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Chile Vacations, Chile Luxury Adventure Tours, video

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chill it a natural inspiration to visit Joey is to plunge into a world of breathtaking natural beauty and scenic wonders this long new country endowed with an unusually varied geography and numerous visitor attractions offers a safe tourism environment unparalleled infrastructure and service and awe-inspiring nature come with us now for a glimpse of Chile and discover for yourself why this singular country is ideal for holiday vacations adventure tourism special interest tours incentive group trips and conventions our gateway to jelly is Santiago the nation's cosmopolitan capital with over 5 million inhabitants this extensive City features a host of attractive modern buildings born of the country's sustained economic development during recent decades that blend harmoniously with the urban centers rich colonial period and 19th century architecture Santiago is a safe friendly City with a wide array of visitor attractions a convenient subway system many fine restaurants excellent shopping centres and advanced urban infrastructure it is fast becoming an important destination for conventions and incentive groups offering the opportunity to combine a visit to the city with trips to the country's northern and southern sections as well as to nearby coastal resorts or to the towering Andes Mountains Santiago's spectacular backdrop due to the city's location in whittard you can enjoy skiing and other snow sports at world-class ski resorts that are less than an hour drive away another advantage is that chilly seasons are the opposite of those in the northern hemisphere as a result snow sport enthusiasts from the United States and Europe for example can take advantage of the nation's winter months to enjoy their passions year-round during the summer the mountains also offer a wide variety of recreational opportunities including hiking mountain and rock climbing horseback riding and paragliding in the nearby maipo valley visitors can experience the thrill of rafting and kayaking amidst magnificent mountains Chile's central zone also features fertile and bountiful transversal valleys many renowned for their production of premium wines here delicious noble varieties and blends can be savored during visits to the main vineyards their wine cellars colonial style farmhouses and regional museums in group or individual towards this is the region of the Wausau chileno or chilean cowboy a veritable symbol of the nation's folk culture here you often see them dressed in their traditional attire enjoying a rodeo working on a farm or dancing the quake up Chili's traditional national dance only an hour and a half drive from Santiago are various attractive than entertaining beach resorts along the Pacific coast one of the most popular and the most traditional in the country is vina del mar famous for its energetic nightlife and luxurious gambling casino nearby is the picturesque port city of Valparaiso ring by a series of steep hills with an eclectic mix of houses built in tears 19th century funiculars still in use and plenty of lively entertainment at night there are also more peaceful but relatively newer seaside resorts such as isla negra which has one of the homes now a museum of Chile's Nobel prize-winning poet pablo neruda or exclusive catcha gua and sapphire which contrasts sharply with the numerous alluring artisan Fisherman's Cove distributed down the coast testing to the nation's strong maritime tradition along the Central Coast you can enjoy a wide array of traditional seafood dishes and of course who can forget Easter Island a world-class tourism destination 5 hours from santiago by plane the island steeped in myths and legends is renowned for its striking colossal stone sculptures known as Milan and its vibrant culture rooted in the South Pacific ancient Polynesian traditions Easter Island is a must for geology archaeology and outdoor sports enthusiasts here you can enjoy horseback riding hiking fishing swimming and relaxing at beautiful beaches and diving omits coral and schools of colorful fish that can only be found in this Islands waters in addition you can explore its rich folklore and offer a fascinating handicrafts also famous but someone off the beaten path is the one Fernandez archipelago a little over a two-hour flight from Santiago the archipelago features remain islands Robinson Crusoe Santa Clara and Alejandro Selkirk the first and barges derives its name from the adventures of Alexander Selkirk a sailor who was marooned here and whose story inspired the novel Robinson Crusoe written by Daniel Defoe this island is a favorite destination for ecotourism enthusiasts the archipelago was declared a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO a five hour drive for a one hour flight from Santiago is laz edina undoubtedly the most popular city of chilis so called North de chico or near north region a visit to one of its numerous beaches can be combined with a trip to the nearby mystical elqui valley the home of pisco a traditional great brandy used to make pisco sour chilies cocktail drink par excellence and is also the site for esoteric tourism several world-famous observatories are located in this privileged region described by expert astronomers as having the clearest skies in the world farther north approximately a two-hour flight from Santiago in Chile's region of Atacama is antofagasta the northern zones most densely populated city this is the nation's principal mining board and center for copper production inland near the Andes Mountains is the Atacama Desert one of chile's most vinson ating landscapes a seemingly capricious blend of vast Salt Flats snow-capped volcanoes and small lakes providing refuge for a wide variety of fauna scattered throughout the immensity of this desert are a few proud settlements where native cultures that conserve ancient traditions still survive protected by stall away TSA's this area is reached to the city of Kalama which is located 215 kilometers northeast of antofagasta or a two-hour flight from Santiago only a one hour drive is some pedro de atacama the zones tourism capital this charming village of adobe houses offers first-class hotel accommodations sunday through the atacama is the center of the area's tourism operations for visiting such attractions as the majestic atacama salt flats with their cracked rugged white surface El Patio the highest geothermal field in the world with geysers that can spurt 10 meters high and the mysterious Valley of the Moon spectacular at sunset eroded by the wind the surrounding colored gypsum clay and salt mountains exhibit a variety of haunting natural sculptures at dusk the volcanic peaks cast surrealistic shapes over this seemingly lunar landscape

