This Abandoned Orient Express Train Is Beautifully Eerie

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This Abandoned Orient Express Train Is Beautifully Eerie

History is something that appeals to a lot of people for good reason. Everything from our past shapes us into who we are today. The Orient Express was brought to fruition in 1883 when there was a demand for trade across Europe. The railway was a grand venture that crossed thousands of harsh miles making passenger travel safe and easy to opposite ends of Europe. The railway ran until 2007 when its final train was halted for good. Many of the trains that ran on the Orient Express were decommissioned over the years and tore down for scrap or left to rot. One of the only remaining trains was discovered abandoned in a train yard and it gives us a glimpse into the luxurious past of the Orient Express.

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  1. Cheesy American accent, irrelevant footage and stills as well as commentary that is just plain incorrect. A zillion thumbs down!.

  2. An utter none event like just about everything this guy “commentates” on.
    In any event, the REAL Orient Express was steam hauled this rusting remnant never was.

  3. Um was that a trailer for the upcoming feature?
    Unless the Photographer ran out of film or something like that?

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