Halong Bay Luxury Cruise | Signature Cruise

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vlogging never goes to well before coffee so now we're about two hours into our four-hour drive to halong bay because we are going on an overnight cruise with signature cruises these people after watching some of our videos a lot of people might consider us budget travelers but I like to think of it as like money savvy travelers so we save money in some areas so we can splurge on other memorable experiences so we stayed at the Hilton for free using points and now we're splurging on this overnight cruise because halong bay is a unesco world heritage site and it's supposed to be amazing I didn't know that we're going to be doing this for the next two days and we can't wait time to get back on the bus it took us a little under four hours to get to a halong bay I have to say I was kind of dreading that ride because we've had a lot of bad long ban rides but that was definitely the nicest van that we've been transported in and the ride was flat and smooth unlike some of the crazy curvy mountain roads that we've been on in the past few months so we made it and I think the plan is to get on a small boat that is then going to take us to the cruise ship this is awesome whoa look at this view first things first have to open all the windows is crazy oh we have a balcony no wait – there's rose I think we need to book like oh five nine cruise this so nice this is the first balcony that we've had on our entire trip yay what a better place to have your first balcony and I just love being outside I might just sleep out here tonight hey you look pretty comfy whoa care of you what's in the bathroom yet we have like our own private hot tub toilet even has buttons like the one in Tokyo oh don't spray me Nate you have to leave the balcony for a minute we have to eat lunch oh come on I love to eat look at the rocks this is amazing first of the season m├ílaga I do not think we're gonna be disappointed with the food on this trip I'm a saved as to get much fresher than that I see food here that comes from there thank you very much I have no clue how to eat this I think I'll just love this very like twice a while and cilantro oh my people are so perfect I've heard some people suck the heads of these okay I really butchered that one that was not papaya salad we've been wanting to try Vietnamese spring rolls since we got here and we haven't made one friend up I assume I use both mmm Thai or Vietnamese spring rolls and you can do these are really enjoy that looks amazing I think we just got to the main course according to the minion seabass sprinkled and tamarins all served a fragrant rice and vegetable it's really been kinga wrong with tamarind sauce we need to take a food go on yeah we have 20 minutes for a nap before you get to the fishing village this is quickly turning into all those times I can't set the camera down the views just keep getting better we just finished about a 30-minute sail I set outside and enjoy the views and to enjoy those views on the way to the fishing village we just got to a floating fishing village we're going to get rode around on a rowboat to see the village and then after that we're going to a pearl farm I think they grow pearls is someone here to China this trio I speak out very fast the south is emotional McVerry very nice pole into color so white and yellow Oh oh very beautiful at the boat ride through the floating fishing village was the most calm and quiet thirty minutes of my life you could only hear the oars dipping in the water was like you felt guilty for talking ruining it for everybody else so cool it was nothing like this bracket that's going on behind us right now and then they brought us here and they showed us how pearls were made which was actually much more interesting than I thought it would be I'm gonna go pick out my present no she's not normally I keep my expectations pretty low for like group tour type stuff but that was fantastic it highly exceeded my expectations and now we're back and we get to enjoy our balcony for like an hour until our cooking class there's currently making the biggest spring roll about Rankine only roll yours once because it's so pain stopped I'm really done it make after dinner this is the most impressive fighting that I've seen yet today has been such a blast on his cruise dinner was amazing and now Nate is going fishing for squid on the back of the boat as much fun as that sounds this huge bathtub is calling my name oh my is this big one yeah I've been fishing for a total of one minute oh yes good man changed color yeah it's much darker coming flags Oh is he squirting ink right now this is carbon suspension Wow you're screaming I'm gonna send it to the kitchen I yeah I think in the boiling I think they just cooked one and brought it to care up in the room did you catch good girl do you have anything she bribed idumaean think you'd say here yes so I get up and it's one of the staff and she said Nate catch a lot I handed this to me how cool is that I'm apparently a professional squid fisherman I caught 10 of course you take I literally pulled this out of the ocean myself 20 minutes ago slinky in there still that's fresh one can't see it now because I've inked up the bucket but I loved a six quid everybody seems to think this is very yours he's smaller than milk Hey but now she thinks that the day is on a diver I really had to turn now so she's gonna sit there and it's gonna spray her for her until she figures out how to turn it off she's big

