luxurious cruise ship cabin big enough to throw a party for the people you're cruising with huge picture windows and a gigantic balcony with your very own Jacuzzi that you don't have to share with anyone it's on the top floor of the ship with amazing views and it's got a huge bathroom with a big bathtub plus a separate shower and a dressing room and the bathroom and dressing room have their own thermostats so when you go to bed at night you can keep the main cabin a bit cool to make it more comfortable to sleep but keep the bathroom and dressing room much warmer so you're comfortable when you wake up in the morning and take your shower and in a big luxurious suite like this you don't have to pull the curtains close you just have to push a button now you'd think that if you ever did find a luxurious cruise ship suite like this it would be on some huge mega cruise ship or maybe some brand-new state-of-the-art ship that just came out of the shipyard but surprisingly this luxurious cruise ship suite is on an 11-year old ship the Norwegian Pearl it's known as the deluxe owner's suite it's pricey as hell it goes for about 8 or 9 times the price of the absolute cheapest cabins on the ship or about six times the price of a normal balcony cabin but if you can swing the cost what you get is an amazing luxurious cruise experience better than anything I've found after 39 cruises on five of the biggest cruise lines and there are a lot more benefits to staying in the deluxe owner suite than just having a huge luxurious room and a big balcony with your own private jacuzzi let's say the weather isn't fully cooperating making things uncomfortable out on your balcony or maybe the band is playing out by the pool and ruining the quiet atmosphere your for while laying out on one of your loungers well you also have access to the Haven courtyard a fantastic peaceful place to relax with a very warm swimming pool a much larger Jacuzzi than the one on your private balcony day beds and loungers to relax on and a glass dome overhead that can be slid closed during less than perfect weather or opened up when the weather is good there's also a large Sun Deck above the courtyard and only about 60 other VIP guests have the special key card required for access to these areas but thousands of other passengers on board the ship can't get in so it's never even close to being crowded the deluxe owners Suites ohcome 'z with the full services of a butler and a concierge and because you're in one of the four most expensive Suites on the ship they really do go the extra mile to take care of you the cabin has its own bar fully stocked with unlimited complimentary Pepsi products ice and glassware and when the butler stopped by on the first day to introduce himself he asked me what my three favorite liquors were a short time later he showed up with a bottle of Malibu rum a bottle of tequila a bottle of vodka all at no charge the concierge can get you reservations for shore excursions or any restaurant on the ship even when all other passengers are told that the restaurant is all booked up and if you'd rather eat a meal or all of your meals in your suite or on your balcony rather than eating with other people in the restaurant your Butler will be happy to make it happen now if you've ever been on a cruise especially on a particularly big cruise ship I'm sure you remember what a cattle call it can be to check in and board on that very first day but as a sweet passenger you're given special VIP treatment bypassing all those lines when boarding the ship special treatment getting off and on the ship in ports of call and special treatment disembarking at the end of the cruise I'm just not used to getting the full VIP treatment on a cruise especially having a butler bring me anything I want but Wow did I learn to like it when the best day ever I sure can't afford to cruise this way most of the time but it was a heck of an experience and I'm so glad I splurged for this one amazing luxury experience I'll never forget I'm Jim Jim thanks for watching I've got cruises coming up later this year on harmony of the Seas and in a Havana sweet on Carnival Vista and next year I hope to do a Panama Canal cruise possibly on the brand new Norwegian bliss if you subscribe to my youtube channel they'll recommend my latest videos to you as soon as I publish them and if you hit the like button they'll recommend this video to other people with similar interest to yours

How Cruise Ships Work

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this is the symphony of the seas on eleven hundred eighty eight feet long eight thousand eight hundred and eighty person eighteen deck seven beast of a cruise ship that makes the Titanic look like a kayak it cost 1.4 billion dollars but cruise ships only lasts about 25 years 25 years of constant cleaning and maintenance plus an enormous amount of food fuel fees and employees but tickets can cost just 60 or 70 dollars a day cheaper than most retirement homes and a bit more fun so making profit and quite a bit of it means optimizing everything from a ship's flag to its precise schedule like Airlines the business of cruising is one of low margins at extreme scale Cruise Lines are experts at finding clever ways to save money Norwegian cruises would even sail 1,100 miles into the middle of nowhere to avoid fines they run a very tight ship cruises can be long short salty or not but they all fall under three basic categories mainstream cruise lines optimized for scale they sell lots of tickets or not a lot of money sometimes even at a loss the average ticket sells for twelve hundred and ninety three dollars but cost the company even more in food fuel wages marketing and lots lots more if everyone left their wallet at home these cruise lines would go out of business but the average person spends four hundred and twenty nine dollars on board they're the perfect captive audience when your only choices are pepsi or sea water they can pretty much guarantee your purchase casinos spas shopping and drinks are key to making profit and why you can't bring