Exploring Paris with Small Luxury Hotels

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morning guys say I am back in an uber again and back off to France for the third time in about 10 days but this time though it is a trip with small luxury hotels and on live in Paris for one night and then after Normandy for some Calvados and some cheese tasting so she'd be really good fun and she'd be a really good way to explore the countryside see you guys on the other side of the channel and voila I am now in Paris completely magic not by chance all the same camera and I Eurostar's a little bit delayed so we are behind schedule which is afirma okay guys that's my intro done see in a bit hi we have arrived Avilan del RL we've now arrived in pavilion that I ran it's such a beautiful cozy little place amazingly I have a suite and it is it's so good honestly it's so good awkward moment when everybody gets their cameras out same time check their dig I saw the rain it is incredible and we're now all people I some lunch hopefully I get some coffee it's very difficult [Applause] [Applause] so we all did it all by the classic little of rays ice cream my even hungry it's one of the lesser-known attractions of Paris for lots of vines well just mmm it's a hippie eating their ice creams over bends and their families are really really quick outfits of the evening I've got this blue shirt from Greece almost white these dark navy croc trousers from ASOS and then these beautiful beautiful shoes also for a sauce just down here with a cool bird print hey everybody is ready color-coordinated I didn't get the monochrome memo but it's fine I'd be not all absolutely next hotel the world smallish on the man said all right that's a flipping on the style canals about four hours it was really actually here I love this hotel they're really really cool but now it's time to hopefully go downstairs and sneak in [Applause] time check 7:30 the light is going down we've managed to make it to five spent on for dinner first off we need to shoot over here because the light is puffy white guys say we are all shooting at the same door we've got one two three cameras on the go a lot of cameras over there photographing stuff this thought highly worth it check this out boom on the Chanel good morning everybody so it is day 2 and we are in Paris though quite a busy morning doing emails and stuff the last time for breakfast hopefully anyone sits outside and in the front on the and the courtyard at first up let's go to breakfast get some coffee and get some food warning properly everybody the plan now is to check out this beautiful hotel and we're gonna head over to a second hotel not sure which one yet and then we're having a baking class but you'd be really good fun actually I've never ever Bates question in my life so be good to see how it works probably like in the baking but just stopped off at the Museum of the castle but ignore my camera angle that is the French speaking club done I've just eaten seven pastries in a row and I am slightly reversing it if you have lunch now but really it's always a pretty cool and definitely great for the waistline so front every time I come here I eat too much [Applause] now the famous stripy place and we are about to shoes I got my shotgun [Applause] by Becca just father say there's a foul hello pals now involved we have just left Grand Hotel du Palais Royale which I'll get right have a lovely lunch lovely tour shop in the square with the big stretch of posts the name get visit pal around its kind of round also this yeah I mean out on route to Normandy we have lots of things in the corridor you can meet some nice scented candles some macarons pastries in the back and scoop water oh my god I'm not supposed to all the way told me now the sun is shining we have just arrived at Chateau Alicia Navy air and I tell you what northern France is so beautiful it's just farmhouse after farmhouse lovely brickwork the Sun is playing ball as well but look at how beautiful this place is shutter windows everywhere and it's basically an Instagram dream so yeah it's nice to be here and looking forward to please back down [Applause] just exploring the grounds of the hotel and there are so many amazing places to shoot tomorrow morning that bench when the Sun hits it most of this courtyard we've just shot out front it was some really cool shots of the entire building and through here is parking and bikes so I think the idea tomorrow is to go for a bike ride try and get all no way look at that foot army truck should have bought a camera outfit so beautiful [Applause] the eight nine forty Tang paused in a gun very very good food finished off by the best free pass thought I'll ever have in my life they're now heading downstairs to Zanzibar basically the site have a tasting sorry I had this one here yeah yeah it is so smooth it helps you digest both on the