Deep Purple – Breakfast in Bed (Slaves and Masters 05)

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  1. I was on live presentation of the tour (ZG, 6. 2. '91.); but this song wasn't played. Nothing strange about that, Love conquiers all, Cut runs deep, and some other stuff was performed in the manner of kings of hard rock… I'm surprised they left this one out, 'cos' is trully good song! P.S. They left out the most famous song of this album – hit single ''King of the dream''; than 2 days later, I've heard from one guy, in Ostrava, ex Checkoslovakia, now Republic of Slovakia, they played totally different repertoir of old and new songs. Live, D.P. always sounds better than in studio, never dull, always surprissingly refresing in every formation they've been! Man simply got to respect their whole opus, but I belong to, not only to those who respect, but few steps higher – LOVING THEM SINCE FIRST I'VE HEARD ''MADE IN JAPAN'' (I was 14 yrs old, and that love, so many lessons I took from all the vocals, they've passed through the BAND, the best teachers one could wish for…) untill nowadays…I'm closer to 50 yrs. Surely, my views are more mature, and opened for the different sorts of music, but love & connection remains on some other level and frequency.

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