your own and since everyone walks from cabin to dining room at least once a day that's where they place lounges bars and casinos there's no avoiding them premium wines are just the opposite they make most of their money upfront the no screaming kids on board tax means they can spend more time in ports and luxury ships may only hold a few hundred passengers but each pays more than enough to make the difference all three categories serve very different markets so a good company catches them all which is why so many brands are owned by just two mega corporations Carnival owns Holland America princess piano and Costa even an airline at one point and Royal Caribbean on celebrity and as Ameri this way something like Costa Concordia doesn't damage the rest of the company's reputation when a ship reaches the end of its life they can just hand it down to one of their other brands with lower standards and a cruise ship is a vacation machine but it can never take a vacation November to April is when cold Americans escape to the Caribbean but keeping that many ships there all year round would be extremely costly so is moving around empty ships from one region to another so they don't when Caribbean ships switch to Europe in April they sell repositioning tickets a one-way two-week cruise from Florida to say Amsterdam this way the ship is always making money and when one cruise ends the next begins turnaround day is a miracle of coordination in less than half a day six thousand people exit the ship and a hotel restaurant a theater laundromat and theme park clean and reset as if nothing ever happened when the ship arrives back at port early in the morning the clock starts ticking while passengers sleep all their luggage must be carried ashore meanwhile trash is dumped crew members switched fuel pump and a Costco of food and supplies loaded onto the ship seventy thousand eggs three thousand gallons of soda and fifteen thousand pounds of potatoes by 10:30 passengers are gone and hundreds of housekeepers rushed to clean all three thousand rooms then paperwork needs filed maintenance performed towel animals folded and lunch cooked by mr. Fieri all before new passengers arrive at one by five o'clock the ship is on its way whether you're on it or not because the sooner it reaches international waters the sooner the casino can start making Bank gambling is already very profitable but especially when it's unregulated so don't go overboard ocean water is pumped in desalinated and sent to rooms which because surface area is so limited are mostly interiors but the real moneymakers are suites and balconies so profitable that some ships have fake windows with virtual views and the least desirable lower decks are reserved for the crew there's one for every 2 passengers but you'll never see them off-duty they work long hours for 3 to 12 months at a time and they have to stay in their quarters when not working and that's because a cruise ship can register in any country whose labor laws it prefers most ships fly a flag of convenience usually Panama or Liberia saving millions in wages pretty handy it's why you might have a Barbadian maitre d or latvian housekeeper but never a pricey american the only problem is the passenger vessel services act of 1886 it says no foreign vessel shall transport passengers between ports in the United States a cruise can take passengers from America to another country and then coincidentally those same people back to America but never directly between American ports so short Pacific cruises often stop in Ensenada it's only 50 miles from the US but on a 6000 passenger cruise it saves 1.8 million in fines but for cruises to Hawaii they had to get creative every week Norwegian cruise ships going to Hawaii would take a four-day 1135 mile detour to a tiny atoll with no running water or electricity called Tehran but because they technically step foot and the Republic of Kiribati a done hundreds and then Norwegian built the pride of America because it's registered in the US it can avoid the detour but it's subject to American labor laws which is why many cruises to Hawaii are more expensive meanwhile no port wants to be the next tab or on so they fight to attract cruises cruise lines sell local activities for high commissions and port fees are passed on to passengers but ideally passengers never leave company property so until 2096 Walt Disney owns a small island in the Bahamas where they take their cruises called castaway Key and now other cruise lines are doing the same it's every company's dream from the moment you step on board until you leave 10 pounds heavier you're under magic spell but that's also the beauty of a crews total convenience the last thing you want to do on vacation is cook or clean or remember passwords traveling in general is hard enough much less remembering airline hotel and other passwords sitting by the pool lemonade in hand and surfing the net is the last time you should need to remember your passwords dash line stores fills and can even generate those passwords for you anywhere in the world across all your devices so you can make them as secure as you want without having to remember basically dash line brings the convenience of a cruise to your passwords using one password for everything just isn't secure and if you do what you're supposed to do and make a long complicated password you'll never remember it do you want to get into your account or do you not want to be hacked those are terrible options and what makes dash lines so great it works on pretty much every platform and it's not some big complicated thing you have to setup it just works if it finds that one of your accounts is ever compromised it sends you a notification so you can change your password for a ton of sites dash line can even change your password for you with one click of a button I can't tell you how convenient that is why not make your life easier your data is worth it click the link in the description and use the code youtube' 2018 no spaces for 10% off the already very affordable premium plan or try it completely free