B&B Hotel – Budget Friendly Disney Partner Hotel : Disneyland (Paris, France)

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oh my gosh what is up shares welcome to vlog welcome to another awesome day okay so we drove about two hours to get here and we're just pulling in now and check it out this is the old sign right there it's totally like torn down okay so we are on our way to go explore an abandoned hotel this is something that we saw when we were driving here before it's like totally run down this road looks totally bad in the last few vlogs we've been exploring secret rooms in my house and now we are going out to check out this abandoned hotel because oh my gosh what is that whoa that's like a couch whoa I think there's a couch okay so Lizzy's here she's behind the camera say hi Liz hi oh we got baby Millie here it says Emily came here Wow look at this place it's all boarded up and everything it's so scary quarter I'm so scared Wow okay so if you haven't seen last vlog when we did the exploring secret room and Stevens bedroom closet there was like a room in the ceiling like the attic this was too scared to go up she didn't come so today yet so scared because she thought she saw something in the beginning the vlog I didn't see any chairs conn hashtag attic if you guys saw something yeah I definitely saw I was looking at the comments you guys are commenting all kinds of something you saw something moving I don't know I heard something up there but didn't see anything when I was filming but after watching it it definitely looked like I saw something dusty there's a bomb oh look it's an easter egg oh that's cool is it Easter Egg okay should we do like uh let's stay in the car and do a lap just in case says what if there are people here then we can just drive away yeah okay take a look at this place though it's all boarded up it's two floors one of the boards are oh my gosh the entrance is open this is like where you would pull up and it's open and over here oh my gosh this place is totally abandoned this is scary I'm scared that we're gonna explore and there might be people inside yeah or something what if there's something like a monster or animals yeah like this looks like a pretty nice like hotel back in the day I wonder why they closed it down like I wonder as something like only ever closed down hotels if they're like super haunted and people complaining oh my gosh look there are so many boards that are just broken in oh yeah look at those burgers again I seriously think that there's that's a sign I don't think we should be here I really don't think we should be here when we explored the abandoned town near our house there was like a bunch like hundreds and hundreds of blackbirds what is going on with all these birds even more and we just saw oh fuck them just now so that's kind of sketchy this place might also be like creepy I don't know I think if we park the car so just in case we have to run to it and get away we'll be good to go but let's do a quick let's explore it let's see what this place is all about and we don't have too much time because the Sun look at that the Sun is actually starting to set we got to work pretty quick here Liz oh oh do we even have flashlights I'm scared I know actually no I didn't bring any flashlights or anything but we do have like the flashes on our phone but let's go check this out let's park the car I'm excited this is gonna be awesome let's see what we can find here Carter I'm scared yeah I'm a little bit nervous I'm so scared I don't usually get scared too easily but I'm getting nervous because this place is huge and we're not close to home either were really far away from home okay are you gonna bring Millie yeah just a pee-pee okay let's go take Millie alright this is gonna be awesome sherry this is another exploring vlog I love these vlogs you guys love them too and if you guys are new here I'm Carter Shara you guys are the sheriff am to smash the subscribe button and join the most epic channel on YouTube oh yeah we do all kinds of stuff here and recently I've been doing a lot of exploring because we have been finding a lot of cool stuff at the sheriff am house and now we are at a huge abandoned hotel this is going to be absolutely awesome so liz is getting ready with Millie I'm just gonna get a like a better look at this thing because this is pretty crazy it's a full hotel like it's not just one house it's not just one seeker room it's a giant hotel and I bet this hotel has secret rooms and stuff inside it too we just got to figure out how we can get in cuz it's all boarded up right now who ever like boarded this up they definitely didn't want anybody going in or if there's something in there they didn't want that something coming out it's kind of scary but let's go take a look at this thing I'm taking a closer look right now because I see this um that window is broken into and kind of I don't want to get too close let me know if you guys see anything in there because I see like there's something back there but I don't know that's this is this is really scary usually like I don't get scared very easily but this place is absolutely scary I mean it's a huge building it's got two floors it's got all kinds of rooms in there right like hotels have so many rooms