31 INSANELY AFFORDABLE Budget Travel Destinations to VISIT NOW

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so you want to travel the world but you don't have a lot of money don't worry we got you covered I'm Marco I'm Alex and you're watching vagabrothers your go-to guide for travel tips inspiration and vlogs here on YouTube this is part two of our series on how to travel around the world for cheap one of the most common questions we get is where should I travel that's not too expensive in this video we made a list of the coolest and cheapest travel destinations from around the planet before we get started if you like this video make sure you give it a thumbs up share with your travel buddies and subscribe to vagabrothers and Terron notifications so you can get updates about the rest of this series and of course if you have travel tips of your own please add them in the comment section all right listen up these are the cheapest places to travel in the world first up Cape Town South Africa situated at the southern tip of the African continent Cape Town has it all good beaches great weather wine and safaris nearby not to mention an awesome blend of European and African culture KL may be far away but once you're there it's one of the best overall destinations for your money number 2 Vietnam fifty years ago Vietnam was torn apart by war today it's one of the top travel destinations on the planet Ho Chi Minh formerly known as Saigon has tons of beautiful French colonial architecture Hanoi has great street side bars that serve be ahoy fresh beer that costs 25 cents a glass and the one kind of expensive thing in Vietnam is sent through halong bay which is worth it it's not the cheapest country in Asia it doesn't have the best beaches but a motorcycle adventure from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi is totally worth it I did it on a bike I bought in a bar for 300 bucks token you next up Ecuador Ecuador named after the Equator is quite an incredible country it has the Andes mountain it has the Galapagos Islands it has the Amazon rainforest not to mention beautiful colonial towns like Quito and surf so if you're going to go anywhere in Latin you should go to Ecuador but they use the dog generally speaking in Europe to save money you want to travel e polish city of Cracow is one of the best value destinations on the continent got solid old town with great nightlife good restaurants tons of hostels and affordable prices across the board food and dumplings next up Montreal for a North American bargain head to Montreal the capital city of the Canadian province of Quebec Montreal combines french-canadian heritage with great food a killer music scene and some of the best prices you will find in a North American city hands-down the classic budget traveler destination has to go to India its cheapest chips and it has it all to have stunning scenery dude that Himalaya good food the best plus the vegan friendly Instagram potential of course and you'll have cinder pics the last until marriage there's so much to do it's hard to know where to even start got Mumbai home to Bollywood Rajasthan India's largest and most colorful state and of course the Himalaya where you can pose yoga meditating on Strom and maybe even see the Dalai Lama no matter where you go you can travel in India for like a whole month for the price of one week in Europe forget Spring Break and go to Mexico see the vibrant capital of Mexico is full of amazing street art architecture and some of the best food on the planet for those of you in the United States like ourselves especially people in California and the southern border states Mexico is extremely accessible if you're thinking about cancun skip it and head down to Tulum for some boho beach vibes where you can pro Gio get next to Mayan temples and if you live in the United States especially the southern border States or if you're from California like us Mexico is the closest and one of the cheapest locations in the world head down to Baja California where you can surf drink craft beer eat lobster tacos and drink amazing wines all for a fraction of the price that you would pay in the United States one of our favorite cities in Europe is Budapest a stunning Capitol full of Art Nouveau and Baroque architecture from the golden days of the austro-hungarian Empire even better Budapest sits on top of 120 natural hot springs that bubble up into these bathhouses after soaking your bones all day scarf down a bowl of goulash and then go hit the ruined bars of the Jewish quarter all this can be done for as low as thirty five years a day feel like a change of scenery how about Nepal Nepal is the access point for the Himalaya and even if you're not trying to climb Mount Everest which I feel like most of us aren't there's a ton of stuff to do you can go whitewater rafting paragliding explore the Buddhist monasteries and even go on a wildlife safari in the jungles and see right now yes they have rhino in Nepal the country is still recovering from the 2015 earthquake so your tourist dollars will go a long way in rebuilding Nepal Sri Lanka is one of the most overlooked countries in Asia so if you want something like India bar looking for something more off the beaten path Sri Lanka might be for you this island nation was once ravaged by civil war but is now in peace travelers are discovering beautiful beaches colorful culture and the 5,000 elephants that are just wandering around the country one five thousand elephants just walking around tree Lanka the only downside is because it's still not very developed for tourism there aren't a ton of options so you might have to spend some time looking around but you know here's to adventure next up is Nicaragua Nicaragua is a Central American country that is a great alternative to Costa Rica Costa Rica is an incredible country but because it's become so popular it's gotten much more expensive that's not the case with Nicaragua yet it's got undeveloped beaches great surf cheap beer and tons of adventure opportunities towns like Sun when they'll suit are a great place to get started but get down the Nicaragua before that all changes the monocyte is a convenient the capital of Argentina is a great place to visit is super fun and a great deal it's got a blend of Italian and Spanish immigrants like French architecture that is uniquely Argentinean the bohemian neighborhood of scent Telmo is especially popular with tourists but it's really good places day especially in five tonight's Airbnb for fun think steak dinners every night wash down with melbeck wine and plenty of beautiful people teach you how to tango next up Thailand Thailand is the go-to destination for most backpackers and with good reason where else can you get a private Cabana on the beach for 10 bucks an hour-long massage for 5 an amazing street food for $1 only in Thailand the islands and beaches are starting to get a bit more expensive but Chiang Mai in the north Thailand's second largest city is still a great deal especially if you're trying to do some trekking or volunteering at Elephant Sanctuary you want ahead of the islands koh pipi is still a great deal and crappie has some incredible rock-climbing overhanging the ocean next Thailand is Cambodia which is even cheaper and come to the side of history that will snap you out of that days from all those time assumptions on one side you have anchor one one of the greatest achievements of mankind on the other side you have the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge in which one quarter of Cambodia's population was exterminated during one of the worst genocides of the last century thankfully life has returned to normal in Cambodia and you can find a lot of the same stuff in Thailand but for cheaper back to Europe we're going to talk about Greece although Greece is on the Euro it was one of the countries that was hardest hit by the 2008 financial crisis well that's bad for locals it's good for you as a traveler because price is there are very low but the real gems in Greece are the islands like Crete the Instagram friendly island of Mykonos or Santorini and the backpacker party spot of yolks mix and match your favourite islands with a ferry trip and you're on your way at the top of our bucket list is the Philippines as you mentioned the beaches of Thailand have gotten relatively expensive but people say that Philippines is twice as cool and half the price add in some of the friendliest locals on the planet some cheap air connections and the Philippines will be pretty good heading to South America we're talking about Colombia Colombia the country that's long been associated Pablo Escobar cocaine and violence is finally getting the credit that it deserves as one of the best destinations in South America and about time because this country has everything beaches on the Pacific and the Caribbean the Andes and the Amazon the Candelaria quarter in Bogota the Spanish colonial port of behemoth and the unspoiled coastline around Santa Marta are all on our bucket list and should be on yours as well next up the Baltic nations of Estonia most travel to either don't know what it is or think it's part of Russia but it's a hidden gem Colin the capital has an immaculately preserved old quarter that's actually a unesco world heritage site and it's also a cool part of town called kalamaja which has a bunch of new modern stuff it kind of gives you that Nordic vibe at way less money usually overshadowed by its Central American neighbours Guatemala is an incredible country it's full of living Maya culture surrounded by rugged active volcanoes and little towns like Antigua are an incredible place to visit and brush up on your Spanish Czech Republic Prague is an essential stop on any Europe trip with a storybook old town and beer that's cheaper than water literally cheaper and more beautiful still is cesky krumlov with far fewer crowds and much lower prices the next country on our list has had a tumultuous time in the past couple of years especially since the Arab Spring I'm talking about Egypt with constant political protests military coos plane crashes and the occasional shark attack I know it sounds bad but Egypt does still have a lot to offer understandably tourism has dropped by over 40 percent to Egypt in recent years now it does seem that things have cooled down there so if you do go chances are you'll get the Pyramids of Giza all to yourself and just so you know the Pyramids of Giza are one of the only remaining 7 wonders of the ancient world if you're planning a visit here or anywhere in this region it's always a good bet to check with your foreign office or if you're from the United States the State Department moving back stateside will go to New Orleans Louisiana my favorite city in the United States it blends French and Caribbean culture with great music and the food alone is worth the trip skip the crowds Mardi Gras and hit the French Quarter in the shoulder season when there's way fewer crowds but Frenchmen Street and all the live music bars that are on it are still popping Croatia is the darling of most travelers but unfortunately its popularity has increased it's right keep on doing good save money by spending time in lesser-known places like these bleach Beach National Park or its capital Zagreb sorry that I mispronounce all three of those better yet check out the Bay of Kotor and Montenegro the beaches of Albania or Sarajevo in Bosnia moving back in Southeast Asia we have Myanmar or Burma now I was here in 2009 when this country was largely closed off to the rest of the world there were no ATM and very little foreign money so a lot has changed since then the country's leaders have made a lot of progress towards democracy and it's a lot more popular now with travelers the former capital of Rangoon is a funky mixture of old British colonial buildings as a great place to get your bearings before heading up to the temples of Lagaan pork in lei lake which is heading back to south america let's talk about Bolivia this landlocked Indian country is one of the best travel bet for South America plus it's got a bit of everything from the world's highest lake to the infamous death road which you can do on a mountain bike and the world-famous with Yuni salt flats all of these are great places to visit and supposedly Bolivia has one of the most incredible kind of lunar Martian landscapes so from the Caribbean we're recommending Dominican Republic it is the cheapest country in the region with the exception of its next-door neighbour hate a dr is much safer than Haiti and has a lot better tourism infrastructure so hence a recommendation there's great speeches but the problem can be that it's hard to find something that's not an expensive resort so check on Airbnb for a bungalow heading back to Eastern Europe we're going to Bulgaria which happens to be the home country of our good friend Raya but also the home of the cheapest capital in Europe Sofia you can eat drink party and sleep here for well under $40 a day that's why it's making this list but don't forget that Bulgaria is on the Black Sea it has beaches Islands mountains not to mention UNESCO sites like Nessebar with incredible architecture the best kept secret in Western Europe is hands-down Portugal the capital Lisbon is one of the most enchanting cities in Europe seven hills dotted with colourful villa and crisscross with iconic trolley but it's not just beautiful it's great value good luck trying to find a coffee over one euro accommodation in particular is cheap and easy to find because it's still undiscovered by most tourists the only downside is there's not a lot of direct flights to Lisbon from other countries outside of Europe so you might have to fly through Madrid and then take a train heading back to Australasia let's go to Bali Bali the most popular island in Indonesia is no secret thanks Eat Pray Love nor is it the cheapest thanks trolley but it's still a good deal for those of you wanting to get away from it all without much hassle rent an inexpensive villa with a pool an automatic motorbike sign up for some yoga classes and george hiland most people stick to Abood but if you are a surfer head down to the South waves like lose a walk to are some of the best in the world and if you get bored of Bali don't worry there's 17,000 other islands in Indonesia and all of them are cheaper than by last not least Morocco easy to reach from Europe inexpensive this North African paradise is the original bohemian getaway it's the safest country in North Africa it's got tons of style Tangier is the greedy port popularized by expats like the Rolling Stone s where ax is the vibe you surf town complete with a Portuguese castle and former home of Jimi Hendrix and Marrakech is the place to go if you want that vibe Instagram photo of you chillin next to Riyadh which are those big courtyards with the fountain in the middle all right that's our list if you guys have been to any of these places if you have a favorite please let us know by adding a comment in the comment section that's how all of us travelers get information these days you know the old-fashioned way but you're using the Internet word of mouth baby anyway if you liked the video give it a thumbs up share with your travel buddies and don't forget to subscribe and turn on those notifications you get new video updates every single week all right you guys in the meantime remember to stay curious keep exploring and we will see you guys and grow on the road you


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[Applause] [Applause] good morning everybody welcome to cruise week – this is day zero the day before we get on the ship actually we're still at home right now and we're packing up getting ready to go to the airport I got to wake up Jill right now so let's go wake her up hey you awake not even here hey kid wake up come on you're gonna miss the boat we're gonna miss the boat yeah she is not a morning person come on Evans in the shower surprise them [Applause] Hey Thank You kid new suitcase you don't like pink do you she retired her old Disney Princess suitcase for a bigger one because kids packs a lot of stuff yes yeah we got mommy tube in here doing some last minute packing too much sunscreen for like a year yeah daddy's toothbrush Hot Springs charger can't you just be a normal person and bring a regular flashlight no I need my super toothbrush got some new suits over here from the fun calm yeah I'll show you guys that on formal night they are Marvel and DC these actually come with the suit there's like special ties and stuff that come in here but we're gonna leave the boxes here because they take up too much room the boys are gonna look hot it's gonna be hot nice hat what are you three amigos got a breakfast before we go can't go to the airport on an empty stomach I've got Oh mio check it out that looks really dry we'll have a new video every day this week on this channel with our adventures here on the cruise the only fun that's right and we'll also post a new video every day on Evan TV HD and maybe even on your channel we'll put a video or two he's got me and mom do without you maybe we'll hop this also see how fast the Internet is on the ship yes because we're out nowhere in the oceans might be hard to get why fight yeah so remember daily videos I've never – brah and daily videos on MTV HD and you might see a little bit of sprinkled videos on Jillian tube HD and also in gaming so there's gonna be a lot of stuff to watch so make sure you tune in every day and see what's new and don't forget to subscribe subscribe Sun the sky oh you probably should watch this because we're so few modding yeah so if you guys are interested in taking the cruise and you want to see what cruising is all about you can check out our Disney cruise from last year yeah and then you can check out the videos from this year and then see which one you like better we thought we'd change it up a little bit and do Royal Caribbean this year I don't think water slides on the ship they do have an ice-skating rink a carousel or rock wall some flow riders and of course swimming pool so there'll be plenty of stuff to do on the ship plus we're gonna be doing some stuff at ports who made it to the airport look nice and wet and cold we're running in the rain get out of the ring this gets us somewhere nice and warm you know wet it is outside almost scary hoodie to okay guys were almost to Florida yeah what do you doing what are you working on I mean I'm watching for again but I if I were to say this helping my friend to this comic ordered of mine for our community members inside rolling MPEG okay if you're playing that last year when we were going on and his friend there's still a big man that understand I think it's been some channels of traffic TV you guys live in Fort Lauderdale maybe we see your house right now hey guys we're here in Florida and I just had a great idea for a new video oh yeah yeah what is it so we would love because milk gummies and then paint with them we stuff to get our bags and the shuttle stops at 11 o'clock and it's already at 10:45 so I don't think we're getting a shuttle hey look this is what we're doing No I'm hungry this says we thought all the restaurants are closed we need food is there gonna be a Waffle House [Applause] here we are at our luxurious accommodations open the door and reveal super8 is super duper they even give us some free donuts and we need some privacy here you guys can't complain man they have luxury linens come over here to our luxurious bath lipstick hold up some lipstick hey it's a bathroom and I stayed at a hotel that didn't even have a bathroom in the room you have to like walk down the hallway okay we gotta go find some food it's after 11 o'clock you okay we couldn't find a Waffle House but we did find this house right here now Houston pancakes waffles pancakes open 24 hours open 24 hours loud what are you talking about okay we're having breakfast for late dinner just like last time dinner in here you got to keep the finished tradition and have waffles Belgian I do the definition I got a okay guys they buy that I hop into the next day it's already the day we're getting on the ship just like last time okay guys we're gonna hit the sack we are tired we'll see you guys tomorrow when we get on the ship [Applause]

