Bushcraft Shelter Build and Camping, coffee and breakfast

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Hey Youtubers! Heres a video we made this past week to show you our bushcraft shelter build along with us camping out. We walk you threw everything we did (for the most part) and us just being ourselves. Please like and subscribe for more, comment below to make a request of what videos you might would like to see us do. Thank you!




  1. The shelter is still up and holding strong over a year later, we will probably do an overnighter or two this winter!!

  2. I have been wanting to go practice bushcrafting but i dont know any places to go where they would let me cut down dead standings in the US to build a shelter.. any suggestions? thanks alot.

  3. Why do you need permanent structures for camping? You spending a lot of time and energy for a structure that will last for yrs..

  4. Nice shelter!
    Have you ever tried adding a porch structure at a lower level in front extended out to keep the rain out?
    I add two uprights a cross beam and other supports and extend the tarp about 4 feet further out. . .It makes a huge difference!
    Please keep the channel going. . .It's great!

  5. very nice but will the rain not run down the poles that all out past cover on front of your shelter new sub keep up the great videos

  6. If you don't mind, what state are you doing this in ? I like to know where people are located as it helps me picture what your terrain and resources are like .

  7. im doing a similar setup like you guys are. im doing a double leanto setup at my basecamp im starting. i also subscribed

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