in them and this one has so many rooms in it too so I don't even know if I want to go in like this is really scary okay now we got Liz and Millie this is actually Millie's first time exploring anything that's abandoned well see if she gets scared I think she'd probably be okay for now she looks like she's having a pretty good time good girl baby so we are now approaching what used to be the entrance of the abandoned hotel because I think I actually feel open so let's see if we can like get a closer look this is really cool look at all of this I can't believe this is still like standing here isn't that awesome I'm scared Carter doesn't look very scared I'm not too scared I'm a little bit like spooked but you know we haven't even explored anything yet there's all this stuff in the ground it's like an extension cord all this electronic stuff I don't know why that's even there whoa okay well that is the inside right here I don't think you should go inside well I think we got at least like look a little bit because it's just right there that's like the front desk well I think we should go in and see if there's a room available tonight maybe we can stay overnight in one of the abandoned rooms maybe there was still like beds in there okay well I'm going to take a peek inside real quick because this is like where the front desk used to be let's see working [Applause] oh my gosh that says ghost [Applause] what does that sign say no weekly refunds [Applause] look at this place it's all like marble and stone I'm getting the chills yeah and you know what they say though I'm getting the chills yeah whoa what the wires what's wrong oh my gosh there's you scared me you can't do that and what's weird about this place is there's a car seats in here there's like this thing I don't know like an old all shattered in look at the pile of glass right yeah and there's so much glass oh oh the ceiling is falling down this place is look at pictures there used to be a window right here come back let's see if you can poke this ready whoa this is crazy all this glass is totally shattered we got three two one this is dangerous you gotta be super careful with broken glass because it's super sharp it is super easy to cut yourself I'm scared to go like any deeper in that building we just went in the lobby right now and it was spooky it's actually it was colder inside the building that it was outside and I got the chills which usually means a ghost walk through you yeah if you get chills that could be a bad sign and there's some blackfurs there's one right there another black bird I feel like every time we go and we check out these spooky places there's a lot of blackbirds we're gonna let's walk around it and see if we could find other places because I don't want to go too deep in because the ceiling was like falling down and well here's the door right here let's go check that out okay so we're like different port we're scared already Liz we just got here shares we just got here we got to do a little bit more exploring but this place is totally falling down that's like the gutter and I doubt this door is unlocked it's locked why would this door be locked it holding a fan in place but if you look in there let's see what we can see whoa look at this place shares must have been the pool area I wonder this a pool we can go swimming and there's a science there's no smoking okay well that door is locked let's keep walking around and see what else we can find there's a lot of crazy stuff here look at this with a tire why is there a tire and abandoned hotel that is wild this place is huge this is really kind of creepy too because we're so far away from home so if anything were to happen we're still two hours away and look at the shares of the Sun is setting Liz let's go on yeah I think we kind of came at the wrong time come on Liz we got to do a little bit more exploring before we head out this place is seriously super spooky this is probably the absolutely spookiest place that I've ever explored I've never been to anything so creepy because it's so unknown I've never been here before I've never seen this place before and it's huge and look at this there's a door in chairs and the door maybe came out of there it was a smashed window like there's so much crazy stuff going on I really think we should just leave I kind of want to leave but I got to do some exploring I'm so curious I don't if I just left right now I would be so like curious about what I missed out on both kind of hurt something I think there's something in this bush like an animal but I'll be so curious about what is that oh my gosh no way okay I don't know if you can see this but it's set oh it's dripping oh my gosh sure is look at this you see how it's dripping I feel like what if there's a body in there and it's sagging the ceiling down and look look at all that black stuff I don't know what that is that is really disgust and it's dripping black stuff everywhere that is so creepy yeah and then one last look check this out there's like vines growing crawling up the wall there's black stuff and then there was that thing that's dripping oh it's so nasty that is so gross and on this side it doesn't have it it's kind of torn open but I don't know this is seriously so creepy oh hey Steve I'm