Halong Bay Luxury Cruise | Signature Cruise

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vlogging never goes to well before coffee so now we're about two hours into our four-hour drive to halong bay because we are going on an overnight cruise with signature cruises these people after watching some of our videos a lot of people might consider us budget travelers but I like to think of it as like money savvy travelers so we save money in some areas so we can splurge on other memorable experiences so we stayed at the Hilton for free using points and now we're splurging on this overnight cruise because halong bay is a unesco world heritage site and it's supposed to be amazing I didn't know that we're going to be doing this for the next two days and we can't wait time to get back on the bus it took us a little under four hours to get to a halong bay I have to say I was kind of dreading that ride because we've had a lot of bad long ban rides but that was definitely the nicest van that we've been transported in and the ride was flat and smooth unlike some of the crazy curvy mountain roads that we've been on in the past few months so we made it and I think the plan is to get on a small boat that is then going to take us to the cruise ship this is awesome whoa look at this view first things first have to open all the windows is crazy oh we have a balcony no wait – there's rose I think we need to book like oh five nine cruise this so nice this is the first balcony that we've had on our entire trip yay what a better place to have your first balcony and I just love being outside I might just sleep out here tonight hey you look pretty comfy whoa care of you what's in the bathroom yet we have like our own private hot tub toilet even has buttons like the one in Tokyo oh don't spray me Nate you have to leave the balcony for a minute we have to eat lunch oh come on I love to eat look at the rocks this is amazing first of the season m├ílaga I do not think we're gonna be disappointed with the food on this trip I'm a saved as to get much fresher than that I see food here that comes from there thank you very much I have no clue how to eat this I think I'll just love this very like twice a while and cilantro oh my people are so perfect I've heard some people suck the heads of these okay I really butchered that one that was not papaya salad we've been wanting to try Vietnamese spring rolls since we got here and we haven't made one friend up I assume I use both mmm Thai or Vietnamese spring rolls and you can do these are really enjoy that looks amazing I think we just got to the main course according to the minion seabass sprinkled and tamarins all served a fragrant rice and vegetable it's really been kinga wrong with tamarind sauce we need to take a food go on yeah we have 20 minutes for a nap before you get to the fishing village this is quickly turning into all those times I can't set the camera down the views just keep getting better we just finished about a 30-minute sail I set outside and enjoy the views and to enjoy those views on the way to the fishing village we just got to a floating fishing village we're going to get rode around on a rowboat to see the village and then after that we're going to a pearl farm I think they grow pearls is someone here to China this trio I speak out very fast the south is emotional McVerry very nice pole into color so white and yellow Oh oh very beautiful at the boat ride through the floating fishing village was the most calm and quiet thirty minutes of my life you could only hear the oars dipping in the water was like you felt guilty for talking ruining it for everybody else so cool it was nothing like this bracket that's going on behind us right now and then they brought us here and they showed us how pearls were made which was actually much more interesting than I thought it would be I'm gonna go pick out my present no she's not normally I keep my expectations pretty low for like group tour type stuff but that was fantastic it highly exceeded my expectations and now we're back and we get to enjoy our balcony for like an hour until our cooking class there's currently making the biggest spring roll about Rankine only roll yours once because it's so pain stopped I'm really done it make after dinner this is the most impressive fighting that I've seen yet today has been such a blast on his cruise dinner was amazing and now Nate is going fishing for squid on the back of the boat as much fun as that sounds this huge bathtub is calling my name oh my is this big one yeah I've been fishing for a total of one minute oh yes good man changed color yeah it's much darker coming flags Oh is he squirting ink right now this is carbon suspension Wow you're screaming I'm gonna send it to the kitchen I yeah I think in the boiling I think they just cooked one and brought it to care up in the room did you catch good girl do you have anything she bribed idumaean think you'd say here yes so I get up and it's one of the staff and she said Nate catch a lot I handed this to me how cool is that I'm apparently a professional squid fisherman I caught 10 of course you take I literally pulled this out of the ocean myself 20 minutes ago slinky in there still that's fresh one can't see it now because I've inked up the bucket but I loved a six quid everybody seems to think this is very yours he's smaller than milk Hey but now she thinks that the day is on a diver I really had to turn now so she's gonna sit there and it's gonna spray her for her until she figures out how to turn it off she's big

