B&B Hotel – Budget Friendly Disney Partner Hotel : Disneyland (Paris, France)

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Grand European Tour Itinerary from Viking River Cruises

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this ultimate 15 day cruise highlights Europe from Amsterdam in the Netherlands all the way to Budapest in Hungary start in charming Amsterdam visit colognes Gothic cathedral sample wine in the Rhine valleys heartland and learn about glassblowing traditions in ver time plus you'll wander the cobblestone streets of Passau stroll the boulevards of Vienna and finish your cruise in Budapest you

Monaco – Timeless Luxury – Luxurious Living in Southern France – Luxury Yacts, Watches, Vacations

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Exploring Paris with Small Luxury Hotels

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morning guys say I am back in an uber again and back off to France for the third time in about 10 days but this time though it is a trip with small luxury hotels and on live in Paris for one night and then after Normandy for some Calvados and some cheese tasting so she'd be really good fun and she'd be a really good way to explore the countryside see you guys on the other side of the channel and voila I am now in Paris completely magic not by chance all the same camera and I Eurostar's a little bit delayed so we are behind schedule which is afirma okay guys that's my intro done see in a bit hi we have arrived Avilan del RL we've now arrived in pavilion that I ran it's such a beautiful cozy little place amazingly I have a suite and it is it's so good honestly it's so good awkward moment when everybody gets their cameras out same time check their dig I saw the rain it is incredible and we're now all people I some lunch hopefully I get some coffee it's very difficult [Applause] [Applause] so we all did it all by the classic little of rays ice cream my even hungry it's one of the lesser-known attractions of Paris for lots of vines well just mmm it's a hippie eating their ice creams over bends and their families are really really quick outfits of the evening I've got this blue shirt from Greece almost white these dark navy croc trousers from ASOS and then these beautiful beautiful shoes also for a sauce just down here with a cool bird print hey everybody is ready color-coordinated I didn't get the monochrome memo but it's fine I'd be not all absolutely next hotel the world smallish on the man said all right that's a flipping on the style canals about four hours it was really actually here I love this hotel they're really really cool but now it's time to hopefully go downstairs and sneak in [Applause] time check 7:30 the light is going down we've managed to make it to five spent on for dinner first off we need to shoot over here because the light is puffy white guys say we are all shooting at the same door we've got one two three cameras on the go a lot of cameras over there photographing stuff this thought highly worth it check this out boom on the Chanel good morning everybody so it is day 2 and we are in Paris though quite a busy morning doing emails and stuff the last time for breakfast hopefully anyone sits outside and in the front on the and the courtyard at first up let's go to breakfast get some coffee and get some food warning properly everybody the plan now is to check out this beautiful hotel and we're gonna head over to a second hotel not sure which one yet and then we're having a baking class but you'd be really good fun actually I've never ever Bates question in my life so be good to see how it works probably like in the baking but just stopped off at the Museum of the castle but ignore my camera angle that is the French speaking club done I've just eaten seven pastries in a row and I am slightly reversing it if you have lunch now but really it's always a pretty cool and definitely great for the waistline so front every time I come here I eat too much [Applause] now the famous stripy place and we are about to shoes I got my shotgun [Applause] by Becca just father say there's a foul hello pals now involved we have just left Grand Hotel du Palais Royale which I'll get right have a lovely lunch lovely tour shop in the square with the big stretch of posts the name get visit pal around its kind of round also this yeah I mean out on route to Normandy we have lots of things in the corridor you can meet some nice scented candles some macarons pastries in the back and scoop water oh my god I'm not supposed to all the way told me now the sun is shining we have just arrived at Chateau Alicia Navy air and I tell you what northern France is so beautiful it's just farmhouse after farmhouse lovely brickwork the Sun is playing ball as well but look at how beautiful this place is shutter windows everywhere and it's basically an Instagram dream so yeah it's nice to be here and looking forward to please back down [Applause] just exploring the grounds of the hotel and there are so many amazing places to shoot tomorrow morning that bench when the Sun hits it most of this courtyard we've just shot out front it was some really cool shots of the entire building and through here is parking and bikes so I think the idea tomorrow is to go for a bike ride try and get all no way look at that foot army truck should have bought a camera outfit so beautiful [Applause] the eight nine forty Tang paused in a gun very very good food finished off by the best free pass thought I'll ever have in my life they're now heading downstairs to Zanzibar basically the site have a tasting sorry I had this one here yeah yeah it is so smooth it helps you digest both on the