Biting monkeys, luxury hotels and diving *BALI & Gili T*

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this lady Isabella Isabella told us of school story about how she accidentally bought a thousand Pro sunglasses but hang on for now been sending 70 Akron few nights we went to a really cool beach club called Potato Head beach club went out for dinner with Isabella she was great showed us around so many accurate is in the south of country then we travel all out to the northwest of the country [Applause] we stayed in this crazy crazy crazy business called Samba keen and so basically what it's doing is I did a bit of work for a guy underwater video work filmed his brief project and in return I would stand that crazy and I mean sick crazy crazy business so we stayed there for a few days messed around for a bit every night you get these crazy pretty thunderstorms and you get stars as well like it just moved me away so we stayed up there really really cool but it's like how body was twenty years ago you know like there's basically no Westerners no one really speaking the English looks like so worth going to like such a rural unrefined part of body so you went all out there and then we traveled back down I forgot the name the name is right here it's really bugging me the names right here I can't remember but after about four or five days from down from the north back down to Central Valley to his super boot a bird that's what it's called just other sick place called a booty speed there's so many sick place basically basically trying we're trying to a good one out do not panic you know run Hey this is like the perfect place to ambush my monkey is open mic mo mo mo so if I do that's good I don't like monkeys anymore oh shit really yeah she just woke yep okay kick bums by the monkey oh yeah he's like math bit me now I went to close as if it fucking puts put his teeth on my finger like like what calmate you trying to do that I cannot bite your finger some r-rated shit I think it too close oh yeah monkey thank you big monkey it's a monkey the guy says get nice pictures of the monkey what'd you give me a tip and when you'll get like a nice picture so we get a nice picture of a monkey and the only monkey that jumps on us is the one has just been through the mud Bonnie saw a right Nettie used to ride horses and I've never ridden a horse in my life and to be honest I think they're quite scary well we got the chance to go riding our place called a bird horse stables which is like this whole stables where you get to ride through paddy fields and ride horses and all this stuff and Millie didn't want to go on like the beginner tour so she told me to tell them that I had ridden a horse before so the night before I went on Google and googled how to ride a horse so I got there I told them I knew how to ride a horse oh yeah yeah I definitely have no clue how to ride a horse yeah Furnham before looks like me so I dryer thank you I know like a little fairy looking out the town thanks for no crime goes on you know already now you tell me all this what we've been doing is like I mentioned out of some bikini we've been working with luxury hotels so I've been working luxury hotels or villas and offering my veal if you work promotional stuff on YouTube create you guys are pro of it if you can laughs tape like three or four nights and you're crazy pretty hotel like 95th time that don't get back to me but ten percent time I get these like mad hotels wanting me to create content for them so what we've been doing is we've been staying in like the world's cheapest hostels like for like five to ten pounds at night 10 pounds of nights like a premium so like five dollar a night hostels or been staying in like the nicest nicest luxury hotels so it's like quite a contrast right now I'm in a shooting on stilts so afterwards a bird which is like in the center of Bali and went to the Monkey Forest and did like cool shit like that and almost got attacked and killed by monkeys we then traveled south down to the coast and we stayed this place called common Iike at kerima speech and holy shit this is like one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in in my entire life the staff there are incredible the actual resort was like mental it's like rights right on the beach and you've got this like glass front villa infinity pool the works restaurant like right on the sea the place is literally ridiculous enough when we arrived I had like a bit of an issue I became really really really sick I think got food poisoning as soon as I arrived from another place that we approve yeah they wanted me to promote their gym facilities and stuff and I could barely get out of bed let alone train so I feel like dragged myself to a gym attempt to do like a workout session in their little gym and it just didn't go well I basically didn't get all the content that I wanted to get there cuz the place is absolutely crazy and yeah so after saying that and me still being quite ill what we then did was you went to a we want to go to a place called gili t so Guinea or Chile I can't remember but it's basically like a chain of tropical islands off Bali in between Bali in another island and really really small islands and there's a port that begins to P that you get the boat from to get to GD Islands and what we did was normally we'll just go to the port and then should go straight to the islands and hang around the islands for a few days but we stayed in the town where the port was for a day so we could do is divert wanted to do basically there's a ship called the u.s. eighty united states army transport ship and liberty basically and the ship was torpedoed in world war ii by japanese sub is 125 meters long and sits just about hour north of where we're staying and there's these guys called okay divers which offered to take us out for dyes in the area and they wanted to take us through shipwreck so we went with okay divers did the shipwreck and it was fucking awesome so as you guys put a guest well as you probably know I've been very very absent recently I've uploaded in almost two coming up a month now and if you guess from earlier when I mentioned that I was ill I've been like super super super ill and body so I got something called barley belly which is basically like food poisoning normally clears up in a few days but I had it for like three weeks so I was like properly ill for about three weeks coming out to a month and during the time I still doing stuff I'm still getting out and going diving and stuff but you look like no energy I didn't train I haven't trained in an entire month I haven't eaten or tracked food or like eaten over 50 grams of protein in entire month Eva I've already lost about ten pounds so I've lost some like mad sighs I wasn't training I want to show you guys that you can stay in shape boss being on holiday and traveling and how easy it is and all that shit and that's my idea for content and that's what's gonna kind of make the whole trip about but because I got so frickin ill I like I couldn't do that I lost basically all my gain so I was like fuck I can't really make content I'm like I'm not very nice to be around he's got really ill unlike just a bit shitty you know so I was basically off for weeks I just been happening I've been ill and then from the port in Bali we went to the GG islands and as I said it's like these really really small islands Jilly Gilly whatever the fuck they called went to gili t and you can walk around the whole thing what cycle around the whole thing in about two hours only thing to do there is really party or go diving or snorkeling with like life and shit they're all like mong around on the beach of the shroom shakes I didn't do any of that other than the diving because I was ill and on antibiotics I can actually go out and drink or party I don't like drinking that much anyway but I pretty wanted that true shakes or doing funny back demonic like shit my pants at the beach so I'm just literally just chilled around there for a few days super super cool like I said it has crazy crazy sunsets and then did some more diving that we dived with luck wanna dive really really funny cool guys in there as well like the guy's a doctor fucking hilarious and that's probably I did some of my favourite dives there oh my god this is so Instagram instagrams is patron for instagrams swing movie vegan juice drink Instagram okay what are we doing where are we diving we're in Bali Guinea who are we diving with you having fun how much fun so that's my body trip I've got back I spent the last three days traveling back from barley start to go to barley to Malaysia to London staying like London because it's really late and I finally got back to Coleman which to the south of England so I literally spent three days traveling to get back and I just can't wait to like train and get back onto like actually uploading creating content and working because like what was killing me out there was not being able to I'm not not so much not being able to but not working or not training or not like progressing my future somehow or doing something that benefits me in the long term like it was fucking like tearing me up inside just wanted to go home so bad by the end of it cuz I wasn't making youtube videos I wasn't training I couldn't do all the things I wanted to do so I'm videos coming what I'm gonna do is my original plan was I was going get back from Bali not losing much muscle mass because I was gonna train and shit and be still be big obviously I didn't happen because I have lost undersized and I was gonna cut until body power and then basically just cut for summer so body power is an X for this in two weeks if you guys don't know like you should definitely be there and come along and chill for a bit but what the plan is now because a lot so much size is I'm gonna do like a two week turbo bulk I'm gonna try and see how much mass I can put on in two weeks and I have faith that I'm gonna put like basically get back plus more I'm gonna eat like an absolute beast train like a motherfucker I just overall by training spit I'm on another one if you guys wanna get ready for summer I want to get really big I've got six training guides here plug so two weeks our bulk I think I'm gonna make a series on that I'm gonna take some sick before pictures after pictures see what happens and you can try and put back all my sisal and make like a mini youtube series and after that two weeks we are fucking cutting for summer festival season round the corner so to get shredded I'm gonna do a two-week mini bulk that series coming up if you guys have any suggestions in terms of content you'll see what sort of shit you want me to get up – I am like festivals are coming soon boys do not worry they're coming back animate lost it content I'm already in the works I'm trying to get I want to get like I spoke to Cornelius Nia's keen to come down and come to UK festivals to fucking the house of that dude about coming to the festival and ever I can be funny as well to come about so just trying to get like a solid strong festival squad together anyway I'll go I got a train chest and triceps shoulders more videos coming your way actually me this time like I will upload more videos I do like a David Lane upload a few videos and then disappear for like freaking ages but yeah let me know what you want to see keep killing it it's a six outside I'm gonna go train some chest and triceps which I haven't done in so damn long so it's a beautiful day and leave a comment leave a like or in the comments leave it it's like taking shit and peace out I love you bye


