Europe River Cruising with Scenic | Budapest to Amsterdam

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Trace the intricate pattern of Europe’s waterways, float past picture postcard scenery before stopping at historic towns and villages to experience true, once-in-a-lifetime moments of utter delight. The rivers of Europe have shaped not only the landscape but also the histories of the diverse regions they flow through.


  1. I took this cruise.  It is expensive – but you absolutely get what you pay for!  Compared to other river cruise companies the value that Scenic provides is unmatched.  There were mainly Australians, a few Kiwi's a few Brits, 6 Canadians and 4 Americans – only 169 passengers on ship.  My father and I were 50% of the Americans.  What I loved most is that my fellow travelers didn't complain – So refreshing to travel without with whiny, entitle minded Americans!  The food was wonderful & well prepared although it was geared to non-American tastes (cool with me!), the excursions were INCLUDED in the price, varied and allowed for choices of different activity levels.  Cesky Krumlov, Durnstein, Reichsberg Castle, riding e-bikes along the Danube – I just can't say enough about this cruise and the great excursions.  Alcoholic drinks included and are available all day – even outside of meal times.  The dining options are great – casual, light fare to exquisite upscale fine dining.  I just booked another cruise with Scenic – I can't wait to go!!!  I totally disagree with the negative comments.  IMHO Scenic is the way to go, great value for money spent, food & drink fantastic, wonderful excursions, excellent & attentive staff!

  2. Do they have Watney's Red Barrel? And Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup: the first item on the menu of international cuisine?

  3. Did this trip 4years ago. Beautiful scenery, food was ok. Verandah, waste of time. Evening meals had to be held in the dining room. Couldn't have anything to eat on the top deck, and breath in the country. Thoroughly enjoyed having mid day meals in the lovely towns along the what. Ship did not have any form of Panadol or equivalent. On day 2l purchased the only bottle of sunscreen. Company caps on sale at an inflated price. Too expensive for what you get from scenic.

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