How to Run an Airbnb Business from Anywhere in the World!

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As your Airbnb business grows you’ll more than likely have to start managing your properties remotely. I currently have properties across the US and I can run my business from anywhere in the world. Here’s the best tips on how to choose who manages your property, how to find them, and how much they cost. Enjoy!


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  1. I have a house full of furniture how do I get started on Airbnb it empty for 11year how do i talk to you private

  2. I'm in the process of purchasing a tiny house and plan to do an airbnb. What do you suggest watching or reading of your materials that will take me step by step in order to be a success?

  3. Just because I​ know you like to nitpick (for good reason), and you are probably a perfectionist, at 07:45 you spell currently 'currnetly' 🙂

  4. Appreciate it. But in my current situation, with one 3-bedroom unit (I live in the master room) and limited capital ($17,000), I really think about relocating to a better city instead of New Orleans – which is a good place for hosting profit, but a bad area in general.

  5. Hi Richard, Thanks for the valuable info. May I pls know if you have any suggestions for finding small business owners/entrepreneur (#2 model) online, apart from talking to realtors.

  6. Great tips! I have a cleaner who I pay $40 and she has a full checklist to get my property ready. She knows where everything is and let’s me know when we’re running low on amenities or cleaning supplies. I was cleaning it myself, but I’d much rather save 2-3 hours of my time and energy and pay her.

  7. It's rare that I find a video that talks about EXACTLY what I needed to hear. So thank you for making this video concise.

  8. Great info. What do you think of future of Airbnb in slow down economy in USA?
    Is it better than renting out a property?

  9. I've watched every video on your channel multiple times, and just joined the waiting list for STRU! My wife and I run a STR management company (option #2 in your video) here in Hawaii, and your channel has helped us in helping our clients (Home owners) to maximize their listings! Thanks so much for all your advice, and looking forward to much more!

  10. Hi Richard , thanks for so many informations! I live in Greece at Thessaloniki city and i have a cleaning services office. How can i clean for Airbnb business houses etc. here in my city? is it possible? thank you and greetings from Greece!

  11. Richard, Thank you for your cogent responses to the questions from your viewers. You reinforced the challenging but worthwhile nature of administering multiple calendars.

  12. Hi Richard , thanks for so many informations I have some questions :
    1 . How we collect money , credit card , check
    2 . What we side for looking customer
    3. Do u have the basic rule of renting house
    4 . Where I can hire someone taking care for us when we are sick or vacation

  13. Here's my camp bnb, small scale 3 person max space, and I'm considering switching to renting the house out soon when I travel. I would shut down the listing for the campsite and focus on the house, but how can I do that when traveling? I know about co hosting and I found one in my area but we don't know each other. I'm a little worried about assembling a team I guess.

  14. Thanks for all of your hard work Richard. I'm also interested in whether you've tried any wifi connected smart locks, particularly the ones by Schlage. What are your teams composed of? Do you have a lawn guy, or someone who looks after the exteriors?

  15. Hey love the vids
    How would you automate the check and checkout
    Has anyone tried smart locks
    I have a unit in a condo and find it difficult to automate
    Anyone have a similar issue

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