DESSERT IN BED || Husband & Husband #162

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  1. This is why I stopped eating on my king bed. Besides, I have a duvet, and putting it back on after you wash it is a PAIN!

  2. I love Merlin he is a diva…he's the star…Coda is cute …..that chicken looked good but to be on par, I was eating ice cream while you were making your sundaes.

  3. This one was really, really funny — and intimate, in that special way you guys have. Your channel is maturing very nicely, you’re hitting stride. My vote — more of this, please.

  4. It is your turn to meet you Aaron and Jon I already meant Adam and Bernardo…I like to meet you Aaron and Jon some day soon…I live in Washington near Tacoma a few hours away..My love of my life is in the Army and will be coming home in February can't wait to see him and start our life's together his name is Derrick..

  5. …HEY, Hubbies!! ; )

    First off, I've been watching you kids from afar (sporadically, since Spring '18), and I felt I should comment that after the Steps Of 2 Foreigners' 'Dinner Party' posting, I have to say that I ENJOY your quirky, tossed-off appeal, and I believe that you two are doing a GREAT service to for the Millennial Gay community….

    Your artistic, creative works are cuddly-cute, and have a sweet naivete to them, that's palatable to a younger generation, and your laid-back 'east village' demeanor adds to the 'rainy Sunday afternoon at home' feel to your posts. You're showing a new younger generation of creative gays & lesbians that you can be YOURSELVES, and go through life and balance creativity & responsibility…and LOVE whom you choose to be with, and HONOR that love, through marriage.

    Actually, I, an older generational, am envious that you've traveled as far as you two have, and still have LOTS to experience….Your umpteenth (ha!) moving, shows you two have NO signs of slowing down….and WHY should you? ENJOY LIFE, Kids, and THANK YOU for the laughs, the cuddles, AND the 'dessert'….hopefully you'll read more comments from me again, and good luck on the move(s)!

  6. lmao : So I had you guys playing on the tv in the kitchen as I load the dish washer . From the other room "are you watching porn " Tim yells . "What " I answer he goes never mind "I hear it now, it is The two guys who can't cook, how is they don't know what REALLY do with whipped Cream?" Shm I hear "do we have any whipped cream?" have a great move got to goo!

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