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for just like it did you give that but advance money yeah they I paid them so we'll be getting a Airbnb in Manila and then tomorrow morning flying to Jakarta where we will also be staying for like 12 to 18 hours getting another Airbnb and continuing on our trip the reason we did that one cheap – we want to see as many cities as we can on the way home so we go from Manila or from Bangkok to Manila manila to Jakarta Jakarta to change to China from China to New York New York in Rochester they're like 12 or 13 hours stop in Manila there we go oh boy not even ten minutes into the trip and we had two more fantastic wheels break off my luggage so now I'm running on three wheels on Todd's luggage on two wheels on my luggage way too long over travel day all the wheels break off basically both suitcases so I gotta like wedge them together to make it possible to roll these to keep the wheel though I'm gonna send them right back to Tommy he'll figure and tell you to fix my suitcase we made it through after Wow expensives into air bend over and let's say boom give it to you so we got like 30 minutes now to make it through security and hop on this plane to Manila Oh would you look at that final call and then the lady of the gate was like you make YouTube channel look at this and literally popping at the seams so Seibu Pacific I am sorry the four hours of sleep we got last night me and Ty are basically about to look like we got knocked out from this plane takes off you need to talk you need to talk to me I need attention no b-roll from the plane taking the nap we'll catch you in me land in minute and our flight got a little bit delayed and there was a time change that I didn't take into consideration like the plane arrived the airport license well we circle the airport because there's so much traffic coming in so here at Manila Airport it's actually really nice because they have a crab stand walk out here book your drive car and you know what you're gonna pay before you even get in the car really really what is that in your paper just they write down your plate number the drivers how much how much is that patience but we have all this luggage that's why it would be cheaper if we didn't have all the luggage really but it says six kilometers away so let's find out how long it takes to get six kilometres in Manila because it's 1624 it's okay sir it's 1624 it says on his phone that it takes to win a second minute 26 minutes is what it says yeah I'm Airbnb the owner his name's Ron Ron yeah see Ron four days ago if you want to call them the caretaker there's the number I have one more number if you want to try a different one so the owner of the room said that if they don't pick up just go to you can read it I know what you I know you mean yeah I get it but what am I supposed to pick he said he said come here and show your passport and you'll be fine just doing your job for just like it did you give that butt advance money yeah I paid them it says booking confirm that I love ageru till they told me that they have no key our host never gave the key to reception and now we got hassled for an hour and a half at the main gate the owner Iran clearly isn't too good and informing the people about what's going on so we now have to figure out what to do in Manila with all of our suitcases and yet again it's just one of those hassles of traveling you have to deal with so I guess we got to find another place to stay now after we got to the hotel room which we're staying at what are we staying at hop in yeah hop in hotel room super super clean very renovated nice plasma screen TV really small room but it's perfect that's all we need something with some Wi-Fi and something with a bedroom and a shower and that's all we needed and we had such a hard time with Airbnb but Airbnb is hopefully gonna cover it and handle the whole thing it's just hard to contact them right now because of my current location so crazy after all of that hassle Airbnb get to this hotel that's like right down the road and we're gonna show you who is staying at the same hotel that we are what are the odds of this random hotel that I just got in the cab and I was like take me to a hotel closest one go and took me another hotel and we're going to show you exactly who is here with us so what are the odds that we get in the hotel and we got the two boroughs used in the same hotel this is just the start of about four days journey from Southeast Asia to New York starting from here in Manila to toccata to China to New York City and then to your sister also we have a big plan coming up for the next start of our travel which will be in New York Mexico and then some Asia and plenty plenty more coming so make sure you subscribe to follow along our journey as a mixed hi American travel couple also we will love to sincerely show the gratitude to all our patron members for supporting us to the next level and keep us on the road thank you so much guys we will see you again in the next vlog you

A Tour Around London With Small Luxury Hotels

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walk faster lauric on suicide why am i late on the day that I needed not to be late this is what you get when you walk fifteen minute walk from my house I don't think it is good morning everyone today I thought I would take you with me on my day cuz I have a really kind of unusual but fun day so I'm working with smaller tree hotels and basically they've decided to do a London takeover so they have what they have eight hotels but work with five today so we're going to do a cool activity in each of the different hotels which get really interesting and so you need each of them so I've got planned like some cocktail master classes new teas and dinner it's really just cool like fun thing basically gonna take you along with me and a little explore of London and let's see what happens poetry the crazy world my corners crazy reached out waiting for so we're just now going for a little tour around st. james's we're going with a tour guide from juices hotel and probably traffic are we just walking out to think James's square which apparently back in the Jake notes of just after around Charles a second time it used to be like the centre of London apparently so obviously now centers probably I don't know the fifty we say that yeah we've just come from LOB's which is the shoe maker for the Queen and the royal family and basically if you have a lot of money then you might want to buy your shoes there and prices stamps are they another reasonable three thousand pounds and if you happen to have a bit of pocket change you might want a pair of a alligator or a crocodile skin shoes which will cost you eleven thousand pounds yes I mean that's like my entire rent-free year so we're no small changes some people I guess it's crazy we our latest tonight so we're just really unsanitary now and we're having science and it's really cool it's like the note in my cream is for the skull goes like a toothpaste you brushes and has the most amazing after in Jebusites that I so much time to tell so probably the side afternoon tea delicious and it was so much fun but I am now he so full I'm not wearing stretchy pants this is an issue people that I should have spent stretches hats on and went home go because I'm a stickler so I'm not sure where I'm gonna put all this but I'm sure I'll find room reach down waiting for a little kick into the cocktail perfect you'll feel some pressure coming on my technique yeah energy when our eyes touch so at the end of the day and I've just arrived at my hotel so I'm staying at the capital Hotel which is the hotel that we came to earlier which was the cocktail one and I just got into my room I mean it's really we haven't I mean we traveled so much today and I'm sorry much that I just feel so knackered I you know I want to get into bed put the TV on curl up just chill out but I will show you around my room first because it is very very nice it is a very traditional worldly sort of quaint English room it's just so cute I just have to show you we'll have a good bathroom this looks very nice Oh put some Twitter oh I spy cookies so I am now gonna get into bed and just put my feet up and do absolutely nothing at all I hope you really enjoyed this guys don't forget to subscribe and I will see you very soon


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when you're playing hide-and-seek sank I mean hello guys in the new yacht impede 99-year on today I am joined with that's always the new calendar you wait and you sit in there just enjoy in life at the moment 20% off sale by using the promo code Portugal community team a checkered so the sale ends Thursday make sure you can pick yourself up some hats t-shirts oh there we go so yeah guys in this video I a lot of you have commented saying that you want to see how you think I don't know if like people were still untested in hide and seek but obviously a lot of requests for hide and seek so we decided just to do hide and seek that is so so warm here in Portugal I'll just give you an idea of the Weller like can you see that like look at that that's just blue if you ever see sometimes this guy like in foreign countries like Portugal like the sky looks that blue that it almost looks gray like like just look at that there's no such thing as employees in portugal you're right young so before we start I'll do this but if you guys do you guys know what to do so make sure to smash that like button cowboy mani like should they put on this video one boys and like let each one poison likes and also if you're seeing my face and also his face on your screen for the first time then makes her press the big red button point which is subscribe and you can join the newbie army and the newbie army is the best army to who haha he's right he's right and also make sure to turn on those little boost notifications I'm follow me on snapchat Instagram Twitter and as I said guys make sure to head over to WWE calm and you can pick yourself up some hats sunglasses or t-shirts and if you use the promo code Portugal 2018 you can actually claim 20% off in the summer sand which ends this Thursday so make sure you head over there and claim your 20% pick cause as I said it only lasts until Thursday yes I'm saying again yeah it's it to my face as you can see in the title we are playing hide and seek in this monstrosity yoga Villa Callum is going to be using the little GoPro as a challenge you want here please here can you take us thanks there we go Oh mr. year and I recording so you only like vlog yourself do you want to say something while you're vlogging yourself what did you say what did you say What did he say so yeah is that just least one last thing Callum rock-paper-scissors to see who's on it's rock-paper-scissors you're coming first okay let's let that let's set the number that you have to count to first so what number do you reckon we should come to 2020 okay well can't you one day and see how that one yes no peeking so no cheating Carol okay are you ready three four five six the sugar it's a nice bathroom 18 19 20 ready or not here I come where could it be could it be where could he be [Applause] you find me oh my god guys I forgot that this is closed I just walk down the glass oh he's stupid I am stupid I just walked in the glass so is it my turn to find out the door okay I'm looking forward to this so Kalyn one two three 19 and 20 okay so not here as I would suspect I just had like a little beep what's up Oh bleep he's not in the bathroom this is just cool notice there's there right there that was absolutely awful oh yeah the long did that take me all of what like 10 seconds you have to clean so go ahead over there to that on the door and points until your heart is content okay right one sex Sam 12 13 14 oh my god the girls think I actually should have stayed in the last hiding spot I'm not letting me know that's remedial for you to find right this time spot better be that last one I'm just warning you okay 1 2 3 19 and 20 oh my god guys extra warm right I don't think usually that's difficult on you let me see this okay good it's not that stupid being here and that sure dying is doing behind these doors this room is quite messy guys because this is like the luggage room so don't mind it me else could he be oh this is actually quite hard um I'm so lost guys like I don't know where he went like the only place left is like n here delude hello hello me wherever you are but it definitely percent has to be in here God are you serious you were like in the nooks and crannies of this room seriously but yeah actually Syria oh my god well you know I can't like to give you a high-five to that one that was a pretty good hiding spot wow that was far better than your last one holy moly you're huge point I like this game go ahead and acquaint six seven [Applause] okay just watch geez do you want to chat me is that your job going to drench at me you ready I'm gonna come it up to 20 1 2 3 4 18 19 20 okay so I think he might have went up like the stairs because of the fact that I said we would up the stairs so I'm going to take a quick guess and say yes he's probably went up the stairs let's see where a voice he is where could he be where could it be in here at all okay he's not on here why else could it be gonna be right here no hold on a month hold on I'm on it what you read in the water yeah you're in the water behind sink yeah you are a hardcore hater oh my balls oh my god guys so I think that wraps up Haiti that was an amazing lighting spot I have to say so make sure to smash that like one guys if you enjoyed this hide and seek game and also make sure to subscribe if you're watching my face on your screen for the first time and you can join the newbie army and the newbie army the best army please and finally guys make sure to follow me on my social like Twitter Instagram snapchat internal news little push notifications and go over to WWE clues and calm and pick yourself up some clothing so yeah that has been me the new Adam b99 on over guys make sure to go follow me on my social zone the Instagram snapchat and Twitter and also don't forget to visit my own clothing line at wwlp.com and I'll see you in the next video