Top 10 Vacation Spots In The World

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number ten Egypt when most people think of vacation they want the Sun the ocean and escape from everyday life well Egypt has one of those and if relaxing on the sand is your thing then we can chalk it up to two once the land of the Pharaohs beetles incestuous gods and slaves the modern Egyptian world offers a glimpse of what was once a rich ancient civilization tourism in Egypt became popular in the mid 90s peaked around 2010 he pretty much dropped off after the whole revolution fiasco in 2011 while it may not be considered a luxury vacation spot anymore the pyramids and tombs still making an enriching vacation spot for landmarks of course a must-see is the Great Pyramid of Giza which like many other pyramids were built around five thousand five hundred years ago by the aliens I mean Egyptian slaves as burial grounds for the leaders and people of importance / wealth standing 455 feet tall the Great Pyramid is one of the largest wonders of the ancient world and has led to much controversy over exactly how it was made nearby – the Great Pyramid lies the Great Sphinx a 66 foot replica of the mythological creature you guessed it the Sphinx these two landmarks have become synonymous with Egypt frequently appearing on postcards and sand those annoying family pictures on Facebook we all pretend to enjoy seeing number 9 New York New York may not have the infamy of Las Vegas or the luxurious atmosphere of the Bahamas but New York is still packed tight with parks museums national landmarks and architectural feats the first must-see in New York is Central Park nearly 850 acres wide it is one of the largest urban parks in the world visitors can experience the Central Park Zoo Belvedere Castle and the famous Lasker rink if it's winter of course for the history buffs or families with children New York's museums housed world-famous exhibits and pieces that attract millions every year in fact the city's museums recently saw 20% increase in visitors that has been credited to the recent Night at the Museum true finally there's no way you could even think about visiting New York without going to go see the Statue of Liberty gifted to the United States on October 28 1886 the statue is proudly stood in Manhattan as a symbol for patriotism and freedom for nearly 130 years the statue stands 151 feet tall and currently stands as one in New York's largest and busiest tourist attractions featured many iconic franchises such as x-men Planet of the Apes Ghostbusters and even Cloverfield statues one of the world's most recognizable landmarks number 8 Las Vegas ah Las Vegas or as many people know at the strip Sin City and lost wages believe it or not Las Vegas is stigma of gambling and showgirls dates back to its very beginning or more specifically the building of the Hoover Dam as workers flooded in from around the country the mainly male workforce was left with brimming pockets and a lust for entertainment this eventually led to the legalization of gambling in Las Vegas creating the strip of casinos and hotels as we know them today the strip is the name given to a four mile long street of luxury casinos and resort hotels and stands as one of Aces main attractions it is most popular at night with the city's buildings and attractions lit up to paint the city bold just a concur to the popularity of the strip it contains 15 of the top 25 world's largest hotels funnily enough the strip technically isn't even located in Las Vegas as allies just south of the city's limits if the gambling and debauchery of the strip aren't your thing the strip also houses many other attractions including the Bellagio fountains a 15-minute aquatic spectacle the place through the afternoon and evenings each show contains random aspects and theatrical music making each and every night a unique experience that delights visitors if you lean more towards sightseeing one of the most beautiful views of Las Vegas is found to top the high roller well being told to go to the equivalent of a glorified ferris wheel may seem boring it is most definitely a sight to see this 550 foot tall behemoth is the world's largest observation wheel and as sunset rotation is credited as one most beautiful sites in the world number seven Rome Rome is one of Italy's oldest historical cities and a testament to what was once the great Roman Empire there are three reasons people visit Rome the art the food and the architecture you can't get much more historical than a Roman Museum each wall inside is plastered with ancient treasures from the works of Michelangelo to the poems and paintings of paquius while museums aren't for everyone what with their musty smell and snarky security you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who isn't left speechless at the sight of the architectural wonder that is the Sistine Chapel absolutely stunning inside a know its ceiling also happened to be painted by Michelangelo a speculated atheist with a deep hatred of the at the time Pope this led to the ceiling of the chapel being painted with everyone graphically nude and hidden insulting messages about the Pope being strewn throughout painting eventually the paintings were censored and changed making the chapel a bit safer for children's eyes for those of a fine palate Rome is also renowned for its sophisticated take on Italian dining and fine wine with expensive wine served at every meal just be careful not to drink wine emperor nero uh didn't end well for the majority of his family number six bahamas the bahamas is a stunning collection of over 700 islands thirty of which contain luxury resorts in the bahamas there's something for everyone boating shopping diving sightseeing or just relaxing on the beach whether you're up for adventure or relaxation the Bahamas has one of the most popular islands Nassau holds just about everything you could want rich with culture and booming with activities it's famous attraction the Atlantis Resort holds in many attractions including a massive 141 acre water park with a mile-long river tubing adventure and a dolphin Cay if water perks are early your thing don't worry Atlantis also is a huge fully loaded shopping center a pottery studio rock climbing tennis courts and a fitness center as well alas has its own free theater hosting complimentary hit Hollywood movies another very popular Island is Long Island named so because