B&B Bed and Breakfast Accomodation Huddersfiield, Kirklees, West Yorkshire, UK

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the dog Lee chapel bed-and-breakfast accommodation is actually part of an old church dating back to 1816 and fall to the rafters with Old English character the conversion into three beautiful doubles and one single bedroom by the proprietor Iver Johnson whose past career was a master carpenter has to be seen to be believed doubly Chapel is situated in open countryside fifteen minutes drive from the M one and M 62 motorways less than an hour from Leeds Bradford Airport a minutes walk to a main bus stop three and a half miles from Huddersfield for those bringing a car we have private off-road parking and for a small charge we can even hire you a bicycle dog Lee Chapel is situated centrally for the Yorkshire Dales Derbyshire the Peak District and the National coal mining museum within walking distance there are several English pubs serving excellent food and drinks and there's even two english fish and chip shops close by the four bedrooms have stunning views from the windows and are tastefully decorated and kept to the highest hygiene and cleanliness standards all bedrooms have tea coffee and biscuits at no extra charge the bathroom includes towels flannels soap shampoo and even dressing gowns are provided in each bedroom dr. chapel has two separate dining areas both with very different characters serving continental style breakfasts with no set breakfast times the lounge has comfortable seating with television and DVD player and this free wireless internet connection on-site for those bringing their laptop prices start as low as twenty four pound fifty per person per night simply call us on the number on your screen from anywhere in the world to check prices and make a reservation check also our website address for more information we really do look forward to looking after you on your visit to Yorkshire

Star Cruises Cruise Review | SuperStar Virgo

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Strange Cruise Ship Trip – LOL Surprise Dolls On Playmobil Vacation Part 4

