The Bold and the Beautiful 01/11/2019 [Full Show] | B&B January 11, 2019

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The Bold and the Beautiful 01/11/2019 [Full Show] | B&B January 11, 2019
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  1. Smdh l Hope hope Taylor puts the dots together and becomes the hero! This story is ridiculous! After 30 plus years, they ran out of stuff to write When he went in that room all was saying please don't bring out Hooes baby. Now the pressure is on Taylor to get that baby back to Hope That men need to tell the truth about the baby Why is the onus on Taylor and Steffy to get Hope's baby back to her ? They have no idea that Reese has stolen Hope's baby and if steffy adopts the baby Reese has, it
    doesn't make her guilty of anything, except getting a sister for Kelly which she stated before hope went into labor. Hope is playing her roles really hope got her daughter back back l believe this is beth and you need to give her back to hope its heartbreaking seen her crying and she can feet her baby is alive

  2. Damn, not the stolen baby storyline. Make this a dream. Wake up Reese. Taylor doesn't need this. I feel absolutely NOTHING for Hope and her pain. I can't stand this ma daughter duo. Rewrite this episode where baby is introduced. Just stupidity. Where did he get the baby corspe? Duh??

  3. Reese was reluctant to answer because he knew his lies were catching up to him, I know damn well he stole Hope's baby, and it's only a matter of time before Taylor figures it out and leaves his sorry ass! Dollar Bill will lure him to his house and beat the shit out of him!

  4. On line Kidd they sure have Ridge and Brooke you need to sit some and Bill you all are not exciting . Tired of that line leave my wife along ridge . It's like a record playing over and over again.

  5. Not his fault (Wayne Brady) that this is a crazy storyline, but he needs to go back to tap dancing and singing. Acting sucks.

  6. If Taylor finds out that baby is Beth and safely returns her to Hope, Brooke would have to be forever grateful to Taylor.

  7. The writers are wrong for this storyline because hope thinks she lost 2 babies she didn’t she lost 1baby and I hope bill understands where Brooke is coming from the reason why they will always be connected is hope and his 3 sons no more than that she not going to leave ridge.

  8. I believe Taylor is gonna go along with Reese plan and they are gonna give her to steffy for her to attempt to adopt , but eventually Hope will have a gut feeling that’s her own baby , I’m hoping that the writers don’t allow this to play out to too long , it’s time to Liam and Hope to be happy for once

  9. That has to be thee most quiet newborn ever. Did the writers just decided to throw this twist so Taylor can be the hero to the two women who has nothing but ill hearts for her and Steffy?

  10. This is so Cruel were did that Blackman get that Baby not you writers no that's hopeless baby Taylor Should take that Baby right to hopeless and put his ads under the jail

  11. I knew from the beginning that something was fishing Reese Will ask Taylor for money.. to pay his debt..and give Kelly a little's very wrong the writer better fix it up. You don't play with children even dough it's a fake story.

  12. I noticed a lot of people commenting on other episodes that Hope will recognise the birth mark on the baby Steffy adopts but that won't be the case because the surviving child regardless of whether it's Beth or the other girls child won't have the same mark as the child that was dead.

  13. I'm hoping that the baby Reese brought out belongs to the other girl and the reason he was saying it's not her fault is because it was a rape baby or something dramatic and he was trying to comfort her for giving it up, Hope will find out that Steffy got the baby through Reese and think it's Beth making her lose the plot and kidnap the baby only to find out beth really did die.

  14. This story line sucks and how is this story line going to turn out when Jacqueline is about to have her baby which means she will be on maternity leave so how will that work and why don’t they just leave steffy out of the drama with hope’s baby

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