Inside the World’s Most Luxurious Prisons

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the slammer the can the big house your mother-in-law's all of which are great nicknames for prison going to prison can be a scary time for anyone right down to the most grizzled murderer but it's not always as bad as it seems in fact some prisons can be better than our own current living situations join us as we have a look at some of the world's most luxurious vacation getaways I mean prisons and the amenities and benefits that go along with them we begin with Her Majesty's Prison in Scotland unlike most American prisons the exterior looks unassuming and more like something you would see if you were driving up to any modern office building for a job interview within its walls our modernized and streamlined architecture that also features cells that appear as though they were modeled by a contemporary design firm and are more like a comfortable hospital room than a grimy stone cell clean rooms with furniture that seemed to have been harvested out of the IKEA catalog replace iron bars and grungy bunk beds this minimum security prison features those who have been convicted of minor offenses and those who are awaiting trial despite its modern elegance though HMP still has massive amounts of violence and assaults on the staff next we find ourselves in the beautiful country of Norway where one prison is doing its best to claim the title of the world's first ecological prison bastoy prison was formerly a prison colony for young boys that features such luxurious amenities as wooden cottages instead of prison cells farms to work on and learn horticulture and in their spare time inmates can go horseback riding enjoy fishing play a round of tennis or even go cross-country skiing if they wish while this may seem a bit outlandish for a prison statistics report that offenders who end up being discharged from this island Oasis end up returning to some form of jail only 16 of the time compared to the overall 70% rate of those who end up reoffending that a release from other facilities and when we hear the words maximum-security prison the first images that might pop into our minds are vicious killers and convicts like Hannibal Lecter or Charles Manson who are such a threat that they need to be contained with serious measures but that doesn't seem to be the philosophy of another Norwegian prison in the city of Halden this supermax prison actually goes out of its way to focus on rehabilitation so much that its main goal is to simulate life outside of its walls the prison doesn't feature any sort of conventional security measures there are no snipers and towers no rolls of razor wire lining fences and the staff is completely unarmed minimal security cameras are present and the interiors are painted with murals and decor that differentiates between the living space working space and educational spaces this prison even rocks out featuring a full-fledged recording studio and every cell has its own shower a flat-screen television and unbarred windows inmates also enjoy sports access to personal trainers music video games and private visits that include rooms stocked with everything they need right down to free condoms so needless to say if you're going to kill someone do it in Norway but then again getting arrested in Austria wouldn't be so bad either especially if you're sent to the Leoben justice center this facility doesn't have steel or concrete walls and the cells are more like going somewhere for a vacation not only do inmates get their own private cell where they aren't forced to have a roommate but each cell also comes stocked with a full kitchenette floor-to-ceiling windows private baths and balconies for spectacular views and lounging some sweets I mean rooms even feature leather chairs and couches with real wooden beds and unbarred windows making your stay feel more like summer camp than the punishment you deserve moving across the world we find a few inmates who now regret ever having broken the law because their luxury prison was actually shut down chordal era jail in Santiago Chile was once a peaceful retreat for military criminals that featured tennis courts 5-star meals luxurious pools barbeque pits and more the facility located on a military base was more like a set of houses than a jail and the men who were housed there were convicted for unspeakable crimes that included killings tortures and more of thousands of citizens under the terroristic regime of a former military power under the command of General Augusto Pinochet but while in existence it was more like a vacation hot spot and if you happen to be convicted in Indonesia and have a fair amount of money you can end up living just like the mobsters in the movie Goodfellas pond dock bamboo prison was exposed when television cameras conducted a surprise inspection and recorded footage that showed its inmates receiving cosmetic laser surgery in their cells that also featured lavish leather furniture that many people on a great income could even afford in addition to this residents had personal assistants maids karaoke machines lush gardens and 5-star meals they can even pay for television and air conditioners and with the guards income only being somewhere in the range of $300 a month it's an easy scheme later reports found that inmates even had cell phones internet and access to their social media accounts while behind bars and with a simple doctor's note they could come and go as they please it's really not all that surprising though since most of the inmates who receive these perks are in prison in the first place for the crime of bribery and last but not least on our overseas lists of resorts mean rehabilitation facilities is Club San Antonio I mean San Antonio prison in Venezuela which looks more like an ongoing rave or nightclub scenario there are constant dance parties swimming pools barbecues free flowing drugs and guests of the inmates are encouraged for overnight stays in reality the only way you can tell the places of prison is because of the armed guards that hang around outside and all of these seem like a far cry from what we in America know is prison but you might be surprised to find that there are more than a handful of facilities that are possibly even in your backyard with these same lavish perks take for example Alderson federal prison camp in West Virginia this is the same place that Martha Stewart served her time at and the prison has facilities that include tennis courts swimming pools and even stages for talent shows and musical presentations in the far north of the state of West Virginia is the Morgantown Correctional Institution which provides their inmates free college to earn associate's degrees in things like IT and business management so save yourself the student loan debt and just commit crimes in Morgantown then there's the Pensacola federal prison camp in Florida which actually employs its inmates and trains them to be landscapers and gardeners and after a hard day of work they can relax with movie nights team sports and more what's little-known is that many jails in America offer a pay to stay program under this model wealthy inmates can actually pay to have the comforts of home and this also includes celebrities the LA county lockup might be notoriously represented in movies as a tough place to stay but it actually features a wing outfitted with hotel suites and some inmates can even keep their cell phones making it more like a getaway than being put away Richmond City Jail in Virginia has programs for good behavior that include daddy-daughter dance nights in which its inmates can have their families come in for dance parties and more the inmates also get to dress up in suit and ties and enjoy a lovely evening with their loved ones the Duluth federal prison camp in Minnesota is a rock star criminals haven as it features rentable instruments to outfit an entire band that way you can keep your skills up while waiting to be released and go on your next world tour Lompoc correctional facility in california may have recently eliminated their tennis courts but the grounds still feature volleyball courts eucalyptus groves and cushy accommodations and in South Dakota inmates get the college experience at Yankton this former university was converted into a prison where inmates have access to wide-open spaces dorm rooms instead of prison cells vast educational materials and many of them are even able to intern her I mean volunteer for off-site work opportunities which makes it really feel like College I mean prison with all of these great perks in mind it really seems like going to prison wouldn't be that bad would it but perhaps that's just our popular opinion after having seen this list only those who have been there truly know and we want to hear from you we hope you've never been to prison but if you have what was it like let us know in the comments below also while you're here be sure to subscribe to our Channel and show your support and 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