A Night in the Lizzie Borden Murder House – Ouija Board Communication

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I recently spent a night alone in the Murder Room of the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast. This video details the history behind the infamous Borden murders where Lizzie was a prime suspect, talks about the home’s ghost stories and includes Ouija Board communication. You can find more details about the Borden case here:

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  1. That is so cool Amy if you're ever going to come to Florida try to get ahold of Patty at the G team she talks to Spirits dowsing rods she knows all the places Big Thief safe

  2. This is the first video I've watched with you in the US. I'm too chixn to do a Ouija board. I saw some footage recently from the Borden house that was pretty creepy from a guy who calls himself "the fam". I'd love to go here someday but not sure I'd stay. I've witnessed a murder myself and I can picture it all so easily, especially that picture of Andrew Borden dead on the couch. Spirit's are definitely in that house. How about Myrtles plantation. Any plans to go there? I'm not far from New Orleans and there's plenty of good haunts there too.

  3. Scary yet interesting. I would stay over night but, all I would do is watch t.v. and eat. Wouldn't be as entertaining as your stay.

  4. This was a hate crime…So many hits to the head..I think Lizzie did it.As for an Ouija Board I refuse to use one..I am sensitive to this…..and am new to trying to accept it..not easy for me..but I have to learn..I must be careful..My great grandmother was the same..They see you like a lighthouse…I don't like it..but I have to live with it..it is what it is…

  5. Yes if i had the chance and money i would like to stay the night at lizzy bordan house sorry about the miss spelled words

  6. Another great vid,i seem to be getting them of order,your presentation is excellent,no trying to con the viewer,be careful with ouija boards they are not safe at all,keep safe ,looking forward to more

  7. Another banging video something is definitely in that eerie and creepy place keep safe out there micky Newcastle upon Tyne England peace and security to you and your family and friends STAY SPOOKY

  8. Seen a couple of videos of this place…like yours best so far…..love what you did to your hair in this video.. Brings out your lovely face….

  9. Hello Amy! Hw r u dear? I have read about this murder case nd its so famous. Lizzie Borden, she was a notorious woman. Nice video

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