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cookies world alright cookie fans get ready for part four of strange cruise ship vacation enjoy do you want anything bon bon my treat what can I get for you I let her a hot chocolate please oh that sounds good I want a hot chocolate too please and a cupcake anything else nope all right your order will be right up right right here next to the cinnamon rolls they smell so good thank you smell good but you're gonna really like the cupcake no food here is really tasty I was thinking that maybe you and I should go on vacation what do you think vacation vacation there's a cruise that we can go on that would be lots and lots of fun I heard some of the shop he's talking about it oh cool let's go on a cruise um excuse me excuse me excuse me huh huh down here huh I'm sorry you said you weren't going on a cruise I didn't mean to over here but I don't mean to rip into your conversation either but I must warn you please do not go on the dream cruises it will end up being a nightmare what do you mean some of my shopkins and choppy's friends went on this dream cruise but it turned out to be so bad because the captain was a shock how is it even possible how can i shark the drive a cruise ship no no you don't understand he was both human and shark just not at the same time just please promise me you will not take dream cruises while we wanted to go on an adventure I just wanted to warn you that's my gift for today okay that was weird totally it's not possible for someone to be part shark and part human and if it is true I want to see it to believe it dream cruises here we come here we go cupcake and all Coco enjoy right ready to get all checked in so we can start boarding the cruise ship thank you hello next in line please hi hello could you all checked in here have you ever sailed with us before now we're super excited yeah we're ready for an adventure yeah huh there's a shark on board yeah that's the captain we want to meet the captain huh what what did you say we added the captain is excuse me excuse me ma'am I'm gonna have to ask you to keep your voice down when I say I'm sorry it looks like this cruise ship is completely full I'm sorry you're gonna have to find a different cruise ship that you're gonna sail with no way we booked this weeks ago you definitely have our reservation again under a honey bun ma'am I'm sorry I think you need to find a different cruise we want to go on this one please please let us go on just no couple our reservation please Oh will you excuse me just one moment please so weird what's going on did he find our reservation he had to up I mean we're in the computer system hmm all right let's see here a bonbon and honey bun yep that's okay great before I can get you a key to your room I'm gonna have to have you sign this waiver right here what is this form oh it's a basic policy form that we need you to sign please lay the print so it's small it's so hard to read it yeah where is it saying who's basically saying that dream cruises is not responsible for simple things accidents such as falls on the dance floor overeating death or lost luggage right what was that last one lost luggage something weird is going on come on let's just sign it so we can get into our room okay thank you mmm let's get you all set up in your room here so it looks like you are set up in d4 you know what I'm I'm gonna give you ladies the upgrade yeah thank you we don't want to play will ready spent way too much money on this oh no it's a completely complimentary right here I upgraded your room from d4 to c9 enjoy your cruise captain mark think we may have a problem with two cruise guests this must be the party deck any sign of the captain yet no I don't you want to go check out our room sure yeah smell smell by the garbage are you sure this is our room yeah this is it remember he gave us the upgrade fee nine huh we got a double bed you know we man I can't you're right what is that smell I don't know it smells really thinking it smells like rotten fish somebody accidentally leave a dead fish in here as a joke Oh smell like walls let's go tell that guy so he can give us a new room yeah there's no way this is an upgrade come on hello oh it's you what can I do for you we would like a new room yeah ours is kinda stinky it smells like rotten fish it's nothing died in there I'm sorry are you saying there was a problem with the room that I upgraded for you yes it doesn't seem like much of an upgrade I'm sorry there's nothing else I can do all the rooms are booked well can somebody come clean our room please yeah if you think you to sleep in I'll see what I can do why don't you enjoy yourself on the party deck while I look into it so weird hopefully we get a new room there's no way I'm staying there me neither you did no way I could sleep in there either maybe we can find the cat in oh look that's the captain's wheelhouse huh maybe we should go in see if he's in there yeah maybe he's a shark driving the boat my phone ready in case he is a shark okay I'm ready I'm gonna put this on youtube if it really is a shark um excuse me captain captain are you in there hey what are you doing captain captain mark is not to be disturbed why not he's the captain you are never ever ever allowed to go into his wheelhouse that what is that my cellphone that is not allowed on deck put it away but we're on vacation you should be recording every moment put it away now fine she came over to here to tell you that I'm getting somebody to clean your room so it should be as good as new great thank you really we heard hey now captain mark I need to speak with you I'm happy he didn't take your cellphone yeah me too I never heard of that not allowed to have your cellphone on a cruise ship then it make any sense nothing really makes sense around here there's no whale shark would be able to resist that we'll have to try to catch him on video yeah we'll catch him tonight no luck you've been watching the sushi buffet all day and there's been no sign of the captain maybe we should just go back to our room nobody's on the party deck anymore everybody went to bed yeah it's super late I guess we're not gonna be able to catch the captain cut into a shock oh wait so it's coming I'd but they feast off for me I have an appetite he's gone did he go did you get that on camera yeah I did come on let's go check it out looks like he ate everything there's nothing on the ground no fish bones nothing where did he go oh wait a minute why is the water moving no Hey look there there's water on the ground where is it going where did it go cell phone yeah I double bolted it you got everything on video why yep I've been recording this whole time good news proof that my captain is a shark Eva no I'm not going out there with the shark out there looks like we're stuck in our room bon bon bon bon bon bon wake up what's wrong honey bun I haven't felt the cruise ship moving I think I think we're back on land Oh the cruise is over I've been stuck in this fish room yeah too long I don't even remember what fresh air smells like oh well what about the shark out there I think he's gone okay let's go out there wait my cell phone can't look out about this nobody's here huh we're here on dry land why didn't they come and get us and tell us that we were here hell no oh hey there you two are Hey the captain and I were getting worried we we didn't know where you went been in our room now this dinky fish room that nobody ever cleaned you know what I'm are you so so so sorry about that I would like to offer you a free coupon for a free cruise for three days how about that nearly have free cruise yeah absolutely let me have your cell phone I'll program in the code for the free cruise trip yeah sure the free cruise okay here here's my cellphone great thanks all right you go here's your phone back thank you so next time you come sailing with us your room and your drinks will be completely covered by us we're so sorry that you didn't have the best time on this day we'll see you on your next cruise wow that was nice kinda the cruise wasn't all that good it doesn't matter we've got proof that captain March is a shark come on let's go tell everybody yeah what is it better luck next time girls okay guys I hope you enjoyed part four I have a question for you do you remember which room smelled like fish again was it d4 or c9

