Life Update: Christmas Is Not A Holiday

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Christmas is not a holiday or any kind of break whatsoever. Discuss. Here’s my blog post:

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Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol*:

Cicaplast Baume*:

Aloe Day Cream from The Body Shop*:

10Balm from Indeed Labs*:

Tom Dixon lights, bought from Heals but it seems they no longer stock them so here:

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Piano (played very badly, lol!) score: credits Gaga, Natalie Hemby, Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna.


  1. Loved it- Mr AMR was right! And completely related to your comment re: when you don’t have kids you are on the z beds!

  2. I’ve used Medik8 salon strength and have never had any problem. And you bloody well play the piano. People you really don’t need to pay as much as Drunk Elephant( never would , over hyped!) for retinol!!

  3. Mr. AMR is brilliant – this was a lovely chat! Perfect! And, you are delightful! P.S. I love your new handbag – and that is just what my hubby would do – poke holes in something and that would ruin it.

  4. Oh yes alright then — he's right ( but shhh don't tell him ) .. also love your house and design vlogs too.. beautiful new lights btw. And .. I'd marry Mr. Bear he is so scrumptious .

  5. As much as l love the holidays, l find them exhausting.I would watch you eating a ham sandwich don't stress so much .Ruth l almost fell of the chair listening to you play.You are a woman of many talents.Cheers to you and yours a very Happy New Year !

  6. I have such mixed feelings on Christmas after this last one.. I LOVE Christmas/the Holiday Season. My home is extra cozy, I love the tree, can listen to extra-much Jazz and sulky stuff.. 😀 But honestly, I'd rather spend Christmas alone. That way I am not disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm in everyone else to make this holidays lovely for the whole family.. Just ending up as the family's verbal punching bag isnt what makes me happy whatsoever, and I truly think that in this day and age of self care and such we should just focus more on what makes us happy and DOESNT stress us out completely, ESPECIALLY on Christmas.. It might seem selfish, but that is what I long for more and more 😀 But it feels so wrong to want all that when the pressure is so high to be visiting and social and yada yada yada.. (sorry for any mistakes, not a native speaker)

  7. It brought me to tears, actually, and this is only the second video of yours I’ve watched. (The first was a collab with Nadine Baggott.) Looking forward to more.

  8. So enjoyed this video. ☺️ PS your cat is fantastic! Black velvet? Of course that’s a divine spot to perch. PPS Mr AMR-thank you.

  9. I totally agree with you Ruth; Boxing Day was my favourite this year as we made no plans! After cooking for 18 on Christmas Day I put on my new socks and revelled in the joy that it was 364 days until I had to do it again! Xx

  10. Mr AMR is right on the money!!! I LOVED everything about this video! Angelica, Dexter and Mr. Bear are cuteness overload, loved hearing about Drunk elephant retinol results, the bag is gorgeous, and your piano playing is stunning! What a treat! xo

  11. Mr. AMR is on the money. You’re right about Christmas, it’s generates the most exhausting “weeks” of work out of the entire year, from the time you put up all the decorations, everything in between, until the time you take down all the decorations.

  12. What are you putting on your eyes? Round compact … is that bronzer ? Love this format so dislike themes and dates missed etc etc you play beautifully- makes me want to take lessons. Love the bag good job mr amr.

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