Tokyo Capsule Hotel Tour: Male vs Female

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[Applause] deputies wish you're on the Rideau International Airport in Japan because we're going to tell ya this is Kevin you guys know penetrate hey Kevin tonight we're seeing how to cast hotels one is a female only capsule hotel and the other one is male only Kevin's gonna stay there and I'm gonna say the female one and we're gonna compare which one is better before now we're at the airport and we need to pick up our pocket Wi-Fi and our Metro passes I got both my pocket Wi-Fi and my Metro passes on KK day now we're picking up but there's the don't leave the links to both of the pocket Wi-Fi and passes in the description so that you guys can just hook it all and get everything at the airport Oh forever great he's given this is basically the layout thing these are just the regular capsules and then these are the deluxe capsules and then they're showering this year so to enter you must press the keypad and yes so this is my pod I got a little TV situation going on usually the wires is nicely uh nicely put away this one is not I wonder why it's cuz I mean I did that okay so that's the TV and if you see right here this sheet is kinda just like this thin layer of matte like a yoga mat almost and it barely covers the bed but it's cool cuz it's clean your over here we have the pillow stiff like my bum and this is the blanket which is actually quite soft done for the day it's just like this video and watch the next one or something every year we have a nice little mirror so you can check yourself out and stuff like that hello what's your name right underneath the mirror we have a little thing here to put like your medication you know your toys you know you I don't know where I was going with that but a little place you can dim your lights oh hello he doesn't turn off your light here well okay and here's two outlets to charge your stuff enough to be honest we went to one in Taipei the Taipei capsule hotel and that one was so much better it was like so advanced with actual capsule where you can close the door for like your own little spaceship but this one it's more just you know simple and clean it just has what you need the hatever Castle Hotel was $15 a night and this is about $32 a night this is a deluxe one they do have a simpler one I'll show you right now so these are the much simpler ones they're just a little bit smaller actually it looks like the same size oh just a little bit smaller you can tell by looking at the outside that's pretty much it this is the pod so now I'm curious I wonder what the male-only caps hotel looks like because that is also $30 a night because I booked it online I saw some photos and looked way nicer than this one so we'll see let's head over to Kevin and see how his capsules like let's try to roll over and do like a rollover transition so this is the room and you can close your screen here for privacy so we are all super private in here now let's check out this room this bed immediately I notice it's kind of hard maybe because Japanese people are you select to Tommy beds so you're provided with the blanket here nice blanket and it's pretty thick it's a pretty nice thick blanket although is already kind of warming here so I'm pretty sure they have a heater on in here you have one pillow you have a TV with headphones in the event that you want to watch TV you can watch TV without bothering other people we have a command center through the light so bright and this command center it has a area for your alarm you can adjust your alarm you have your lights your fan so you can turn on a fan if you like to sleep a little bit cooler at night that way right here the air over then or late and one thing I wanted to point out that's pretty cool is I can pretty much sit upright now I still have a little bit room on top of my heads so it's pretty spacious horizontally and then also diagonally can lay all the way down I have more space for my feet here so I have about if I were to lay like at the very top of the bed I have about two more inches so I would say you wouldn't have any trouble as long as you're like under six four you should be pretty comfy in here if you have one plug in here for like your phone and things like that if you need a plug and then other than that that's about it so this is the guy side of the capsule AHA man pretty much that's it inside the capsule so pretty standard pretty nice very clean and very quiet so very cool and nice amenities so this is the bathroom a very impressed because check this out skin care cleansing oil you never see that at a hostel skin care fee squash what and everybody gets a little blow dryer check this out this is what I'm most impressed with look at their shower rooms watch there near blue that must be nice pressure you can check out there's like awesome bougie washing things without poof's it does mean a place to put your clothes the coolest part of this is the bathroom but we're not talking about bathrooms we're talking about a bath look at this cute little tub it is so good so you can just like sit in there and should I go oh oh don't mind me I'm just just doing my okay okay another cool part is the toilet of course it's Japanese toilet so you can wash it but I know other things and then what all those symbols mean but look on top of the toilet is a sink what this means you can flush things like pee or poo yeah why do I feel like the bathroom is cooler than my actual hotel hot bath and sauna and sperm ends only so right away you can see there's a pull-up bar right here and then check it out right here there's a little putt-putt for all the golfers and this is the spa and sauna area so there's a sauna room and a spa here I am in the capsule hotels sauna area and it's this huge Sun area which is crazy is super hot in here there's also this big jacuzzi tub over there there's two guys in there right now so I probably don't want to get them because I'm pretty sure they're butt-naked this is a very awesome little sauna but there's another area over here which is just the area where you can freshen up where you can shave you can do your hair and all that good stuff they provide shavers they provide combs and they provide toothbrushes there is beer vending machines here they go for 300 220 yen a bottle and we're gonna move into the lounge area so check it out it's just a bunch lounge chairs and it wouldn't be Japan without a comic book section so there's no brutal comics here all types of different comics here that's really dope as I know everyone is just resting and lounging so this is the public back area that you can use once you're in this hostel sorry kiddies so that was the capsule hotel experience here in Tokyo you saw the male-only capsule hotel in the female only capsule tell comment below and that's it for today's video be sure to give it a big thumbs up and I'll see you guys next time oh by the way if you haven't noticed already I was going to say marches [Applause]


