“I Can Never Sleep Well in Hotels” | Creepypasta

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► “I can never sleep well in Hotels” written by _thekarmakid, narrated by ClancyPasta

~ All stories not written by me featured in my videos were narrated, created & published with the original authors expressed permission, and can provide proof of such if necessary. I have full rights & permission for everything on my channel. ~

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  1. I think OP meant evades rather than pervades… even then i think they actually meant eludes. Bad English like this always ruins these for me.

  2. Watching this a day late because you uploaded this while I was at a convention. I was in a hotel with 20 floors and I wasn't about to risk ruining the stay for my roommates lol.
    Annnnnd playing video!

  3. Oh dear!!! That baby is gonna be a strange one!!!! We are going to need a follow up story for this "What happened when the baby top hat person was born, and why I'm the only one that can see how it really looks"

  4. I knew it was the guy in the top hat that knocked me up when I couldn’t smoke weed in the hotel. It’s always the that top hat guy

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