Pitbull – Hotel Room Service

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what's up everyone and welcome back to top five central we have a series on our channel called you won't believe exists where we showcase things that well I think you get the point we've covered water slides pools pets and just about anything you can think of so today we're looking at the five most unbelievable hotel rooms you won't believe exist with that said we always shout out one person from the comments who suggested the idea so huge thanks to Lukas Jacob for today's idea if you want your own shout out make sure to subscribe leave a like and comment your idea anyways let's jump straight into the video number 10 the Sky Lodge hotel vacations are all about getting away from your everyday life but if normal hotels don't take you far enough and this might be perfect for you I mean these rooms in Peru are literally hung from the side of a mountain and you can't get more isolated than that with that said there's still tons of luxury like a waiter will even climb the mountain to give you breakfast in bed and three-course dinner not just that when it's time to leave you don't even have to climb back down you could just take the zipline number nine Jules undersea Lodge now staying on top of a mountain is one thing but don't worry if you're scared of heights then there's another hotel they'll let you escape from the world the undersea lodge is exactly what it sounds like a hotel that's completely underwater it's kind of small but you get everything you need and there's even a window to look out for curious fish plus people on land are monitoring you the whole time to make sure you're safe and Olivia scuba diver out door number 8 the Ice Hotel staying in a hotel made of ice might sound like the least comfortable night's sleep imaginable a hotel de Glace in Canada is determined to prove otherwise I mean it's only open for 3 months a year but it's also one of the most luxurious places imaginable with a Grand Hall nice bar and ice slide and different themed rooms every year even better if you don't want to stay overnight then they do guided tours but the rooms actually look pretty cozy even if there's no pool for obvious reasons to the medieval chamber number seven the silver mine there are so many horror movies about people getting trapped underground that it's hard to imagine any would want to do it voluntarily well if being surrounded by rock is your thing then I have the perfect place for you this hotel is actually an abandoned silver mine in Sweden it's a hundred 55 meters underground if you can survive the four-minute terrifying descent and the old lifts just above freezing temperatures the whole thing is actually pretty beautiful just don't think so hard about what's going out above you and you'll be fine it takes four and a half minutes for the old lift to descend the 155 meters welcome to Windsor called inside the mine it's a chilly two degrees Celsius and feels slightly damp warm clothes are a must for anyone planning to spend the night this far below ground the path to the underground suite is long dark and confusing then suddenly Hotel guide mica begins to sing by its design a hotel is a hotel this is something completely different yeah this is not something you come across each day spending a night in an old silver mine is truly an out-of-this-world experience number six the bubble lodge everyone dreams of sleeping under the stars but it turns out that in reality that isn't a super comfortable idea with that said this hotel is the next best thing a bubble was seed through walls that allows you to look up at the sky for as long as you want it's totally environmentally friendly and private but it's also super VIP there's a bar daily housekeeping and you can even book a chef to cook you a private meal from the comfort of your own bubble also there's a butler to come and serve you too what more could you want the professional developed this activity with otaku Sagwa evolved mmopl occurred the twisted FSO original comparison of exit written on from Deborah mo Babylon the lodge to channel no settler John from the villa essence el mejor parte de la nación spectac vivo nominee Elena Giovanna visual presence or exterior done concept important still observation des etoiles chiseler relative Monte on openness really pathologies Elisabeth number five the caveman hotel room most of the time I think we're pretty grateful to not live in caves anymore but if you want to be a caveman for a night and you totally can even better this caveman room has all the benefits of living in the modern world so you could still shower charge your phone and not have to hunt for your own food so basically it's just like a normal hotel with rock walls and animal print bedding although they do use real animal hide for the furniture it's actually surprisingly beautiful too even if there's a waterfall right behind the plugs which doesn't seem very safe to me as you walk in it's actually a little smaller than we thought but it's still very very cool above the bed [Applause] number four escape pods hotel room okay so staying in an oil rig survival capsule might not sound like your idea of fun they've actually become one the most in-demand Hotel experiences in Europe like most of them have hammocks instead of beds and only the most high-end versions come with a water boiler but apparently spending a night and when the bright orange pods is super fun I mean there's even a James Bond theme pod that comes with silk sheets and a martini bar although considering the rooms are only like 14 feet across I don't know about the whole bathroom situation number three the white pod hotel room so there have been a few different pod hotel rooms on this list so far but I've got a min this one is by far my favorite I mean yeah you have to hike for about half an hour to get there but I think you'll agree that it's totally worth it like each room comes with its own private bathroom and sauna as well as a bar and they even throw in a free iPad with access to Netflix the whole thing is so luxurious that you never even have to go outside which is kind of funny since the whole thing is aimed at people who love skiing and snowboarding number two the 747 plane hotel sleeping on a plane is usually a total nightmare and definitely not a thing you usually pay extra to do with that said what if you could have the experience of flying first class without ever having to leave the ground that's right this hotel is a converted jumbo jet and has all the luxury of first-class without the turbulence or the annoyance of airport security there's food and alcohol on demand obviously but also 24/7 Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs the best part you never have to turn your phone off or put your seat belt on and there's no one trying to lean a chair back into your space but the real question is how's the whole crying baby situation stay and it said the old 747 which is now a hotel and that is gonna be my bed there's nobody to greet you know ask for your boarding comes either what to do with the cockpit we made actually into a double room and then in the far back of the plane and have another suite that's the black box with so something in the front and something in the back in between really nice rooms it flew closing of our Airlines the flew for Pan Am number one chocolate suite hotel room let's be real whether you watch Charlie in the Chocolate Factory as a kid or not everyone has dreamt of living in a house made of chocolate at least once right well this hotel room made of chocolate is basically the next best thing because even though not everything is edible they actually got pretty close I'm not joking the headboard on the bed is a slab of carved chocolate with truffle buttons and the chair is a chocolate square pattern on a2 also the walls are covered with gold chocolate patterns even the chessboard is chocolate in fact I'm guessing just staying there is enough chocolate for a freaking lifetime called me up and you know said do you want to design the suite and it was like for me it was like getting a call practically from the Lord I'm such a fan and devotee and customer of Godiva operation and then the indulgence of Godiva and trying to marry them together to create this really great experience where they're completely surrounded by great style and what is this a bedroom this is a headboard that I do in called the wood house headboard but made out of chocolate and there's our video on the top ten unbelievable hotel rooms you won't believe exists if you enjoyed the video please feel free to leave a like down below and subscribe to see whatever put a video also if you have our own top 5 or top 10 idea feel free to search for me handy form in the description is submit it with that said thank you for watching hope you enjoyed and I'll see you all in the next video