filming right now we are at a abandoned hotel and it's like super creepy so scary Steven you might have saved me it's like super scary we're walking around right now but the sun's starting to get dark so don't have too much time left but it's super creepy okay so we made it around towards like the back side harder look at that oh okay Sherri's check this out this is really creepy Oh before that there's a hole right here this chef put the camera down in here let's see what do you see down there shares oh did you guys see anything I don't want to put my head down there but Liz found this over here look at that what is that we got to go look in okay there's all kinds of noises out here – there's like animals that live here now in birds but let's go look okay let me know if you guys see anything we're a little peek through I don't see anything in there Liz it's so dark we actually see something you see quarters people do you where I didn't see anything in there and now there's a another smashed window up there it just seems to be a door look this was a door and these are the door handles but it's locked and it's all boarded up there's no getting through there they really boarded this place up because they did not want people inside we have to get out of here I think she senses something really is something wrong baby yeah she seems a little scared but here's another door all boarded up all of these windows are boarded up shares this place is pretty crazy I can't get over how just how big this place is we're not even inside the building but there is all kinds of stuff here look at this the side of it is like a hole in the wall right here I really think all these doors are boarded up to keep people out and to keep whatever's inside inside oh but I see an opening oh there's a door that's missing over this way oh I think this is the swimming pool oh my gosh Cher's I think this is the swimming pool this is so cool whoa okay there yeah I can hear stuff too but I gotta check this out this is I think this is the swimming pool oh wow this place is so super awesome I hear something whoa Liz this place is amazing look at this swimming pool this is absolutely awesome chairs what oh there's toilets on the ceiling what was that look oh my gosh did you hear that okay this place I'm going in just a little bit deeper real quick loses she's scared so she's going back out but this place is so cool I just want to look around a little bit more but this place is so cool shares oh my gosh and I have no idea why there's toilets on the ceiling but there are toilets on the ceiling right there that is crazy Wow do you see I don't see anything let's get out of here okay this place is really creepy I didn't see anything in there but there were all kinds of noises in there for sure Milly stoner what she's shivering yeah Milly so scared so I think we gotta start heading heading back to the car oh my gosh there's another hole you guys see anything in there I didn't see anything in there I did not see anything in there we made it around the back side of the building this is now the other side we're going back to the front that's the car up there Wow okay I haven't totally spooked out right now this is definitely one of the scariest places I've ever been and I'm getting all kinds of scary like senses like spooky senses the Sun is going down let's get out of here sighs like lower than the trees now I think it's right around there and when we started it was above the water tower I think it's time to get out of here but I see one last hole right there guys check this one out there's a lot of those like low holes I just want to do right there nothing too interesting I think we shouldn't stay too long and we definitely shouldn't stay any longer when that Sun goes down below the horizon that's when things are gonna get bad I just have a bad feeling about this place I don't feel comfortable going in that haunted hotel at all because I know there's something in there I didn't see anything but we could just feel it I keep looking over my shoulders because every time I film one of these exploring vlogs I don't see it until after I post it then you guys comment that you guys saw something behind me okay Liz Liz oh there you are you disappeared no skipping the water because she's so nervous okay yeah this place is totally creepy we got to get out of here shares this was a crazy vlog comment what you guys say in comment if you guys saw anything this time I didn't see anything but I know for a fact there was something that place is so scary I don't want to stay too long and I don't really want to come back here either that place is really really haunted or something yeah sure subleased was so scary I couldn't even speak cuz I was like so scared and I don't want to be too loud in case there was something inside I don't want to like scare it or wake it up okay shares well we're gonna get back home I just keep thinking that there's gonna be something coming out of one of those boarded up windows and I think we got to get out of here before that sunset so let's get out of here let's end the vlog here okay shares wall we're off we're getting home we're gonna get home safely so until next time you know what to do stay awesome and share the love peace whew [Applause]