The Furchester Hotel – ‘Welcome to The Furchester’ Song!

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Check in to The Furchester Hotel with ten lively episodes full of lots of furry mayhem! Out now!

Welcome to The Furchester Hotel (la la la la la la la!), the almost-world-class hotel run by monsters. We welcome you with furry arms! Funella, Furgus, and their daughter Phoebe run the quirky minerals, there’s always a surprise in store!

Check in to The Furchester Hotel establishment with warmth, hospitality, and cheerful incompetence. Funella’s nephew Elmo has come to visit and Cookie Monster has landed his dream job as waiter, making sure no one gets what they actually order.

With guests ranging from animals, vegetables and full of creative problem solving, songs, and lots of furry mayhem. Includes 10 fur-tastic episodes.


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