B&B Hotel – Budget Friendly Disney Partner Hotel : Disneyland (Paris, France)

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Jumeirah Beach Hotel – Dubai 4K

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Argos in Cappadocia in Turkey | Luxury Escapes in Europe

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Hotel Armentarola Trailer, Dolomites | Luxury Escapes in Italy with HIP Hotels

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North Georgia Farm B&B Features Many Rescued Animals

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just outside of Blue Ridge Georgia sits a 35-acre fully interactive farm bed-and-breakfast that consistently ranks amongst the best on TripAdvisor and other travel sites why such high marks you ask well could be location could be the features of the property but after spending a day with them my guess is it's the incredible couple who run the farm peace and tranquility that's the norm these days for Lester and Diane arathi a far cry from their previous life in the suburbs of Chicago in western Florida a 36 year veteran of law enforcement the last 10 as a police chief Lester says moving to the country was always the plan and it just so happens that Georgia was the perfect destination you know we've traveled extensively and when we finally decided to retire we didn't want to stay in Florida because it was too congested and always hot so we wanted to move back up north again so we moved halfway back found God's country here in the mountains and what better placement Blue Ridge Georgia the move however didn't happen overnight according to Lester the whole process took about three years and included countless hours of searching the internet and making phone calls before finally deciding on the property now known as Horse Creek stable it was a foreclosure everything was chest-high with weeds the barn behind me wasn't there the fencing for the horses wasn't there and slowly we just started piecing it all together and we had this one little carriage house room that we gutted and completely updated and we said this would be a perfect spot for our friends and family to come visit us well then one thing led to another and we said well why don't we rented out as a bed-and-breakfast room when our friends and family are here and it has just taken off in popularity traditionally people think of a Victorian home with very ornate furnishings and we market ourselves as a farm stay or agritourism bed-and-breakfast you travel in Italy or many European countries and they have Agri tourism hotel signs everywhere people will stay at a vineyard people will stay in a farm and that was the experience that we wanted to give people here so we get a lot of people that love animals love the outdoors and are just thrilled to have a farm stay experienced during their stay guests are also welcomed by the many animals that call horse Creek home animals who are extremely special and who each have their own story we partnered up with the Georgia Eklund Rescue and many of the horses have come to us through them we also partnered up with adapted gold in Atlanta we've gotten some golden retrievers from them two of them were hit by cars lost their legs and they are now permanent fixtures we've adapted them on the farm and our latest little girl she's five months old she was born with a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia and she can't walk very well at all but they took her the breeder took her to a vet to put her down but that said not without trying turned her over to adopt a golden atlanta and they have placed her with us as a forever foster she belongs to them but she will hopefully live out all of her years here on the farm with us and then we have the state of Georgia's only therapy miniature donkey that we've taken to assisted living facilities people with kids that have special needs will come here two weeks ago we had one of the schools show up with a big school bus and the kids got off and had a farm tour and we don't charge anything for a tour especially for kids that you know might have conditions similar to our animals we really enjoy offering that to them and then there is tricycle another one of Diana Lester's fur babies who was the inspiration behind this children's book tricycle and Friends its author lester arathi we ended up adopting tricycle and on our Facebook page we kept posting pictures of tricycle interacting with the other animals and all the volunteers and parents of adopted golden golden retrievers kept saying you have to ride the Children's but you have to put this in a book so we eventually did we're going to do this until we can physically no longer do it and it is it is difficult work hopefully if the business does a little bit better we can get some help but right now it's Diane and I and thankfully our adult daughter Jennifer is here for a short period of time and has been a workaholic on the farm so it's been it's been pure joy great people great place to visit and all the animals such a fun-loving environment now if you would like more information on horse creek stable and to check their availability you can find them on Facebook or at the address you see there horse creek stable in lodging dot-com also the book tricycle and Friends it is available at amazon.com as well as Barnes and noble.com

Donna Coraly Resort in Sicily | Luxury Escapes in Italy with Hip Hotels

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Hotel Employees Reveal Secrets About Hotels

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hmm I don't want to get in trouble with this one how can you get things for free upgraded room or a comped room I definitely recommend that you just ask or complain about the view size or if the rooms dirty your neighbors are loud whatever the case may be be cool don't make stuff up nobody cares about your anniversary the only anniversary I care about is the one where you're handing me a 20 it depends on the occupancy depends on the person depends on the guests don't book off the discount sites cuz we know how little you paid for it so when it comes to upgrades back at a-line I have had people who have not wanted to pay for the room and actually have come up with nefarious ways to get things for free they said that there was a rat in the room the security team went to investigate and there was a little rat in the room but in the trashcan there was a receipt from Petsmart well the person and their new pet rat got kicked out of the hotel with no refund well there's always the used condom excuse that's a classic we found used condom under the pillow dude no you did unless that was yours what's the dirtiest thing in the room all things fabric couches chairs the weird blanket that they put on top for the color accent discard it probably the TV remote it's electronics so you can't really just like to spray it down with chemicals I think it's just kind of gets put back on the desk and that's about it people use the bathroom don't wash their hands and they touch the remote after relieving themselves in or out of the bathroom have I had any weird celebrity encounters and the answer to that is too many to remember I've seen many celebrities and their underwear nobody that you actually want to see though I had someone called me from the bathroom and asked me to come system in the tub and then she would do things to me if I would do that for her sometimes celebrities will check in under a different name I had somebody stay at a hotel one time and somebody asked me what was that this person I was like no we don't have anybody seeing in the hotel if I haven't named one of the most awkward moments and I'm not gonna name drop any celebrities for example if say Kim Kardashian was in front of me and I didn't know who she was okay what's the last name for the reservation instant insult they just get really offended like have you witnessed any porn shoes yeah I actually helped the guys bring up their filming equipment and they tipped me with a sweatshirt that had the porn company logo on it I mean it's a good view it's a nice room the beds are beautiful I don't blame them they kind of have the attitude of like yeah we paid for this room we're gonna do whatever the hell we want in it do employees know when you booked a room to have a one-night stand yes we do usually it's a bunch of giggling snuggling making out on saved couch in front of employees and we're just standing there like right so could you kindly insert your credit card for incidentals not only do we know that you're there for a one-night stand but we also knew who your wife is because you checked in with her like an hour ago on a different floor and when you call down and ask us to deliver condoms we also know that you're not really a Magnum dude can you replace items from the minibar without getting in trouble you can try but it's really hard because you got to find like a pony sized bottle of diet cherry coke and a can of M&Ms you don't want it is to find a can of M&Ms everything in that minibar is inventoried and everything we'll probably be able to tell if it's not something that we've already bought if you don't want to pay for the seven dollar bottles of water from the minibar you can just go refill your same bottle down at the fitness center by law they have to have water for you there why are people not allowed to smoke in hotel rooms do you know how long it takes to actually clean a room that's have a smoke owner in it it's a health hazard number one number two it knocks out a room for a week I'm not gonna have somebody smoke in a room and then when a teenage kid goes to lay down on the pillow like mommy it smells like camel do I know and when people are smoking weed in the room yes I've had to go and inquire like no we're not smoking do we say anything about all the pens men you Sharon weed nobody cares about because we know they're not gonna be causing any trouble after third it's gonna be sitting around and watching movies and raiding the minibar that's the clientele we want so just be a nice person treat everybody well enjoy yourself make our lives easier and will make your stay incredible