10 RETRO MOTORHOMES & GROOVY CARAVANS 60’s and 70’s (Top Picks)

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What was your favorite motorhome or caravan from back in the 60s – 70s? These motorhomes are sure to bring back some childhood memories.
P.S Campers are groovy too!

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Featured Caravan and MotorHomes ⭐
#10 1970’s Rectrans Discoverer Camper
Larry Shinoda
#9 1971 Starstreak and 1976 Starstreak 2
Paul Jones
#8 1961 Holiday House Geographic
Chuck Pelly of Designworks USA
#7 1963 SAAB 92H & 95HK Motorhomes
Torsten Johansson
#6 Winnebago
John K. Hanson
#5 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado G.T
#4 The 1941 Western Flyer Motorhome
Brooks Stevens
#3 Sky Rider Camper
Kamp King Koaches
#2 Phoenix Camper Van
#1 Starcraft Camper
Jim McIntyre

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Let’s Get Started

Voice over by Glenn Nobel 🎤

10 RETRO MOTORHOMES & GROOVY CARAVANS 60’s and 70’s (Top Picks)
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  1. Designers were more daring and imaginative pre 1990. The 1970s were awesome – brown and orange interiors are an intersection between chic and gawdy. Great video.

  2. The additional weight over the drive axle meant it could barley put out 28 horsepower…. really? Really? Come on man.

  3. I got one here that is a rarity from 1968. It's 1968 solid fiberglass body cabover camper Fiber-Top built in Lynwood WA only 3 were made only 2 are left, quite possibly I have the only one left.

  4. I have a 1973 Holiday Rambler Travel Trailer Camper. We love it. Fully self contained. With full bath. Sleeps 6. Minor restoration. Purchased it for 1500. Works great. It's my home. I thank God everyday for mine.

  5. Mis padres ten铆an un hermoso motorhome GMC 76'. Modelo Kingsley 26', crema con interior naranja.

    Recuerdo que ten铆a un motor de 455 pies c煤bicos, transmisi贸n autom谩tica con sobremarcha (Toronado), planta Onan de 6 kw, aspiradora empotrada, suspensi贸n de aire trasera ajustable… y un sof谩 que se convirti贸 en una litera…
    Mi padre amaba su motorhome y recorrio con el todo el pais. Fue a las playas del Caribe, recorri贸 los Andes y los Llanos, se aventur贸 en parques nacionales en la selva sudamericana e incluso viaj贸 con 茅l a otros pa铆ses.

    Era un motorhome incre铆ble, pr谩ctico y hermoso.
    My parents had a beautiful GMC 76' motorhome. Model Kingsley 26鈥, cream with orange interior.

    I remember that it had a 455 cu in engine, automatic transmission with overdrive (Toronado), Onan 6 kw plant, built-in vacuum cleaner, adjustable rear air suspension … and a sofa that turned into a bunk

    My father loved his motorhome and toured with the whole country. He went to the Caribbean beaches, toured the Andes and the Llanos, ventured into national parks in the South American jungle and even traveled with him to other countries.

    It was an incredible, practical and beautiful motorhome.

  6. I cant find anything on mines i have a 1979 chevy travel cruiser 26ft 400block it runs just need info cause almost every thing is original but needs tlc

  7. How could additional weight in the Saab (#7) have an effect on the amount of horsepower? That doesn鈥檛 make any sense.

  8. Not sure what year they made them but I knew someone that had a motorhome like the one made from the Tornado but was a mid-seventies Cadillac Eldorado

  9. I would love to see a segment on VW little buggers and super buggers. It was a Volkswagen Beetle chassis with an RV built on to it. I am currently building one using the exact Factory spec.

  10. At the Volo museum in Volo Illinois they have campers from the 1920's. Really neat, and beautiful woodwork inside, with a large bar of course. Before Prohibition I guess!

  11. My dad cut the body from the windshield back off of a 61 impala & built a commerical looking motorhome on it. We traveled the us every summer. We (all 6 of us)actually ended up living in it for a year when we fell on hard times in Florida. The man could build anything. He built all his own boats. He even built a washing machine in the desert in India during WW2 out of a windmill, 55 gal drum, & the rear end axle & gearbox from military jeep.

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