Prison Mission Impossible -Escaping From a Concentration Camp- Prison Architect

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Today we do Another Daring Escape! This time from a concentration camp! It is beautifully built by Kamicow707. want a link to the prison? Ask me in the comments! Want to see more? Leave a like or subscribe!

I love how the comments have evolved to nit-picking the title

Link to the prison:


  1. I'm going to disable comments if you people keep trying to turn a fun video game commentary into something political and trying to find some easy way to be offended.

  2. I played this map, got to the point where I could one shot kill guards and survive shotgun wounds, then got shot by a sniper

  3. Some info about the drill:
    The drill is technically the most powerful weapon you can get your hands on in escape mode, while it does minimal damage, it has a very high fire rate, this makes it combo perfectly with deadly reputations. Because deadly is a % chance for every attack spamming it causes a small genocide

  4. So i just found out this channel after watching someone called Canada ants i think, then i got to a plague inc. play through and then found this thinking "How the fuck does someone make this" ended up subbing and continue watching

    Oh and We're going on a trip to escape Auschwitz

  5. You probably could have waited along the road at the top of the map where the trucks come in, and as soon as one opened the gate, walked out

  6. I think you need to change the name of the video, concentration camps were used by the Nazis to concentrate all six million Jews who were murdered by them during the Holocaust that occurred in World War II. A little consideration will not hurt

  7. Hey, I know this video is a little older.. But w/e.. I just wanna let u know, you made a tiny comment about China taking over because we owe them so much money.. Well, that may be true, but if you actually look at the budget, debts owed, and debts outstanding, we as a country (the USA) own just as much and sometimes even more of China's debt. So yes, they may own a bunch of our national debt, but we own even more of their debt. Really China can't exist without us. We could totally exist without them tho.

  8. This is more of a ghetto honestly
    If it was a camp it would be much more cramped
    And you don't really get a "personal quarters"

  9. Just to clarify this for everyone: this is a CONCENTRATION CAMP. Not every concentration camp is a death camp. And the definition of a Ghetto is a separated part of a town in which a specific group of people lives. A concentration camp is a guarded compound made to imprison ethnic minorities, political opponents, prisoners of war or in spezial cases to contain the population.

  10. You hold down attack (mouse click) to use drills, rather than spam clicking. Makes actual sense f you think about it

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