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this is so pretty look at this I can't believe this you know good morning and welcome to and omelettes this is the first thing you're gonna see today and it's a good omelet it tastes delicious I have goat cheese cheddar cheese toner tomatoes and then I put some avocado on the side with cayenne pepper and it is delicious you guys Jill is here I'm literally so excited to this amazing bridge just thinking oh my god we were just totally calm and then now it's all pumped up because we're telling you guys we're talking about it again you know like I can't deal what I really can't believe this is happening I'm either I don't say may say we're like doing our bag tags and everything we're prepared it is 1250 we're so good on time right now I know we're so glad right whoa anyways Joe just got me another gift for my birthday so we're gonna open it up okay oh my god it has a matching luggage tag no way mm-hmm that's actually so perfect because I just my bloody tag just came off like the last time I traveled like crap I love it so much thank you you're so welcome whoo so much adrenaline all right we are all ready oh no we're not well that's okay you can still call it that I almost just left without my entire makeup and cosmetics that would have been so bad like it closed my suitcase and everything I really thought I was ready to go okay spotted our cruise ship we are at the boat and we decide out of our lift holy crap this is happening we're like really early now it's wait 20 minutes for every gesture is the two lanes yes too bad for those guys also Monica and Shelby couldn't come which is so sad they got their passport they go to two days ago actually then I called and they couldn't like the cruise totally falls so they couldn't have any more so sets that are here with us in spirit yeah they're holding down the fort here in LA yes they are and then it's fine oh one other trip soon yeah that's amazing Oh miss recluses roma cruising is arriving now it's been kind of a well wear it look cold I kind of can't feel my fingers but the excitement is still real I find everyone in for the boat and I like Road everyone's information so for us they were like ms like Tara basket or Jill Cimorelli and then for me I didn't miss like Emmett is because mr. reaction so she's miss Remy cruising this this week me Cruise has a rock oh she's looking fab she's looking good makeup hello oh yo you would have not liked waiting wearing that yes I know wait over here I don't know I'm saving all these we just checked in we have our color yeah this is all right wait he'll look brilliant don't watch a thank you six great pics oh look at this oh my god I forgot they say washy washy on this bill but the barrels are the room where's it oh here you let's see what it don't work oh oh and push it oh yeah this is so small oh it's cute and this is play a pullout I'm assuming you want to great yeah I'm excited we are on a boat Oh so we were in a room for a little bit getting things organized kind of not really now we are going to go to Oh Sheehan's which is so funny to me because that's like the place that it's like the sports bar where my dad and cousins and I would go on the cruise that we went on last year and it's so crazy that they have it on here so dad if you're watching this I'm going up sheehan yeah and I will not be getting a picture of fear for you but in spirit I will yeah we're all gonna get some food and I'm just so excited this is hilarious this is exactly Christmas so we were told that um expose your knavish yeah this is so funny all right we are looking for oh I think this is my BAE that's probably all closed oh yeah check out the pool look at the sky la come on right good thing we're heading to Mexico Oh God literally spoke for two minutes and we've been sitting here for half an hour so I'll leave it and we're gonna get the food too much go ahead sorry you can do it Joe was doing a dance and she she was like oh no you're not blogging oh there it is good hello soon getting all the boys like that s why they flock to me now naturally right here we go take two we decided this is going to be our booth just like in How I Met Your Mother we have to have our own booth and if I can't anyone sitting here yeah what are you gonna do that current view you know we're leaving in half an hour right oh no you ordered some food oh my god you should also get other kind of dipping sauces good at the big good plan these were devoured so fast red we talked on just down here and July ordered more and we're gonna have to order even more because it was so good so I got this drink um it's this is like a tomato we Bloody Mary yeah Bloody Mary Mix and then a corona and apparently you just like put it in there so you just you just do it do you want me to do it you nervous why don't you just leave it in there don't add a girl shake me nervous oh we're gonna try this it looks I like Bloody Mary Mix so best okay just notice we're moving oh my god thank you you guys we're really living large already yeah we are you just left I got the brownie to mesquite ground we ordered one they brought three oh my god I thought it was crazy but there's so many of them you guys I can't believe this I'm dead I'm dead oh my god I am so happy I caught that I looked I looked over like half a second and I thought I saw something and I was like it's dolphin and then I was like maybe not and then there was something so we were there for like an hour and a half and now we are heading it down to explore the ship we're going to for 7:00 or deck seven or going to look at sea shopping I like to feel wobbly from the boat movie so we were just walking around the shop a little bit and now we are walking outside look how pretty this is you guys we're gonna check out the arcade because why not Wow look at this graffiti word oh they have the toy here we're now going to explore and see what else there is for us to go look at the next floor of the entire ship we're going to try and find the casino so we are going up the floor now and we're going to check out all the bars they have on this floor just for fun looks fancy in here yeah this is a sugar cane mojito oh this is so pretty Gilstrap focus still trying to focus mommy's gonna do a little performance for everybody here you're gonna do great I believe in you oh you're so cute right to the casino oh I can't believe this is a huge casino for a cruise ship oh my god they're anyway oh my god this is my favorite game oh yeah oh my god this is so much money people have been getting more coins what is this game the cash crane l1 there's no way you got more I got nothing nope this game is going to suck the machines are speaking to us here we are Remy and I check it out ten bucks playing a slot here's nothing now what do I do it spit oh yeah what am i win I want five cents zero really oh my god is so dramatic right now it monkey oh wait oh no way what happened oh it's going what the hell is father's changed how is it going again changed I lost control of my machines change dude yeah all right oh my god oh my god giving me money going up more I've doubled my earnings doubled myself while I stole 20 bucks that was amazing I'm cashing out I'm doing it hey Quinn come on me how much of your cash about with hold since everyone 22-month believable nay they Remmy just won 50 bucks Oh $54 so we're in the room now and we're just kind of unpacking Jill already finished unpacking because she is a beast now I'm going to attempt at unpacking as well we have reemerged I'm going to the main dining room let's go 1212 where the buffet is before it closes oh that was embarrassing though there was going no one in there anyways what I was going to say I'm sorry no no no it wasn't you this man I was running to catch the elevator and dimma lies there were people in there and I look like clearest in the room for a while just trying to hey this is kind of rusting up getting ready for the nighttime because there was a lot of hours until it was night and we just need it's chill we all caved and bought internet v Wi-Fi is not fast enough for Internet for uploading videos but it's good for like texting merch at 8:30 and go to the back see what we can get so I got a little bit of risotto and then some broccoli soup I actually love broccoli soup so much I feel like I didn't get enough but I can I can go back for more and now we're going to the crustacean thank you I'm done fruit liqueur on the side you got it all going on it's now like thank you tail like 10:30 we are booted leaving we were just sitting and talking for so long you can really feel the boat moving back and forth we're going up to the party there's one party there's actually a few parties happening so we are gonna check them all out I guess you don't know where we are led everyone turned out the right way I'm just trying to find a party oh it's inside over here it's freaking gold my father gay why didn't you wait look this dress here or you can buy checkers maybe that could be fun I think we found it oh my god Oh let's do a Q&A all right who once asked the first class I'll ask the first question right Tara Massicotte yeah that's like being a bitch Jason Morelli yes what's it like having being a cat lady feels good okay feels like someone will love me unconditionally no matter what that's pretty nice mommy Ashton that's me that's what I've been on a cruise with two of your most famous friends no show me a kiss every year oh my god do you see that yeah nothing I got stupid it is not good enough yes of course I heard you can have a pet bird what Easy's what if I am Harry Harry talk to you yeah all right let's go right now let's get this Oprah's and Cruz on the road that was hilarious let me laugh to the party and we went to the library because we were exploring waiting we were going down this way for a reason guys not to the help side bar one oh yeah right we're exploring trying to find something to do all right so yep we got some more mozzarella sticks and it smells really good and Jill got some chicken wait those aren't you were though they oh yeah they are karaoke and I am NOT doing there's no way you'll do it yeah look look at the crowd in here again guys please oh my no we have to leave we have to leave so it's around 12 now and we took to karaoke there does not really what's happening for us but that's okay cuz I already have enough people in my life that I'm happy with so doesn't make any difference to me but yeah so we're gonna go to the room now and I think we're just gonna chill um naki – who wants the cut tonight I'll take it first night because then I don't have to deal with it from the neck oh come on man all right sounds good huh hi this is actually my third time Holly now requesting a blanket to be sent up to my room um and still no one is here you're told okay thank you you go girl thank you so basically I took a shower and we're all chillin now we're all pretty tired least a liar I don't have over at me let me see you see popped up one of the time living in a row sofa that's it basically there's two beds and then there's the pullout in the pillow pretty much rock-solid so we need to get another blanket for the lords no it's been like an hour since the first time I called yeah I feel really bad what so we're just gonna alternate on the bed but we're all gonna go to sleep we're gonna have a long day full of stuff tomorrow so I will see you guys then I'll be enjoyed thumbs up and subscribe and comment and good dog oh my god yeah this Victoria Secret model is completely nude haha

My Experience Not Having An Apartment (Living In Airbnb’s)