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hi everyone I'm Lavinia Nixon from luxury escapes it's been an amazing year for barley resort offers but we have saved the best for last luxury escapes have been selected to launch the legends of barley promotion whereby they get some of the islands best icons together to create the ultimate holiday experience for both couples wanting relaxation and romance and families with children it's the iconic five-star resort Pan Pacific take a look the setting is a sprawling five-star paradise that has been visited by kings prime ministers and movie stars but don't take my word for it I'll show you around it's not hard to see why the Pan Pacific noir Napali keeps collecting endless awards and accolades the spectacular 103 hectare hideaway has been built atop a sheer coastal cliff with unbeatable views of the Indian Ocean and the iconic island temple tanah lot made famous in the Julia Roberts movie Eat Pray Love adding to the locations appeal is a magnificent award-winning 18 hole golf course designed by Greg Norman that wraps around the resort like a gorgeous green glove the resort is not only heaven for golfers it's total bliss for couples looking for relaxation and romance and one of Asia's best escapes for families with a state of the art Kids Club and a fabulous 54 meter waterslide splash into an incredible pool that cascades over four levels stunning resort look it's the location to me is just the place to be and location wise half an hour to seven yet half an hour lydian you can actually go up to orbit within an hour then you've got the quality of the service and the style at 10:00 Pacific know Ana can ask for anything more you'll be indulged from dawn till dusk in six award-winning restaurants and bars you might want to join in a Balinese cooking masterclass and don't forget to grab a cocktail at the superb Sunset Lounge the resort rooms are large and inviting with views over the dramatic coastline the gardens or the lush fairways or totally splurge and upgrade to a spectacular private pool villa with 250 square meters of living space sheer bliss if you really want to pamper yourself then don't miss a treatment at the new honest I'm a stay at the legendary Pan Pacific will also awaken the Explorer in you and it's all right on your doorstep take a bicycle tour of the sprawling resort grounds experience the magic of releasing a baby turtle into the sea unwind with yoga shop for handicrafts at the nearby village markets try your hand at rice planting enjoy a relaxed ride in a horse driven carriage or simply watch the sunset over the Magnificent tanah lot temple make sure you also take the free shuttle to kuta or seminyak where you can savour at a past degustation dinner by mikeetty at seminyak famous double six rooftop bar and lounge then venture back to your cliff top paradise Balinese hospitality and world-class indulgence combined to create the ultimate resort holiday check out the legends of barley packaged right now luxury escapes calm there are some amazing inclusions and if you purchase now in the launch week you'll get it for a truly amazing price

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the Pullman Cala Cattleya Resort is a secluded paradise in the heart of Cal AK in Thailand south and it's well worth a stay on these shores this is absolute resort heaven on the edge of the sparkling Andaman Sea justa now is Drive from Phuket International Airport you'll arrive at the stunning resort which captures the very best of a holiday in paradise if you crave the beach there are 13 kilometres of stunning white sand here to satisfy you the resort has six gorgeous swimming pools and huge grounds filled with lush gardens and lagoons it's no surprise that this resort has picked up 13 international awards including top 10 beach resorts for Southeast Asia we spoke to resort general manager Jerome about having the best job in the world very easy to see why people would fall in love with this place it's all gorgeous I guess a very happy – to enjoy this place I mean faucets it's a huge place where you have plenty of space whenever you come here you don't feel that there are other guests with you you just go to the bitten and enjoy the nature of being like in a private area and and a lot of it a lot an issue that other space a lot also for the teenager the activity the spot activities are great so the swimming pool one of the five six men more than hundred swimming pool actually it's a great place where you can really enjoy your doing the thing or doing many sport activities your holiday indulgence begins in your room superbly appointed deluxe guest rooms with direct ground-floor access to the pool top floor panoramic pool door tropical garden vistas you can enjoy 40 square meters of holiday heaven with huge bathrooms and breezy balconies but if you want to really holiday like a celebrity upgrade to one of the resort's stunning new pool villas elegant modern Thai decor plush bed linens and facilities beyond compare where you will awaken to the beauty of nature on your doorstep it's no wonder some guests keep returning year after year it's very quiet compared to like Phuket you come up here and it's just very quiet and laid-back you can really relax to enjoy it we've been coming here for about seven years heavenly we're actually going tonight the resort's award-winning 'less Spa provides a multi-sensory experience through a range of therapeutic and relaxing treatments that will enhance your holiday spirit indulging in the food department is also a big part of the Pullman holiday experience through the resort's fabulous restaurants just us the guests who stay here are we having a great holiday absolutely fantastic I can't believe it it's great great what have been your highlight John my hire has been quite a few but this holiday we've taken is relaxing we stayed mostly on the on the hotel grounds my highlights I think it's been the food it's been really really good I love the buffets with this package we got with luxury escapes we we've got the meals in lunch too much really breakfast lunch and he think meal and we in the evenings we are not going for the buffet because we can get take a choice and take small dishes whatever and it's been the food has been obviously nervous actually about you Janet what's your highlight well we obviously become at this time of year for the weather there's a lot of people here but you're not squashed in it's really nice begin your day with a breakfast buffet at a sunny venue that offers all the favorites in a mouth-watering array mosaic offers up some delicious Italian treats including irresistible wood-fired pizzas the chilled bamboo bar and seafood grill is set on the edge of the white sandy beach and has a delicious array of holiday favorites including burgers scrumptious grills and fresh salads it's also the perfect spot to grab a cocktail as the Sun sinks into the sea Bondi serves up a mouth-watering array of Thai favorites and offers cooking classes for those who want to take a taste of Thailand home to their own kitchen and the lovely Terrace oceanfront offers fabulous Alucard and buffet specials overlooking the sea now we said you won't want to leave the resort and in fact you don't have to there is so much to do here the resort's five pools offer a cool escape and plenty of space for privacy with a quiet adults only pool or fun with the family at a kid's pool with everything in between heads of the beautiful beach for sailing kayaking or windsurfing or simply just to soak up the Sun the resort has a top activity center that will keep you busy with table tennis archery mini-golf or even a Thai boxing lesson there's a state-of-the-art gym and a fantastic kids club for the little ones if you do want to explore you can venture out to local cafes and markets take a bicycle tour explore the local islands by traditional longtail boat or snorkel and dive in the inviting Andaman Sea while here I also caught up with the resort's owner who has a true hands-on approach he is both the resort's designer and developer we took a tour around the grounds in the Pullman car Lac Cattleya resort some holidays do have it all