well a nearly 80 miles long it's a pretty Long Island boasted about for its natural scenic beauty the islands claim to fame is its curiosity contrasting landforms speeches right next to rocky peaks plains adjacent ponds it truly does feel like two islands smashed together number five Thailand ah Thailand between the beautiful beaches rich culture and stigma for getting a handy after a massage you truly are an amazing location speaking of which if you asked for a massage with a happy ending you'll probably be arrested they're cracking down on that now with that out of the way Thailand is quite well known for its natural beauty ancient culture and exotic foods and festivals Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and holds one of the largest tourist attractions in the whole country the grand palace truly a tourist trap for all lovers of ancient culture the grand palace is filled with clusters of royal halls relics and the ancient temple of the emerald buddha if culture is not really your thing railay beach is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the country and is also very popular for its rock climbing and snorkeling attractions featured nearby is the diamond cave perfect for exploring and open to the public if neither one of those works for you then at the very least visit the floating markets in Bangkok no not Harry Potter floating candles floating these floating markets consist of dozens of boats piled high with goods if you're not accustomed to it these floating markets may seem absolutely ludicrous but to the farmers it's their daily life vendors and farmers alike row over to the docks to sell their fresh fruits wares and meals prepared on floating kitchens boat tours are available to take you right through the center of the market where the entirety of the event is for sale to you at a discount price number four maldives for a culturally enriching vacation look no further than the maldives renowned amongst tourists for both its local culture and beautiful landscapes culturally a unique blend of Sinhalese Arab and Indian influences the Maldives are also special because they encourage visiting of the capital not just staying on the resort the capital features various festivals and attractions like the nationalmuseum Sultan Park and the presidential palace but who goes to a tropical island for Culture and Tourism the Maldives also pride themselves on their luxury resorts which make up for the vast majority of income for the country with over 90 dedicated island resorts the Maldives feature the perfect island paradise for anyone looking for a relaxing vacation some resorts even assign each room a personal servant and feature luxury dining around the clock if you're looking for a Gatien to kick back and let everything be done for you you found it here number three Paris France commonly known as a city of love Paris is the go-to place for young couples in love fiance's on vacation and married couples celebrating a trivial number of years without getting a divorce Paris is famous for its many architectural and artistic attractions the most reputable being the Eiffel Tower established in 1889 for the World's Fair it now stands as an iconic and cultural representation of Paris and has become a hallmark of the great city if museums are more your style than musee d'orsay is one of the most talked-about and highly reviewed attractions Paris has to offer built inside a nearly twelve decade old railway station the musee d'orsay contains some of the most beautiful and famous art in not only Paris but the whole world attracting 86 million visitors since its construction 28 years ago for the people who are bored by architectural feats stuck in museums they may find solace in the Luxembourg Gardens first planted in 1612 the beautiful 23 hectares features a peaceful and natural atmosphere intended for a break from the city life known for its beautiful flower arrangements and tranquility it is simply a must visit and you can't beat an admission price of free just make sure you visit in spring summer or autumn as the flowers become significantly less beautiful when they're dead number 2 Aruba Aruba brands itself as one happy Island and for good reason it has something for everyone the island prides itself on a relaxing atmosphere with calm white sand beaches and clear waters it's perfect for a relaxing getaway the island contains dozens of luxury spas and relaxation centres and is encircled by a beautiful coastline and a beach that's open to all visitors of the island 24 hours a day for people out to stuff themselves Aruba is known for serving a blend of Caribbean flavors and Dutch favorites with South American and European influences along the way with over 100 Hotel and Resort restaurants top-ranking fine dining and many local favorites off the beaten path there are delicious new experiences for everyone while relaxing on the beach with food is always fun Aruba is loaded with diverse activities experiences and exploring to be hat island can be explored by hiking jeep tours and even hopping on an ATV to see the natural terrain wildlife ancient caves and dramatic rock formations water sports enthusiasts can enjoy snorkeling wreck diving windsurfing and even deep-sea diving along Aruba's coral reef some of the more thrill inducing activities include skydiving cliff jumping and kite riding all in all if you're looking for the perfect all-around vacation Aruba is the place to be number one Bora Bora Bora Bora is a beautiful tropical island that's visible surfaces only 12 square miles but those miles house one of the best vacation spots in the world while other vacation spots have booming economy is driven through all manner of imports and exports or a borĂ¥s economy is nearly 100 percent tourism driven this island and the people working in the resorts exist for one reason and one reason only to serve you I'm just kidding that sounds pretty dark but the resorts on Bora Bora are among the world's most luxurious and expensive with unwinding activities like snorkeling boat tours and Jeep safaris as well as more exciting activities like scuba diving parasailing and hiking many reviewers of the island say that it is a thing of beauty but critique it for its lackluster man-made beaches which hold nothing special or particularly memorable as a replacement the natural lagoons are world-famous and beautiful bringing in lots of tourism just by themselves you