Terrible Mistakes To Avoid While Hosting An Airbnb | Airbnb Business Tips

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In today’s video I share three embarrassing moments from my personal hosting experience in the past and how you can avoid the same mistakes.

I also mention Grahams recent Airbnb video, I wanted to add to one of his points, from own experience.

Embarrassing Mistakes To Avoid While Hosting An Airbnb | Airbnb Business Tips

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  1. The bed sheets and key you can control, but that water heater issue was just bad luck bro, sucks they left a bad review but it is what is !

  2. From one business owner to another, I really appreciate your honesty about the mistakes you’ve encountered in your business and that you were able to learn from them! Only those who fear trying don’t make mistakes

  3. Great video as always. Thanks for sharing your bad experiences! That last one could easily happen to anyone, really any of these things. I would have not thought of the last one at all though. You deserve more views, thumbs up as always.

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