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hi you guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is just gonna be like a little sit-down video I'm literally just sitting on my floor right now and this is kind of a follow-up to the video that was my condo tour my tour of this place that I'm staying right now which is an air B&B and this is the video that I asked you guys if you wanted to see in that video which was just like my experience living in Airbnb z– living in furnished places that I am not actually renting like a place where I don't have a lease it's not my own apartment that type of a thing I'm gonna talk about all of the things and I wrote down a list of everything I wanted to cover so I wouldn't forget anything because I feel a little bit scatterbrained I am drinking a cold brew right now so I'm kind of shaky but up like ready to filmed this video I have been living in Airbnb since the beginning of November and it is now mid February the reason why I personally chose to do this as opposed to just moving straight into a new lease you know a house or apartment or whatever it is I chose to do this because I was moving to a new city to Boise so you guys have been asking me where I'm living right now I'm living in Boise Idaho and I moved to a new city and I kind of didn't know how long I was gonna be staying like it was for me I am the type of person that I want to like try something and see how I like it before I fully commit especially after in the past I have had you know leases that usually last a year Alysse usually should last about 12 months sometimes you can do like shorter it just depends on you know wherever you're staying and all that kind of jazz all the different factors but I have had you know leases in the past that were about 12 months and by the end of my lease or by certain points in my lease I really just wanted to leave and I wanted to get out of it early and I actually paid a lot of money a whole month's rent to get out of my last lease in LA early because I didn't want to stay through the end of it basically I kind of tried something to avoid having to pay like a security deposit and moving costs in every that goes with moving moving is extremely expensive especially if you have a lot of stuff you can definitely do it affordably if you don't have that many things but if you're moving long distance like I was gonna be moving and still will be moving my things from Los Angeles to Boise Idaho which really isn't even that far it's like they're both on the west coast but that is going to cost me at least probably $1,500 to move all of my stuff and that is literally just the cost like to move my stuff that is not including labor for moving hiring movers any of that stuff it's just the cost to move myself from one city to the next city based off of you know the amount of things that I own for one person so moving is expensive basically and when I came here I didn't want to move all my stuff over yet because I wasn't sure how long I was gonna be here and all this kind of stuff and my stuff is in a storage unit in Los Angeles and I was moving from Georgia so for me it just made sense rather than like go get my stuff and move it and pay all these expenses and sign a new lease in a city it just made more sense for me to come with a few things I think I came with like a suitcase or two and I basically did move but I just moved me and my essentials and I moved into Airbnb s which I would be renting for a week or a couple weeks or just trying out different places so some price comparisons for you as opposed to living in an Airbnb or furnished space versus living in your own apartment or house or whatever where you have a lease the basic things that I can think of that you're saving money on are no security deposit I have literally had to pay I think what's the most expensive to carry security deposit I've had to pay I think a thousand dollars at my last apartment so you don't have to pay a security deposit that's nice also moving costs you're gonna have no moving costs um most likely because you're just gonna be like traveling whose place with some luggage you're not gonna have to move all of your things because you're already moving into a furnished space and like I said moving costs can really really add up every time I have moved it has been more expensive than I thought is going to be and I have just been like hey moving and then also you can pay as you go for as much time as you want so you don't have to pay for you don't have to pay every single month for 12 months you know what I mean it's not like you have to when you pay rent you have to do that at one time but there are so many costs for first moving into a place that it is just crazy getting all your cleaning supplies and getting your utilities and your internet set up like you just avoid all of those extra costs so it's really nice for a period of time where you're kind of trying out a new city or you're traveling and you want to put your stuff in a storage unit and go travel I think I'm gonna be nth ending up doing that at some point put myself in storage and and just like not have a lease and just go and travel for like a month or two or three and stay in Airbnb is it's something that's very convenient for if you're the type of person that wants to just like put your stuff somewhere and not worry about it not to worry about paying a rent and just get out so when I got here I tried out maybe like two or three places before I ended up settling on a place that I rented for about two months which was the little house that I was renting before this place I'll have a link to the tour of that house right up here if you guys haven't seen that video already because that's a pretty good what's the word that's a pretty good example of an average Airbnb and there's so many different types of places that you can stay and you don't have to use something exclusively like Airbnb that is just a platform that I pretty much prefer but there is Airbnb there's VRBO which I've never actually used before but it's a similar platform to Airbnb and then also you can go on sites like Craigslist and I don't know what country you guys live in but I think every country kind of has their own version of Craigslist which is where you can just go on and find places and look at places apartments and you can look at sublet and like temporary housing so that's something that I was looking at for a few months actually before I came here I would look at the Boise page for temporary housing and for sublet and sublet and subleasing if you don't know what that is it is basically taking over the ending period of somebody's lease or if somebody goes on vacation for like two or three months and they want their house or their apartment to be rented out they can list it as a sublet and hopefully they'll be able to find somebody to rent it out for that time that they're gone and make some money off of their place while they're gone so that's kind of what a sublease is if you didn't already know that so I think doing something like this and staying in Airbnb is not only so essential for if you're gonna be like moving to a new city or but I think it's really essential for if you're going to be traveling I mean I rarely stay in hotels anymore if I stay in a hotel it's like there wasn't an Airbnb close enough to where I'm trying to go or something like that I will always look on Airbnb as opposed to a hotel because most of the time hotel rooms on average I find are you know at least 150 200 dollars a night for a popular city sometimes they're more than that and you can find Airbnb for cheaper than that I mean there definitely are you know still gonna be expensive places on Airbnb in really nice places that you can stay and but basically you can do it affordably this is what I would do if I was planning like a month-long trip somewhere if I was planning on traveling abroad I would just booked my stays in Airbnb I mean that's probably what I would decide to do I would not stay in a bunch of hotels I would just look on Airbnb and the various cities that I wanted to stay in and try to find places that were affordable but also places that I thought looked really fun and nice to stay I think the top thing about staying in an Airbnb or a similar situation you know somebody's furnished home that they have decorated for you is basically that you stay somewhere that like I said is furnished you don't have to worry about moving all your stuff over you don't have to worry about like having basic things you have furniture you're gonna have electricity utilities appliances and you're gonna have most most of the time you're gonna have a kitchen Airbnb will list all of these different things for you like what specific appliances and what specific you know things every place has and you can look at all these different photos of the places I go on there and I just stalk a bunch of places and I look at the photos and I just try to find what I think will work best for me when you stay in a hotel room typically you are not gonna have a kitchen you're not gonna have a ton of space if you're staying somewhere for a night or two obviously it's like you know it does really matters stay at a hotel but if you're living somewhere for like a month or two months or a long period of time like you need to have that stuff you need to have basic appliances and all that jazz so that's why I think it's so beneficial to look into places that are on Airbnb VRBO Craigslist you know a furnished place so now let's talk about money let's talk about prices because your goal probably with doing something like this is going to be to do it affordably and save money and I totally get that that was my reasoning too for not wanting to move my whole life over here because that is in spensive like I was telling you guys and I just didn't want to pay all those costs so I'm sorry I'm talking about moving so much probably most of you guys that are watching this aren't even gonna be like moving you just literally want to hear about Airbnb alright so the different types of places you can look for and stay in on Airbnb are going to be different price points the bottom level is just going to be a shared room so it's just like if you were standing at a hostel or something like that but it's probably gonna be on a smaller scale and there might not even be somebody else sharing that room with you they might just have it available for multiple people to rent but you might be the only person that ends up staying there the next level above that that's gonna be a little bit more expensive most likely it's going to be a private room so you would have your own room in somebody's residence I have stayed with Megan in a private room and we had access to the bathroom the kitchen we had access to the whole house but the guy that lived there was staying there as well with his dog and honestly it was pretty hectic because we had two dogs and he had a dog and they didn't all get along and it was a lot but I would stay in that type of a situation again especially if I was going to like Europe and I was staying at places every single night and really spending money on this then I would want to do the cheapest way possible every night and the last one which is a the hot most high up price level but honestly you can still find places that are super affordable I'm not saying this is like violently expensive is going to be having the entire Airbnb to yourself so the entire house the entire apartment the entire space to yourself nobody else is going to be there and that is what I always prefer to rent I'm just a person that I just I just like my own space I want my own space I don't want anybody else like sharing a bathroom with me if I don't know them I just it's just what I prefer you know what I mean and you definitely can find places that are affordable so I always search for places under that filter entire apartment entire house so that's gonna be like the base cost of where you're staying now when you're looking for places some top tips that I can give to you are look at places on the map on Airbnb you can pull up either like a list of places and then side by side you can look at a map of the area like the city that you're staying and you will see all the different places that are available and where they are on the map so I really like to look at that because sometimes I'm trying to stay near a concert venue or sometimes I'm trying to stay near a very specific place and I want to be as close as possible so it's really nice that you can kind of search that on the map another tip I would give you guys is to really look at the reviews of places this is something that I always do before I book any place so definitely look at the reviews of these places that you're looking at now certain places obviously people are listing their spaces on Airbnb and they might not have any reviews or they might have like one or two reviews because the space just hasn't been rented that month it hasn't that much it hasn't been stayed at that much and I'm definitely not saying like oh don't stay somewhere with no reviews because I actually stayed I think I was the first or second person to stay at that little house before I was staying here and it ended up being great but um I really could see a lot of photos of that place and I just knew the location was going to be good and I think that honestly might be the only Airbnb I stated that didn't have any reviews maybe in the past like I try not to do that because obviously places that have a ton of reviews are gonna you can really read those and you can trust people that have stayed there so obviously just make sure you that's up and then the last tip I can give you really for looking at different spaces is to add a bunch of places to a wish list so there's a really easy way on Airbnb where you can I think you click this little heart I believe yeah there's a little hard and it says add to wish list and you can create all different wish lists of different cities and different like trips that you may be planning and even just places that you find on Airbnb that you're like this place is so cool I'd love to stay here if I ever went to this city you can just add it to a wish list so you don't forget about the place and I like to do this a lot I will just create wish list for all sorts of trips that I'm planning and some of them might happen some of them I might never stay there so definitely do your research and add places to your wish list and then when you're kind of booking your stuff you can really compare the different prices with places you can compare the locations and you can settle on something that is going to be best for you that's what I ended up doing last week I just booked my place for Coachella and I compared a bunch of places I looked at the map I looked at the cost of what it was going to be for every place and I kind of settled on something that I thought would be good so hopefully my Coachella everybody is good expensive something to know is that on any platform you're you're gonna have fees and you're gonna have taxes and that's just kind of annoying stuff so the price that you see like oh you might find a room for $65 a night and you're like wow that's really really good for this city that I'm gonna be staying in and then once you kind of go on and you add up everything there's probably going to be a cleaning fee that's the thing with Airbnb there's usually a cleaning fee because since so many people are staying in this place it's just like if you're staying in a hotel room they're gonna want to clean it and change the sheets before you the next person comes so that's something that you kind of just have to pay for um and it is annoying if you're only staying a place for like one night to pay that cleaning fee but if you stay somewhere for like a month there should only be one cleaning fee so there's gonna be a cleaning fee there's gonna be either a convenience or a service fee and then there's gonna be taxes based off the city that you're staying in so that's kind of the annoying stuff that you don't think about and that can add up if you're gonna be staying somewhere two weeks three weeks a month so that's just stuff to be aware of and definitely look into another big tip I have if you plan on kind of going somewhere for like a long period of time like a month or two months and you're wanting to stay in Airbnb is exclusively I would recommend versus booking one place for an entire month before you've ever stayed at it or seen it you definitely can do that and you might get lucky but I would recommend booking the place you want to stay for maybe a few days or a week and kind of testing out how you like it and then if you like it then booking it for longer so that is something that I would recommend is sometimes it's hard because with Airbnb you might have especially if you're in a busy city or if it's kind of like a popular spot other people will book during that time as well so sometimes you might have to book a month in advance or something like that definitely just look at the calendar and see when it is available and I just I don't want you guys getting into the type of situation where you booked something for a month or two and you're really excited about it and then you go and it might not be what you ended up hoping for or wanting most of my experiences have been really good with Airbnb I mean the pictures have always been pretty accurate and I've had pretty pretty good stays I don't think I've had any a horror experiences I've usually really had good experiences but I think that's just because I always look at the reviews always look at the photos and I just kind of know how to do it now so it takes a little bit of trial and error something I would take advantage of also if you are planning on staying for a long time is asking the host if they would rent to you outside of the platform of Airbnb if you're gonna be staying there for like a month or two months now this is just something that might be of interest to you and I chose to do this because I was staying at the place before this for two months and after I'd already been staying there for like I'm trying to think a week or two so I had already been staying there the host already knew me we had met in person and I had a relationship with her like we had each other's cell phone numbers and I asked her this was actually one of you guys whose ideas and really appreciate it one of you guys said hey just so you know like you can always ask her Airbnb host if they would rent to you outside of Airbnb like month to month and I just kind of went out on a whim and asked if they would do that because it would end up saving me money and it would probably end up saving them money too because like I said you're gonna have those taxes fees cleaning fees all that stuff on the Airbnb platform now if you run outside of the platform you're not gonna have that you're just gonna have the month you know the rent cost so that's something that's worth asking if you're I'm talking to so much with my hands I don't even notice when I'm doing it I have like an obsession with doing that that's definitely something that's worth asking your host and my lady was very happy to do it and it ended up saving me some money which was really good because it really can't add up the nightly cost um there's so many different costs and there's so many different things to look into so like I said I if you're gonna be booking a place for like an entire month you know that's obviously gonna be like an expensive cost it's gonna be like you're paying rent to a place for a month and nine you're probably gonna have you know the fees on top of that and it taxes so it definitely can't be done affordably but you just kind of have to like work out some kinks and work out what you think is gonna work best so that is why I chose to ask her but like I said I had already been staying there shared he knew me if I had just reached out and I had never stayed there and I said hey will you rent to me outside of Airbnb for a month I think she would have said no so maybe kind of test out a place yeah you like it and then if you're like okay I would want to live here for a month or maybe even two months then you can ask the host that and see what they say I think that's pretty much everything I wanted to talk about this was a pretty long video I will have my link for you guys to $40 off any place you want to stay on Airbnb and at the top in the description box I am always talking about Airbnb and I always have my link in the descriptions of my videos because it really is a platform that I believe in it is a platform that I have used for at least two or three years I think I've been a member since like 2014 so that's a long time I am never sponsored by Airbnb they literally have never contacted me I think they have no idea what I do and who I am but I problem them all the freakin time right if you guys enjoyed this video and found it helpful I would love you guys to thumbs up this video and also leave me a comment down below just let me know if this was helpful let me know if you have any more questions I'm sure there's things I did an answer that you guys might be wondering so leave them in the comments and I really will try to get back to it all of the questions that I can and yeah go in travel go and stay somewhere I seriously cannot tell you guys how important I think it is especially you know well we are young and thriving to go and have adventures and experience new cities and new cultures and something like Airbnb is a really nice way to immerse yourself because you literally are living in somebody's home or apartment so you're like you're living in the action of the city stay and shared rooms stay in hostels like I'm not trying to be like Airbnb it's the only platform it is literally just what I kind of prefer to use but there's so much out there and so many cool places that you can find and really I just that type of person that I would love to avoid having a 12 month lease and paying all that money and moving costs if I don't have to with that being said I will be moving next month but only because I have been doing this for like four and a half months now and I'm ready to have my own place again thanks for putting up with my coffee fuel self in this video um this video was not sponsored by Trader Joe's french vanilla cold brew although I love her work thank you guys so much for watching and what spending all my rambles and I will see you guys very soon in of my next video I feel India not bones I can smell