Inside New York’s Luxury Hotel – For Dogs

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our clients can spend thousands of dollars with us and really it is just to make sure their dog gets the very best of the best welcome to the deep at Hotel New York's most luxurious hotel photogs deep end hotels offers three main services overnight boarding daycare and spawn grooming services probably the most unique thing about our space is that dogs get to stay in suites as opposed to cages our kennels we have dogs that come in for daycare for parents who are attorneys or bankers or actors or students here in the city you know we've got a pop star princess who uses us to famous movie actor so we're fortunate to to get to Canada that clientele as well follow me and I'm going to show you around our boarding facilities this here is our standard suite and this is sweet Gigi who's modeling for us hi mom hi good girl hi it'll come with a little orthopedic dog bed as well as a flat screen TV to keep the dogs company next we have our sensational Suites this always comes with a raised a bed and a little mattress just to make it feel as much like home as possible and these here are our uber suites which are like nicer than my bedroom at home they have a full-size bed 42 inch flat screen TV all the comforts of a proper bedroom this is the creme de la creme we've got a lot of regular clients who only will use the uber suite for their dog because they want their dog to feel as much like home as possible it's fun you know you hang out with us all day make sure that they're you know taken care of until they're fed make sure medications are properly pretty much you just kind of hang out with them make sure that they're kept happy when their owners aren't around my husband and I use see pet hotels because we love the service that it provides a minute you walk in the door everyone's smiling they greet your puppy as though it was the only one here in daycare and it feels good you know when you go to work and you have nobody to watch you know your puppy to know that he or she is in really good hands they don't just accept any dog you have to come and take a temperament test so to know that you know your dog is not just playing with you know any random like hooligan ease with refined and tempered dogs I love the fact that nacho has passed the temperament essen is part of the canine elites yeah it feels good knowing that I'm raising a nice gentleman Rickey our most exclusive clients demand all a variety of things for their dogs certainly they have very catered meals for them whether it's fresh chicken with rice and vegetables certain times of day where we have to walk the dog even if it's that that's in the middle of the night we've even had to like place treats on the dogs pillow before bedtime just a fun positive place to be when you're around dogs all day no I think it's silly to give them such a nice place to stay you know I think if we were dogs we would want to stay in a nice place as well we should be treating that in the way that want to be treated so the fact that we can provide something like this is sweet flex New Yorkers are busy a lot of a lot of New Yorkers have chosen not to have children and their dog is their child and with that here at the hotel we work to create a home away from home for dogs parents know when they bring their dog here that they can expect the very best for their dog and that we're going to treat them just like their family you

Four Seasons Spa – True Luxury Spa Vacations and Decadent Spa Resorts

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