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what's up everyone and welcome back to top five central we have a series on our channel called you won't believe exists where we showcase things that well I think you get the point we've covered water slides pools pets and just about anything you can think of so today we're looking at the five most unbelievable hotel rooms you won't believe exist with that said we always shout out one person from the comments who suggested the idea so huge thanks to Lukas Jacob for today's idea if you want your own shout out make sure to subscribe leave a like and comment your idea anyways let's jump straight into the video number 10 the Sky Lodge hotel vacations are all about getting away from your everyday life but if normal hotels don't take you far enough and this might be perfect for you I mean these rooms in Peru are literally hung from the side of a mountain and you can't get more isolated than that with that said there's still tons of luxury like a waiter will even climb the mountain to give you breakfast in bed and three-course dinner not just that when it's time to leave you don't even have to climb back down you could just take the zipline number nine Jules undersea Lodge now staying on top of a mountain is one thing but don't worry if you're scared of heights then there's another hotel they'll let you escape from the world the undersea lodge is exactly what it sounds like a hotel that's completely underwater it's kind of small but you get everything you need and there's even a window to look out for curious fish plus people on land are monitoring you the whole time to make sure you're safe and Olivia scuba diver out door number 8 the Ice Hotel staying in a hotel made of ice might sound like the least comfortable night's sleep imaginable a hotel de Glace in Canada is determined to prove otherwise I mean it's only open for 3 months a year but it's also one of the most luxurious places imaginable with a Grand Hall nice bar and ice slide and different themed rooms every year even better if you don't want to stay overnight then they do guided tours but the rooms actually look pretty cozy even if there's no pool for obvious reasons to the medieval chamber number seven the silver mine there are so many horror movies about people getting trapped underground that it's hard to imagine any would want to do it voluntarily well if being surrounded by rock is your thing then I have the perfect place for you this hotel is actually an abandoned silver mine in Sweden it's a hundred 55 meters underground if you can survive the four-minute terrifying descent and the old lifts just above freezing temperatures the whole thing is actually pretty beautiful just don't think so hard about what's going out above you and you'll be fine it takes four and a half minutes for the old lift to descend the 155 meters welcome to Windsor called inside the mine it's a chilly two degrees Celsius and feels slightly damp warm clothes are a must for anyone planning to spend the night this far below ground the path to the underground suite is long dark and confusing then suddenly Hotel guide mica begins to sing by its design a hotel is a hotel this is something completely different yeah this is not something you come across each day spending a night in an old silver mine is truly an out-of-this-world experience number six the bubble lodge everyone dreams of sleeping under the stars but it turns out that in reality that isn't a super comfortable idea with that said this hotel is the next best thing a bubble was seed through walls that allows you to look up at the sky for as long as you want it's totally environmentally friendly and private but it's also super VIP there's a bar daily housekeeping and you can even book a chef to cook you a private meal from the comfort of your own bubble also there's a butler to come and serve you too what more could you want the professional developed this activity with otaku Sagwa evolved mmopl occurred the twisted FSO original comparison of exit written on from Deborah mo Babylon the lodge to channel no settler John from the villa essence el mejor parte de la nación spectac vivo nominee Elena Giovanna visual presence or exterior done concept important still observation des etoiles chiseler relative Monte on openness really pathologies Elisabeth number five the caveman hotel room most of the time I think we're pretty grateful to not live in caves anymore but if you want to be a caveman for a night and you totally can even better this caveman room has all the benefits of living in the modern world so you could still shower charge your phone and not have to hunt for your own food so basically it's just like a normal hotel with rock walls and animal print bedding although they do use real animal hide for the furniture it's actually surprisingly beautiful too even if there's a waterfall right behind the plugs which doesn't seem very safe to me as you walk in it's actually a little smaller than we thought but it's still very very cool above the bed [Applause] number four escape pods hotel room okay so staying in an oil rig survival capsule might not sound like your idea of fun they've actually become one the most in-demand Hotel experiences in Europe like most of them have hammocks instead of beds and only the most high-end versions come with a water boiler but apparently spending a night and when the bright orange pods is super fun I mean there's even a James Bond theme pod that comes with silk sheets and a martini bar although considering the rooms are only like 14 feet across I don't know about the whole bathroom situation number three the white pod hotel room so there have been a few different pod hotel rooms on this list so far but I've got a min this one is by far my favorite I mean yeah you have to hike for about half an hour to get there but I think you'll agree that it's totally worth it like each room comes with its own private bathroom and sauna as well as a bar and they even throw in a free iPad with access to Netflix the whole thing is so luxurious that you never even have to go outside which is kind of funny since the whole thing is aimed at people who love skiing and snowboarding number two the 747 plane hotel sleeping on a plane is usually a total nightmare and definitely not a thing you usually pay extra to do with that said what if you could have the experience of flying first class without ever having to leave the ground that's right this hotel is a converted jumbo jet and has all the luxury of first-class without the turbulence or the annoyance of airport security there's food and alcohol on demand obviously but also 24/7 Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs the best part you never have to turn your phone off or put your seat belt on and there's no one trying to lean a chair back into your space but the real question is how's the whole crying baby situation stay and it said the old 747 which is now a hotel and that is gonna be my bed there's nobody to greet you know ask for your boarding comes either what to do with the cockpit we made actually into a double room and then in the far back of the plane and have another suite that's the black box with so something in the front and something in the back in between really nice rooms it flew closing of our Airlines the flew for Pan Am number one chocolate suite hotel room let's be real whether you watch Charlie in the Chocolate Factory as a kid or not everyone has dreamt of living in a house made of chocolate at least once right well this hotel room made of chocolate is basically the next best thing because even though not everything is edible they actually got pretty close I'm not joking the headboard on the bed is a slab of carved chocolate with truffle buttons and the chair is a chocolate square pattern on a2 also the walls are covered with gold chocolate patterns even the chessboard is chocolate in fact I'm guessing just staying there is enough chocolate for a freaking lifetime called me up and you know said do you want to design the suite and it was like for me it was like getting a call practically from the Lord I'm such a fan and devotee and customer of Godiva operation and then the indulgence of Godiva and trying to marry them together to create this really great experience where they're completely surrounded by great style and what is this a bedroom this is a headboard that I do in called the wood house headboard but made out of chocolate and there's our video on the top ten unbelievable hotel rooms you won't believe exists if you enjoyed the video please feel free to leave a like down below and subscribe to see whatever put a video also if you have our own top 5 or top 10 idea feel free to search for me handy form in the description is submit it with that said thank you for watching hope you enjoyed and I'll see you all in the next video