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What's up, guys? Welcome back to Vagabrothers. Right now we are in the port of Miami because Carnival has invited us on a seven day western Caribbean cruise. So for the next week, we're going to be on the Carnival Breeze. We're going to travel to Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Cozumel, Mexico. It's the first time we've ever been on a cruise, so it should be interesting, regardless. But we've got to hurry because the ship is boarding. It's time to start his adventure. I believe it's time to cruise??? Oh yeah. Cheesy joke. Let's go! Thank you. What's it look like in the stateroom? Boom. Well, I'm impressed. This ship is enormous. It's 1000 feet long. That's 300 meters. There are 4000 passengers and 1300 crew members. It's a feat of engineering. It's 15 stories high. We are on the 11th story right now. We're going to get settled in, and then the ship departs. All right guys. The sun is setting, and we are leaving Miami. We're on our way to Jamaica, but we have a whole day at sea tomorrow morning. So we're going to sign off as we drink our dark and stormies, and we'll see you guys tomorrow bright and early. Cheers, Bro. Cheers It's beautiful outside. Let's go get breakfast. Good? Yeah, good! I'm feeling relaxed, man. I slept so well last night. The sun is shining, and we're in the middle of the Caribbean. Oh my god I don't know what's on my face, but it feels good. Oh that's so good. Just had an hour long massage, followed by a 50 minute facial. That's definitely put me in vacation mode. Well, it is time for the martini tasting. I prefer mine shaken, not stirred. Skills. Nicely done, Shasha. To an excellent cruise. It's been a fun first day. It has, indeed. Cheers. To finish an epic day, a little bit of sushi at the sushi bar. I'm starving. Let's do it. Bonzai! All right, guys. That was a really fun first day on the ship. Big thanks to Carnival for making it happen. Tomorrow we land in Montego Bay, Jamaica. But, that's a whole other adventure and a whole other video. So stayed tuned for that because the video is going live tomorrow. If you like this video, make sure you give it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to Vagabrothers for new travel videos every week. In the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we'll see you guys on the road, more specifically Montego Bay, Jamaica.


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good morning oh we're focused is a camera work you know was just me doughnut for breakfast I'm eating oatmeal that's nut cream that's oatmeal is it's really mr. monkey good morning morning how you doing I used to look any sleep today your hat had to be hat hat to the ads mama B hey someone's not having a good morning that was me about ten minutes ago before my coffee you doing all right you're doing good now I'm gone dude we're going on another plane jet plane we love meeting family as awesome whoo if you guys ever see us around the world even when you're at the airport hello and give us high fives I love Penn Fox it's very nice we're off to Dominican Republic to the beach resorts oh your head looks full fine see you at the beach like the playa communicate Oh Dominican I know we're gonna lose his sponge bob are you ready kpop after sorry I think there's a spongebob at the resort yes basically I'm gonna say are you ready kids every 10 minutes mommy's got her coffee she's good she's good to go and your head is not big enjoy your oatmeal Oh 100% meal you have to put on airplane mode you can't you can't watch anything do you know what airplane mode means what is your plane mode mean how's your nap google map cover can I sleep which guys playing at our house when we wake up in the morning it may mean I started already started welcome to are you ready Platonism Patrick with a ninja turtle we got about it we might be four yes yes high five high five yes nice oh that is a nice looking water park down here gonna get that tomorrow that's for sure very nice oh that's cute very nice whoa we got cookies we got a little bit of Veneto with some fruit oh right and then there's meringue guess at the bottom is it a balloon with my name is Juan did I not realize meeting kids they're probably not as good as a Bullas but they're pretty good Merengues we lives in a pineapple under the sea SquarePants Renan Amorim emmerman to me I don't know the words of that song either what's the bathroom look like the bathroom is hooked oh okay hold on we need some we need some like like like hooked up music need to hook that they hooked up music boom boom alright clap your hands we're gonna get some music going and there we go there we go alright whoa I was never home you fans huh Oh sniffing is Nappanee bling-bling y'all you take Han Solo is frozen in carbonite by Babar Han Solo pizzaiolo okay my order is for the toilet one door is for the toilet very private is very nice very nice Oh usually nice and everything's got the orange theme to it this is what I got can I just tell you what I love I love when there's a ton of like boxes and and gifts and products coming on it yes tighter this is what I love look shaving set um dental set that's awesome very nice toothbrush what's a shower don't like you get all that's Papa's favorite very nice Hey Wow look at that really nice where's the drain until there the drain is right here I love that that's my favorite right there's whatever we got whatever guy who never got that's very nice oh very nice you had your slippers you got your rolls oh snap box jumps on the couch boom box jump on the couch we got the Nickelodeon blimp to Nickelodeon blimps mr. monkeys found his favorite balloon when we got outside funny wasps get our backyard is pool backyard swimming pool yo oh my goodness miss monkey you're not wearing your bathing suit oh yeah let me show you guys a little trick and me no no show me some self I like your glasses lumpy no time and getting into one yeah they wasted no time but literally just we just got here and they jumped right the pool yeah that's the way to do it monkeys just the way to do it mommy you look fabulous as always are you gonna go into the pool – no I on the beach ah yes yes you're a beach bum well I think that monkeys are gonna live here now you got your onion rings here your meats it's like an endless array of food all the windows this is Papa B's after dinner before dessert before dessert food we got some cheese we got some wine yum yum yum my childhood right here she's going to Funkytown time to go to sleep on be dead – dead – or let's dance keep dancing don't flex their cookie it's for the kiss yeah y'all ha ha yeah y'all