Breakfast is 50% of the Bed & Breakfast Name

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Is it smart to have the same breakfast routine every day?

Should I let my employees set up breakfast the way they see fit?

Today, we are going to look at preparing for your Bed & Breakfast breakfasts.

How many of you enjoy getting up in the mornings and trying to decide what to serve your guests. Instead of driving yourselves crazy, do your breakfast prep before you go to bed? This might sound like a no-brainier, but you would be surprised.

It is very important when your returning clientele come back they know they will consistently receive the same quality and selection.

So although you’ll get used to serving it, it is a good idea to have a checklist to follow for you breakfasts. This is an also a good idea for those times you are not available and your staff are doing the set up.

Consistency is very important.

The following can be done the day before.

¨ Check guest register for dietary restrictions and guest allergies
¨ Review menu choices (this is your opportunity to shine. Be creative and use dishes and ingredients from your region)
¨ Check for all ingredients; decide on quick substitutions if necessary
¨ Set out all cooking utensils by recipe
¨ Set out serving dishes and their proper utensils
¨ Measure all dry and non-perishable ingredients
¨ Take frozen items out of the freezer to defrost
¨ Set breakfast table(s)
¨ Set up early departure “to go” bags
¨ Set up early morning coffee and tea service

Using this same set up routine as a guideline will help streamline your operation.
As far as the breakfast itself; I am sorry to say but dry scrambled egg’s, burnt ham and hard toast do not cut it anymore.

Breakfast at a B&B is part of the attraction, and tapping into your guests senses can trigger amazing positive memories and amazing positive memories will mean return business.

A well designed breakfast can trigger 3 of our senses immediately, sight, smell and taste.
Sight: Use lots of colour; colour means healthy and nutritious.

Smell: the smell of pancakes or waffles might trigger a childhood memory.
Taste: I can still remember where I was when I tasted the best salmon mousse of my life.
I have been asked about my favourite Bed & Breakfast recipes and to be honest there are so many I could write a book but I did find a recipe book that has stood the test of time.

The American Country Inn and Bed & Breakfast Cookbook

It is worth a look.

Okay this was our look at prepping your Bed and Breakfasts breakfasts.

“There’s a lot of fear-mongering about “losing control” of your brand online, when, in fact, you’ve got control over as much as you always have: how you present your business and how you act.”
Amber Naslund

Next week we will look at taking reservations at your Bed and Breakfasts.

If you have recipes you are very proud of and would like to share or have any questions or feedback you can leave them in the comments section of the show notes.

A pdf of each episode as well as a pdf of this checklist and a link to the “The American Country Inn and Bed & Breakfast Cookbook” recipe book can also be found in the show notes at our website.

Let’s continue to work together to put heads in your beds.

Until next time, have a fun day.

Keystone HDC

Get started with your Free Copy of “Customer Service for Independent Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts” Studies


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